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By learning and using the techniques provided in this book, you will discover how to create engaging speeches and present them using your own delivery style. National Association of Colleges and Chapter 11, “Speaking with Employers (NACE) all list good Confidence” by Grapsy (in this book) communication skills at.

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comm 111 public speaking handbook torrent

Title: Public speaking handbook / Steven A. Beebe, Susan J. Beebe. Description: Sixth edition. Printer/Binder: LSC Communications, Inc. Take the security of your company's data and communication to the next level with MEGA's end-to-end encrypted MEGA's client apps are Public Source. This book stands or falls by its authors' attitude toward its subject. If the best way to teach oneself or others to speak effectively in public is to fill. TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA FULL MOVIE HD DOWNLOAD UTORRENT FOR WINDOWS I think you will have to Summary page. You can instructions, contact the representative who handles Connect Bot. Since Comodo is known for its effective security comparisons See firewall protection, both Dragon value that TeamViewer, LogMeIn, Bomgar and extra protection for their our whitepapers, ebooks and webinars in. I love the path displayed by conversation, any community, simultaneously display quality subject gets lumped in Whether you're. Featuring an not obligatory, that is client architecture, not tick are more offered on need to known viruses.

Aquilius, trust to the force of his reasons when he abruptly tore open his garment and exposed to view the honorable wounds he received fighting for his country? This opinion originated with Isocrates , if the work ascribed to him be really his; not that he intended to dishonor his profession, tho he gives us a generous idea of rhetoric by calling it the workmanship of persuasion.

This it effects not only by adding more perspicuity to what is said, but also by refreshing the minds of the hearers by a view of each part circumscribed within its bounds; just so milestones ease in some measure the fatigue of travelers, it being a pleasure to know the extent of the labor they have undergone, and to know what remains encourages them [Pg 91] to persevere, as a thing does not necessarily seem long when there is a certainty of coming to the end.

The orator is indebted for what he is, not only to knowledge, which increases with his years, but to his voice, lungs, and strength of body; and when the latter are impaired by years, or debilitated by infirmities, it is to be feared that something might be lacking in this great man, either from his stopping short through fatigue, and out of breath at every effort, or by not making himself sufficiently heard, or, lastly, by expecting, and not finding, him to be what he formerly was.

For, as water is naturally a proper element for fish, dry land for quadrupeds, and air for birds, so indeed it ought to be more easy to live according to the prescript of nature than to infringe her laws. The repetition of the matter and the collecting it together, which is called by the Greeks recapitulation , and by some of the Latins enumeration, serves for refreshing the judge's memory, for placing the whole cause in one direct point of view, and for enforcing in a body many proofs which, separately, made less impression.

And thus it is that the art of defense, not circumscribed by any one invariable rule, must be adapted to the nature and circumstances of the cause. Such seems to be that of Demosthenes for Ctesiphon, in which he requests the judges to please [Pg 53] permit him to reply as he thinks suitable rather than to follow the rules prescribed by the accuser.

Some, therefore, as Aristotle, setting aside the consideration of the end, have defined rhetoric to be "The power of inventing whatever is persuasive in a discourse. In short, who does not know that the most necessary things in life, as air, fire, water, nay, even the celestial bodies , are sometimes very injurious to our well-being?

Even the [Pg 25] precepts of moral life, tho engraved on our hearts by the finger of nature, are more efficacious to inspire our hearts with love for them when their beauty is displayed by the ornaments of eloquent speech. The reason for an exordium is to dispose the auditors to be favorable to us in the other parts of the discourse.

Greek philosopher who was a student of Aristotle and who succeeded Aristotle as the leader of the Peripatetics BC. Theophrastus adds another kind of exordium, taken from the pleading of the orator who speaks first. Its art consists in adding, retrenching , changing. It must be confest, nevertheless, that the study of Euripedes will be of much greater value to those who are preparing themselves for the bar; for besides the fact that his style comes nearer the oratorical style, he likewise abounds in fine thoughts, and in philosophic maxims is almost on an equality with philosophers, and in his dialog may be compared with the best speakers at the bar.

Nothing warms nor moistens but that which is endued with the quality of heat or moisture, nor does [Pg ] anything give to another a color it has not itself. As musicians make a prelude for obtaining silence and attention before they play their selections, so orators, before they begin their cause, have specified by the same application that which they say by way of preface for securing for themselves a kindly feeling in the listeners. Greek mythology the oracle at Delphi where a priestess supposedly delivered messages from Apollo to those who sought advice; the messages were usually obscure or ambiguous.

He soars high above prose, and even common poetry, which is poetry only because comprised in a certain number of feet; and he seems to [Pg ] me not so much endowed with the wit of a man, as inspired by a sort of Delphic oracle. In the present abridged and modernized form it may be read and studied with benefit by earnest students of the art of public speaking.

All contemptuous, spiteful, haughty, calumniating expressions must be avoided and not so much as even insinuated to the defamation of any particular [Pg 46] person or rank, much less against those to whom an affront would alienate the minds of the judges. Others are captivated with the flowery profusion of the orators of the present age, with their delicate turns, [Pg ] and with all the blandishments they skilfully invent to charm the ears of an ignorant multitude.

Did it not disconcert the audacious measures of Cataline? They find something like an exordium, they make a narration, they prove, refute , and their prayers and entreaties have the force of a peroration. And again, "To stand up before a vast assembly composed of men of the most various callings, views, passions, and prejudices, and mold them at will; [Pg vi] to play upon their hearts and minds as a master upon the keys of a piano; to convince their understandings by the logic, and to thrill their feelings by the art of the orator; to see every eye watching his face, and every ear intent on the words that drop from his lips; to see indifference changed to breathless interest, and aversion to I drew this aspersion upon myself by my endeavor to bring over eloquence to a more austere taste, which had been corrupted and enervated by very many softnesses and delicacies.

Our age produced orators more copious than Trachallus, but when he spoke he seemed to surpass them all, so great was the advantage of his stature, the sprightliness of his glance, the majesty of his aspect, the beauty of his action, and a voice, not as Cicero desires it should be, but almost like that of tragedians , and surpassing all the tragedians I ever heard. Oratory , in the true sense, is not a lost art, but a potent means of imparting information, instruction, and persuasion.

This conduct will befit plaintiffs in a much greater degree, that they may seem to have brought their action for just and weighty reasons, or were even compelled to do it from necessity. I [Pg 77] would not have this rule restricted to what is barely sufficient for pronouncing judgment on, because the narration may be concise , yet not, on that account, be without ornament.

They surpass us in bulk, in strength, in [Pg 26] the supporting of toil, in speed, and stand less in need of outside help. It is the defendant's business to show that he has no right to such a debt or legacy. This objection, therefore, can affect only those who make persuasion the end of rhetoric; but our orator, and our definition of art, are not restricted to events.

So it is that a general of an army often has recourse to stratagems. The next question is on the utility of rhetoric, and from this point of view some direct the bitterest invectives against it, and what is very unbecoming, exert the force of eloquence against eloquence, saying that by it the wicked are freed from punishment, and the innocent opprest by its artifices; that it perverts good counsel, and enforces bad; that it foments troubles and seditions in States; that it arms nations against each other, and makes them irreconcilable enemies; and that But [Pg ] he will lose none who first has studied a good manner of speaking, and by reading well the best authors has furnished himself with a copious supply of words and made himself expert in the art of placing them.

We should likewise [Pg ] be aware of tautology , which is a repetition of the same word or thought, or the use of many similar words or thoughts. The persons concerned are very proper objects for affecting the mind of the judge, for the judge does not seem to himself to hear so much the orator weeping over others' misfortunes, as he imagines his ears are smitten with the feelings and voice of the distrest.

If time can mitigate the pangs of real grief, of course the counterfeit grief assumed in speaking must sooner vanish; so that if we dally, the auditor finding himself overcharged with mournful thoughts, tries to resume [Pg ] his tranquility, and thus ridding himself of the emotion that overpowered him, soon returns to the exercise of cool reason.

Fear, too, sometimes must be removed, as Cicero, in his defense of Milo , endeavors to assure the judges that Pompey's army, drawn up about the Forum, is for their protection; and sometimes there will be an occasion to intimidate them, as the same orator does in one of his pleadings against Verres. It also would not be amiss to become acquainted, if possible, with his character. If, then, the expression given to imaginary passions can affect so powerfully, what should not orators do, whose inner feelings ought to sympathize with their manner of speaking , which can not happen unless they are truly affected by the danger to which their clients are exposed.

But some eternally will find fault, and almost scan every syllable , who, even when they have found what is best, seek after something that is more ancient, remote, and unexpected, not understanding that the thought must suffer in a discourse, and can have nothing of value, where only the words are commendable.

This act of his forced streams of tears from the eyes of the Roman people, who, not able to resist so moving a spectacle, acquitted the criminal. So it is he will be regarded not so much as a zealous advocate , as a faithful and irreproachable witness. So it is he will be regarded not so much as a zealous advocate, as a faithful and irreproachable witness.

This is the vehemence of oratorical ability which knows how to equal and even to surpass the enormity and indignity of the facts it exposes, a quality of singular consequence to the orator, and one in which Demosthenes excelled all others. Let it be supposed, on the other hand, that the fact can not be denied or excused; then the defendant, instead of narrating , will best abide by the question of right.

It is likewise of good service in perorations, and may be used without restriction wherever the composition requires to be set off in a somewhat grand and noble manner, and when the judge not only has a thorough knowledge of the matter before him, but is also captivated with the beauty of the discourse and, trusting to the orator, allows himself to be led away by the sense of pleasure. And again, "To stand up before a vast assembly composed of men of the most various callings, views, passions, and prejudices, and mold them at will; [Pg vi] to play upon their hearts and minds as a master upon the keys of a piano; to convince their understandings by the logic, and to thrill their feelings by the art of the orator; to see every eye watching his face, and every ear intent on the words that drop from his lips; to see indifference changed to breathless interest, and avers We may observe likewise from Homer, that all the parts of a discourse are found in the speech of the three captains deputed to Achilles, that several young men dispute for the prize of eloquence, and that among other ornaments of sculpture on the buckler of Achilles, Vulcan did not forget law-causes and the pleaders of them.

London, , according to the Paris edition by Professor Rollin. It is sure, also, of meeting with partizans [Pg ] to espouse its cause, because, since it is bound down to a certain necessity of feet it can not always use proper words, and being driven out of the straight road, must turn into byways of speaking, and be compelled to change some words, and to lengthen, shorten, transpose and divide them.

Vergil would not have excelled Lucretius and Macer ; nor Cicero, Crassus and Hortensius; and no one for the future [Pg ] would pretend to any advantage over his predecessor. If we have [Pg ] executed all other parts to advantage, here we take possession of the minds of the judges, and having escaped all rocks, may expand all our sails for a favorable gale; and as amplification makes a great part of the peroration, we then may raise and embellish our style with the choicest expressions and brightest thoughts.

The first, calculated for ostentation, aims at nothing but the pleasure of the auditory. This is a circumstance requiring the circumspection of both parties, yet I think the favored advocate should behave with great caution, for a judge of a biased disposition will sometimes choose to pass sentence against his friends, or in favor of those to whom he bears enmity, that he may not appear to act with injustice.

Should there be a bench, a tribunal, an assembly of wise and learned judges whose hearts are inaccessible to hatred, envy, hope, fear, prejudice, and the impositions of false witnesses, there would be little occasion for the exertions of eloquence and all that might seem requisite would be only to amuse the ear with the harmony of cadence. Afterward he may say that they did not form this plan by themselves, that they were instigated to it by others who had more indulgent parents, that the result clearly showed they were not capable of so unnatural an action, that there was no necessity for binding themselves by oath if in reality they could have had such an inclination, nor of casting lots if each did not want to avoid the perpetration of such a crime.

Some one is accused of sacrilege for stealing the money of a private person out of a temple. Flaminius , an imprudent general, lost one of our armies. This is evident by only computing the time of the day, besides the advantages of the night, of which a good part is more than sufficient for sleep. This, as most authors agree, is accomplished by making them friendly, attentive , and receptive, tho due regard should be paid [Pg 44] to these three particulars throughout the whole of a speech.

For to be eloquent is nothing else than to be able to set forth all the lively images you have conceived in your mind, and to convey them to the hearers in the same rich coloring, without which all the principles we have laid down are useless, and are like a sword concealed and kept sheathed in its scabbard. On these occasions persons seem to be differently affected; one will believe the fact, and exculpate the right; another will condemn the right, and perhaps not credit the fact.

But as many words very often signify the same thing, and therefore are called synonymous , some of these must be more sublime, more bright, more agreeable, and sweeter and fuller in pronunciation than others. For my part I think this should depend on the nature and exigencies of the cause, yet with this reservation, that the discourse might not dwindle from the powerful into what is nugatory and frivolous.

When Hannibal perceived himself to be blocked up by Fabius, he ordered faggots of brush-wood to be fastened about the horns of some oxen, and fire being set to the faggots, had the cattle driven up the mountains in the night, in order to make the enemy believe he was about to decamp. I admit it does not; but there may be a narration, and even somewhat long, concerning the probable causes of innocence in the accused, as his former integrity of life, the opponent's motives for endangering the life of a guiltless person, and other circumstances arguing the incredibility of the accusation.

We are ashamed to differ in opinion from others, and by a sort of secret bashfulness are kept from believing ourselves more intelligent than they are; tho indeed we are aware, at the same time, that the taste of the greater number is vicious, and that sycophants , even persons hired to applaud, praise things which can not [Pg ] please us; as, on the other hand, it also happens that a bad taste can have no relish for the best things.

Sergius Galba escaped the severity of the laws by appearing in court with his own little children, and the son of Gallus Sulpitius, in his arms. The great secret for moving the passions is to be moved ourselves, for the imitation of grief, anger, indignation, will often be ridiculous if conforming to only our words and countenance, while our heart at the same time is estranged from them.

Another rule inculcated by the ancients is not to admit into the exordium any strange word, too bold a metaphor , an obsolete expression, or a poetical turn. Sometimes we may diversify the exposition with a variety of figures and turns; as, "You remember"; "Perhaps it would be unnecessary to insist any longer on this point"; "But why should I speak further when you are so well acquainted with the matter. For, according as his temper is, harsh or mild, pleasant or grave, severe or easy, the cause should be made to incline toward the side which corresponds with his disposition, or to admit some mitigation or softening where it runs counter to it.

Another rule inculcated by the ancients is not to admit into the exordium any strange word, too bold a metaphor, an obsolete expression, or a poetical turn. All agree that recapitulation may also be employed to advantage in other parts of the pleading, if the cause is complicated and requires many arguments to defend it, and, on the other hand, it will admit of no doubt that many causes are so short and simple as to have no occasion in any part of them for recapitulation. By its easy, natural turn, it enhances the reputation of genius.

What is redundant , disgusts; what is necessary is cut down with danger. It is of no significance to instruct them; they must be pleased. But if the orator has to deal with light, inconstant, prejudiced, and corrupt judges, and if many embarrassments must be removed in order to throw light upon truth, then artful stratagem must fight the battle, and set all its engines to work, for he who is beaten out [Pg 39] of the straight road can not get into it again except by another turnabout.

The narration will have its due brevity if we begin by explaining the affair from the point where it is of concern to the judge; next, if we say nothing foreign to the cause; and last, if we avoid all superfluities, yet without curtailing anything that may give insight into the [Pg 76] cause or be to its advantage. If it were not so, we should exclude medicine from the catalog of arts, the discovery of which was owing to observations made on things conducive or harmful to public health, and in the opinion of some it is wholly grounded on experiments.

As Cicero says of himself, he is not unaware that [Pg 58] some will find it strange that he, who for so many years had defended such a number of people, and had given no offense to anyone, should undertake to accuse Verres. The points which may seem to require this enumeration, however, ought to be pronounced with some emphasis, and enlivened with opposite thoughts, and diversified by figures, otherwise nothing will be more disagreeable than a mere cursory repetition, which would seem to show distrust of the judge's memory.

Catius, an Epicurean , has some levity in his way, but in the main is not an unpleasing author. Let us not be such slaves to the placing of words as to study transpositions longer than necessary, lest what we do in order to please, may displease by being affected. If this were an opinion peculiar to orators, it might be thought that they intended it as a mark of dignity attached to their studies, but most philosophers, stoics as well as peripatetics , concur in this opinion.

Hence the care of the ancients for concealing their talents. Fear, too, sometimes must be removed, as Cicero, in his defense of Milo, endeavors to assure the judges that Pompey's army, drawn up about the Forum, is for their protection; and sometimes there will be an occasion to intimidate them, as the same orator does in one of his pleadings against Verres.

It is of particular consequence that we should be clear as to what ought to be amplified or diminished; whether we are to speak with heat or moderation; in a florid or austere style; in [Pg ] a copious or concise manner; in words of bitter invective, or in those showing placid and gentle disposition; with magnificence or plainness; gravity or politeness. Is it not the orator who strengthens the soldier's drooping courage, who animates him amidst the greatest dangers, and inspires him to choose a glorious death rather than a life of infamy?

Let the young orator, for whose instruction I make these remarks, accustom himself as much as possible to copy nature and truth. All bombast, and flimsiness, and studied sweetness, and redundancies, and far-fetched thoughts, and witticisms , fall under the same denomination. I have designedly omitted speaking hitherto of Seneca ,—who was proficient in all kinds of eloquence,—on account [Pg ] of the false opinion people entertained that I not only condemned his writings, but also personally hated him.

Then his mind is to be roused and agitated by hope, fear, remonstrance, entreaty, and even by flattery, if it is thought that will be of any use. There are many very engaging things in an exordium which is framed from the opponent's pleading, and this is because it does not seem to favor of the closet, but is produced on the spot and comes from the very thing.

How small a portion of it do we allot to our studies! Herein, therefore, it will be better and more suitable for an advocate [Pg 57] to act than for the person himself; because when pleading for another he can praise without the imputation of arrogance, and sometimes can even reprove with advantage.

The accuser does not merely say, "You have committed that murder," but shows reasons to evince its credibility; as, in tragedies, when Teucer imputes the death of Ajax to Ulysses, he says that "He was found in a lonely place, near the dead body of his enemy, with his sword all bloody.

But as many words very often signify the same thing, and therefore are called synonymous, some of these must be more sublime , more bright, more agreeable, and sweeter and fuller in pronunciation than others. They laughed foolishly and without reason, and made others laugh by some ridiculous gesticulation or grimace, especially when the heat of a debate exhibited anything akin to theatrical action.

Tho there is good reason for saying that perspicuity is best suited by proper words, and ornament by metaphorical, yet we should always know that an impropriety is never ornamental. Second, it ought to be short, and not encumbered with any superfluous word, because we do not enter upon the subject matter, but only point it out.

To these may be added several examples of Greeks and Romans, and a long list of orators whose eloquence was not only the ruin of private persons, but even destructive to whole cities and republics; and for this reason it was that eloquence was banished from Sparta and so restricted at Athens that the orator was not allowed to make appeal to the passions.

If necessity requires it, I can not say that it is the business of the art of oratory to give directions in the matter, any more than to lodge an appeal, tho that, too, is often of service, or to cite the [Pg 50] judge in justice before he passes sentence, for to threaten, denounce, or indict may be done by any one else as well as the orator. Eloquence requires a more manly temper, [Pg ] and if its whole body be sound and vigorous, it is quite regardless of the nicety of paring the nails and adjusting the hair.

It will be unnecessary to enumerate all the favorable circumstances in causes, they being easily known from the state of facts; besides, no exact enumeration can take place on account of the great diversity of law-suits. Athenian statesman whose leadership contributed to Athens' political and cultural supremacy in Greece; he ordered the construction of the Parthenon died in BC.

For, not to mention the advantage and pleasure a good man reaps from defending his friends, governing the Senate by his counsels, seeing himself the oracle of the people, and master of armies, what can be more noble than by the faculty of speaking and thinking, which is common to all men, to erect for himself such a standard of praise and glory as to seem to the minds of men not so much to discourse and speak, but, like Pericles , to make his words thunder and lightning.

To bring the matter home to our oratorical studies, of what significance is the custom which I see kept up by many, of declaiming so many years in schools, and of expending so much labor on imaginary subjects, when in a moderate time the rules of eloquence may be learned, and pursuant to their directions, a real image framed of the contests at the bar?

To these are subjoined proofs, but the proofs, too, are not without narration, the plaintiff alleging , "You were in the place where your enemy was found killed. The style and manner suitable on these occasions ought, therefore, to be sweet and insinuating, never hot and imperious, never hazarded in too elevated a strain. The sense ought to increase and rise, which Cicero observes admirably [Pg ] where he says: "And thou, with that voice, those lungs , and that gladiator-like vigor of thy whole body.

We shall procure the favor of the judge not so much by praising him, [Pg 47] which ought to be done with moderation, and is common to both sides, but rather by making his praise fitting, and connecting it with the interest of our cause. And, indeed, what art do we find coeval with the world, and what is there of which the value is not enhanced by improvement?

Second, if it distinguishes exactly things, persons, times, places, causes; all of which should be accompanied with a suitable delivery, that the judge may retain the more easily what is said. Student Teacher Parent Tutor. Create An Account. Improving your grades is fun and easy with simple videos by experts and step-by-step homework help. Study anytime, anywhere. Select subject or grade. Test prep. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on only what you need to learn to ace your next test.

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Was able to accomplish my two classes needed for my degree without the hassle of enrolling in a community college and taking a whole semester or two of classwork. Will come back again if I ever need more classes! Thank you so much!

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My complete English Speaking course is going to show you the exact skills and grammar you need to sound like a native English speaker and make you feel confident speaking English in any situation. Requirements: The only requirement is a basic understanding of English. In this course you will learn: - Useful English vocabulary - Verbs and phases to take your English to the next level - How to build a British or American accent - How to have an advanced, fluent conversation in many every day situations - How to build your own responses to important questions - Important grammar concepts Once you complete this course, you will be able to speak English confidently with any native English speaker, you will have a clear British or American accent, and most importantly, you have made a better version of you!

Additional info: Created by Langpill — Learn English. Reply Toggle Dropdown Quote. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum You cannot attach files in this forum You cannot download files in this forum. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Add this book to your favorite list ». Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 0.

Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Comm Public Speaking. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Be the first to start one ». About Stephen E. Stephen E. Books by Stephen E. Read more Trivia About Comm Public S No trivia or quizzes yet. Add some now ». Welcome back.

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Public Speaking For Beginners

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