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Backup all those tracks you just cant lose onto your computer. Import them automatically into your iTunes library. SharePod …. It allows you to use iPhone as …. Running under the user root, it allows for fast navigation of the iPhone file system. You can directly access and …. Features for iTools English Version: 1. Supports devices: iPhone Key features include edition, backup, export, import and transfer. TouchCopy formerly iPodCopy is your complete iPod software, which offers easy drag and drop transfer of all your iPod music, photos, podcasts, audio books, games and videos.

TouchCopy can also …. Apple locks up the iPhone and iPod touch pretty tight, but PhoneView gives you back your data. Notes, SMS logs, your call history, disk storage, and more are now all …. YamiPod has been discontinued, and development has been continued as Floola. It treats your jailbroken iPhone like any other external drive, allowing you to work with your ….

It is a very good software for windows and MAC operational environments. Get trusted software to tranfer and save your music,messages,files and data. Absolutely love using this on my iPhone. DiskAid lets me transfer files across from my PC with ease.

I'm a beginner at this kind of thing, and I've not encountered any major issues across the past few weeks of using it. It's literally so easy to use - run it, plug in the device, move your files. That's it! I'd recommend it highly to anyone who wants to save some time with some hassle-free software.

This software is used to backup apps and transfer files. Files include music and messages. It can also reinstall programs. It is used only for IOS and Mac. There is no damage or loss of files, messages, or pictures. The product is not free but is worth the investment, giving all it can do for you. It also enables you to transfer files and photos between your computer and your iPhone. DiskAid is the same software that is IMazing now. With the free version you can do mostly anything with it but it has limit on most of the things.

It is one of those software where it is easy access and easy to use. For me it does not stand out from other software and for more features and unlimited access you have to buy it. This app makes it easy to transfer music files and movie files with just the click of a button. You can copy these files from your phone or Itunes for download. This app also makes it easy to save text messages, by allowing you to copy and print the messages right from your phone. Also export call logs, contacts, and more with this easy to use free app!

DiskAid for Windows is an excellent software that simplifies the way you transfer files from IOS devices to your personal computer. With DiskAid, I am able to easily transfer my files back and forth as if my IOS device was a hard drive and I could just easily drag and drop almost any file onto my PC. However, music cannot be transferred through DiskAid, and therefore itunes is still required when it comes to music. DiskAid transfers files and data from PC to other devices, such as iPhones and iPod touches, among others.

DiskAid is considered to be an iOS powerhouse for its ability to simply transfer one's data. One of the key features and benefits of this software is that it enables efficient, wireless, automatic, encrypted backups of iPhones, a very commonly used device.

In , DiskAid was updated to a new version called iMazing. The update proves that individuals are still actively using this software. I used this software to transfer files from my PC and macbook to my iphone and ipod. It is well easy to use that only you have to run the diskaid then plugin the device.

Only cons is we cannot transfer the music files. I love using DiskAid for Windows because it's a program that helps me bring the files that I need on my iPhone over from my computer. It essentially treats my computer files as if they were on a regular hard disk, which means all I need to do is plug the device in so my computer can pick it up as a hard disk of sorts and then I can retrieve and access my files directly.

Your name. Your comment. HDD Regenerator. MOBILedit is a software to manage, transfer and investigate content and data in phones. Download WinISO. Seagate DiscWizard. A software that secures information on your personal computer. Download Seagate DiscWizard. A smart search tool used to expedite searching through your computer's files and storage.

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