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Jay Posey - Legends of the Duskwalker (Luke Daniels) - (64kbps) To start this download, you need a free bitTorrent client like. Posey, Jay - Legends of the Duskwalker () GB ; VA - Cuba Legends-The Stars Of The Buena Vista Social Club (2CD) () MB.

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jay posey torrent dawnbreaker

Posey, Jay - Legends of the Duskwalker () GB ; VA - Cuba Legends-The Stars Of The Buena Vista Social Club (2CD) () MB. Jay Posey. connection was thinning rapidly. “I'm losing it!” she said. “Gimme something,” Finn said. “Anything!” Cass issued a basic connection request to. The album includes their new hit single, “The Message” (J) \ In Cymande's own words: “We call our music NYAH- ROCK and through it we speak of our ideals. TORRENTS 2015 HINDI MOVIES Highlights Of the group repeater settings as a the best. I am I stated computer technician, remote support to this. Despite these be the characters in updates on the latest.

Using these quali- ties, she wove her Spanish and English selections into a tightly knit, delightful evening's enter- tainment. Special mention also for the house orchestra and the Lopez brothers for helping to maintain the standard of night-club enter- tainment in New York. Los Muchachos de San Juan, while reviewed previou. The big man with the V-slot guitar and the fluent voice styling displayed how he links folk- blues roots to the sleek electronic sounds of contemporary soul mu- sic. His minirevue warms up with some tight instruments by a strong rhythm section, then Big Ella comes on and lives up to her billing with a set of high-energy songs and dances.

Old or new, organized or re- organized. The group's poetic beauty is immediately apparent in the smixjlh guitar stylings of new lead guitarist. The group has recouped an enormous amount of lost ground, since teetering perilously close to the edge of disintegration in the early months of this year. Many of the old tensions have disappeared and the mood is more relaxed and together. His sometimes funny, somewhat ovcrlong piece ranged from growing up in the Bronx to the syndrome of new- fangled handshakes to marching hands.

Guaranteed Limited Edition " Each coin is one of a kind because it is permanently inscribed at the mint with its own registered serial number. Dies will be destroyed when. Beautifully Packaged Each coin is individually pack- aged for pegboard display in a heavy-plastic, full-view, stretch-packed collector's holder which includes mint registration card. Maximum order 36 dozers. Because this is a limited edition reordeis cannot bo guaranteed. She's still vocally overpowering as ever, with a Brooklyn accent that thickens for comedy patter punchlines and a generally helpless air.

Her material is about equally divided between MOR standards and contemporary soft rock. Since Streisand doesn't work many clubs and her sister. Roslyn Kind, never took off in a career. Julie Budd is probably the best representative of this sound available live. Just three years ago, during his last New York date at Carnegie Hall, Ochs was greeted with jeers as he appeared in a gold-lame suit a la Presley, singing songs of that early Elvis era accompanied by a foiir piece back-up band.

Not so this evening. Instead, he strolled on stage dressed in a dated ill-fitting blue suit, shirt opened at the collar a shock of forlock in his face and a beat-up acoustical guitar slung around his shoulders. The packed house went wild. Clearly, this was a Phil Ochs they came to praise, not bury. The bulk of the artist's program consisted essentially of material from his early albums for Electra such as "Changes," "That's What I Want to Hear" and "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore," all sung in that strangely lilting voice of his.

Ochs' bitter and biting sentiments deploring "the depressed state of the country" were never more cogently expressed than on his closing number. The Columbia artist's fragile voice and skilled soulful guitar, assisted by a funky group of mandolin, fiddle and horn players, really came together on the raucous-talking blues number.

Bojangles" was another high- light. Poppy's Doc Watson played the prettiest pickin' this side of North Carolina, following Bromberg's set. Ably assisted on guitar and banjo by son Merle, Watson brought an ingratiating blend of southern good humor and classic country blue-grass music to his re- ceptive listeners. The two men, perched center stage on high stools, opened with the rolling "Freight Train Boogie" and were always on track. The Watsons closed with a wild "Mama Don't Allow," as the son led his blind father off stage amidst cheers for more.

Empire Pool 29 , Malcombs Disco Nov. GAS — A showcase for new talent. The Comedy Store, owned by comedian Sammy Shore, is serving as a springboard for an up-and-coming generation of en- tertainers. Undiscovered talent is given an opportunity to drop in and be heard by professional writers, pro- ducers and directors.

During the six months of operation two dis- coveries have been made. Paul Keys found Frank Welker. On Monday evenings when the Comedy Store is closed, a work- shop is held. Fifty members are enrolled at S25 per month. From this workshop Shore hopes to find minor league talent that he can help make It to the major leagues. An organist and piano player are also house regulars. The establishment is equipped with a tape deck for recording. Shore recorded a Laff Records release in the Comedy Store.

Other recordings are planned. There is no cover or minimum. Only drinks are served at 75 cents each. The room seats and is closed Sundays and Mondays. The co- median breaks even on the night- club. MO fci Shore refers to the venture as his gift to the business explaining other artists build hospitals or work on various charities and what he wants to do is to help young people coming up in the business.

The comedian is planning a string of Comedy Stores with the next location in Las Vegas. He is currently looking for the right spot. During his recent Hilton Hotel engagement he turned down an offer from entertainment direc- tor Dave Victorson to bring in the Comedy Store Players on the nights when the lounge stars were off.

Store felt the Hilton loungje was too big for the players and is looking for more intimate facilities. With Shore adding more locations he says about the Hollywood place "I'm about ready to give it to the kids to run and let them do what they want to do.

Stars regularly appearing in the Comedy Store include Redd Foxx. Rodney Dangerfield and Diahann Carroll. Dave Brubeck, Joe Williams. Dizzy Gillespie. Earl Hines. Bobby Hack- ett. Willie Smith and Barrett Deems. The program will be taped in Lincoln Center's Philharmonic Hall on Monday 23 before an invited audience, with Doc Severinson as host and performer.

After fulfilling his November Har- rah's Lake Tahoe dale Anka is virtually retiring as a night-club performer. He will fulfill his Caesars Palace contract. Under the pact, the hotel will utilize Anka as a producer, musical director and talent developer. The singer intends to devote more time to recording for The Buddah Group, composing, single concerts and TV specials. Nader's shows have been slick as ever and Vol.

Funny thing, though, about these revivals. There's only one thing basically 50's about them. Surely it's not the audience, pre- dominantly under 20 with not a "d. And it can't be the appearance or performance of the acts; Gary "U. Philadelphia's shoulder- length haired Dovetls. Even the Five Satins, their classic in the Still of the Night" receiving the biggest hand for a song all evening, seemed somehow updated in their approach.

It was nothing more than pure, unpretentious, good old fashioned vintage rock 'n' roll. What with beer and grass freely in evidence and the music at fever pitch, it didn't take much to get this group dancing in the aisles. Clearly, the crowd had their favor- ites. King of twist. Chubby Checker was surprisingly good. Give this vibrant performer some gutsy rhythm and blues to sing and you'll probably find an artist as contem- porary as anyone today.

Unfortu- nately, compared to his revival per- formance here last year. Bo Did- dley was disappointing. The show- man appeared tired and half- hearted and simply did not put out. Perhaps Diddley was defer- ring to the star of evening, whom he even managed to upstage last October, so good was his act then.

Chuck Berry, riding on the crest of the nation's No. Before begin- ning his set, Nader presented the veteran artist with his first gold record. Feigning open-mouthed amazement. Berry, and that living ex- tension of his body, his guitar, create a natural spontaneity with an audience. There's none of this "join in please" or "clap your hands" coaxing so popular with many performers today. When Berry's on. Right now. Throughout the evening. Bobby Comstock's back-up band held things together tightly with their 50's riffs and producer Nader, serving as Top 40 type MC, was presented with several citations commemorating the revival's third year of operation.

If anybody should sec Don McClean. It was alive and well at the Garden Friday night. The security has been logical. Sidemen present were notable in- deed, with Sahm handling a variety of duties while ably assisted by Bob Dylan, who played guitar and even sat in on organ; Dr. John turned in performances on key- boards; the Memphis Horns pro- vided their own touches; and a clutch of Sahm's other friends, both Texas home-grown and well- known cosmopolitan, dropped in.

Jerry Douglass dropped his own production duties for the moment lo engineer the date. Dick LaPalm, general manager at the Village Recorder, stated that the alert studio operator should prepare for the quadrasonic ex- plosion. LaPalm's L. Designed by engineer Ron Fra- boni, with Mike Ringrose, another Village engineer, assisting, the room incorporates a Quad-Eight console 20 inputs, four quadra- sonic busses additional capability : Lang and Pultex equalizers, Tele- tronix.

Spectra Sonics. LaPalm points to the room's other features, including remote switchable Dolbys and a choice of monitors, as designed to pro- vide producers with added flexibil- ity. Also included are a variety of electronic aids developed by the studio's engineers, with Ken Klinger contributing his own de- sign for a "direct" box for running instruments directly into the con- sole, and Ron Fraboni developing a headphone cue system for all three track studios. LaPalm cites record companies' decision to mix their product lines for quadrasonic as a move toward complete four-channel activity: Re- cently.

CBS continues its development of the SQ product line, RCA has begun various dis- crete LP projects, and various other labels continue to examine systems for eventual commitment to quad- rasonic. LaPalm's enthusiasm may form a contrast to the attitudes of many studio operators who have reported little quadrasonic activity, but.

As for the Village Recorder, re- cent sessions have included the homecoming of The Beach Boys, who used the studio after their return from Amsterdam. Al JanUne produced, while Ron Fraboni as- sisted in the mixdown. Pbil Sheridan, Thunder's chief engineer, is tooling up for what he feels will be a hectic schedule in October and November. Meanwhile, at Sound City in Van Nuys. Jack Turner for Anthem Records. Back in New York.

George Klabin reports that Sound Ideas Studio i5 humming along nicely, having just installed 20 channels of DEX noise reduction, which. Klabin feels, "is definitely supe- rior to the Dolby, giving far more noise reduction per channel. Roulette also brought in the P. Buddah and Bert DeCouteaox have brought in Stacy, with Rowe engineering these sessions, while lulls in the action have kept at bay by increasing jingle work.

The Sausalito facility will be managed by Ginger Mews and will be able to utilize Los Angeles per- sonnel. Stone sets the opening for the first track room around Nov. The second studio should be ready by next February. The singer- songwriter will appear with the U. Boston What are all these Elektro promotion and sates men doing of my AGI plant? Their mission impossible: to run of! Note how our ever-alert Notional Promolion Director, John Davis, stands with fire extin- guisher at the ready.

Stanley proudly displays the wrapping for another fine piece of musical pastry guaranteed never to go stole. The crusty crew gets it cooking on all burners, proving once again that teamwork is the basic in- gredient in Elektra's recipe.

We know which sides our charts are buttered on! A job well done! Now to watch Bread rise— right to the top of the charts— to o golden goodness. We've got it mode. Bill- board. The comments herein sliottid not necessarily be assumed serious in nature. I don't care. What I do tomorrow morning on the radio is more important to me than 15 years from now. IMUS: Do you realize.

You ought to really be careful what you put in there. Guys read that like gospel. You arc the heaviest radio columnist in America. HALL: I try to be accurate. IMUS: You know, the other day Don Steele and I and Meathead Morgan were talking about the odds of a guy like me coming out of a gasoline station and making it in radio.

Five million to one. HALL: Well. Morgan came out of Ohio. Call Dick Good if you have an opening. I came further than both of you. You know, talent is something that's hard to explain. Who knows what it is? I've never had any of it. Ihcy can. But it's really not that simple — to be successful in radio as an air personality. You asked what preparation I do before going on the air? A year-and-a-half in Fresno.

Hopeful, by the time you get to Los Angeles, you have your crap together and you don't have to sit and ask your- self what you're going to do in the morning. As Don said earlier, you have to push yourself to the limit. Being successful in radio is not just a matter of knowing the right guy. HALL: How long has it been since you did your own board work? IMUS; You can't do your own board and really be a performer. HALL: Some guys do it un- consciously.

IMUS: Well. I wasn't as good as I am now. Or unconsciously? IMUS: He does everything un- consciously. Like brushing your teeth. But good production is very important to a good jock and you can't just toss it off when it's so important to you. I've been fortunate in having a good en- gineer.

It's like a failsafe, to have a good engineer. That's what we call him — Failsafe, because he never makes a mistake. HALL: Is he a young kid? You know. I don't expect to last the full four days I expect to get thrown off the air. HALL: No. He didn't enter, in order to be able to present the awards. HALL: ril tell you how many times I "heard" him though. IMUS: Imitating me?

IMUS: They're not imitating me. They're actually imitating Don McKinnon. Accepting for the 5. Ross, station manager. Accepting is Alan P. San Francisco, accepts plaque honoring the sta- tion's 50th anniversary from Henry M. BMI's Henry Katz- man. He didn't know that 1 make that every quarter. IMUS: I spent more for the cab over here than you're going to make ihis year.

HALL: Did you think you'd get it when you walked out? And I wasn't trying to con you. You have to be willing to do that. Especially in radio, because you have all of these know-nothing program direc- tors. You've got to be willing to say: Look, I know what I'm doing. And it's not like being a doctor or an actor where you can say you make so much a year. It's an every month thing, radio, in a major market, because when the ratmgs come in if they're not there for a couple or three months in a row, it's "sec you around.

And they're constantly using the last common denominator to copout and lhat is the disk jockey. If things go wrong, boom. But they never think that. HALL: So, sometimes it's the program director who should be blamed? How do you handle them? And sure I've worked for some bad program di- rectors.

HALL: Do you have children to worry about when you make a job decision? Because, in my case, I have to think about the kids on anything like that. IMUS: Morgan adopted me. Ac- tually, I think he did it just as a tax write off. They get married to some chick they met at a sock hop. Get a couple of kids in school and other obligations, and then, when the moment comes to tell the station to shove it, they can't do it. It's happened to so many talented guys. That was one of the things Imus has going for him I am too.

IMUS: Sec. I told you Hall was a nice guy, didn't I? HALL: Nice guy! What are you trying to do, Imus. Morgan, the intricacies of being an air person- ality are still somewhat a mystery to me. But every- body talks. Except Bobby Dale. IMUS: That's just it: nobody knows. HALL: But on the air you're performing; you don't ordinarily perform at a party, when you're talking with someone, But on the air. We literally put it on the line every day.

It's live. We're there and we have to vnlenain. The only reason you really got into radio is that you were lousy at pumping gas. I've al- ways wanted to punch on a real big guy anyway. There was a real good interview with Lee Baby Simms. IMUS: Yeah. IMUS: You do not want to play chess with me. HALL: Cause he cheats. IMUS: What do you mean— you're stuck for a week? IMUS: For your information.

Steele likes me. IMUS: He talked to me and he doesn't talk to anybody. You know, you're confused about Continued on 3rd page Radio even your wife thinks ifou're at the station And what a relief to know that no matter how complex your operation is or will become, you purchased the system you control, not the system that controls you.

All components are modular, meaning you have unparalleled flexibility, accessibility, availability plus low operational cost. Speaking of cost, the installed cost was low. In many cases, a particular radio station may play all ut the cuts on a given album, but the cuts listed heie are he prelerred cuts by most of the stations.

Joe Fiorillo ST. Cuts: All. Cuts: "Oye Mama. Bedno-Wrighl Associates. Chicago, is sort of supervising the dinner. I think the attendance will be limited to only about two or three thousand of George's closest friends, but if you would like to attend, you can call Howard Bedno at and plead for a ticket. Wilson is moving to New Vork and this will be his sendoff. Lewislon, Pa. Leba- non. Collins" show on channel 7 will be aired p. The veteran music per- sonality speaks of attracting listen- ers to the "second TV sets which are now in operation.

This is their first venture in originating pro- grams. Collins will interview show busi- ness personalities and local com- munity characters. Drake was a programming consultant to the chain and is now vice president of program- ming; Chenault remains as con- sultant in management.

The decision to go to Booneville was made before Drake became a vice president within the corporation and may be part of the chain's overall diversifi- cation move. The weekly show will have 10 commercial availabil- ities per hour. There is also an al- lowance so that stations can carry local news each hour. One of the "fantasy trips," ac- DJ Format cording to Robinson, "deals with a wicked old witch who turns a beautiful princess into an en- chanted light bulb.

Every week's show will be filled with bizarre stories and bits along this line. Some will be very funny and some will be just weird. Jones and Associates is now lining up radio stations interested in car- rying the show. You owe It to them to ghie a listen.

Write, or call collect. Instant Demos!! Cantaur Productions, Ltd. We went up 90 percent in our demographic target. When I went there, the audience was mostly old people. When I left, we were No. IMUS: But that was pregnant white people. IMUS: Do you want to know something?

I came to gel out of Chicago for a week- end. HALL: It had been in the book since around Sure, I didn't start it I just made it perfect. But it's in- teresting to read Billboard because you can find out what medium market Charlie Tuna is working in. IMUS: I've wondered, to my- self, if you realize how much in- fluence you have.

HALL: I simply don't worry about it. My mother Florence is a Big Wilson freak. Just uncanny. HALL: Let's run it, for kicks Later, we can do one on a more serious vein. IMUS: What do you mean? This is an exciting interview. HALL: Aw. IMUS: What can you ask a guy like that? IMUS; Well, he lives here. You know, there's n guy who's incredible. That was when I was running for Congress thai time I thought it was junk mail for a long lime.

IMUS: You never answered any of them. IMUS: See. Hall, that's where it's all at and that's all you need lo put in this article. People you know, have the wrong idea about Drake radio. I think Drake radio has made more personalities than. Steele, and Humble Harve, who's now on the intercom system at Chino, which is a sad thing unto itself, but. There's no such thing as a hot line where Drake calls us the jocks.

I don't think Drake has ever called a jock. Doesn't happen. The reason Paul called so much was that he was trying lo find out what was going on. HALL: Paul is doing quite well as a consultant. You're going to make me a villain with a lot of guys, because of this inter- view, Imus. Make radio efficient.

Reminds me, Claude, of a Johnny Tillotson record. Poetry in Motion. I give the time and say my name a lot and that's it. I've always wanted to work for Drake I'm trying to get Morgan's job. I want to do a two- man show with Morgan. HALL: I really enjoyed that show you two guys did together. Quite good, too. Phillips does the a. Program- mer's Digest, produced by Buddy Blake, P.

Box II, Nashville, Tenn. Los Angeles, and another by me. Steve Major, recently program di- rector of a Washington state sta- tion, has been named director of operations for TM Programmming. At the same time, TM Program- ming president Jim Long an- nounced that program consultant George Bums will be producing for syndication a new stereo rock music service.

Harrisburg, Pa. Bob Janis un- til noon, Mark Stewart noon-4 p. Mike Patrick p. Mike Kelly 8-midnight, and R. Mc- Kee midnight-6 a. Joe Goduto writes that he'll be getting out of the service on Dec. It is about time that qualified blacks have finally been given a chance to get a fair break from the 'rednecks' who have been dom- inating the industry. Thank God the Federal Communications Com- mission is trying lo change condi- tions in the mdustry.

I'm appalled that you could print such a state- ment in your column. Face a fact, blacks have been screwed as have other minorities in the main- stream of broadcasting, I have been station manager of Bluffton College's radio station for the past three-and-a-half years. I hold a first class license, a minor in speech, a major in elementary ed- ucation; been accepted into several graduate schools for radio-TV graduate study: have togged many thousands of hours as an an- nouncer; and I'm black.

And I know I will have one hell of a hard time finding a position in commercial broadcasting just be- cause I'm black; And you say there isn't discrimination. Why don't you clear the New York smog out of your eyes and face reality. It's about time blacks have been given a fair chance in broadcasting.

Many guys in Top 40 today are black; it's just that no bones are made about it and the public often doesn't know. And many program directors that I know are quietly looking for black air personalities, newsmen, etc.. So, it's almost like reverse prejudice and I thought the Jim Vance note humorously pointed the situation out.

But, like you state. Warren, I'm sure blacks arc Still getting a raw deal in most markets. Acts should call me at for on-air interviews during my show time. General manager of the two sta- tions is Ralph Rood. Steve York is the new 10 p. Sean Grabowski 9-noon, Jim Kagan noon-3 p. Col- lins p. Bob Sherwood p. Lineup now reads: Dave Scott a. Malcolm Davis p. The station is using the AIR Productions "Hit Parade" package and "its acceptance here is, to say the least, phenomenal.

So, automation is here to stay in a big way. Don't fight it, join it. Be di- versified and you'll slay alive in the broadcasting industry. Most guys like their air shift. I loved mine, but the Larry Luuacks are few and far between, so if you love this business as I do, take a word of advice — Diversify.

The 5,watt station went on the air last week and maintains a rather tight play list of records. Ray Odom, former owner of KHAT radio in Phoenix who has owned country stations for more than 25 years, is the gen- eral manager. The station covers more than 80 per- cent of the Arizona population at night. Crested Butle Records, Inc. Younger Than New. Carlos Schid- lowski, company president, the label has national distribution and will also consider distributing for other companies.

This state has the fastest growth rate in the na- tion and it has the potential to become a recording capital that can rival both Nashville and New York. Al Knopf, vice-presi- dent of Local in charge of New York city recording. On Oct. Following the party. Chirco premiered in their first live concert at Macky Audi- torium on the University of Colo- rado campus in Boulder. The company plans to move their quarters to Crested Butte, Colo.

UNICEF has named Chap- pell as agent for the production and distribution of a series of mu- sic publications throughout the world. The publishing agreement will he implemented through the joint cooperation of Chappell and the U. Children, Sing," subtitled "Songs. Both of the music pub- lishing companies are owned by Doug Weston, impresario of the West Coast club, the Troubadour. Chicago Single 24 Hr. A similar hour chain of events took place in New York.

Commercial copies of the single, shipped Sept. According to Margie Skurski. Marg Skurski discovered that "when the bookers heard I was a woman the price for acts went up a couple of hundred. When our advisor, a man. All people work- ing on student activities are stu- dents who really do not have the time to shop around. We'd rather pay the 10 percent and have the hassle off us.

Fifty-six percent of the money goes for cultural events, such as concerts. The big problem for the univer- sity concerns inadequate space. The facility holds without chairs and with chairs. Thus, two shows must be presented, which means paying more money for the acts. According to Miss Skurski, "we allow students and guests, which is a date or a room- mate, making the crowd larger than our 7. In the meantime, the university Is bidding for the convention cen- ter and has one firm date Feb.

Columbia's Special Products Department re- ports that over 2. I installed a 2-track recorder and field microphones on a VW van and hired a young engineer named Michael Scott to tape the sounds. Music will open a Nashville office sometime in 1 , supplementing its publishing operation here and in New York, said Ed Silvers, its president. Silvers is also planning to issue his line of song folios in standard pocket book format for newsstand distribution.

Music folios at rec- ord stores in four cities produced "The center board tries to be fair but are failing badly. The board is composed of men over 45 who don't know what the guy is rock group and you can say any name. They look at the Bill- board charts, sec if there has been any violence at other con- certs, what the draw was and then vote on a date, but they don't really know what's going on.

Naseef plans to form new com- pany and build his own building. This would then give us the Con- vention Center. We don't have that problem. We have S If we make money it goes back into student activities. If we blow it, it realty doesn't matter because we get the money again next year. Our only concern Is providing en- tertainment for the students. An auto crash effect was made in two authentic phases. First an old junker was recorded skidding on a closcd-off wet street, then the car was returned to the junkyard and dropped from a crane.

Elektra collects license fees for use of its sound effects library in films. TV and radio. A three-record box set of the 1 00 most-wanted sounds is also marketed by Elektra. If we try it again, I would want to include an adver- tising and promotion campaign. It is a consumer music publication with features on artisis and the lead sheets to ten hit songs in every issue. Music demos are now cut in the less- complex older style, with simply a guitar or piano accompanying the voice.

Publishing is a low-profit- margin business. Music has just completed a computerization of its royalty files. Why fly any other airline? Our passengers get the best of everyttiing. King Errison recently signed to United Artists Record dropped by our office last week with a copy of his firit single. For some of you who are not familiar with this young man, he is from Nassau and has done session work for many recording acts on Motown including Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5.

Many music critics consider him the best conga drummer today. Errison co-starred in numerous concert en- gagements with Diana Ross when she left the Supremes. King Errison's goal as an entertainer is simple Errison said, "I want to make people laugh and make them love me because I love them. Berry Gordy is executive producer. Miss Ross, who imitates the jazz great, spent nine months listening to Billie's recordings.

The Stylistics will be playing civilian gigs and U. Thanks Mike. Terre Haute. Even though I was only a music director in a very small market, they both saw to it that I got their product. Lenny even went so far as to call long- distance when he didn't get our weekly playlist the week I went on vacation and didn't publish 34 one. If every promotion man in the business were as concerned with the little guy as those two men are.

Louis has moved to Building of Mansion House Center. Jay Lawrence will do his show there Nov. But it's an old buddy of mine. Larry Scott, who's setting the pace. Larry is doing his midnight-5 a. Week Week Dlit. At present, you can reach him at In Ihe total survey area. S-AM comes in with 3. His num number is Up until today, I was doing noon-7 p. Monday through Friday and 6 a. That, thank God, is over, however, and the new lineup is: Dave Kctsler a.

Donnie Wright holds down the weekends. His number is and he's looking. Good man. Liil Tini-«nlft. The Oct. Records is considering releasing the tapes later as a 2-LP set. Hirsch includes Bob Lockwood a. Bob Rose p. Tve been a ham since since 1 was II years old and am building a I KW single-sideband transmitter to op- erate on 20 and 40 meter bands. As soon as I'm operable, HI try to put some work into a network. You can reach him at Frank J. New program director is Reb Foster who, you'd think, would have better things to do.

Anyway, Shadoe is the latest in a long line of program directors at the station when, in my opinion, it's the management that has been slowing the station down. And the Federal Communications Commission seems no nearer de- ciding the question of ownership. But then, it's difficult to really achieve anything with a station when you don't know who you be- long to and when you don't have a driving force at the top.

But, in any case, programming will alter again. Cox will headquarter in London and be producing film and tape segments for syndicated TV rock show "Superstars of Rock" syndicated by Kip Walton Productions. Bob Casde, , needs Top 40 job; has worked Monterey and Albuquerque. Francis Ho- tel, San Francisco. Bnck- minster Fuller will be keynote speaker. To register, write Gavin at 1 14 Sansome St. Should be a good meeting this year.

Be there if you can. The little old beer-drinker in the comer will be me. With that kind of readership, you can't afford to pass up this opportunity to let the industry know what you're doing. Hagalo ahora! N Y, Los Angeles. One encouraging note is the early appearance of one jukebox title strip tip sheet listing most- ordered titles Billboard, Oct. But programmers say they need more material. Many only order fill-in, or nov- elty tunes, and depend on older standards to fill the three or four spots allotted on boxes.

Also, we try to place songs that are more seasonal so they can stay on the boxes longer, like "Winter Wonderland. The same complaint was ex- pressed by Brenda Dooley. South Hill Music. While "White Christmas" proved to be the biggest record in alt locations for Frank Fabiano. Buchanan, Mich. Vacation Pink analyzed the campus prob- lem as being twofold: students leave the campus before Christmas and don't return until after, but one-stops don't make Christmas records available until the last of November, allowing no time for exposure before the three-week sea- son is over.

Records that Pink plans to re- peat this year are: Brenda Lee. I think these days more younger people appreciate artists from 10 years ago. Miss Dooley finds that other young adult spots pick up the slack from the campuses. Records in recreation centers, pool halls, restaurants, and truck stops pick up the play. Gold Mor Dist. Coin Machine World W. O'ConncM-, Richmond, Va. Manolis, Hur- on, S. Leoma Ballard, Belle, W.

C; Fred Ayers, Greensboro, N. C; Benny Koss, Jr. All elected at recent convention. However, several factors must be considered, among them, the type of programming that can be offered. Music Operators of America, the national organization of jukebox business- men, addressed the subject during seminars conducted by Notre Dame University last year. The school's Dr. John Malone suggested taking a whole new ap- proach based on careful study of the fast food clientele demographics and couching projected jukebox revenue in terms of income per square foot.

That Dog Joynt owners Dominick Testa, 23, Tony Pul- los, 24, and Jeff Tessler, 26, suggest another aspect — many fast food outlets are being opened by young business people who like juke- boxes. Programming Testa, who operated another hot dog business before and who had a jukebox in it, said in peak summer months the machine will indeed pay around half the rent. But much of the success is keyed to the proper programming and discipline of customers to avoid con- gestion.

Tom Burg, young assistant and member of the rock group Swift Ink. The requests substantiate the basic demographics Testa mentions when describing the bulk of the customers between ages But these demographics change during the business day, with many older customers dropping in at all hours.

There is fare on the jukebox for all age groups, too. But the jukebox, even if it's rocking away with a Chicago or Rolling Stones selection, doesn't inhibit business, Testa said, because fully 50 percent of the volume is in carry-out sales. Next, Testa acknowledges the concern of those fast food man- agement people who object to iukeboxes; tells policy for maintaining discipline; reveals more facets of operating the small fast food busi- ness.

Jeff Tessler is the other co-owner. Louis organization one of the most in- terested in national topics during his talk in suburban Clayton, Mo. Gerry Morris, attorney and son of veteran member Sid- ney Monrls. Chiefly, the lack of poor pressings stems from the smaller volume U. Interviewed during ATC's tour for American entertainment jour- nalists 75 were flown here. Benjamin said: "We couldn't afford for defective pressings to be the problem it is in the states.

The buyers here demand a high standard. It's a more limited market, a smaller volume. We couldn't ignore complaints. If a defect occurs, we must find out what caused it and make corrections. Williams began with the Young Disciples when they started some five years ago. Formerly from Chicago, Dauphine 0 had a touch with some show business when he was quite young, appearing on stage with Gene Chandler. After Merry rapped with him about his idea of setting up a band in the South End, the bug caught Williams and he started his own little singing group.

After many valiant efforts with differ- ent singers, Dauphine came to the realization that he would have to do his thing by himself on stage and, after a final attempt at group singing with three female background singers, he dropped the group and now appears on stage as a single. Dauphine was put out of school in his sophomore year and never re- turned. When the Young Disciples received their second year grant they had an opening for a Booking Agent.

After talking it over with the band members, Merry offered the job to Williams. Headed by Mer- ry, the former recreation program of a poverty center is now a record com- pany, booking agency, recording studio, performance training depart- ment, and publishing house.

In their building they have rehearsal studios, dance audito- rium for practicing routines, full pho- tographic dark rooms, and uniform and supply rooms as well as offices. YODI has had many record re- leases with the last two doing very well, one being purchased by A. Dunhill Records. These are young performers and YODI is only six 6 years in existence. Ben and A. The reaction was phenominal as stations and one-stops were being flooded with calls from those trying to find the record.

Atlantic picked up the master and after adding strings arranged by Arif Mardin. Atlantic in a matter of days, was shipping the single. As had been noted in this column in a previous edition of CB, Ben, a veteran arranger, is regaining his health after suffering a stroke earlier this year. There was a big turnout at the get well party held for Cornell Dupree who is in the New York Hospital recovering from injuries as a result of an auto accident.

Guitarist Cornell works with Roberta Flack. Some of the stars to be seen are; Tito Puente. Nat Morris, a fine young actor, has just signed a contract to co-star in the role of Jdas Iscariot in the road company production of the rock opera — Jesus Christ Superstar. Nat, a gutsy voiced soul-searing vocalist can be heard on the Original cast album of Jesus Christ Superstar. The road company pro- fii-icfion will be at the Chicago Auditorium Theatre throughout December.

Luther King, Jr. Labor Center, in NYC. The Bill Gavin Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his unique creative talents as a composer, producer and performer as most recently illustrated by the great popular success of the soundtrack to the motion picture "Super Fly".

They have ven- tured away from the notion that songs Should be filled with as much noise as possible to a subtle move- ment evolving from a mandolin, acoustic guitar, and bass. This is one of the most complete, perfected acts around today. With an organ, guitar, bass, and per- cussion backing, the group produces some easy melodies with moving in- strumental work. Their numbers were pleasantly idealistic and fused effec- tively with mellow progressions.

Their music is solid but clear, instrumentally em- phasized and vocally enhanced by the growling of Stan Bernstein. Instead they have fused their talents into a pure, full, weaving motion where the ele- ments of the music can be appreciated individually as well as a whole. Their straight ahead sound should put them in the category as a group to be reckoned with in the near future.

With these three exercis- ing a great deal of vocal range, they produced wide variations of harmon- ies. They are a hard rock group that weaves their sound into an ar- rangement where the instrumental emphasis changes from the slide gui- tar of Mick Dyche, to the lead guitar of Tweke Lewis, to the piano of Steve Gurl, to the bass of Glen Corn- ick, to the drums of Jeff Jones. To this base Wild Turkey adds the voice and occasional acoustic guitar of Gary Pickford-Hopkins, the result being a well-jelled sound.

It takes a set of experienced per- 1 formers to produce in such a format without losing a great deal of mo- mentum either in the middle of num- bers or from song to song'. However, Wild Turkey has eliminated any such threat by the seasoning they have gained with time. Bill Keith is now doing banjo and pedal steel things of beauty for him.

He also does fine on piano. Performing songs from his two Atco LPs, Edwards obviously pleased his audience with style, not unlike the way Jesse Colin Young relates to his hard-line fans. Their melodies are particularly bril- liant. The under- standing in their music will hopefully prove a contagious sort. The concert was truly a musical experience and the appreciative audience showed its de- light by giving both acts an emotion- al-packed standing ovation. Flutist Herbie was backed by tenor sax, two guitarists, keyboard and drums and each in his own right was outstanding.

Sonny Sharrock a get-down funky guitarist was in top form and his solos were absolutely incredible. Jackie Cain, a lovely gal with a voice to match, and husband Roy Krai on piano opened the show and they were backed by vibes, drums and bass. The last time we caught him, he was a bit down and his performance reflected it.

The Warner Brothers artist has combined the song form of old-time country music with lyrics which man- age to be broad-based and insightful- ly specific at the same time. This js a duo you must see work! Closing his set with his cheek and head tapdance again, must be witnessed first-hand to be fully appreciated , he left us with the kind of positive feeling every performer dreams of as a legacy for his audience: satisfaction but no sati- ation.

David Nichtern and his quartet, an as yet unsigned country-ish band, was a nice match for Hartford. With some better material and a crack producer, she could do some nice things. The concept may have sounded way-out, but the per- formance sounded great.

Muddy Waters is an original and after a few numbers, the smartly dressed sophis- ticated crowd sensed that Muddy was just doing his own thing, and with great feeling and originality. And they enjoyed it. Yes, it was strange watching Muddy work and not hear- ing the audience talk back to Muddy as he was moaning the blues. The audience was most polite and was ob- serving a gifted performer while lis- tening to sounds they were not very familiar with.

However, the end result was most positive. We also flipped over the Sy Oliver Band. The super arranger played some beautiful dance music with his own sweet ish sound. And as sure as the moon runs through its perpetual cycles, there are certain forms of music that will always be with us, regardless of what trends or fads are going down. Blues and jazz are two forms of perpetual music, and Full Moon is a dynamic quintet de- signed to give jazz-blues one of its brightest hours.

With Brother Gene Dinwiddle on horns, Philip Wilson on drums and vocals, Neil Larsen on keyboards and synthesizer, and Fred Beckmeier on bass, the tightly integrated group sticks closely to traditional roots as the context for original material.

Full Moon makes music that will be around for a long time to come; while other trendy groups come and go for their moment in the limelight, Full Moon will shine perpetually with its no-nonsense sound. The script is an adaptation of actual courtroom ongoings. Only oc- casionally does the author of the play intrude, but often at the expense of any self-awareness the audience might be realizing.

Upcoming folio publications for C. The material by Sarde is published by C. Other music written by Philippe Sarde and published by C. Garner, working with rhythm ac- companiment will soon embark on a series of major civic and college con- certs in early The jazz pianist will re-schedule his annual spring tour of Europe in order that Sutton Artists can make him available for campus concerts during the peak of the spring concert season in colleges.

New Muse will utilize mixed media, including actors, film, dance and electronic insruments. Despite the loss, the group performed that night at the Village East and went on to complete their tour in New Orleans and Memphis with rented equipment. The phone number is Praisery was previ- ously titled Miriseh, Paladino and Landia. Broadway in Gary. Canterbury has also signed the Drifters to an indie production deal. The Drifters were doing a series of one nighters in Indiana.

Farag ap- proached them during a job at the Ultimate Lounge in Crown Point and asked them if they were interested in recording. In his new position, Manchester will be re- porting to the president. His areas of specialties included finance, operations research, and computer sciences.

After leaving M. Keamey, Inc. Caywood- Schiller is a management consultant firm specializing in the areas of oper- ations research and data processing. Miss Pollock has been doing free-lance p. She will be assisting the firm with the promotions of ABT productions. Coming up Dec. The Jan. Harris Named Music Etc. Previously an account executive for Trans Continental Music Corp.

Music Etc. Headquartered in Oklaho- ma City at N. Stan Ephraim is president and owner of the compa- ny. These lists are important because they contain releases not necessarily reflected on the charts. Listings are determined by the frequency of playing an album or single, and by the total enjoyment derived from the record. These listings are not representative of Cash Box Magazine, but rather of each individual whose name appears above each list.

Mountain Mama — Dianne Davidson — Janus 4. Tantamount To Treason, Vol. Blue River — Eric Andersen — Columbia 7. Letters — Jimmy Webb — Reprise 9. Tommy — Various Artists— Ode 3. Radio Dinner — National Lampoon — Banana 4. Fragile — Yes — Atlantic 3. Paul Simon — Paul Simon — Columbia 4. Honky Chateau — Elton John — Uni 6.

Ben — Michael Jackson — Motown 3. Africa — Thundermug — Big Tree 4. Hard Attack — -Dust — Kama Sutra 3. Captain Beyond — Captain Beyond — Capricorn 4. Naturally — J. Cale- — Shelter 3. Jackson Browne — Jackson Browne — Asylum 4.

The Slider — T. Rex — Reprise 6. The Storyteller- — Tom T. Hall — Mercury 9. Harvest — Neil Young — -Reprise Tommy— Various Artists — Ode 3. Hard Attack — Dust — -Kama Sutra 4. Our predictions for the coming year. Plus, a very special awards section. Have a good holiday! Heavy Hits Parr of the LP to single crossover trend w t revealed in the large num- ber of! First time top singles items were enjoyed by Mott The Hoople, Argent. But it is obvious that a cross-section of performers proved that they were still valuable recording acts, given the right promotion, pro- duction and material.

Country Crossover Two artists proved that when coun- try goes pop, it still does so in a big, long-lasting way. To this end, Hammond, Gi- braltar born writer-singer will receive full saturation promotion, including trade and consumer advertising, in- store merchandising aids, and a series of radio spots. Hammond recently ap- peared in concert with The Moody Blues. Trust Fund live music performances, musicians are guaranteed employment at union scale, the free concerts provide enjoy- ment to people who would not other- wise afford the price of admission to concerts and, for many events, it means a spin-off in recording sales.

Raine, in fact, favors greater indus- try participation in the affairs of MPTF. Paulson says the trend in recent years has been for co-sponsorship of events with MPTF by city and state, radio, TV and newspapers. He cites a Mitch Miller concert in Winnipeg re- cently, co-sponsored by a radio sta- tion, that was rained-out before a crowd of 18, The re-scheduled event drew 25, Brand New Key — Melanie — Neighborhood 3.

Lefs Stay Together — A! Green— Hi 4. Scorpio — Dennis Coffey — Sussex 5. Cherish — David Cassidy — Bell 6. Sunshine — Jonathan Edwards — Capricorn 7. Sugar Daddy — Jackson Five — Motown 9. Day After Day — Badfinger— Apple 9. Everything I Own— Bread — Elektra 9.

Rockin' Robin — Michael Jackson — Motown 2. Day Dreaming— Aretha Franklin — Atlantic Oh Girl — Chi-Lites — Brunswick 5. Brandy — Looking Glass— Epic 3. Long Cool Woman — Hollies — Epic 6. Back Stahbers — 0'Jays — Phil Infl 2. Long Cool Woman — Hollies — Epic 3. Brandy — Looking Glass— Epic 8. Use Me — Bill Withers— Sussex 8. Garden Party — Rick Nelson — Decca 5. Freddie's Dead — Curtis Mayfield — Curtom 7.

Infl 8. Jones— Billy Paul— Phila. Infl 5. Infl G. Ventura Highway — America— Warner Bros. Safka 4. Lurie Creatore, G. Stanton Stewart Thomas Gold McFaddin — J. Whitehead Candy Man — Sammy Davis, Jr. Newley Nims Greene Edwards Udell Cornelius Robinson Adok Schary Dieval Ham Creed Leander How Do You Do? Holiday Silverstein Lamm Bettis Huff Salter Ingram Byrd Perry Tilmon Weil Michael Jackson — Motown 9.

James Brown — Poiydor Joe Simon— Spring Joe Tex— Dial Wayne Newton — Chelsea Bobby Vinton — Epic Elvis Presley — RCA Rod Stewart — Mercury Sammy Davis, Jr. Bobby Womack — U. Chuck Berry — Chess Ringo Starr — Apple Thomas— Scepter Curtis Mayfield — Curtom Rick Nelson— Decca Todd Rundgren- — Bearsville Tommy James — Roulette Jerry Butler — Mercury Isaac Hayes — Enterprise John Denver— RCA Wilson Pickett — Atlantic Van Morrison— Reprise Stevie Wonder — Tamla Bob Dylan— Columbia Lobo — Big Tree Donne Elbert— All Platinum King Floyd — Chimneyville Andy Williams — Columbia Jerry Wallace — Decca Richard Harris — -Dunhill Marvin Gaye— Tamla Stephen Stills — Atlantic New Male Vocalists 1.

Luther Ingram — Koko 6. Robert John — Atlantic 7. Mac Davis — Columbia 8. Gary Glitter— Bell Jim Croce — ABC Jackson Browne — Asylum Daniel Boone — Mercury Frederick Knight— Stax Charley Pride — RCA Arlo Guthrie — Reprise Rick Springfield — Capitol Harry Chapin — Elektra Leon Russell— Shelter Johnny Nash — Epic Giorgio — Dunhill Sam Neely — Capitol Jimmy Osmond— MGM Jermaine Jackson — Motown Chris Hodge — Apple John Kay — Dunhill Frank Mills— Sunflower Mickey Newbury — Elektra Albert Hammond — Mums Apollo — Mega 5.

Peter Nero — Columbia 7. Crusaders- — Blue Thumb 9. Nite Liters— RCA Isaac Hayes — Enterprise Vocal Groups 1. Bread — Elektra 6. Staple Singers — Stax 7. Osmonds — MGM 9. Cornelius Bros. Badfinger-Apple Bee Gees— Atco Honey Cone— Hot Wax Alice Cooper — Warner Bros. Rolling Stones— Rolling Stones War — United Artists Hollies— Epic Temptations — Gordy Main Ingredient — RCA Detroit Emeralds- — Westbound Who— Decca Partridge Family — Bell Dramatics— Volt Supremes — Motown Isley Bros.

Chicago— Columbia Led Zeppelin — Cotillion Raiders— Columbia New Seekers — -Elektra Rare Earth — Rare Earth Spinners— Atlantic Guess Who — RCA Grass Roots — Dunhill Santana— Columbia Grand Funk — Capitol Creedence Clearwater Revival — Fantasy Jefferson Airplane — Grunt Band — -Capitol Lettermen— Capitol Dawn— Bell Free Movement — Uni Stampeders — Bell El Chicano — Kapp CHER— Kapp 3.

Helen Reddy — Capitol 5. Carole King— Ode 6. Carly Simon— Elektra 7. Denise LaSalle — Westbound 8. Candi Staton— Fame 9. Barbra Streisand — Columbia Buffy Sainte Marie — Vanguard Laura Lee— Hot Wax Duos 1. Climax-Rocky Road 5. Yes— Atlantic 6. Eagles— Asylum 8. Raspberries— Capitol 9. Argent— Epic Godspell — Bell Love Unlimited — Uni Commander Cody — Paramount Sailcat— Elektra Faces— Warner Bros.

Malo — Warner Bros. Redbone— Epic Hillside Singers — Metromedia Tower Of Power— Warner Bros. Sweathog — Columbia Doobie Bros. April Wine — Big Tree Bullet— Big Tree Stories— Kama Sutra Soul Children — Stax Flash — Capitol Uriah Heep — Mercury Ceils Band — Atlantic English Congregation — Atco Jo Jo Gunne — Asylum Emotions — Stax Think— Laurie Gladstone — ABC Sugar Bears — Big Tree Wings— Apple Mott The Hoople — Columbia New Birth— RCA Delegates — Mainstream New Female Vocalists 1.

Beverly Bremers- — Scepter 5. Chi Coltrane— Columbia 6. Addrisi Bros. And come dp with the key to the puzzle of what makes one record company stand out above the rest. The key is people. Artists, company people, sales people. Involved and committed people. People with ideas for growth and expansion, not just in product output but in product creativity and artistry as well. If theres a record puzzle you re looking to piece together, remember who solved it all first.

Young — Reprise 4. CHER— Kapp You created a whole new language. You made us hip instead of hep. You gave the recording industry the support it needed. And neither of us is through yet. Avalon, Memphis, Tenn. Elvis Presley— -RCA John Lennon— -Apple Eric Clapton- — Atco Jimi Hendrix- — Reprise Van Morrison— Warner Bros. Stevie Wonder— Tamla Chuck Berry- — Chess Andy Williams— Columbia Tom Jones — Parrot King— ABC James Brown — Polydor Kris Kristofferson — Monument Bobby Sherman — Metromedia James Taylor — Warner Bros.

Gordon Lightfoot — Reprise Engelbert Humperdinck — Parrot Richard Harris — Dunhill Buddy Miles — Mercury Donny Hathaway — Atlantic 5. Jim Croce — Dunhill 7. David Cassidy— Bell 8. Les Crane — Warner Bros. Bobby Womack — United Artists Jerry Garcia — Warner Bros. Mac Davis— Columbia Todd Rundgren — Bearsville Bob Weir — Warner Bros. Female Vocalists 1. Cher — Kapp 6. Carly Simon — Elektra 7.

Dionne Warwicke — Scepter 8. Judy Collins — Elektra 9. T-Rex — Reprise 5. Three Dog Night — Dunhill 6. Grand Funk — Capitol 7. Partridge Family — Bell 8. Jethro Tull — Warner Bros. Led Zeppelin — Atlantic Allman Brothers — Capricorn Bread— Elektra Santana — Columbia Osmonds — MGM Who — Decca Faces — Warner Bros.

Chi-Lites — Brunswick Band — Capitol Fifth Dimension — Bell Badfinger — Apple Jeff Beck — Epic Mountain — Windfall Hollies — Epic Creedence Clearwater— Fantasy James Gang — ABC Doors — Elektra Black Sabbath — Warner Bros.

Cream — Atco Hot Tuna — RCA YES — Atlantic 2. WAR — United Artists 4. Stylistics — Avco 5. Manassas — Atlantic 7. Staple Singers — Stax 8. Wings — Apple 9. Dramatics — Volt Argent — Epic Eagles — Asylum Tower of Power — Warner Bros.

Raspberries— Capitol Edgar Winter — Epic Grover Washington, Jr. Dennis Coffey — Sussex Soundtracks 1. Godfather — Paramount 5. Rainbow Bridge- — Jimi Hen- drix — Reprise 7. Last Days Of Fillmore — Fill- more 8. A Clockwork Orange — Warner Bros. Sesame Street II — Columbia LaBrea, Hollywood, Calif. Of Amer. Vine St. McLemar, Memphis, Tenn. Potter Beverly Blvd. Avalon — Memphis, Tenn. McEemore, Memphis, Tenn. Barnum G.

Bron for Hit Records Pdtns. Wasker Dr. Bowles Samuel F. Brown in for Fountain Record Pdtns. Nashville, Tenn. Box Muscle Shoals, Ala. Casperson for North Country Pdtns. Holdridge N. Cenci — N. Kousaleous for Nik Nik Pdnts. Chandler for Barn Pdnts. Teri Thornton, George Wallington. Larry Young, Attila Zoller. LaBrea, L. LaBrea, Calif. Blumberg Tim Davis Asst. LaBrea Blvd. Main Hendersonville, Tenn. Jones Billy Paul— Phila. Vine, Hollywood Calif.

Gordy, L. Vine, Hollywood, Calif. Box , L. Isley, O. B Pdtns. La Brea. Johnson Advance Productions Sunset Blvd. Katouzzion Pdtns. Wacker Dr. Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills, Calif. Avalon Ave. James, B. Rebb Foster Agcy. Beverly Hills, L. Woodward, Birmingham, Mich. Box Tyler, Tex. Robinson S. Vine, L. Simon, A.

I— Nov. Geils Band T R. Talmadge, D. Gorgoni W. Calello w E. Weaver Elijah Walker Malaco Prod. Northside Dr. Jackson, Miss. DeCaro Stan Watson Pdtns. Jackson, J. Gadson, M. Dunlap and B. Miller Pdtns. One , especially. Al Green. Anne Peebles- — Hi Linda Jones— Turbo Jean Knight— Stax Freda Payne — Invicius Esther Philips — Kudu Mavis Staples — -Volt 5.

Delia Gartrell — Right-On Instrumentalists 1. Nite Liters — RCA 5. David T. Walker — Ode Duos 1. James Brown Soul Train — - Polydor 5.

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ID number 0в and works on number 0в update or when you. Sign up not able Norton Deluxe. Bring the points were downloaded used as well said "Can't other data.

Kindle Edition. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Jay Posey. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Morningside Fall Legends of the Duskwalker Book 2. Three Legends of the Duskwalker Book 1. Velocity Weapon The Protectorate Book 1.

Megan E. Artifact Space. Miles Cameron. James Islington. Mark Lawrence. Highly recommend this trilogy, start to finish! Reinventing the post-apocalyptic western as a journey across interior badlands as dangerous as the cyborg-haunted terrain his hero must cross, Posey has crafted a story that is impossible to put down.

An unforgettable read. Rest easy — although Morningside Fall has to take a different tone because of story development I feel its every bit as good as Three and it makes me anxious to read book 3! Jay Posey is a narrative designer, author, and screenwriter. He started in the video game industry in , and has been writing professionally for over a decade.

A contributing author to the book Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, Jay has lectured at conferences, colleges, and universities, on topics ranging from basic creative writing skills to advanced material specific to the video game industry. The author lives in Durham, NC. About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations.

Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Jay lives in Durham, NC. Website: jayposey. Read more Read less. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I loved the first book Three but didn't enjoy the second book as much, as it seemed to focus on Wren as a frightened, lost child, and I guess it was just a bit boring to me although still very well written. Dawnbreaker brings the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion and Wren really progressed from being a weak character to a true warrior.

We're finally given the backstory of House 8 and learn a bit about what happened to the world and why things are they way they are just a bit , and other characters are given ample story time. My big "complaint" would be that I really liked the world created by Posey and really want to know the more of the history just how technic was civilization and how did it fall and "what happens next". There's a lot of room for more stories here but I suppose this may be the end of the road. Oh well, if this is all we get it's still an action-packed ride worth taking!

I normally wait until an entire series is finished until I read the books - but something about Jay Posey's books made me have to start reading them. I'm really glad that I did. They're so good that you'll devour them, voraciously flipping page after page. So do yourself a favor and wait to start these until you have no real responsibilities Posey expertly whisks you a way to another time, another place, where life is dangerous and hope is in somewhat of a short supply.

His characters are enigmatic and make you crave knowing them better. His ability to set the scene and describe the world which he has created in these novels is wonderful. The storyline fresh and each novel really travels into uncharted literary territory. If you are looking for something different and thrilling to read - Pick up this series. One person found this helpful. I could not keep these books out of my hands..

As others have said, the second book while still being a great read is not as enthralling as Book 1 and 3. Dawnbreaker is a fantastic ending to the story of Wren, Cass, Gamble, her crew, jCharles, etc.. I absolutely adore Posey's writing style and the way he can bring these characters to life is impeccable.

You'll learn a lot more about House 8 and Three's history. Plenty of action throughout the book. The ending was somber and well written but leaves you teetering on edge which I personally don't like all that much. I understand why it was done but I really do hope for a Book 4 to just tie up some loose ends and finish out the character plots.

A triumph of originality, Jay Posey's Legends of the Duskwalker Cycle finally ends in a multi-tiered cyclone of excitement fit for robust imaginations and late night reading binges with the epic installment of Dawnbreaker. Where a teaser would be cruel, and a spoiler would be even more so, I would simply state this is a must-read series for any fans of nearly a dozen genres, as Dawnbreaker only reminds us in elliptical fullness how awesome Three is, and how necessary Morningside Fall is to catapult this gem of a series in to Angry Robot's hall of fame.

If legends belong in bookshelves, then these visceral delights await yours. And a very big thank belongs to Jay Posey, literary maven and mastermind of these genre-blending instant classics. I will gladly follow his adventures wherever they go, and hope that The Legends of the Duskwalker Cycle brings him legions of loyal fans. Loved the entire trilogy. Jay Posey vividly paints a dystopian future where most of humanity has been transformed into the living dead, some sort of combination of zombie and vampire.

The transformation obviously stemmed from some technological disaster in the distant past, but the reader is only given hints at what this might have been. Across a wasteland of the decaying remains of a once vast and highly advanced civilization, the few remaining 'normal' humans cluster in enclaves and fight for survival against the 'weir' who haunt the night.

Within this context, the protagonists and antagonists wage a classic battle of good versus evil. It is a great series that kept me engrossed with each turn of the page. Pretty much one of, if not the best trilogy i've ever read..!!! Jay Posey is a narrative designer, author, and screenwriter. He started in the video game industry in , and has been writing professionally for over a decade.

A contributing author to the book Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, Jay has lectured at conferences, colleges, and universities, on topics ranging from basic creative writing skills to advanced material specific to the video game industry.

The author lives in Durham, NC. Smartphones and tablets.

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