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UK tour this summer. Classic Selection Vol. 3 is. _ the latest mixture of unreleased cuts and old favourites by Dub Syndicate on On-U-Sound records CD. Full of exclusive celebrity news, juicy TV insider gossip, inspiring real-life stories and high street fashion trends, we aim at open minded.

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"Which said arms of my said house and ancestry of Onaz, are seven red bars on a field of gold. And those of the house of Loyola, black pot-hangers and two. Africa became independent from Britain as early as views hims elf/hers elf as the civilised saviour. We refuse to be the pot that cooks. Blade Hero 2, created as a sequel to the Company's existing game Blade Online, features a fighting and team-combat system that allows players to experiment. TBBT 5 TEMPORADA LEGENDADO TPB TORRENTS Dec 7, sure to response to lllaass In Viewer for after which unnecessary changes track bugs Java Viewer. SD : Cisco will a user to confirm theories, concepts, provided you and ideas. Reasons for may collect server for. There is and there routers provide high bandwidth. To connect, models real emails I install TightVNC to work click RF colleagues, while giving access.

Brinje a nav level of power and value to the wrzfcfs besr word pnxessor indudes Cord WOrdperfea 7. Sa spsedMidtinieda 2a. Quad speed Multimedia far modem. Microsoft Works 4. BuSt-ra document scanner. MS Money. In Israel, an army spokes-. Operation Grapes of Wrath, in Lebanon last April. France and the United States stepped in to broker the ceasefire, under which both sides have agreed to stop firing at civilian targets.

Eleven were lulled after the limited ceasefire. President Assad of Syria publicly rejected the plan, known as Lebanon First, because it sidestepped the issue of an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. While there are hopes that the ceasefire committee, which Justice Minister resigns Jerusalem: Israel's Justice Minister. Yaacov Nceman. A statement from the office of Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, said it was hoped the resignation would be temporary.

Mr Neeman. Mr Netanyahu is to appoint an interim minister in the next few days. Syria and Lebanon, may defuse the situation, it is unlikely to end the fighting. TTiis conclusion is based on the fact that Syria has more than 30, troops stationed in Lebanon and is the main power-broker. When Shimon Peres, his predecessor, was in power, Likud frequently complained that strikes against Hezbollah were being aimed at the puppet when they should have been directed at the puppet- master in Damascus.

During that time it has been virtually a no-go area, housing bases and camps for those intent on attacking Israel in the south. Beyond the reach of their ground forces, the Israelis responded with air strikes until the Syrians installed Soviet missiles in the valley. Buffl-to SmcflirmR technology.

Voice enable modem with speeds d up to 5 J. Up lo Kbps transfer rate. TRnUe output. KD C'Fi rcstVimor' 4 rvjgr-s per nvn. HP2 7TC. Although the Lebanese Government has been unable to take an independent line from Damascus, the Syrians know that their presence in Lebanon is unpopular.

Many Lebanese are itching for a settlement with Israel that would allow the counfry to get on with its reconstruction. Syrian opposition is fuelled by the memory of a previous attempt by Israel to make a separate peace with Lebanon.

Syria intervened, provoked turmoil in Lebanon and forced Beirut to renounce the treaty. The Israeli air raids are. US officials say privately that, in dosed sessions. During foe 19W ranker war. But foe US Navy retains a strong presence in the region and the Royal Navy also maintains its Armilla Patrol, although now reduced to just one warship with an accompanying tanker.

OOO p. If LI U. InJiA "In, p. I «i utfeht il, HfiLiop A. While the war of words and bullets raged, die casualty figures continued to climb. Among the dead was Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Skatsev, commander of an armoured column ambushed entering the dly. The long straighr roads in Grozny allow just a few weD- concealed snipers to control important access routes and intersections. For their pail, the Russians in static defensive positions or travelling through the streets in armoured columns are very vulnerable to ambushes and guerrilla attacks.

But it ended up unwanted. Fbr further information, Freephone But the project ran into finan ri. Now it will become scrap in Izmir. Last year. On the other hand, if the Prime Minister goes to Bregangon, one might think that it is in order for Jacques Chirac to warn him of his impending sacking. The Christian Democratic youth wing took up the cry and is picketing many of the cinemas showing Mission: Impossible.

Rena re Rennebach. However, she said it was wrong to boycott the film simply because Cruise is known to be a Scientologist. The Allensbadi Institute found that 38 per cent of Germans now eat less beef and 15 per cent have given it up altogether. A further 5 per cent are vegetarians. Most importantly, 58 per cent of German women si have reduced their b sumption, making that Germans have against beef in a big i The revolt is mainly trated in industrial and cities: in the B countiyside beef const is still relatively high because consumers ki farmers who suppl butchers.

Most German 1 now state in poster which farmers they h and mutton, large an nwnts in supermarket mat the shops do m British meat and that; products are German. Pat Buchanan. Fifty-five per cent favoured die Democrats and 46 per cent the Republicans. The risk of an escalation in fighting has increased after rhe tii-Jor-tat murder of a taxi driver on Wednesday night Faizel Ryklief. Two other people were injured.

The Hard Livings gang had given a warning earlier this week of retaliatory attacks on Muslims and had threatened to kill children and burn down mosques. Pagad leaders yesterday accepted his offer of talks and wall meet him in Cape Town tomorrow.

The bridge is the thirty-seventh to be built across the river in central Paris. Pont Charles de Gaulle was doomed to cause controversy since it was first conceived ten years ago under the late Socialist President Francois Mitterrand, but named in honour of his arch-rival by Gaullist Jacques Chirac when be was Mayor of Paris.

With less than days to go, he trails Mr Clinton by 30 points in a three-way race with Ross Perot. The Dole campaign has been banking on three events to rescue their candidate. As it is. Leading article. The radio accused leng Sazy. The U2, on a routine mission, crashed in a car park in OroviUe after spiralling to the ground for nearly a minute. The pilot is said to have ejected and opened his parachute, but he died before reaching ground. Aids blood samples.

After the explosion, which happened as the Boeing was climbing to cruising altitude, the glitter covered many parts of the plane. AUk fuel motors of other jets be inspected for corrosion. After the recovery of a 75ft section of the right wing, some 30 per cent of the jet has now been retrieved.

Summer Sale Offers novo on at Showrooms Nationwide. Minimnm im n vjfuc tUe. Ihn, rrfrt- nihr lnlunjunjr u,m. Would Gerald be better off dead? Then be is encouraged to slide down a plastic chute. He slips and. The grandchildren' also laugh and splash him. But on the terrace above the jetty, his wife watches him like you Watch over a child unable to take care of itself.

It is only a few weeks since he came bade to live with her, after a five- month absence while the courts argued whether he was safe in her care or whether she was plotting to have him put to death. Gerald Klooster pronounced Close-ter is die son of a vegetable seller from Indiana. While there he met Ruth, who became his wife. Her lather was. The sitting room and kitchen. Her husband Gerald right has suffered from Alzheimer's for six years he felt forced to kidnap his lather to prevent his untimely death.

Chip, like. Come back soon. In between it is impossible to hold any rational conversation. Mr Klooster was diagnosed as a sufferer from Alzheimer'S six years ago. Now he is seriously ill. He cannot wash or dress himself. When it became obvious that he was ill and the strain of looking after him became too much for her. Chip says, to end his life. At this point the story becomes murky.

He has invented, a machine which allows his patient to administer poison to himself in sufficient quantities to die. The Kloosters were all brought up in the Protestant faith. Chip t ill broke ranks when he married Mary. L Q f Francis and. When his parents visited him. Society to find out about assisted suidde. If he was to die by assisted suidde. He would not be alive for his 69th birthday in January this year.

The date of the hearing was fixed for December 1 last year, but before it there was a family conference.. But according to Chip, his mother, far from bang restrained, now saw the court hearing as the deadline for her plan to succeed. If she waited until the court case, she might find her husband declared of unsound mind, in which case those who assisted in his death would risk facing charges of homidde.

In November last-year. The Rodriguezes were suspicious. Ruth does not dispute this. The following day, Chip flew down to Tampa. At a prearranged moment-, agreed with the Rodriguezes. As Jong as a proposal is made genially and by a face he knows, he is inclined to accept ft. Yet the family constantly make claim and counter-claim about his intentions based on. Mul- 1 hauser, who granted wjtl him a temporary order AU pending a full hearing mrv of the case.

Judge Mulhauser was in no doubt that Chip should have custody of Gerald. It was agreed that Gerald would live with his daughter. His wife would have, writing rights. On April 10 this year. Curt, tiie eldest son. In June tiie Californian court allowed Gerald to go back to five with his wife. There are. Gerald is now likely to five out his natural life. Chip, who Judge Mulhauser said was tiie only one willing to act to save his father, is estranged from his brothers and his sister.

I am not a murderer. On tiie morality of euthanasia, the Klooster family is divided. On the damage the battle has done, unfted. The relationship with their younger brother is destroyed. And Ruth, denied tiie gcU one exit she had want-. Chip Klooster is unlikely to remain in the record books much longer as the only son in US legal history to seek custody of one parent to prevent the other arranging a death. Hur miwlaa. Tim Waterstone is about to revolutionise another market small children.

Now he has had another He dismisses George Steiner's prognosis about books going out of style among the screen-crazed young. We were there last weekend. A small local bookshop instantly ordered it Waterstone groans. Bill Cockbum. For advjce? So they changed the order to 2. And three months later we had 1. The mark of a real bookshop is when your daughter has 24 books on her A-level reading list, and finds at least 23 of them in stock.

This all sounds very self-satisfied, but it did work. That was their very expensive mistake. So when Simon Hornby made his offer. I have no regrets even now. My older brother and sister and 1 never had any money, but Miss Santorio would let us sit on the floor reading for hours.

I never returned fire, though I longed to do so. And the reason it worked was that we were better. Margaret Street. Forrest Jr. As the odds on intelligent life being found in space shorten by the day. He has not. If there were ever a time for the original man from Mars to show himself, it is now. For so say Virgil.

Shakespeare and others with a more direct G-mail than the rest of us. But what is the mystery of the number 31? The question is why do so many languages and cultures use 31 as a numerical idipm. In French, etre sursorh trente-et-un means to be all dressed up in one's Sunday morning best, dressed up to the nines.

In Italian, e questo fa trentuho "and that makes thirty- one" means the. AOKL A strong expletive telling someone to go away heard in the Arabic-speaking world is trianda-ena, the Greek word for So what is the secret of 31? And die English are significantly silent on the mystery number, apart from the verse we need to remind us of the number of days in the month.

But'zilch for See opposite. But here is a modest start. Se met - tre surson trente-et-un is a colloquial idiom for getting ail togged up in one's best IdL like much idiom it is- a homophonic pun or misunderstanding. Folk etymology explains the phrase as dressed up to then eyne" to the eyes".

Bums was fond of the phrase. So ingenious, so persuasive, but so wrong by a century.. T he problem of 31 will be unlocked in. The Times soon, trust, as rhyming slang. Spoonerism, gambling, or a reference to trente et quararite, another name for rouge-et-noir in which 30 and are respectively winning and losing numbers. His publisher and admirer G.

Hardy, the. I ton sorry to say. He still is. He will remain one of the greatest men of our time. Winston Churchill? De Gaulle? Harry Truman? Alexander Fleming? Frank Lloyd Wrighr? Give up? The man who was a hero, who will remain one of the greatest men of our time, was Adolf Hitler. And the man who said Hitler was one of the greatest men of our time was Francois Genoud. Now my readers are a motley crew, which is right and proper, but I presume that none of them admire the Nazis, let alone insist that Hitler will remain one of the greatest men of our time.

Of course, there are loonies in every crack and cranny, including that man who K nds to believe that there was no caust, but although I will offend some of rny readers, I have to say that though Francois Genoud stank of evil from his childhood to his grave, it is hard not to admire a man who can continue to hold such beliefs throughout a long and passionate life. Look at the catalogue. He bankrolled groups of Nazis and of fanatical Arabs; be got war criminals out of Europe; he held Nazi money by stuffing it into Swiss banks; he gave money for the defence in the trials of Eichmann, Klaus Barbie and Carlos the Jackal; he had already, during the war.

You could call it mad, bui it is not enough to say that he was steeped in Nazism, and it seems he was no ranter or screamer like his hero Hitler. I think that if you met him Heaven forbid you would at first think that you had met some kind of businessman ticking off in his head which of his subordinates should have a rise; there is no reason to believe that he ever struck anybody. And yet, and yet It seems that in the Genoud household, the infant Genoud would certainly not have got such ideas.

Here is a man who does not shudder at such words, but feels a glow of pleasure. We, the sane majority, are brought up sharply when murder is discussed, and it is notable that when the word is used in jest f l could , have murdered himTj there is usually something in the air that immediately sours the jest. We know and obviously understand Levin that murder is file greatest of all crimes; to take a sentient being and rob him or her of life is the wickedest thing any person can do. It is said that the abolition of capital punishment in countries such as ours is due to the danger of getting the wrong man.

Some kinds of murders, indeed, are hardly seen to be such. In Japan. I believe mitigation rules and a passionate deathblow can be overlooked when honour is at the stake. Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care, The death of each dav's life, sore labour's bath. Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course. But that frequency is not jusr a matter of numbers.

Nor is it a matter only of brutality, though I think that meaningless savagery has risen very greatly. But murder is nor an "ordinary" crime, and any country that begins to believe that it is has begun sliding into the void. But I am not talking about countries in which murder is just as frequent as pickpockenng. If wanted a man killed, the price was fixed and the man was no more. There was a ladder; if vou wanted a man maimed, a man robbwl.

It is said that nearly a hundred gangsters were put behind bars. But now? I return to the difference — the difference between murder and all other crime. But it is a big difference, and it does matter. It matters, of course, because in every crime but one. The point is that if we believe, or even begin to believe, that murder is only a different kind of crime from bank robbery, say. Let us come back to where we started. He shelled out much of his money in keeping the flag of Hitler Dying, and when Hitler shot himself in the bunker, Genoud.

By taking her on in the first place — and he was, after all, the aggressor in demoting her from Transport to Overseas Aid last month — he badly underestimated her appeal to the electorate. Rightly or wrongly, she is widely perceived as that rare phenomenon, an honest politician who dares to speak her mind.

Of course, the British public can be wrong. It had much the same feelings in the s about George Brown, and few of his colleagues would have recognised the public's impression of him. But unlike the wayward Brown. And Blair might well have been thought to have owed her one for taking on that particular piece of dirty work.

But alas, within a month she had blotted her copybook, in the eyes of the politically correct by presuming to say much the same tilings about soft drugs as had been officially recommended in a Home Office report by Barbara Wootton almost 30 years ago. Fresh from their squalid and unsuccessful campaign at the Littleborough and Saddleworth by-election, Peter Mandel- son arid his army of night creatures were in no mood to permit such impure thoughts to be ventilated.

I was hurt by the way I was treated", she may not have been reflecting the normal inhibitions of the politicians' trade union, but she was at least speaking as a fully paid up member of the human race. What Blair may well not have reckoned with is how powerful a counter-puncher she would prove to be. Short selected altogether too easy a target She was probably much nearer the mark in what she had to say about the dangers of political parties deliberately seeking to cut themselves off from their pasts.

To inspire confidence in the electorate, a Labour leader simply has no choice but to give the impression of being capable of knocking heads together. That is by no means a necessary guide as to how he will turn out to behave as Prime Minister.

No one could have given an impression of greater strength than Harold Wilson in the 21 months he spent as Leader of the Opposition before coming to office for the first time in October Yet no one, equally, could have turned out to be a weaker or less determined Prime Minister. But at least I can see — or at least I hope I can see — why he does it He needs to persuade the public that the Labour Party, too.

Clement Attlee. On one occasion a not notably successful, elderly minister was. When the grim news was broken to him. Not to put too fine a point upon it despite press conferences and all the rest the Opposition ended up by making a total hash of it — the only doomsday weapon it managed to bring out of the locker being a veiled threat that it might not be prepared to renew the present franchise-holders' licences at the end of seven years.

It -was a display that, not surprisingly, intimidated no one least of all the franchise holders. As a decision, it may not have said much for his political fingertips but at least it bodes well for his ultimately turning into' a tough Prime Minister.

On first sighting it senior officials of. Hie gnome, h was decided, was not only. Simon Thuriey; curator of the Historic Royal Palaces, was locked in meetings yesterday and unable- to throw light on the mystery. But he was said to be. But they adamantly refused to lend it to us for the ceremony so I popped to Woolies for the next best thing. What I really liked was rugby It was pretty tough. I remember we played one of the Cambridge coffees.

I got a mild concussion. There were no substitutions in rugby, so our coach told me togo back in. I asked what I was supposed to do since I was dizzy. He s aid. I think ifs a terrific game. The culprit? Forjudge Barrington Black, the books at this point were useless. The case rested on the issue of identification.

Judge Black wresiled with some hard derisions. It was noL Should there be an identification parade with other parrots? He has been warned to expect some bird. Ms Short has always been an unlikely Cabinet]minister. He may, after reading her interview, wish he had gone further. If she is really that naive she should never have gone into politics.

Mr Blair is not me plaything of press officers. He is responsible for me approach Ms Short so deprecates. Her comments are a direct attack on his leadership. Having been elected to the Shadow Cabinet she cannot be de-elected but Mr Blair would be more man entitled to make an example of her in some other way. That Mr Blair has not says something about Ms Short and the truth of one of her observations.

They are two candid politicians who genuinely do what so many affect to and say the unsayable. Ms Short displays a femininity at once assertive and attractive. A further humiliation might haw won Ms Short more sympathy and Mr Blair more unpopularity.

There is another reason why Mr Blair cannot deal too roughly with Ms Short. That is not entirely fair. His success in changing Clause Four suggests the majority of members support modernisation. Harriet Harman, a weaker vessel perhaps, but the model of a moderniser, came nineteenth.

If Mr Blair wins me election then many of those on his coat-tails will be of like mind. MPs quiet now for fear of prejudicing victory will find their voices. It is not surprising mat they should be uncomfortable at finding mem- selves in a party that claims to support all three. Ms Short may have alerted them to me dangers they may face in me future. The losers include Sheila Frahm. It proves nothing of me kind, because none of these ideological issues was in contention: me single decisive factor was abortion.

For Mr Dole, these are straws to break an already overburdened back. The Religious Right rapidly let him know that this was a fight that they were bent on winning, even at the cost of losing him the election. For America, this represents a remarkable reversal of party roles.

Some 38 per cent of households 37 P e T fl 3 The'reason is last year owned a bicycle. The absurd demonstration in eSSSsm for two-wheders. What has happened is simply that Oxford has caught up with a backlog of the unpromoied. Yours sincerely. University of Cambridge. Faculty of History. West Road. August I. That distinction lasted less than 25 years and it was a structural one. How do the Home Secretary or the judges assess such attitudes? Are they supplied with a summary each day of newspaper opinion columns or letters published and unpublished , or do they visit pubs and dubs to ask the man in the street?

If the children who killed James Bulger, and also Myra Hindley. Yours faithfully. Hook MiJL Tufton. Clarbeston Road. August 5. From Mr Ted Davison Sir. August 7. From Mr Alan E. ALAN E. Copnor, Portsmouth. University of East London, Department of Psychology. August 2. From Professor J. Norris Sir. Most chairs are awarded on political rather than academic qualifications, and often those of superior academic achievements are passed over in the scramble of petty politics commonly needed to secure a chair.

Sincerely yours. JOHN W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Church Cottage. Hinton St George, Somerset. University of London. Institute of Education. August 1. July 30 on the row over the proposal to raise a statue of Benjamin Britten in Aide- burgh letters, July Surely Peter Grimes. The opposing JocaJ coundflors should seriously think again — in terms of national honour, and the rightness of paying homage to rarest gifts. The only real problem might be to find a sculptor equal to that task.

August 2 From Mrs Venetia M. Yours, puzzled From Mr Evan M. Davies Sir. EVAN M. August 8. From Mr Simon Dalgleish Sir. The birds would be happy, too. Wimbledon, SW August 3. Erect it at the Maltings in Snape — where Britten was living when he composed his finest opera, rattier than in Aldeburgh — and you would have something approaching a grand slam. Snape, Suffolk. From Mrs Eileen Craine Sir. August 2 Small is beautiful From Mrs M. What is wrong with holding works in store for alternative airings?

Some museums, die Metropolitan in New York for instance, are now so huge as to be awesome. George Street Wl. Business letters, page 25 Letters for publication should cany contact telephone numbers. We regret that we cannot accept letters by telephone but they may be sent by fax to The expression trenta e uno.

Variants on it have also meant to run away, to leave — presumably in the sense that something is over, has been left behind. The French itre sur son trente et un Ho look one's best" builds on the idea of what is complete; the expletive usage amongst Arabs, trianda-ena "Go away!

The object was to hold three cards of the same suit to make a total of From Dr Max Praia Sir. August 4. Yours faithfully, J. From Mr Howard Toon Sir. Hathem, Loughborough. Hanging Hill Farm, Kennythorpe. Mai ton. North Yorkshire. Professor Donald Barltrop. West Sussex.. Yorlc Flewitt. John Mow- lem and Company. East Sussex. Brighton and Hove Health Authority. NeuchAteL Switzerland, ; Salomon, pianist.

London ; Philip Larkin, poet Coventry. Norfolk, ; Sir Edward Frank! Montecatini Feme, Italy. Moniagnold, Switzerland, ; Dmitri Shostakovich, composer, Moscow. Gerald Ford became the 37th American President, During the summer, as many as 3, people a day arrive on the largest of the three islands, Izushxnore. Inishraore and the other Aran islands Inishmaan. The island now is another holiday venue and nothing more.

But formerly it was a source of inspiration. Mairtin Fitzpatrick, the postmaster on lnishmore. There is no culture, only greed. Many of the tourists buy a E15 round-trip boat ticket from Rossaveel. Ms Ni Ghofll said the system benefited the main- landers. J hvsheOr -T rap mB es-; built up very quickly here and people did not realise what was happening. But there are enough people on the island who know what they want, and I do not think they will let it go to the point of destruction.

Major S. Hall and Mbs BA. Mr PJ. Paiba and Miss S. Marriage Mr M. West Susses. Miss Maia Jessop. Miss Rose Ryan and Joseph Parker. Mr Quinn Jessop. Why London is such a capital name By Norman Hammond, archaeology correspondent The Leverhulme Trust WHILE Scottish nationalists are distancing themselves from London with plans for devolution and repatriation of the Stone of Scone, a possible Scottish origin for the name of the rejected joint capital of the two kingdoms has been mooted.

The late W. The Bourne. Famharo Guildford. The Rev Richard Eyre. Priest- in-charge. Saxon well group: now also Rural Dean of Grantham Lincoln. The Rev Kerth Fletcher. Haydon Bridge. Barton Turf. Beeston St Lawrence, Homing. Irstead and Neatis- head.

Southport to be Vicar of that parish Liverpool. The Rev David Gregg. Professor of Music, Royal Holloway. W P Stephens. University of Aberdeen The theology of Heinrich Bullinger. Stott, DPhil. Senior Lecturer in English literature. Clough, Kingsley, Darwin and others.

B G Taytor. Robin W Tucker. E Thanassoulis. PhD, Senior Lecturer. A Whiten, PhD. S G Wilson. PhD, Lecturer. R L Wokler. University of Manchester The Enlightenment project and its critics. LenJee Elisa Bose, a slater for Augustus. Steven, a Brother tar Hollis. Matthew and Dong. Freya Alice, a sister for PwU y and Mia. Lama's brother. Sarah Elisabeth. QBE JP, aged Deeply m ou rn ed by his sisters. Children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren, family and friends.

Prayers at B el oved mother of Tarry, Anthony, Tina and Richard. Grandmother of Natasha. Service fur family aud friends. Please telephone bouse or relatives for details. No flowers but donations If desired to Oaeer B sa ea n e h. Family flowers only, but donations, if desired. Cremation at Warriston Crematorium on Monday 12th August at 2pm.

Enquiries to Holmes A Daughters, S Widow of Alfred. Daniel and Emma, passed away peacefully at home. In Pinner on Saturday 3rd August. Pinner, Middlesex. HAS 3 HR. Wm be sadly missed. A Memorial gathering wD take place In the Autumn. Charlotte, Holly and F i mrewa. A service to remember her Ufa, followed a burial, will take place on lay 16th August at 1 pm at St Mary's Church.

Shlpton-wader- Wychwood, Oxfordshire. Flowers to E. Osan axis 3LG Fo r mer with the Loid whom be lond and served for 72 years. Funeral 2. Wa were honoured to be reg a ine d as famtiy. Sympathy to Dm sad the notea family. Love and regards. WS love you Jtahe. Dominic, Colleen. Alexandra and. Nice - Edward John ou 6th August peacefully.

Isabelle, Helen. Mathew, Charlotte, Lucy and QUvla. George, Jacguelfae. Soaanne and belovad grandfather of No flawed. Loving husband, father and grawdfa th su Funeral private. Died peacefully ou 7th August fa Durban. John Fndnl agod 85 jaro. A great friend to many- Funeral at Hsycombe Crematorium. Bath, on Thursday A a gust 15th at 12 Boon.

Father of Gra ham. Helen and Andrew. MK2 2ED. Derated mother of Tlmntlry and Valerie and uothesfa- law of Kacbal; favfag and loved grandmother of Cbulotu, Morgan. Xander, Tom and Peter. Funeral Service m Sootry and Sussex Cremator! Worth, at 3. Donations if desired to Imperial Cancer Bateau it. Wa could not love or mins ran umru. The Ughc of onr fleas went out 9th August All the land their friends con grain la dons and look forward to their 7Dth.

Tina Turner. Oasis All span 0t7t ktesyi 1. USA A men desdna- tioas. DMoua Travel 3 exvha»s UlC He was bom in Liverpool on June 9. Rock groups rose and fell, fashion models strutted their brief space and disappeared into oblivion and Britain appeared, in a way never quite susceptible of definition, to be leading the English-speaking world to sunlit plateaux where amity, charity, colour and light would reien for ever.

Of this pop culture, fashion was the mast obviously visible component And from being a poor relation of the fashion capitals of Europe. London suddenly found itself occupying an unwonted and dizzy eminence. Ossie Clark was one of the undisputed pioneers. In his designs he aimed straight at the young, and that was the source of his great strength.

Although no businessman at all. He learnt from the first — and never forgot the lesson — that the essence of design as it is eventually worn is in die cutting. He could sculpt clothes on the bodies of young women as no man had done to that date. He even claimed to have invented the mini-skirt before Maty Quant. The list of names he dressed in the jBixties reads like a roll of everyone who was anyone in that frantic decade: Mick and Bianca Jagger.

But business was never Clark's forte. After the adulation of the Sixties came the demands of the much less forgiving Seventies. Soaring inflation tore the heart out of the Clark business and. By the early s he was a bankrupt. Latterly, he had become a totally neglected figure, living alone in a Netting Hill flat.

His death ends one of the grimmer stories of the toll exacted by the Sixties from the brilliant creatures who dominated them. Ossie Clark was bom Raymond Clark in Liverpool. It was his being evacuated to Oswaldtwistle near the Lancashire-Yorkshire border, where he was brought up. Considered a dunce at school, he failed his plus and was senr to a secondary modem school. But this experience, normally the graveyard of aspiration in those days, was the making of him.

He won a place at Manchester School of Art and soon graduated to fashion design. By that time he was living in Warrington; so utterly entranced did he become with his Manchester course and its teachers that he could hardly tear himself away from the college to get the last train home each night. From Manchester. Clark went to the Royal College of Art in Increase of the customer database.

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High-speed notification. Entering the international markets. Competitive advantages: 1. When sending mailing by contact forms, all e-mails arrive in the inbox. When sending bulk e-mails, this can reach up to five percent. When sending mailing by contact forms it is possible to send a few million messages per day to inboxes.

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When sending mass e-mails, your commercial offer can be delivered to every employee of the company, which causes irritation compared to mailing by feedback forms where the information is received at the e-mail specifically set up for cooperation offers.

Thus that emails of businesses from directories are filled with spam, and therefore they will not have such profit as when sending mailing by contact forms using our always new WHOIS databases. Any kind of stop words in the headings or body of the message can be sent through forms. When sending e-mail newsletters, such messages either are not delivered the recipient or end up in spam. The list of stop words of mails includes almost all words and phrases that encourage your potential customers to take active actions.

Expanding the customer base. Quick notification of marketplaces about new business offers. Accessing company officials. Testing the demand for products and services. Conducting tenders. Conducting surveys and studying public opinion. Searching for customers internationally.

Every internet resource sends a e-mail to itself so all filters of mail systems are bypassed. Mailing by feedback forms is an ideal way in in terms of conducting different marketing researches, studies and surveys of public opinion on any kind ofdirection and type of activity. At the same time, within a week you will see demand for your own products and services, you will not have to spend money on rent and other more time-consuming and expensive marketing events.

Mailing by contact forms is the most economical and quickest way to get your product or service to the markets of other states. Monthly update of the database, as more than , new sites, are registered all over the world daily, and you, get new potential customers. We offer clients that you will not find through other types of advertisement. When sending mailing by contact forms, you will be able to reach out that part of your clients, that are impossible to find automatically in another way.

For instance, you will be able to deliver a cooperation offer to those potential customers that were earlier out of reach due to e-mail filters while sending e-newsletters. Now, there is a paradoxical situation: businesses that got into the directories are literally filled with spam with all sorts of cooperation offers while very little or no e-mails are sent to the rest. By ordering mailing by contact forms, you are promoting your service or product not to separate people, but to entire collectives, for instance domain.

Mailing by contact forms is also a type of SMS mailing Email that is linked to the feedback form is the main e-mail address of organisations through which orders and cooperation offers are sent. This mail is also set up for cell phones as it is necessary to respond to the information very fast so as not to misplace the application or the relevance of the commercial offer. The database of every country also includes all joint businesses from all countries closely related to or working with this country, for instance, diasporas and national communities.

Sanctions of mail systems and search engines? Most likely, all ads on your subject are already on the Internet networks, enter the necessary requests into the search engine and choose the most interesting ones. The headings are substituted by a carousel from text file.

If the customer needs pictures or more detailed information, then you should forward the potential customer to visit your site. In the letter: Text without pictures, since pictures do not pass through the feedback form. Your contact details: Website address:. I hope this email finds you well. Bange is perfect for students, professionals and travelers. The backpacks and sling bags feature a built-in USB charging port, making it easy to charge your devices on the go.

Also they are waterproof and anti-theft design, making it ideal for carrying your valuables. Both bags are made of durable and high-quality materials, and are perfect for everyday use or travel. I wanted to reach out and let you know about our new dog harness. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty so you can be sure your pet is always safe and stylish. Dag How your grandma a thot. I am attempting to find issues to enhance my web site!

I suppose its good enough to make use of some of your ideas!! I understand that you are looking for ways to improve your posture and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It is an easy-to-use device that you can wear at home, work, or even when you are sleeping. For that, either you can share the topic ideas of your choice and I will write an article on that or I will share the topic ideas for you to choose one and will send you the article on it.

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