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After a successful mission against drug lords, the efficient Captain Damien Tomaso is framed at home with three kilograms of heroin planted by the. Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector that is controlled by five different gang bosses.

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tao b13 ultimatum english torrent

Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector that is controlled by five different gang bosses. After a successful mission against drug lords, the efficient Captain Damien Tomaso is framed at home with three kilograms of heroin planted by. District Ultimatum is the sequel to the French film District B we're introduced to a character named Tao (Elodie Yung). MT2 APOLLO DOWNLOAD TORRENT On this will then. Pop-up form is on. Open spacedesk critical to Pro has are its is kept feature, platform.

Luc Besson , Luc Besson. Feb 5, limited. Apr 27, Magnolia Pictures. Cyril Raffaelli Damien. David Belle Leito. Philippe Torreton President. Daniel Duval Walter Gassman. Elodie Yung Tao. Fabrice Feltzinger Little Montana. MC Jean Gab'1 Molko. James Deano Karl le skin. La Fouine Ali-K. Pierre-Marie Mosconi Roland. Patrick Alessandrin Director. Luc Besson Screenwriter. Luc Besson Producer. Didier Hoarau Executive Producer. Julien Rey Film Editing. Hughes Tissandier Production Design.

Thierry Delettre Costume Design. Marc Robert Casting. Herve Jakubowicz Casting. Luc Besson Writer. View All Critic Reviews Feb 28, What do you get when you take District 13 and take away the very thing that people loved about the first movie, the parkour-influenced action scenes and in its place you shoehorn in a politically-charged story that nobody could possibly have cared about?

Well, you get District Ultimatum. I commend the crew for really trying their hardest to make the film more than just a mindless action movie. But the people that loved the first District 13, the people that wanted to see this film in the first place, really didn't want a story-heavy sequel.

It's a gray area because doing exactly what the audience wants can be stifling, creatively. But straying too far away from a very successful formula would drive those very people away. And let me tell you, this politically-charged story isn't exactly subtle. It wears its message right on its sleeve for all to see and, again, I can't complain about the screenwriters trying to do something different with its sequel, instead of repeating what made it hugely successful, but I found the story to be really corny and cheesy.

Perhaps, that was the intention. By the end, there's this B-movie charm to the story but it's not like that charm permeated throughout the entire movie, it's just came at the climax and the post-credits scene. For some reason the videogame series Saint's Row came up in my mind after watching the post-credits scene.

The film isn't bad, I just wish, similarly to my complaints about the first film, that there had been far more action than there was. But what is there is quite good and fun. I got a Jackie Chan vibe from some of the fight scenes, where Damien would just tie up guys together with their own limbs. In a film where it's all about the athleticism of its two leads, and they definitely do get to showcase it, but it also feels like so much more could've been done with their talents than what they actually did.

Still, this film is decent with its action sequences and its cheesy story is somewhat fun. It could've been better, but I've certainly seen worse. Jesse O Super Reviewer. Nov 06, Riveting and action-packed, District Ultimatum is a high-energy adventure. When a covert government agency attempts to provoke civil unrest in District 13 in order to force the President to launch a military strike, Leito and Damien must join forces once again and unite the district's gang leaders in order to expose the government conspiracy.

The plot's pretty formulaic and the villains are one-dimensional stereotypes. But, the action sequences add a lot of energy to the film and gives it a fast pace. Additionally, the fight choreography is especially impressive, and has a good mixture of martial art styles. A fun and entertaining action film, District Ultimatum is an exciting addition to the series. Dann M Super Reviewer.

Jul 24, There is a sluggish start to get the storyline moving; however, that's not to say that the introduction sucks; far from it. It's just more character oriented fun that eventually leads to the meat of the story. It is scattered throughout, although the more entertaining pieces do not take place in the film's final act. Elodie Yung, the lone female, steps in for a fight of her own. The rest of the antagonists are, well, antagonists.

You play spider-man. JY S Super Reviewer. Aug 09, Supercop Damien reunites with his old friend Leito to prevent a plot by a sinister government agency to level Banlieue 13 and profit from the rebuilding process.

The original film was a braindead but fun XY pleaser with plenty of inventive action making it an entertaining ride. This rehash is basically the same plot with a slightly different conspiratorial spin and gang banger stereotypes thrown into the mix. It's a bit like Jackie Chan does The Fast And The Furious as a result and the fact that our first glimpse of Cyril Raffaelli is in drag shows that the grittiness bar has been suitably lowered.

It's fast footed and brief enough to never bore but like the Taxi films before them, a case of lazy script writing being papered over by ever more ludicrous set pieces. Not a bad little diversion but the series really needs to stop here and now before it starts to embarrass itself. See all Audience reviews. Best Horror Movies.

RT Podcasts. Most Anticipated Movies. Best Netflix Series. Go back. More trailers. The Umbrella Academy: Season 3. The Bear: Season 1. Top review. Pretty good sequel with plenty of noisy acting , impressive stunts and breathtaking scenes. This exciting flick contains nail-biting action , thrills , spectacular scenes and plot twists.

Thrilling and violent movie with a phenomenal starring pair and in which Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle cast all the Stuntmen themselves. Set in the rundown ghettos of Paris in , an undercover cop and an ex-thug try to infiltrate into a police precinct and Palace of President in order to save their barrios when some enemies are bent on destroying the five tower blocks at the heart of District 13 with tactical precision bombing.

Once upon again Damien Cyril Raffaelli and Leito David Belle , the originator of Le Parkour are reunited upon to avoid a bombing on destroying the blocks at the heart of District 13 and save the city. With acrobatic skillfulness and adrenaline pumping belief in their own abilities, they throw themselves out from incredible heights, and jump from roof to roof ; locked doors and 'No Trespassing' signs become irresistible challenges.

The main couple is unabashed in its dedication to fanboy stunt work. From the beginning to the final the noisy action and fast movement is unstopped , including breathtaking scenes in which bounds and leaps through apartments blocks and at moments give the impression that they are flying.

Cyril Raffaelli as a hard-rock , two-fisted agent is top-notch. Duo protagonist more than make up for in an skill to soar across a rolling medley highrise flats blocks. The way in which the actors prove this abilities , is in fact an activity called Parkour and was invented by David Belle himself , influenced by his father Raymond Belle.

Cyril Raffaelli also choreographed all the fight sequences ; however David Belle didn't practice all his Parkour stunts , most of the ones that you see in the film were of him performing the stunt for the first time. Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle had three months to prepare all their Parkour stunts for the film. There weren't any special effects , wire-work, computer graphics UGC replied that they felt their distribution for the film was up to par and that in any case it wasn't Besson's business to decide which cinemas should or should not carry the film.

Good and atmospheric cinematography using Steadicam and zooms with numerous locations from Paris slums ; however set in Paris, some of the film was shot in Serbia. The musician Da Octopuss creates a stirring, moving soundtrack fitting to frantic action.

Lavishly produced by the successful French producer and director Luc Besson. Filmmaker Alessandrin gives the action a dance-like quality and the whole movie lasted 14 weeks for production , idea, script, casting, filming, etc. Rating: Better than average, well worth seeing , this is a highly agreeable follow-up. The picture will appeal to explosive action fans. Details Edit. Release date February 18, France. Official site France Official site Japan. French English. DU, District Ultimatum.

Belgrade, Serbia. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 41 minutes. DTS Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. By what name was Banlieue Ultimatum officially released in Canada in English? See more gaps Learn more about contributing.

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District 13 Ultimatum (2009) - Official Trailer [HD]

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