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(Sunday) Mr. Armisen, the affable punk junkie of “Saturday Night Live,” offers a torrent of cover songs by his favorite artists, from the Clash to Hüsker Dü. From hip-hop to Britpop, grunge to R&B, here are 50 of the very best '90s songs to put on your Discman.

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Ament: I always lived downtown, and there were lots of boarded-up buildings. When the sun went down, it got a little sketchy. There was a little bit of funk in the downtown areas. It was beat up. Arm: I just remember skateboarding and taking buses. It was a very different vibe then. It was still a Boeing town, even though Microsoft was happening in the suburbs.

Shumway: I lived with my mom. Mark was living with [photographer] Charles Peterson; they were roommates. Jeff had moved here from Montana, so he and Bruce were living here. Jeff worked at a bistro. I think Stoney was still living at home too.

Arm: The local scene was kind of tough for bands that played original music at the time. It was really hard to get a weekend show, unless you were on a bill with a touring act. Most of the shows happened at the Vogue only on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a long time. Arm: There were local undergrounds all around the U. I heard later that it was supposedly the lowest-selling issue they did at that point.

But everything in Seattle was word-of-mouth. Some of us would work at a local college radio station as a way to hear a bunch of records without having to buy a whole bunch of stuff. Gossard: We had seen bands like Tales of Terror that were touring and traveling. They were these bands that were doing these sort of oddball mash-ups of styles and we wanted to be a part of that.

Kim Gordon Sonic Youth bassist : I remember when we first went to Seattle [in ], we thought it was so weird and beautiful. We were surprised that people were so receptive to us; we were surprised to find an audience for what we did pretty much anywhere. Ament: At the beginning, it was Steve writing and then it was Stone writing. And it sort of ends up being like a group, and everybody is sort of interpreting the riff.

Gossard: Green River was a band for at least a couple of shows before I joined the band. Ament: Mark was singing through an old, crappy bass amp that there was probably no top end to it. So we were probably just getting little glimpses of what the vocal melody was. Turner: The other guys were getting turned on to more hard rock. Stone was definitely from that side. There was a definite Iron Maiden infatuation for a while, as well as Venom.

He was writing a lot of music, so we were taking those riffs that he was bringing in and deconstructing them and turning them into our own thing. I was interviewed on the radio by Bruce Dickinson, and he was such a cool, funny guy. He had to do an Iron Maiden show. Gossard: Come On Down was our first record. What did they like about that? Maybe I should do this? I listened to it a lot. I thought it was great. Turner: I liked half of Come On Down a lot. Sometimes it would go three times and sometimes it would go four, and he would never know how to play the song all the way through.

Ament: I think the biggest break over the course of the band was when Steve Turner got really into super poppy, garage music. I was into distortion and heavy and all that, and he went the other way. And I was kind of being a dick, too; I was making my unhappiness known. Bruce was always hanging around. Fairweather: I saw them maybe two or three times before they asked me to join. Shumway: It got a little more rockish when Steve left. Bruce was right along the same lines as where the rest of us were going.

In , the band recorded two tracks for a compilation of songs by Seattle bands. Shumway: The Deep Six compilation was really important to us. Ament: That scene was so small. We were sort of friendly competitors. I remember the U-Men had a couple of shows that were really super inspirational. There was such a huge leap at that point. And the Melvins are still making records and Mudhoney are still making records.

Endino: Before I worked at Reciprocal Recording, I was doing basement recordings for other people and bands who played with my band, Skin Yard. In late , Green River were recording in another basement studio across town called Ultra Lab on a machine called an Akai MG; it recorded 12 tracks of analog audio on Betamax cassettes.

They recorded five, six, seven tunes at that session with Gordon Raphael. Shumway: Nobody wanted to touch us back then. I think we may have been a little too different. What do you think of it? Absolutely no way. Bruce was the perfect fit. Ament: Dry as a Bone feels like the truest of all the records. A lot of that is because we went into Reciprocal [Recording] with Jack Endino. Endino: They were pretty focused in the studio. I always saw the best of people in the studio. The bands I worked with — Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River — were very, very serious in the studio and very focused and meticulous.

Shumway: Whenever we were in the studio, I was just terrified. I was always freaked out. Gossard: Dry as a Bone is my favorite Green River record. There was a period early on where it was less self-conscious. We were probably in the studio for three days. Endino: Jeff was sort of the producer in a way in those days, because he was the one that was most involved in the studio. He had the most opinions, and he took it the most seriously. But everybody did their part. It seems weird that I would have done that with Perry Mason , but it just struck me as really funny.

Fairweather: I always preferred the live stuff to the albums. I thought we were a pretty rocking live band. Mark was super entertaining. Endino: Skin Yard played with them a number of times. Green River were pretty hilarious live, because the shows were always kind of chaotic events.

If I was in a pissed-off mood, it only amplified that emotion. Kim Gordon: Half the band was into glam. I remember Jeff wearing eyeliner at some point. Seattle was a tough place to play back then. When we did get shows, Mark would often have something up his sleeve. I think there was a show with Agent Orange and he put a bunch of sardines in his underwear and then pulled them out and threw them on the crowd.

It was basically leggings. I just thought it would be funny to have a stupid bulge like rock guys did and reveal a fish. Fairweather: Halfway through the set, he pulled it out of his pants and threw it in the audience, and then it came back onstage in several pieces. Years later, when I was touring in a band called Love Battery, we played with Agent Orange, and I talked to the singer.

I told him the whole story and he just looked at me and walked away. Turner: Mark was a wild man. In fact, it was little much for me. Gossard: We were confident. I think to be good, you have to really believe and forget about the consequences of it all.

So I think the early shows — drunkenly, in the small places — were the best. Fairweather: We had a show lined up in Boston, opening for the U. Subs, and we had maybe one or two more lined up in the middle of the country with Big Black. We played a show in Missoula and then drove to Columbus and played with Big Black. We played with them in Kentucky somewhere, too. We got all of them except for one, and it happened to be the most expensive one.

Albini: We played a show with them where they went on ahead of us, and I think they were disappointed in the size of the audience that they were playing for. So they were slightly tantrum-bound onstage. And they were kids. Albini: They were pretty headstrong, and that was one of their strengths.

They were acting with a lot of confidence and very fond of their own band, but it was also an irritant to people who they interacted with. But when we went to Detroit, it was the scariest thing. What is going on? Fairweather: When we finally got out to the East Coast, we found out the U. This was before cell phones. So we drove all the way across the country to play with the U.

They were touring in a shitty old school bus. Shumway: I remember one show we played with Redd Kross and Malfunkshun where there were these fluorescent lights hanging down that kind of look like swings. Mark crawled up the PA and sat down on one. It just went, ba-boom. You could see it give way from the fixture.

The chains had sort of given from above. This is our last show. Fairweather: He could have hurt himself, but then he dove back onstage and rolled and got back up and totally hit a note. Gordon: The first time we went to Seattle to play was probably He was amazing. We thought they were really exciting. They were kind of garage-y. They were like bands like the Meat Puppets, Minutemen and even Black Flag to an extent, who were more rock than hardcore.

And then obviously when Nirvana blew up and things started happening for us. Then we all got lumped into grunge. That, to me, seems like the right thing to call it. Turner: The term was already being used a little bit to describe dirty-sounding guitars. It was just complete hyperbole. Like, yeah, as if a generation even heard that record. Turner: I know Mark used it in a fanzine one time in the early Eighties.

So that was a term that was being used. Fairweather: The term meant nothing to us at the time. Especially when bands like Stone Temple Pilots came out. All right. They were going before Green River. The group started recording their first proper full-length, Rehab Doll , in the summer of , but they broke up before it came out in June Gossard: Rehab Doll has some good moments on it, and I think it was cool, but we were already going down the road of being torn apart from where we were going to go and how we were going to do it, and it was maybe less fun at that point.

Fairweather: When I listened to Rehab Doll again before our reunion seven or eight years ago, I was startled by how kind of prog-rocky it is. There are a lot of guitar parts. I had forgotten how much effort we put into doing that kind of stuff back then. Gossard: We had a little more time in the studio. We had a producer, at that point, who had a bit more ambition in terms of trying different things.

Shumway: They tried to have me play to a click track. I can only play what I can play. So Rehab Doll was a little too polished in my opinion. Ament: I was really into industrial music and Depeche Mode, bands that were using triggers on their drums and doing super weird stuff.

So we triggered a metal sound on the snare drum, and it sort of made it sound lame. Shumway: Jack Endino did the original demos for Rehab Doll , and it more or less captured what we sounded like. When I listen to the original mix of Rehab Doll today, the drums sound like some big-haired metal band. What does a studio do?

Jimi Hendrix did backwards guitar, so what can we do? Fairweather: We recorded this one pretty late at night with Bruce Calder. We were in a fancier studio, and to afford it, we had to record in the evening. I remember we wanted it to sound super professional.

Stone and I would get together and play acoustic a lot back then. It was opened up and there were mics picking up the resonance from the strings, as well as the mic I was singing into. So that was a cool, weird experiment. Ament: Every time he hit a note, one of the strings would vibrate. We were trying to get into Alice Cooper territory.

He is one of my guitar heroes. He played in Ten Minute Warning and the Fartz. He was just a smooth, badass guitar player. I thought that was pretty cool. The ironic thing is I wrote those lyrics before I was even really familiar with that stuff. Arm: I think we might have also just been short on material. We recycled a lot of songs over and over again.

I think it probably reminded people of our humble beginnings and Steve Turner who had quit. So we probably redid it as a tribute to Steve and that era. Turner: I thought it was cool that they redid it. So he changed the lyrics. Ament: We played a show with Sonic Youth when we were making that record, and Kim came in and put vocals on. We played with them every time they came through town, unless we were out of town.

That happened after the band broke up, and I was no longer participating. I was flattered. Maybe they used some of it. Turner: I thought the production on Rehab Doll was awful. It just sounded awful. When we did the reunion shows 10 years ago, I still thought it sounded awful. It was kind of funny because everybody by that point had decided it sounded awful. Endino: The original mixes of Rehab Doll were done in a hurry. Nobody was particularly happy about it, but since the band had broken up, nobody cared that much.

But I cared, because I knew how good it should have sounded. Shumway: The preproduction demos for Rehab Doll are so much better and so much more alive. If we put that out instead, I think the band would have lasted a couple more years.

It was off the hook; it was fucking great. The atmosphere was such that I think I overextended my vocals. It was a showcase thing. Fairweather: I think I was a little tipsy, and then I broke a string. Halfway through the show, I felt I was having my mind blown. I felt like it was the best thing I had ever witnessed.

I remember having a good time at the show. There was hardly anybody there. Laurie Anderson - O Superman. Joy Division - The Eternal. Magazine - Shot By Both Sides. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Icon. Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant. The Specials - Ghost Town. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Switch. Joy Division - She's Lost Control. The Clash - Armagideon Time.

Joy Division - Isolation. The Undertones - Get Over You. The Ruts - In A Rut. Killing Joke - Psyche. Theatre Of Hate - Legion. Killing Joke - Requiem. Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device. New Order - Procession. Stiff Little Fingers - Johnny Was. Scritti Politti - The Sweetest Girl. Joy Division - Transmission. Joy Division - Twenty-Four Hours. Altered Images - Dead Popstars. Public Image Ltd - Public Image. The Clash - Complete Control.

New Order - Temptation. The Jam - Going Underground. Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Israel. Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia. The Damned - New Rose. Joy Division - Dead Souls. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks. Joy Division - Decades. New Order - Ceremony. The Cure - A Forest.

Joy Division - New Dawn Fades. Joy Division - Atmosphere. And, an older compliation, if you're fond of T-Rex and stuff. Heat - Better Scream. Yazoo - Don't Go. Captain Sensible - Happy Talk. The Fall - Look Know.

Theatre Of Hate - The Hop. The Stranglers - Golden Brown. Associates - Club Country. Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse. Josef K - The Missionary. The Stranglers - Strange Little Girl. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt. Action Pact! The Higsons - Conspiracy.

Bauhaus - Third Uncle. Simple Minds - Glittering Prize.

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Copyright Mind Media.

Sonic youth sunday subtitulado torrent A generation of disaffected youth had found an anthem like no other. We played with them every time they came through town, unless we were out of town. I was always freaked out. Bruce was always hanging around. Whatever you want to call it, it still sounds impossibly wonderful. But I cared, because I knew how good it should have sounded. And, an older compliation, if you're fond of T-Rex and stuff.
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Sonic youth sunday subtitulado torrent I think we rehearsed probably two link three times. There was a little bit of funk in the downtown areas. You could see it give way from the fixture. Home Browse Login. Ament: Every time he hit a note, one of the strings would vibrate. Alex Shumway was our total buddy and he drummed, so he was the drummer. Fairweather: The term meant nothing to us at the time.
Sonic youth sunday subtitulado torrent Dan Peters has always been one of my favorite drummers, so just watching those guys play was super great. So he changed the lyrics. Neither of them asked me to go in one either way. But I cared, because I knew how good it should have sounded. The Jam - Town Called Malice. About us. But when we went to Detroit, it was the scariest thing.
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3d instructor city drive simulator torrentz The band formed in That happened after the band broke up, and I was no longer participating. Without the riot grrrl movement, our culture would look very different. Jeff worked at a bistro. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt.

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