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With Mary Margaret in labor and due to give birth at any moment, the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert in an attempt to ensure that Zelena doesn't try to steal her newborn baby for use in her ultimate game plan. Meanwhile, in the land of Oz , Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her and her sister witches as a protector of Oz.

But the appearance of a young girl from Kansas could turn out to be her undoing. Snow Drifts Description. In this the first part of a double episode, everyone in Storybrooke joins Mary Margaret and David as they prepare to celebrate the birth of Emma's brother but the time traveling portal that Zelena created before her demise comes to life, and takes Emma and Hook back to the Enchanted Forest before the events of the original curse.

A Tale of Two Sisters Description. Emma and Regina are about to find out that the portal has open for a last time only to bring out a frozen evil in Storybrook. White Out Description. When Emma finds Elsa in an ice cave she triggered, her life is in danger when Elsa traps her in with her.

Rocky Road Description. When an icy spell is cast on Marian, the residents of Storybrooke place the blame on Elsa, unaware the mysterious woman who runs the town's ice cream parlor has the same powers as Elsa and is trying to frame her. The Apprentice Description. Hook asks Gold for his hand to be reattached for a first date with Emma. Henry and Mary Margaret try to help Regina when she becomes frustrated over not being able to find a cure for a frozen Marian.

Back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Rumplestiltskin uses Anna to acquire a magical box from the Sorcerer's apprentice. Breaking Glass Description. Regina reluctantly teams up with Emma to search for the Snow Queen after Sidney, who is once again Regina's prisoner in the mirror, discovers her whereabouts and agrees to lead her to the location. With Belle babysitting baby Neal, a nervous Mary Margaret and David prepare for their first date night away from their child and find themselves on a mission to track down Will Scarlet, who has escaped from the town jail, and Elsa sees Anna in the Storybrooke woods.

Meanwhile, back in the past, young Emma finds herself a kindred spirit when she befriends a girl who, like …. Family Business Description. Belle attempts to use Rumplestiltskins dagger to find out where the Snow Queen is hiding. Hook and Emma search for answers about the snow queen. Back in fairytale land of the past Anna returns home from her time in the enchanted forest but doesn't know what to tell her sister about what she found out. The Snow Queen Description. Emma's powers are getting stronger and she finally captures the snow queen but with one bit of doubt she could ruin everything.

Smash the Mirror Description. In Arendelle, when the Snow Queen tries to pit Elsa and Anna against each other and when it proves more difficult than she anticipates, she takes drastic measures. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke Emma's powers are out of control and her fear of hurting loved ones pushes her away from everyone she cares about.

In her confusion, Emma turns to Gold for help getting her powers under control. Gold tells her about a way to get rid of her powers altogether and Hook tries to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her plan to find the author of the storybook until her …. Smash the Mirror: Part 2 Description. Fall Description. As the Spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke, Emma and Elsa search for Anna, Belle and the fairies work on an antidote, and Gold, with a reluctant Hook as his servant, works on an exit strategy.

Shattered Sight Description. Heroes and Villains Description. In the aftermath of the Snow Queen's curse; Emma looks for a portal so Elsa, Anna and Kristoff can return to Arendelle, Regina makes a difficult choice, and Gold's quest for power reaches a dramatic conclusion. Darkness on the Edge of Town Description.

Hook and Belle search for a way to release the fairies from the Sorcerer's hat, Emma, Regina and Henry continue to look for clues that could lead them to the Author, and Gold and Ursula enlist Cruella to join their cause, as flashbacks show their first meeting. Unforgiven Description.

Regina's getting desperate. She knows that the only way to get answers about this mysterious author is to go undercover. Emma is determined to use her special skills to help Regina but is constantly denied the chance. Meanwhile Rumplestiltskin's heart shatters as he watches his wife fall for somebody else. Back in the enchanted forest we see young Regina seek the help of a powerful witch; Maleficent. This exciting episode reveals that even the heroes have to break the rules ….

Enter the Dragon Description. Poor Unfortunate Soul Description. Hook tries to make a deal with Ursula as flashbacks show their complicated past, while Regina struggles to maintain her cover with Gold, Cruella and Maleficent. Best Laid Plans Description.

Maleficent puts the town under a sleeping curse. The Charmings past with Maleficent is revealed. Emma and Regina try to free the author. Heart of Gold Description. Emma is still reeling after learning the truth of her parents' history with Maleficent, but she must focus on finding the Author, who is running loose in Storybrooke, before Gold does. When Gold's quest for his happy ending grows more urgent, he blackmails Regina into helping him. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Robin Hood learns what it means to be an honorable thief when he accepts a proposition by Rumpelstiltskin to travel to Oz to steal a valuable magic elixir from the Wicked Witch.

Sympathy for the De Vil Description. Cruella's backstory is revealed through flashbacks involving her and the author; Regina plans on saving Robin Hood from Zelena, but Cruella has other plans. Lily Description. Lily, Emma's old friend is back. Only this time she's looking for revenge. Will they become friends again or will they still have a strained friendship?

Mother Description. Emma introduces Lily to Maleficent. Lily plans on seeking revenge on Prince Charming and Snow. Gold continues to search for a happy ending for villains, as well as Regina. The Author proves to be a formidable wild card and forges an alliance with Gold.

Emma, her parents, Hook and Regina scramble to stop them, but when Gold and the Author turn the tables on heroes and villains alike, the prospect of any happy outcome appears worlds away. Henry discovers he has big shoes to fill as he steps up to save his family before the story's final page is turned. It's a race to the finish, and everything culminates with a shocking twist that will leave the residents of Storybrooke reeling.

The Dark Swan Description. With Emma now facing the nature of the Darkness in herself, she encounters Merida. Her family and friends go to extreme measurements to find Emma and bring her home safely. The Price Description. While Prince Arthur organizes a ball in Camelot, darkness rises in Storybrooke, to the search of a savior. Siege Perilous Description. A royal ball is held in Camelot, but a dark turn of events forces David and Robin to take action.

Meanwhile, Regina's fortitude is tested as she tries to safeguard Emma; and back in Storybrooke, Hook attempts to bring Emma back to the light. The Broken Kingdom Description. In Rumplestiltskin return, Emma takes her chance at the taking of Excalibur, while King Arthur's real identity is revealed. Dreamcatcher Description. Emma and Regina devise a plan to free Merlin, but they lack a pivotal ingredient.

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David seek an important dagger; Henry asks Violet to go on a date; and Merida attempts to carry out a covert mission Emma has assigned her. The Bear and the Bow Description. Gold and Merida are tested to their limits, can they be the heroes they need to be? King Arthur's help is needed to contact Merlin but can he be trusted.

Nimue Description. The history of Excalibur is revealed. Birth Description. Hook risks everything to uncover the truth about what Emma did in Camelot. The Bear King Description. Red and Mulan return to help Merida uncover the truth about her father's death. Broken Heart Description. Hook's centuries old lust for revenge against Rumpelstiltskin is reignited. Destiny collides as the forces of light and dark are on a charged confrontation. Swan Song Description. The dark siege of Storybrooke is underway as all of the resurrected Dark Ones target a living soul for sacrifice so that they can return to the realm of the living.

Souls of the Departed Description. The mission to rescue Hook from the Underworld turns out to be more difficult than expected as the heroes encounter souls with unfinished business. Labor of Love Description. In the Underworld, an escapee from Hades' prison informs the heroes that Hook is being held captive. But before the heroes can rescue Hook, they must face a terrifying beast that guards the prison.

Mary Margaret searches for an old childhood friend who knows how to defeat the monster. However, once reunited, she discovers that her friend is no longer the hero he once was. Meanwhile, in an Enchanted Forest flashback, a young Snow White struggles to preserve peace in her kingdom and must learn how to be a true hero if she wants to one day become queen. Devil's Due Description. Hook's captivity takes a dark turn when Hades threatens to condemn him to the River of Lost Souls after Hook refuses to choose which three of his friends will have to remain in the Underworld.

The Brothers Jones Description. A surprise visit from hooks brother Liam May provide Hook and Emma with the tools they need to defeat Hades; and in flashbacks, the bond between the Jones Brothers is tested as their merchant ships head into a storm. Our Decay Description. Her Handsome Hero Description. Belle turns to Rumplestiltskin with hope of finding a way to protect their child from Hades. However, they disagree over whether to use dark magic, as Belle forbids Rumplestiltskin from using his powers for evil.

Ruby Slippers Description. In flashbacks, Ruby and Mulan find themselves in Oz, where they meet Dorothy. Meanwhile, Snow and David struggle with not being able to be with their son, Neal, and devise a plan so that one of them can escape the Underworld. Sisters Description. Now that Hades and Zelena are reunited, Hades tells Zelena that he wants a future with her outside of the Underworld. Meanwhile, David finally meets James, only to realize that his twin is determined to seek revenge on him for stealing the life he could have had.

Firebird Description. Hades turns to the heroes to ask for help with getting Zelena back from Rumplestiltskin and Peter Pan. In return, he offers to take all their names off their tombstones. However, when Hook is still unable to leave, he and Emma must journey into the depths of the Underworld. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil is determined to keep the heroes trapped in the Underworld. In flashbacks, Emma searches for answers about her family and makes an unexpected friendship.

Last Rites Description. Emma, David, Regina, Robin and Henry are finally back home in Storybrooke and reunited with Snow, but, unfortunately, they still have to contend with Hades, who continues to deceive Zelena as he lays out his plan to use the all-powerful Olympian Crystal to take over the town. The heroes desperately search for a way to defeat Hades while Hook does the same in the Underworld, looking for those missing storybook pages.

Regina and Robin take a more direct approach, which culminates in an epic showdown that will leave our heroes forever changed. Only You Description. Henry decides he no longer can stand all the pain magic has caused his family, so he goes rogue, with Violet in tow, to destroy magic once and for all.

Meanwhile, Zelena, Snow, David, and Hook attempt to open a portal that will return Merida and the other Storybrooke guests to their homes, but things go awry, and the group winds up in a deranged new world. An Untold Story Description. Regina continues to struggle with her frustrations over her former evil-self and, elsewhere, Snow, David, Hook, and Zelena are imprisoned and must contend with two very disturbed individuals that may give Gold a run for his money.

The Savior Description. As our heroes set out to stop Hyde, Emma develops a mysterious side effect, and Storybrooke becomes a haven for refugees from the Land of Untold Stories. Meanwhile, Regina and Zelena embrace their newfound sisterhood by becoming roommates, while Rumple tries to free Belle from the sleeping Curse with the help of a stranger. In flashback, Jafar confronts an afflicted Aladdin in Agrabah, and a secret about the Savior is revealed.

A Bitter Draught Description. When a mysterious man from the Land of Untold Stories, who has a past with the Evil Queen, arrives in Storybrooke, David and Snow work together with Regina to neutralize the threat. Belle seeks Hook's help finding a safe place to hide away from her husband, Mr. The Evil Queen continues to try to win Zelena over to her side, while Emma resumes her therapy sessions with Archie and shares her terrifying vision of the future.

The Other Shoe Description. Ashley is intent on settling unfinished business with her step-family; Regina tries to bribe Mr. Hyde for information on how to beat the Evil Queen; David makes a deal with Gold for information about his father. The Evil Queen and Hyde continue on their quest to steal Dr.

Meanwhile, back in the past, Rumplestiltskin helps Dr. Street Rats Description. In a flashback, Aladdin helps Princess Jasmine recover a secret weapon that could release Jafar's hold on the Sultan and save the city; in Storybrooke, the evil queen tricks Hook and tries to divide the family. Dark Waters Description. Gold reminds her of his most important lesson. Meanwhile, in the past, Hook finds himself kidnapped by the mysterious Captain Nemo and held captive inside his legendary submarine, the Nautilus.

Heartless Description. In Storybrooke, the Evil Queen threatens to destroy the town and everyone in it unless Snow and David surrender their hearts. As Emma, Hook and Henry prepare to defend Storybrooke, Snow, David and Regina search for a magical sapling created by the first spark of true love.

I'll Be Your Mirror Description. Changelings Description. Wish You Were Here Description. David teams up with Hook and Henry, and Regina goes on a rescue mission. Tougher Than the Rest Description. Gideon makes a startling confession to Belle and Gold about his whereabouts while he was missing.

Meanwhile, Regina struggles with the realization that everyone, perhaps even Robin, is better off in the alternate world where the Evil Queen was defeated. And when Emma inspires a familiar face to help her and Regina return home, she discovers the power to change her fate. Murder Most Foul Description. Before Hook takes the next step in his relationship with Emma, he wants to make sure David sees him as more than just a pirate. Meanwhile, Regina works to acclimate Robin to life in Storybrooke, but soon discovers he has a dark side that makes the task much more complicated than she anticipated.

Ill-Boding Patterns Description. When Gideon resumes his mission to kill Emma and become the Savior, Mr. Gold steps in to ensure that the use of dark magic does not poison his son. Meanwhile, Robin proves willing to ally himself with anyone offering the possibility of escape from Regina and Storybrooke. Hook gathers the courage to come clean to Emma, but not before she discovers he's been keeping a secret. And in a flashback to Fairy Tale Land, the legendary folk hero Beowulf sets his sights on Rumplestiltskin after the Dark One uses his powers to defeat the ogres and win the war for humanity.

Page 23 Description. A Wondrous Place Description. Mother's Little Helper Description. Henry experiences a disorienting shift in his powers that forces Regina to seek counsel from the previous Author. Meanwhile, in Fairy Tale Land, Hook attempts to win the assistance of an old adversary by betting his most prized possession on a game of cards. And, in a flashback, the Black Fairy tortures young Gideon in hopes of molding him into the perfect apprentice.

Awake Description. In Storybook, Regina works to break the sleeping curse that David and Snow are under, and Gold denies The Black Fairy, which brings the two of them to a fearsome impasse. Where Bluebirds Fly Description. Zelena decides to take on the Black Fairy and put a stop to her, once and for all, against Regina's wishes, and the Charmings disagree over Emma and Hook's wedding plans. The Black Fairy Description.

After Rumple's mother learns from his fairy godmother that his destiny is prophesized, she does everything in her power to keep it from happening. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Rumple faces a similar delimma. The Song in Your Heart Description. In flashback, Snow and Charming make a special wish that Emma will be protected.

The result of their wish has the whole kingdom bursting into song which infuriates the Evil Queen. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, the Black Fairy announces her plans to unleash another curse on the town while Emma and Hook prepare for their wedding. The Final Battle Part 1 Description. Henry awakens to a cursed Storybrooke. The Final Battle Part 2 Description. Emma regains her memory but discovers that the Black Fairy has set the perfect trap for her.

Meanwhile, the Evil Queen makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her former kingdom, and Gold is forced to choose between Good and Evil. Hyperion Heights Description. Henry leaves Storybrooke in search of his own story.

Years later in another realm, he encounters a troubled Cinderella, changing the trajectory of his quest forever. When Cinderella's evil step-mother, Lady Tremaine, poses a threat, Henry discovers that following his heart will require him to make more difficult choices than he ever could have imagined.

A Pirate's Life Description. Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Jacinda searches for a way to see Lucy with some unwelcome assistance from Henry. The Garden of Forking Paths Description. Cinderella joins forces with a new friend; Jacinda tries to protect Lucy's community garden; Lucy tries to convince Henry that Victoria is after more than just a plot of land; Victoria makes a discovery that could alter everyone's fate.

Beauty Description. Meanwhile, Tilly appears to be waking up from the curse and is intent on leading Weaver to the truth — but not if Victoria can help it. In a flashback, Rumple and Belle seek the answer to a prophecy that could cement their happy ending. Greenbacks Description. Tana seeks help from a traveling soothsayer, the iconic Dr.

Facilier, in an attempt to save her kingdom. In Hyperion Heights, Sabine and Jacinda take on a risky business venture, but the strength of their friendship is tested when Victoria interferes with their plans. Meanwhile, Ivy recruits Henry to investigate Victoria, and Roni makes a discovery that could change her relationship with Henry forever. Rogers uncovers a crucial clue in his search for Eloise Gardener. Wake Up Call Description. Feeling like a third wheel as Henry and Cinderella's relationship strengthens, Regina is surprised to find herself needed by Drizella, who is searching for magic.

Air date: Oct 23, The Thing You Love Most. Air date: Oct 30, Snow Falls. Air date: Nov 6, The Price of Gold. Air date: Nov 13, That Still Small Voice. Air date: Nov 27, The Shepherd. Air date: Dec 4, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Air date: Dec 11, Desperate Souls. Air date: Jan 8, True North. Air date: Jan 15, Air date: Jan 22, View All Photos 7. Jennifer Morrison Emma Swan Actor. Robert Carlyle Rumplestiltskin Actor. Lana Parrilla Evil Queen Actor. Jared Gilmore Henry Actor. Josh Dallas Prince Charming Actor.

Raphael Sbarge Jiminy Cricket Actor. Jamie Dornan Guest Star. Eion Bailey Guest Star. Lee Arenberg Guest Star. David-Paul Grove Guest Star. Anastasia Griffith Guest Star. Faustino Di Bauda Guest Star. Meghan Ory Guest Star. Giancarlo Esposito Guest Star. Beverley Elliott Guest Star. Mig Macario Guest Star. Michael Coleman Guest Star. Gabe Khouth Guest Star.

Keegan Connor Tracy Guest Star. Edward Kitsis Executive Producer. Adam Horowitz Executive Producer. Steve Pearlman Executive Producer. Edward Kitsis Writer. Jane Espenson Writer. David H. Goodman Writer. Andrew Chambliss Writer. Liz Tigelaar Writer.

Adam Horowitz Writer. Dean White Director. Ian Goldberg Writer. Milan Cheylov Director. David Solomon Director. Paul Edwards Director. Michael Waxman Director. Gwyneth Horder-Payton Director. Bryan Spicer Director. Greg Beeman Director. David Barrett Director. Ralph Hemecker Director. View All Critic Reviews Dec 13, Personally, I love how this early in the show, the cast already has a lot of chemistry.

Part of that is due to Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas being married in real life and playing a married couple in the show. Eric M. Apr 25, The best network drama of the Decade. Excellent writing, well-rounded characters and amazing actors. This show sings! This first season is heavy on soap opera and its done really well, so don't let that deter you from it. The characters in storybrooke are very much in tune with their fairytale alter egos. It's embedded in their sub-consciousness so deeply that no curse is powerful enough to erase those aspects of their characters.

But it's something Snow White would totally say. So the optimistic eagerness of her character is deeply embedded that she says stuff like that in storybrooke and the curse isn't powerful enough to erase it. Apart from that, I think that I can see this show a x and would not be bored of it. Its story is universal and its characters are rooted in reality that it's hard not to root for it.

As of this writing, this is my 6th viewing of the show and I am still surprised by the power of its storylines and the depth of its characters. You must check it out! Aryaman S. Apr 16, Once Upon A Time can only be described as a masterpiece collection of interconnected re-tellings. Starting in season 1, the show executes a nearly flawless retelling by giving us both a fresh spin on the classic fairytales through flashbacks, while also supplying a contemporary twist by placing the fairytale characters in our modern world.

The balance between the two not only keeps you engaged, but also makes you care about the characters more. Suddenly the Evil Queen is not just a villain, but a woman with a complicated past, feelings, and inner pain. In season 1 our protagonist, Emma, meets the son she gave up for adoption. After a few separate incidents, Henry not only convinces Emma to bring him home, but to stay in his hometown of Storybrooke for one week.

Henry is sure the town he calls home is cursed, and by none other than his mother, the Mayor. Throughout the season we watch as Emma and Henry's adoptive mother, Regina, fight over him and whether or not Emma should even stay in town. All the while, Henry is trying desperately to convince Emma the curse is real because he believes she is the savior, the only one who can break the curse and save the town.

Love, redemption, and hope are the foundation of this show, and if you're strong enough to stomach those themes over and over and over, OUAT is an unforgettable piece of art that will leave a mark on your heart. Willow D. Mar 23, Seriously this show was one of the best things this decade.

Pedro S. Jan 25, Possibly the best example of how you can't make a great show by only having interesting characters being part of a pretty boring, underdeveloped story. Despite how horrific the casting was the Evil Witch? I understand why someone could like it, but, truth be told, it's a boring story and the first two episodes were enough for me to stop.

Court A. Nov 20, A horribly cheesy show that is cloying enough to make you feel Disney is suffocating you with it's desperate and unoriginal script writing. It borrows from 's of other, good, scripts because this show has nothing to say that other good writers haven't said before. Jackson M. Oct 25, In spite of the very bad CGI and cheap costumes, the stories are still good enough to entertain with this family oriented series.

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