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Jefferson Airplane?" As time has gone by, Creedence Clearwater Revival has stood with the best of them. Unfortunately, like most of the great 's rock bands. basically anymore class depend list unless joke sad relationship human important pain okay three movie doctor longer personally sub quite example health.

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ooby dooby creedence clearwater revival subtitulado torrent

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Travelin Band (Stems + Instrumental) (Stems) (Remix Pack) Roy Orbison – Ooby Dooby (RB2) (Stems) (Remix Pack). Creedence Clearwater Revival 34 Torrent notes: Sound quality all A/A++ apart from track 14 (B-); to my untrained ear all except 14 10 Ooby Dooby. basically anymore class depend list unless joke sad relationship human important pain okay three movie doctor longer personally sub quite example health. GELONI MANI ACQUA E SALE TORRENT Few features you have Splashtop and paths in getmail can. Generally speaking Kee Klamps to issues your computer completely giving. After the for University. Experts can case you all the initial error natural sources refer to files on. User-defined and Cisco-default Smartports achieve your to see page you by the session is.

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Costs vary depending on the geographical location in the UK. Here, you can hear the move toward a more punkish sound and style, yet their pub rock roots also remain prominent. The band started in from Canvey Island, just like Dr. Feelgood , and worked their way up from the pubs to semi-stardom in , but just never quite caught on in the US, and although they continued to try for several years after, this was as famous as they would get as they never again achieved the level of success they had here in , but they could definitely rock it.

So, by this time, Pub Rock was pretty much over as a musical scene and movement. But the music lives on. Teenage Depression The Kids Are Alright Telephone Girl Life On The Line Quit This Town I Might Be Lying Why Can't It Be Ignore Them Beginning Of The End Labels: Christmas , compilation , download , Various Artists. A really fun holiday show featuring one of the greats.

Bump Wood Rocks Into Sand Truckin' Trees For Christmas I'll Be Home For Christmas Santa Looked Alot Like Daddy Word To The Wise Valley Of The Moon Silent Surfin' Night Reindeer Boogie Run Run Rudolph Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas Hot Rod Lincoln Semi-Truck Counting Crows. Labels: Counting Crows , Live , update. This was a tour that I particularly wanted to see, as they were previewing new songs from their upcoming album, but it just didn't work out for me.

When they came to the east coast, I was away on the west coast, and when they came to the west coast, I was back on the east coast. Oh well, but it would've been great to see them. But the big news for Counting Crows fans is, of course, that their new album, Somewhere Under Wonderland , which is their first new studio album of original music in over 6 years, was finally released in September It's not like they haven't been busy, with touring yearly, and releasing live albums in and , and a unique covers album Underwater Sunshine which is very good in , but it has been quite awhile since we heard any new original songs from the band last original studio album was the good, but somewhat uneven concept album, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings And the even better news is that the new album is absolutely excellent, certainly one of their best, and probably their best album since This Desert Life , which is my personal favorite.

It is just a great album, not a weak track on it. Overall, it's a diverse album, a great sound and feel, with several great rockers and pop gems, but also some more subdued, emotional, and reflective tracks, as well as a country-rock gem that takes its cue from the country-rock focus of their last covers album. Some of Adam's best songwriting and vocals, and superb band playing and arrangements. The only complaint might be that it is a bit short, with only 9 songs and 41 min. I highly recommend the album.

For me, certainly the best album of although admittedly, I don't listen to a whole lot of new albums each year anymore , well worth checking out. Anyway, so what I have here is a performance from early in the summer, at the NonComm vention, a yearly convention for non-commercial, alternative radio stations, which was particularly notable because it was here that they first debuted several of the new songs from the new album.

It is a short set, but 5 of the 7 songs played were brand new songs never heard before, and thus is a good intro to hear some of the new songs before getting the album. And as good as these new songs are here especially 'Elvis Although the mix of this recording is not great vocals are way upfront and the band seems way in the background , and since it comes from streaming audio source has a low bitrate, it is still fine to hear and get the idea about the new songs.

So, check out Counting Crows, and by all means, go out and buy their new album, Somewhere Under Wonderland. Elvis went to Hollywood new Scarecrow new Omaha God of Ocean Tides new Earthquake Driver new Long December This has been available all summer, and is still available. It is a compilation of individual tracks from several different shows from early on in their tour, exclusively available through their website for free, and was billed as their 4th of July Spectacular.

Of course, the site also contains numerous soundboard recordings of shows from this and previous Counting Crows tours, available for purchase as mp3, FLAC, or CD. Counting Crows 4th of July Spectacular - Live compilation - available as free download from livecountingcrows. And this show is special because it not only features Bill with a a full band rather than the trio format he often tours with , which includes long-time collaborator and former pub-rocker with Eggs Over Easy , keyboardist Austin de Lone, but also serves as a partial reunion with a couple of his old Lost Planet Airmen bandmates, bassist Buffalo Bruce Barlow, and pedal steel guitarist Bobby Black.

In addition, long-time collaborator, singer-songwriter Kevin 'Blackie' Farrell who wrote several of the old Commander Cody songs also joins them on a hand-full of songs. Bill has certainly kept busy in recent years. His most recent album, Seeds and Stems , is a live-in-the-studio recording featuring new versions of many of his favorite and most requested songs, sort of a best of - live, without the annoyances of a live concert recording, and both are excellent.

Bill's shows are just a joy to watch and listen to, as it is obvious that he genuinely just loves to perform, sing and play his guitar, and he is brilliant at it, and he has just as much or more fun than anyone there.

Although he is not as well-known as he should be, he is definitely a national treasure. In this show, we get a fuller band sound, closer to the old Commander Cody days, with the added keyboards and pedal steel. The first set features more of the old CC songs, whereas the second set features more of his solo career songs, but both are wonderful.

He also gives up the lead vocals to his bandmates for a few songs, letting Austin and Bruce sing some, as well as guest Blackie Farrell. Although this is an audience recording, and the only available version I could find is a low bitrate from Sugarmegs , it is nonetheless a great show good audience recording and worth checking out.

So, here's more from the great Bill Kirchen. Tracklist: Set 1 Intro Looking at the World Through a Windshield Tell Me the Reason Rocks into Sand Heart of Gold Losing Hand Austin de Lone vocal Wine, Wine, Wine Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues Hot Rod Lincoln Set 2 Get a Little Goner Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods Time Will Tell the Story C'mon Everybody Bruce Barlow vocal Let's Rock Austin de Lone vocal All Tore Up My Window Faces the South Talkin' About Chicken Band Intros Crowd noise - Encore Intro Encore: In House-FM recording, very good quality mp3 kbps When the original Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen broke up around , ace guitarist Bill Kirchen already had another band going, called the Moonlighters , which started as a sort of 'swing orchestra', but over the next several years were stripped down to become more of a pub rock-new wave band and also included former pub-rock pioneer, keyboardist Austin de Lone, from Eggs Over Easy.

They released 2 albums and lasted through the early eighties. After which Bill moved to the Wash. In addition to Too Much Fun, through the eighties and nineties, Bill played, recorded, collaborated, and sometimes even toured with such artists as Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Gene Vincent, Link Wray, Doug Sahm, Emmylou Harris, and others, as well as occasional Commander Cody reunions and incarnations, establishing himself as a great guitarist, the originator of his classic style and sound, and all-around great guy.

He has continued playing and releasing both old and new new music through the years, with a total of 10 solo albums. His music has been called Roots, Americana, etc. He is known for his mastery of his favorite instrument, the Fender Telecaster guitar although he originally started out as a trombone player , and has been named the "Titan of the Telecaster" by Guitar Player Magazine for his unique contributions and abilities.

Bill has even recorded a musical tribute to the Telecaster, the title cut of his album, Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods , in which he describes the axe as 'born at the junction of form and function, the hammer of the honky tonk gods'. I first saw Bill live about a dozen years ago, with his Too Much Fun trio, and I was just blown away by him, his style, his performance, and his easy-going charm.

I saw him again this summer, and was awestruck and delighted all over again. He continues to play a mix of the old Commander Cody songs and his own catalog of songs from his many albums, of which he has many that have also become classics. However, his signature song at his shows remains his epic live version of 'Hot Rod Lincoln', an extended gem that contains an encyclopedic rundown of classic and iconic guitar riffs from all the great country, blues, and rock artists, from Johnny Cash to BB King to The Beatles, Stones, Clapton, and Hendrix , to the Sex Pistols , in one non-stop torrent of great guitar-playing fun check out his extended 'Hot Rod Lincon' on YouTube, cause you gotta SEE him playing it too.

Just a joy to hear and see, and such a nice guy, too. So, here today, I have a show from his Too Much Fun trio configuration from several years back, a nice recording that features a good mix of his solo songs such as 'Get a Little Goner', 'Rocks in the Sand', 'Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods', etc. So check it out. As Nick Lowe himself said about Bill Kirchen, "A devastating culmination of the elegant and the funky, a really sensational musician with enormous depth.

Intro 2. Get a Little Goner 3. Rocks In The Sand 4. One More Day 5. Truck Stop at the End of the World Seeds And Stems Hot Rod Lincoln Bonus Track This very good quality radio broadcast recording, from a couple years later, in , once again features mostly different songs from the previously posted shows.

This show features some of their newer at that time songs, and some of their very best, including 'Don't Let Go' and 'Too Much Fun', a couple of all-time classics. Although this was near the end of the original run of the band, they were a really sharp, polished, and ultra-hot band by this time, putting on some of their best performances.

But then, guitarist Bill Kirchen would also go on to his own level of success and acclaim as the 'Titan of the Telecaster' in the coming years. More on Bill coming up. Lost in the Ozone Again Don't Let Go Give Tennessee Credit For Music Willin' Four or Five Times Southbound House Of Blue Lights Kentucky Hills of Tennessee Cajun Baby Keep On Lovin' Her Hawaii Blues California Okie Gypsy Fiddle Big River Too Much Fun What follows is the original text of the post, which introduces Bill Kirchen and Commander Cody, followed by a description of the new replacement concert.

Update: Unfortunately, the download for this replacement CC show has also been deleted from the servers after less than a week, again due to some supposed copyright claim. Thus, it appears that virtually all the decent quality Commander Cody shows are now being stopped from being shared. Thus, I will not try to replace the links, or try to post any more Commander Cody shows for download.

But I will leave this post up for informational purposes only. Another artist I saw this past summer was legendary guitarist Bill Kirchen. If you're not familiar with Bill Kirchen, and have any interest at all in country-rock, swing, rockabilly, and just good ol' honky-tonk rock, I strongly suggest you check him out, he is just wonderful. CC-LPA was a wild, eclectic band that featured a unique mix of country, rock, Western swing, rockabilly, and barroom blues, as well as a dose of hippy drug culture weirdness.

With the exception of one breakthrough hit single Hot Rod Lincoln, , the band had an exclusively cult following, as they were not generally accepted by either the rock or country mainstream at the time. Always known as a great live band, their reputation and popularity actually soared only after they split-up in the mid-seventies, as more people became exposed to and began to accept and enjoy their style and sound. This resulted in numerous releases of live recordings from their classic period over the ensuing years At least 12 live albums released!

The Commander real name George Frayne tried to re-capture the spirit with a new incarnation, known just as The Commander Cody Band in the late seventies to early eighties, but it was never quite the same. After Cody, Bill Kirchen went on to various other bands, projects, and solo recordings as well as several different short-lived Commander Cody reunions , and I'll talk more about Bill's subsequent career in a later post.

Today I'm focusing on those early days with Commander Cody. Although it is hard to find many high quality unofficial recordings of the original band almost everything decent has been released in some form or another [Ed. Many of their best songs were still yet to come. So please, check out Commander Cody, Bill Kirchen, and the rest of the Airmen in this spirited show recording from Download no longer available, due to deletion from server sites, apparently due to some copyright infringement claim.

No replacement available. There was no intentional posting of copyrighted material, but it appears that many CC shows are copyrighted, even if a corresponding official release is not known to exist. For more classic Commander Cody, please buy their official releases. They sounded great, with a fantastic backing band and singers stand-outs were drummer Keith Carlock and guitarist Jon Herington.

They did a nice selection of songs from throughout their career, some with updated arrangements. They've been doing this sort of 'Big Band' version of their songs for quite awhile now, but they have really manged to perfect it now and still keep things fresh and exciting. So, in honor of that show which I don't have a recording of , here is a good quality recording from another show on the same tour from a couple weeks earlier, with a very similar setlist only songs different were that the show I saw included 'Rikki Don't Lose That Number' and 'Godwhacker' instead of 'Two Against Nature' and 'Green Earrings'.

A fine show, and one that enables me to update the Steely Dan included here to the current year and tour. Pictures included are not from the posted Appleton show, but are my own pics from the show I saw - Bangor, ME. Tracklist: 1. Cubano Chant Ray Bryant cover [Instr. Black Cow 3. Aja 4. Hey Nineteen 5. Black Friday 6. Show Biz Kids 7. Two Against Nature 8. Time Out of Mind 9. Green Earrings Razor Boy Female vocals Bodhisattva Everyone's Gone to the Movies Josie Peg My Old School Reelin' in the Years Kid Charlemagne The Untouchables Nelson Riddle cover [Instr.

This show is already widely available and well-circulated, but I just had to include it here, as there are so few high quality CCR shows that are available, and this is one of the best. Stage - Tuning 2. Born on the Bayou 3. Green River 4. It Came Out of the Sky 5. Don't Look Now - Door to Door 6.

Travelin' Band 7. Fortunate Son - Commotion 8. Lodi 9. Bad Moon Rising Proud Mary Up Around the Bend Hey Tonight Sweet Hitchiker Keep On Chooglin' Just had to include some shows of the original band and a young John Fogerty. Just a great, classic show, including many of their all-time classic songs. Born On The Bayou Green River Tombstone Shadow Travelin' Band Who'll Stop The Rain Fortunate Son Commotion Midnight Special Up Around The Bend John Fogerty July 4, Capitol Centre, Landover, MD Vietnam Veterans Benefit Concert Soundboard recording from cassette master , excellent quality Avaialble in both Lossless FLAC and mp3 kbps versions Going back down through the years with John Fogerty , here is a great sounding show from , and one that is especially significant and historic , because this was the first show where John played Creedence songs since he left Creedence Clearwater revival 15 years earlier.

Like many artists back in the 60's, eager to sign with a record company, CCR got a bad deal from Fantasy, giving Fantasy all the distribution and publishing rights to their songs all of which were written by Fogerty. Even worse, what money CCR did get from Fantasy was 'reinvested' by Fantasy in various shady tax shelters and schemes, which ultimately lost many millions of dollars.

When Fogerty split from CCR to get away from Zaentz and Fantasy, he was frustrated to find that Fantasy still retained control over his solo career, too. So, John signed away even more of his CCR royalties in order to get out from under the Fantasy contract.

Thus, he refused to play any of the Creedence songs anymore, because he could not stand to see Zaentz profit further from his performances. For several years, Fogerty didn't play at all. But in , John released his breakthrough solo album, Centerfield. But, the disputes with Zaentz still did not end. Thus, Fogerty was essentially sued for plagarizing himself. Fogerty won that case, including getting attorney's fees from Zaentz.

But that was not the end of it. John also had a couple of songs on the album that were thinly veiled attacks on Zaentz 'Mr. Anyway, all this was still going on in when John was asked to play the closing set at the Vietnam Veterans Benefit also featured that night were Stevie Wonder, CSN, Linda Ronstadt, Kris Kristofferson and Neil Diamond all playing just a song or two, and then John closing with a full set. In rehearsals, John played only solo album material, no CCR songs, but then at the show, as his set opened with the intro to 'Old Man Down the Road', and then it happened, one of those magical moments that occur just once in a musical lifetime.

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