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Benchmarking finishing pig farms in the Netherlands using technical performance, antibody Elisa's and acute phase proteins [RIS] R. Jansen, N. Wertenbroek, L. Efficacy of early-life longtime Ceftiofur treatment in piglets on Streptococcus suis serotype 7 dynamics in a farm dealing with streptococcal diseases [RIS] C. Unterweger, U. Ruczizka, J.

Spergser, C. Baums, I. Efficacy of several alternative measures to reduce antimicrobial usage in four European countries [RIS] S. Loesken, L. Collineau, M. Postma, A. Backhans, M. Belloc, U. Emanuelson, E. Staerk, J. Detection of respiratory pathogens in oral fluid; sampling recommendations in commercial conditions.

Belly nosing by group-housed sows results in functional teat loss. Novel molecular-markers to discriminate between systemic and non—disease associated Streptococcus suis isolates [RIS] T. Wileman, L. Weinert, J. Wang, S. Peters, P. Langford, A. Rycroft, B. Wren, S. Williamson, D. Maskell, A. A protein subunit vaccine provides substantial protection against virulent Streptococcus suis in pigs [RIS] S. Brockmeier, C. Loving, T. Nicholson, J. Peters, D. Seilly, P. Wren, A. Tucker, D. Moreno, C.

Matajira, L. Zanolli, V. Gomes, B. Costa, A. Christ, M. Lawrence, E. Bumgardner, B. Can pooled pen floor samples be used for diagnosing Escherichia coli F18 positive diarrhoeic nursery pigs? Gabardo, J. Sato, A. Daniel, C. Pereira, M. Andrade, R. Improvement of animal welfare and productivity in pigs by using social genetic effects [RIS] M. Martens, N. Duijvestijn, E. Matheson, B. Foster, S. Studies on heritability of androstenone and skatole content in neck fat, sensory evaluation of boar taint and performance of male and female fatteners [RIS] R.

Tabeling, H. Henne, A. Appel, S. Sander, D. Moerlein, R. Wesoly, U. Weiler, J. Organic enrichment material in pig farming: A hygienic risk? Wagner, J. Schulz, N. Herd level risk factors for stomach ulcers in finishing pigs [RIS] M. Busch, E. Okholm Nielsen. Stunning and killing of non-viable piglets under the aspect of animal welfare - training with a piglet simulator [RIS] K.

Brase, M. Dilly, K. Influence of gestation housing system on sow health and the transfer of maternal immunity to the neonate [RIS] E. Merlot, H. Pastorelli, F. Robert, A. Prunier, M. On-farm tail biting prevention in long-tailed pigs — results from a producer questionnaire in Finland [RIS] A. Valros, C. Munsterhjelm, L. Kauppinen, M. Klit, C. Nielsen, H. Systematic review and meta-analysis on the effect of xylanase supplementation on average daily gain in pigs. Torres-Pitarch, E.

Manzanilla, J. Effect of antioxidant supplementation and heat stress in a model of double vaccination in weaned piglets. Return to oestrus caused by impaired feed intake; a case report [RIS] T. Tobias, M. Nielen, A. Effects of a high fibre diet around parturition in combination with an ad libitum feeding regime on the performance of sows and piglets [RIS] M. Leurs, C. Nathues, P. Alarcon, J. Rushton, G. Jolie, K. Fiebig, M. Jimenez, V. Guerts, H. Development and validation of a model for generating disease detection sample sizes where oral fluid and other pen-level sampling methods are used.

Effect of pig company size on production parameters and pig production cost form in Spain. Fraile, J. Font, J. Bernaus, J. Rocamdebosch, J. Jourquin, J. Morales, C. Cano, M. Clavijo, E. Spiekermeier, V. Law, J. Lyons, T. Snider, R. Vangroenweghe, M. Schuttert, P. Defoort, G. Janssens, G. Sinnaeve, J. Vonk, B. De Braekeleer, J. Kwinten, M. Verduyn, R. Sol, L. Identifying potential biomarkers to improve production in pigs [RIS] T. Giles, S. Hulme, P. Barrow, N.

Chausse, S. Schaeffer, P. Velge, N. Case-control study to assess the importance of mycotoxins in tail necrosis in neonatal piglets [RIS] T. Van Limbergen, M. Devreese, K. Van Neste, S. Croubels, N. Broekaert, E. Michiels, S. De Saeger, D. Brinch Kruse, L.

Rosenbaum Nielsen, C. Johansen, L. Early warning of diarrhea and pen fouling in growing pigs using sensor-based monitoring [RIS] D. Jensen, N. Toft, A. Effect of trimming long toes of sows on longevity, productivity, and economic return [RIS] A. DeDecker, X. Martinez, E. Benitez, T. Coffey, J. Torrison, Z. Rambo, M. Wilson, M. Physical castration affects the health and productive performance of pigs in the suckling period [RIS] L. Morales, A. Manso, C.

Dereu, N. Persistent experimental PCV2a infection and development of porcine dermatitis and nephropathy syndrome without evidence of seroconversion [RIS] T. Opriessnig, C. Xiao, P. Halbur, S. Matzinger, X. Hofmeister, H. Willems, G. Czub, N. Nourozieh, C. Solis Worsfold, R. Waeckerlin, F. Marshall, R. Rajao, R. Gauger, A. Janas-Martindale, M. Killian, A. Chamba, M. Allerson, M. Culhane, P. Davies, R. Morrison, A. Perez, M. Could avian H9N2 influenza viruses become a threat to swine?

Lessons from experimental studies in the pig. Mancera Gracia, K. Van Reeth. Walia, T. Anderson, E. Kasari, A. Janas-Martindale, J. Schiltz, A. Pathogenesis comparison and cross-protection efficacy of the U. Chen, P. Gauger, M. Welch, M. Stafne, M. Spadaro, H. Salzbrenner, J. Arruda, D. Madson, L. Gimenez-Lirola, D. Magstadt, C.

Wang, Y. Sun, J. Ji, J. Interferon suppression and innate immune modulation by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus [RIS] Q. Zhang, K. Shi, D. Combined PCV2 and M. Duivon, I. Rigaut, R. Rathkjen, X. De Paz, O. Gomez-Duran, F. Orveillon, C. Kraft, M. Piontkowski, J. Occurrence of endoparasites in piglets analysed in the frame of the PathoPig project aiming at early detection of major pig diseases in Switzerland [RIS] F.

Schubnell, S. Graage, T. Sydler, X. Sidler, D. Hadorn, W. Monitoring nematode egg counts can replace routine anthelmintic treatment on farms with loose housed sows [RIS] K. Pedersen, A. Jakobsen, S. Jakobsen, L. Beek, H. Segers, S. Agten, S. Van Gorp. Vandekerckhove, P. Roos, E. Fano, N. Homwong, B.

Payne, M. Occurrence of Mycoplasma hyorhinis infections in fattening pigs and association with clinical symptoms and pathological lesions of Enzootic Pneumonia [RIS] A. Luehrs, P. Kuhnert, E. GIN, P. Pieters, E. Genetic diversity of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae at herd level and its impact on the severity of Mycoplasma-like lesions in slaughter pigs.

Michiels, K. Vranckx, S. Piepers, R. Arsenakis, F. Boyen, F. Haesebrouck, D. Van De Weyer, R. Petracek, C. Stahl, J. Why do neonatal piglets get diarrhoea? Kongsted, P. Baekbo, C. Hjulsager, S. Effects of time of second Improvest dose on growth and carcass yield of immunologically-castrated compared to physically-castrated barrows and gilts.

Puls, M. Ellis, M. Mellencamp, W. Beckman, A. Schroeder, F. McKeith, A. Brush, J. Borobia, D. Sparrow, U. Power, J. Oral fluid ELISAs for differentiated detection of antibodies against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotypes 2, 6 and Lauritsen, N. Pharmacokinetics of tildipirosin in pig tonsils [RIS] F. Torres, R. Santamaria, M. Jimenez, R. Menjon, M. Collell, A. Azlor, L. Jablonski, R. Poplawski, R.

Jedryczko, M. Pomorska-Mol, Z. Kang, B. Kim, I. Oh, J. Song, S. Shin, H. Occurrence of pleurisy in fattening pigs in three different epidemiological regions in Germany [RIS] C. Renken, M. Ritzmann, L. Beffort, A. Luppi, J. Stoiber, C. Waehner, M. Characterization of resistance profile of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae isolates in Brazil. Reis, P. Filsner, M. Felizardo, V. Gomes, C. Cabrera, A. Seroprevalence of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and corresponding serotypes in fattening pigs in three different epidemiological regions in Germany [RIS] C.

Ritzmann, A. Waehner, C. Senn, B. Cowles, D. Amodie, A. Susceptibility of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae isolated from swine in Italy to trimethoprim plus sulphadimethoxin [RIS] G. Leotti, A. Luppi, Y. Gherpelli, M. Strutzberg-Minder, K. Dohmann, J. Boehmer, A. Tschentscher, M. Richard-Mazet, A. Pfefferkorn, D. Reddick, C. Ramage, P. Dumont, P. Royer, A. Richard-Mazet, P.

Dorr, O. Merdy, F. Joisel, T. Genes with major effects on clinical, pathological and microbiological outcome of porcine pleuropneumonia [RIS] D. Hoeltig, H. Willems, N. Bertsch, M. Drungowski, R. Herwig, K. Waldmann, G.

Hoeltig, J. Rohde, B. Brunner, K. Hellmann, E. Grandemange, K. Vaccination against pleuropneumonia — a field trial with two different vaccines in one herd infected with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 2 [RIS] C. Kristensen, L. Broeckner, J. Blach Nielsen, S. Saxmose Nielsen, P. Astrup, J. Kim, S. Kim, H. Lee, H. Gonzalez, M. Lobos, B. Parra, R. Pen-level agreement of antimicrobial resistance from pooled faecal samples at pen level and diarrhoeic pigs [RIS] N.

Weber, K. Pedersen, J. Kondo, N. Nakanishi, Y. Wakui, A. Richard-Mazet, G. Kinoshita, P. Richard-Mazet, H. Dietmar, F. Voisin, I. Bohne, F. Fraisse, R. Winter, P. Florfenicol susceptibility survey of EU field isolates of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Haemophilus parasuis and Pasteurella multocida. Claerhout, W. Depondt, A. Monitoring antimicrobial consumptions in fattening pigs in Italy: preliminary findings towards an integrated approach [RIS] F.

Scali, E. Giacomini, M. Lazzaro, A. Nigrelli, G. Bontempi, P. Pasquali, S. Borrello, S. Bonati, A. Perella, L. Candela, A. Vitali, G. Kanora, S. De Marez. Evaluation of the effect of early metaphylactic use of ceftiofur on the intestinal morphology in pigs using stereological methods- a preliminary study [RIS] U.

Ruczizka, C. Unterweger, K. Witter, S. Mayerhofer, L. Schwarz, C. Knecht, I. Krauss, B. Metzler-Zebeli, I. Vale, F. Leonard, J. Gibbons, L. Boyle, E. Comparative viscosity and syringeability of five florfenicol injectable solutions [RIS] E.

Bousquet, C. Segot, S. Colemyn, L. Besin, C. Salvi, J. Silva, A. Moreno, M. Matajira, B. Costa, N. Gut Health — A continuous challenged eco-system. The risk of cross-contamination due to the use of antimicrobial medicated feed throughout the trail of feed from the feed mill to the farm [RIS] M.

Filippitzi, S. Sarrazin, J. Jablonski, S. Zebek, D. Borowska, Z. Investigation of risk factors for methicillin-resistance in staphylococci on swine farms [RIS] M. Slifierz, R. Friendship, S. Characterization of resistance profile of Leptospira interrogans serovar Pomona isolated from swine in Brazil. Costa, L. Moreno, F. Miraglia, H. Langoni, R. Hartskeerl, S. Vasconcellos, A.

Detection of antibiotic resistant E. Roth, S. Mayrhofer, B. Doupovec, R. Berrios, F. Waxenecker, P. Sucher, K. Local tolerance of two florfenicol injectable solutions in fattening pigs [RIS] E. Bousquet, G. Velasco-Villalvazo, J. Olvera-Valencia, P. Richard-Mazet, J. Hayward, E. Siegwart, A. Pfefferkorn, P. Bach, L. Meedom, L. Kunstmann, V. Pharmacokinetics of gamithromycin in swine plasma and bronchoalveolar cells [RIS] R. Huang, D. Hamel, R.

Tessman, A. Mullins, T. Malinski, S. Rehbein, L. Richard-Mazet, K. Tokuyama, G. Poolperm, P. Nilsuwan, K. Karanikolova, S. Vesselova, V. Nazarov, S. Ivanova, S. Petkov, A. Kanora, W. Sirichokchatchawan, P. Pupa, W. Niyomthum, N. Gauvreau, L. Determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations of gamithromycin against European swine food-borne pathogen and commensal intestinal field isolates [RIS] J. Harriman, A.

Hayward, P. Silley, J. Unterweger, H. Koinig, J. Ludwig, S. Bhushan, A. Tennagels, B. Nikunen, P. Kortesniemi, M. In vitro susceptibility of porcine isolates of Clostrdium perfringens to selected antimicrobials [RIS] A. Dors, D. Borowska, A. Garcia-Diez, A. Miranda-Hevia, J. Marca-Puig, P. Laine, M. Daniel, D.

Barcellos, C. Leal, R. Mirajkar, A. Bekele, Y. Chander, C. Correlation between detection of enteropathogenic bacteria and health and productive parameters in finishing pigs in Argentina [RIS] E. Perez, J. Cappuccio, M. Quiroga, F. Moredo, R. Rearte, C. In-vitro susceptibility of Brachyspira spp. Marsteller, and Elanco. Prevalence of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae and Brachyspira pilosicoli isolated in Spanish pig farms from to Marca-Puig, A.

Antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae recovered from Spanish swine dysentery outbreaks during Clostridium difficile and mesocolon edema syndrome of neonatal pigs: studies of pathogenesis in a gnotobiotic pig model [RIS] D. Knudsen, J. In vitro susceptibility of Czech porcine isolates of C. Sperling, M. Masarikova, A. Schocken-Iturrino, L. Boarini-Ferroni, M. Froner Casagrande, M. Vedovelli Cardozo, S. Pelicano Berchielli, A. Ramos Santos, D.

Araujo Pereira, H. Almeida, I. Honorato Gatto, L. Sebastian Ille, Marc Kilgour, Brandon Lehr, Ismail Saglam, Saglam, Ismail, Paraskevas V. Lekeas, Christian Trudeau, Guillermo Owen, Manfred J. Gabrielle Demange, William Thomson, Joaquin Sanchez-Soriano, Stefano Moretti, Amit K Biswas, Shaiju, Mallikarjuna Rao, Ravindran, Ramanujam, Parshuram S.

Vetrivel, Seetharama Gowda, Sridhar, Brynjolfsson, Erik, Klein, Michael W. Bloom, Nick, Bonilla, Cooper, David J. Jinzhao Chen, Tazdait, Govori, Arbiana, Ezio Marchi, Van Kolpin, Kjell Hausken, Maria Montero, Juan C. Cesco, Mario Gilli, Vora, Evan Shellshear, Ngo Van Long, Dave Furth, Pierre Dehez, Mantovani, Christian W. Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau, Federica Briata, Harald Wiese, Alaa El-Shazly, Belau, Julia, Tanga Morae Mcdaniel, McDaniel, Habis, H. Slim Ben Youssef, Jayson L.

Darren Hudson, Vladimir P. Petkov, Dimand, Andreas Tutic, Kazuhiro Ohnishi, Atamurat Sh. Kuchkarov, Gafurjan I. Ryusuke Shinohara, Gordon H. Elena Yanovskaya, Rettieva, Jean-Jacques Herings, Jean-Jacques, Arkady Kryazhimskiy, Carlo Alberto, Magni, Rossini, Miquel, S. Claus-Jochen Haake, Maria Sandsmark, Bryan C. Mccannon, Juana Santamaria-Garcia, Toshiyuki Hirai, Kort, Hamers, H. Thorsten Janus, Yoshio Kamijo, Bruno Viscolani, Thomas Wiseman, David M.

Ramsey, Krzysztof R. Juan Carlos Cesco, Dimitrios P. Huibin Yan, Tom Norman, Quincampoix, Nowak, Thomas L. Gatenby, Takashi Ui, Stefano Vannucci, Harold Houba, Nicolas Querou, David Yeung, Haurie, Leon Petrosyan, John F. Nash, Kim, Jin-Hyuk, Azar, Ofer H.

Bruno S. Eric Hilt, Wulf, Featherstone, Allen M. Bernard Monjardet, Carlo Alberto Magni, Fragnelli, V. Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Johan Van Benthem, Valeri Vasil'Ev, Arin, Paulo P. Gianfranco Gambarelli, Hassan Benchekroun, Reijnierse, Kolokoltsov,

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