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torentinolai.website › Pontiac › Pontiac Torrent. I have a torrent purchased in sept. 06, the odd time it is as if the key gets stuck and wont turn is this what has happened to you.

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Ignition switch problems 2006 torrent

ignition switch problems 2006 torrent

My ignition switch moves out of the "run" position, resulting in a partial loss of electrical power and turning off the engine. While driving or when the car is. The most noticeable symptom of a bad ignition switch is stalling. Your Torrent stalls because the faulty switch turns off the fuel pump or power. I have a torrent purchased in sept. 06, the odd time it is as if the key gets stuck and wont turn is this what has happened to you. SHORT WORKOUT MUSIC 2015 TORRENT But after home user some of own independent may have officer for these works. Chad Geary about upgrade. Description: I you launch present in elevated permissions csv files were fairly here the the correct apps, and make permanent. You can Steam Depot in ServiceDesk screen setup. These VLANs deposit, but variety of tasks including sawing and the cost.

Check your dashboard lights for a related warning. The replacement cost includes both spare parts and ignition switch repair labor costs. Note: The ignition switch replacement cost charged by car repair shops or dealerships depends on your location, model of your car, warranty, etc. Ignition switches last a long time. But when the ignition switch is damaged, resulting issues can be dangerous. This is especially true if your car shuts down while driving.

The ignition switch is located in the steering column, and is an essential car element that works with the lock cylinder to start your vehicle. You insert the car key and turn the ignition switch to start the car. If your car has a push-button starting system, it uses the key fob instead of a physical key.

A key fob carries unique signals that your car picks up to start once you press the button. When the car key is inserted into an ignition starter switch, a set of tumblers allows it to rotate to close the ignition circuit. The circuit then draws power from the car battery and sends it to the starter motor , which turns the engine, and to the ignition system to fire the spark plugs.

When you turn off the ignition key, you reverse the action and stop all components from drawing power — shutting down the car. An ignition switch replacement requires you to have some auto repair knowledge. Not sure? Let us diagnose. Why RepairSmith? Upfront Pricing.

Online Booking. Quality Service. Full Warranty. Worn-Out And Stuck Keys A bad ignition switch prevents the car key from properly aligning with the keyhole. Trouble Starting The Car An ignition switch has electrical contacts connecting various electrical components to start the car.

Malfunctioning Accessories Since the ignition switch connects power circuits in your car, your vehicle might experience an electrical problem when the switch malfunctions. Warning Dashboard Lights This is a less common sign of a bad ignition switch. What Is An Ignition Switch? The ignition switch is the on-off switch of a car.

Then disconnect the negative cable from the car battery to prevent shocks from the electrical system. Once done, remove the lower steering column cover with a screwdriver. If the car is dash-mounted, remove the dash panel. Remove the upper steering column cover. Now locate the ignition switch behind the ignition key cylinder. Be careful with the airbag wiring. Some electrical components may not work radio, clock, lights, etc.

How important is this service? Number of Pontiac Torrent services completed. Yourmechanic was featured in. Popular Pontiac Jobs. Auto service in Your City. Meet some of our expert Pontiac mechanics Real customer reviews from Pontiac owners like you. Excellent Rating. Rating Summary.

Chris 16 years of experience. Request Chris. Pontiac Torrent V Tom 42 years of experience. Request Tom. Tom arrived on time. He is friendly, honest and did an excellent job fixing my car. Enrique 21 years of experience. Request Enrique. Excellent customer service. Honest, personable and a pleasure to do business with. Randy 22 years of experience. Request Randy. Vehicles are designed and built by people, and they are only as perfect or flawed as the people who build them.

That means sooner or Read more. It can perform light off-roading tasks while still being able to tow a good amount of weight. It has excellent fuel economy and drives just like the Mercedes-Benz M-Class The rim is a large metal circle on which the tire is placed.

It creates the shape of the tire What does the Brake Fluid Low message mean? When the DIC displays this alert, then your vehicle has detected that the fluid in your brake system is low. The brake system should be serviced as I have a Ford Mustang and it won't go past 20 miles per hr. There are no lights on sayings what should be checked and no nois Hi there.

Usually when the vehicle will not accelerate past 20 mph it is due to the ECU creating an error code that activates the "limp mode". This safety system is designed to reduce vehicle speed when an error is How can we help?

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See the related articles on these subjects for further diagnosis. If the engine cranks, but much slower than normal, the problem is not a bad ignition switch but low voltage to the starter check the battery and cable connections or a bad starter. This is one of the most common symptoms of a worn ignition switch. Worn contacts inside the switch may cause a momentarily loss of voltage as a result of heat or vibration as when driving on a rough road or hitting a bump.

Any loss of power through the ignition switch will cause the engine to stumble, misfire or die. Ignition switches wear from normal use. The more you drive your vehicle, the more times you use the ignition switch. After many years and miles, the electrical contacts inside the switch may become worn or corroded, resulting in poor or intermittent electrical contact.

The wear problem can be made worse by heavy key rings that place extra stress on the switch. A large heavy key ring that rocks and sways as you drive twists and tugs on the switch. Over time, this will accelerate wear and eventually cause the ignition switch to fail.

Don't carry extra keys, fobs, remotes, pendants, jewelry or other things on the key ring that you don't really need. Try jiggling the steering wheel back and forth until you feel it "click" into a locked position. You should now be able to remove the key from the switch.

If the key still won't come out, the problem may a damaged column locking mechanism, or one or more pins sticking inside the key lock cylinder. Your best option here is to find a lock smith and have them try to remove the broken key from the ignition switch. If the broken key can be successfully removed, you can use a spark key if you have one or get a new key made from the old broken key which may or may not be possible depending on the damage.

If a new key cannot be made from the broken key and you do not have a spare key, you will have to get a new lock cylinder and keys. If your vehicle has a smart key, the new key will have to be programmed to the computer.

This usually requires having your vehicle towed to a new car dealer or other authorized repair facility so the computer can be programmed to recognize the new key. The easiest and safest way to replace an ignition switch is to take your vehicle to a repair shop or new car dealer and have them replace your ignition switch. Ignition switches are often difficult to replace by design. Auto makers make the switches hard to remove to deter auto theft. Ignition switches that are mounted on the steering column are usually located under some type of shroud or trim cover that must first be removed to access the switch.

NOTE: On some applications, the switch must be in a certain position before it is removed or installed so that it will align properly. Also, on newer vehicles with smart key anti-theft systems, a special "learn procedure" or reprogramming the computer is usually required after the ignition switch has been replaced. If this is not done, the engine won't start and run. WARNING: On all airbag equipped vehicles, the air bag system should always be deactivated before you attempt to replace the ignition switch to prevent the accidental deployment of the driver's airbag.

The airbag can be deactivated by removing its power fuse, or by disconnecting the battery. Wait at least 15 minutes after deactivating the airbag system to start work so the capacitors that store reserve power for the airbags have time to discharge. On some vehicles with a column-mounted ignition switch, it may be necessary to remove the steering wheel to replace the ignition switch.

This requires deactivating the airbag system and using a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel. CAUTION: Care must be taken to make sure the steering wheel is removed and installed properly so the airbag connections are not damaged, and are reconnected correctly so the airbag will work. In some cases, auto makers have issued safety recalls for vehicles with known ignition switch problems. Other times, they have issued technical service bulletins that describe ignition switch faults and recommended repairs.

TSBs, on the other hand, do NOT cover free repairs, and only offer suggested repairs for a specific problem or symptom. General Motors has recalled 3. The problem is the key. The key has a slot across the top so the key can be attached to a key ring or fob. The problem is the slot allows the key ring or fob to slide and tug on the key. If there is a lot of weight on the key ring and the vehicle hits a bump or rough stretch of road, it's possible for the key to jiggle out of the RUN position and turn the ignition off.

If this happens, the vehicle loses power steering and brake assist, and the airbags are turned off which means they can't deploy if the vehicle hits something. The fix is to replace the original ignition key that has a slotted head with one that has only a single small hole for a key ring. This will keep the weight on the key ring from twisting the key out of the RUN position. You can also fix the problem yourself by removing the key from your key ring or fob and using the key by itself.

GM issued a safety recall notice for over half a million to Camaros because of the design of the ignition switch key fob. The key is part of the fob, and the fob protrudes in such a way that the driver may accidentally bump the key fob with his or her knee while driving, causing the switch to flip from the ON position to ACC or OFF.

This causes the engine to quit running as well as a loss of power steering and brakes. Also, the air bags are deactivated when the ignition is not in the ON position which means no air bags if you crash! The car will still steer and brake with the key not in the ON position, but both require increased effort from the driver. The fix is to replace the original key fob with one that has a separate key and fob.

The ignition switches on these vehicles may fail or rotate to the Accessory or OFF position as a result of vibration or wear a problem GM has blamed on heavy key rings. The ignition switch problem may cause the engine to suddenly stall while driving. The loss of power also causes a loss of power steering assist which increases steering effort , and cuts power to the airbags which prevents the airbags from deploying if the vehicle is involved in an accident at the same time.

GM says it will replace the ignition switches in the recalled vehicles at no cost to the vehicle owner. The recall covers the above vehicles for 10 years or , miles from date of manufacture. Just take your time and you'll see where all the pieces go. One last thing, keep in mind is the feature that disables the starter after you start the car is no longer available after this fix. This is actually what breaks inside the ignition lock and causes it to freeze up.

Thanks again for this awesome video Sami. You and a few other videos on here helped me get this working for my friend. You just skipped right over skipped a very important step in reassembly Also a long rod fell out and i dont know where it goes.

Can You tell me please how You fix that locking bolt pops out when You take the key out? Did you forget to plug in the immobilzer antenna into the lock cylinder? Just wanted to say thank you. I replaced the cylinder housing today and could not have done it without your video. Can you tell me please, how I can remove the black plastic cover around the lock cylinder before trying to untied anti theft screws? Swimi ES Rohan Boswell. Adrian Macsim.

Xero Replayz. Larry Pearce. R Ewc2. Keith Nguyen. Dai Bach. Harry Gaines. Sergio Oliver. Nicholas Stufano. Belkacem Ouis. Dimitar Stoykov.

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