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blood angels warhammer 40k codex torrent

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blood angels warhammer 40k codex torrent

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BoLS Overview - Codex Supplement: Blood Angels - Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition


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This Chapter's warriors are able to extend the maximum effective range of their firearms through a combination of modified targeting rituals and precision adjustments by their skilled armourers. Far and wide spreads the fame of this Chapters craftsmen, who fashion the finest masterwork weaponry for their battle-brothers.

Time and time again, the warriors of this Chapter have faced the same foes. Through bloody defeat and hate-fuelled victory they have learned their enemies' weaknesses well. Firing from the hip, tracking their targets with enhanced runic displays that flicker lightning-fast across their auto-senses, the warriors of this Chapter lay down punishing fusillades even as they close with the foe. This Chapter's warriors are expert armourers, their tanks and Dreadnoughts maintained to levels that even the Adeptus Mechanicus would admire.

How does one defeat warriors whose willpower and determination are so ferocious that they can shrug off even the most catastrophic injuries and keep on fighting? This Chapter makes a virtue of deception and cunning, and drills its battle-brothers in evasive techniques that allow them to hug the shadows and close upon their foes unseen and unsuspected.

This Chapter's warriors are well drilled in the art of disengaging only to hurl themselves back into the fray with fresh impetus. Whether through latent psychic talent, personal energy shielding, enhanced reflexes or sheer zealotry, the battle-brothers of this Chapter can shrug off even the most devastating attacks. Adeptus Astartes — Battle Tactic. Every Chapter has forged its own tales of heroism, and none of its battle-brothers would see that noble record besmirched.

When the fighting is at its fiercest, the Terminator-armoured warriors of the Chapter truly show their quality. The combination of superhuman reflexes and bolter-drills means Space Marine Intercessors can produce a devastating rate of fire. Blessed with incredible strength, Primaris Space Marines deliver blows that inflict terrifying damage. Imminent death does not prevent a Space Marine from enacting his final justice upon the enemies of the Imperium.

The belligerency of some Adeptus Astartes machine spirits makes them unyielding foes to face. There are many tales of machine spirits wreaking havoc on the foe, even after their crew are slain and critical systems are failing. Each fallen champion who rests within the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought has seen a thousand battles and slain foes beyond counting. All such noble warriors are immensely inspiring to their battle-brothers.

Fuelled by battlefield adrenaline, the Chaplain recites his litanies with even greater fervour, inspiring the warriors around him. With decades of experience, the Apothecary confidently works with at high speed to return wounded brothers to the fray. In times of great need, the Space Marine Chapters will unleash the full power of their armouries, equipping their battle-brothers with artefacts of extraordinary power.

Every Space Marine is a champion in their own right, a posthuman demigod who stands between Mankind and the darkness. Space Marine pilots receive advanced training in handling their vehicles, and have preternatural reaction speeds.

Space Marines with jump packs crash into combat with bonebreaking force. Space Marine riders and pilots rely on their post-human reflexes to weave around incoming. Switching weapons to full auto, the Space Marines unleash a short-lived but inescapable hail of fire. A measured advance allows Space Marines to unleash a steady stream of fire. The tenets of the Codex Astartes allow for unorthodox use of combat tactics and the employment of divergent strategic doctrines if doing so will lead to victory.

Few indeed are the foes who can hope to escape the savage barrage of Space Marine artillery with their wits intact. At the most critical time, Reivers engage their armour's enhanced features to terrify and disrupt the enemy as much as possible. At the opportune moment, Space Marine infiltration units slip away from battle, only to relocate and strike the foe again. Nearby motion and radiation signatures are detected by a handheld device, forewarning the bearer of ambushes. These shells burrow deep into the ground before detonating; though the force of the blast is reduced, the resulting shock wave is sufficient to hurl the foe from their feet.

Space Marine forces use shock grenades and similar weapons to stun and distract the enemy with blinding light and raucous noise. Assault launchers fire salvoes of explosive charges at the enemy, causing horrific damage to those who are caught out of cover.

Melta bombs are fusion charges designed to burn through an armoured hull in a matter of seconds. Crews of gravitic battle tanks can discharge directed pulses of gravitic force through their ventral plates. Originally devised to counter large Tyranid bio-forms, hellfire rounds fill the target with mutagenic acid upon detonation. Flakk missiles are designed to eliminate aircraft by unleashing a payload of shrapnel that shreds armour and vital systems. Throwing down a hail of smoke grenades or deploying their smoke launchers, the Space Marines screen themselves from the enemy.

The Blood Angels are masters of aerial assault, leaping from aircraft with jump packs roaring to plunge into the heat of battle. None are as hated by the Blood Angels as the Black Legion, for it was their gene-sire, Horus, who slew Sanguinius millennia ago. When a battle-brother is gripped in the darkest depths of the Black Rage, only the direst of wounds can penetrate the madness and lay them low.

As the last vestiges of their sanity slip away, the fallen heroes of the Death Company fight with the burning conviction that they are the Primarch himself. The noble lords of the Blood Angels are mighty warriors indeed, but even within this exalted brotherhood, some heroic individuals stand out amongst their peers.

Those who exemplify the finest qualities of the Blood Angels will be entrusted to bear powerful wargear into battle. Chambers flooded with nitro-sanctified unguents, Lucifer-pattern engines bellow their fury and propel Blood Angels tanks into battle at breakneck speed. In extremis, the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels will bestow one of their treasured relics to a worthy champion from one of their successor Chapters.

The Sanguinary Guard exemplify the noble heritage of Sanguinius, leaping to their battle-brothers' defence. So lost to rage are the Death Company that they surge unstoppably into battle, eagerly outpacing their brothers. Before the battle, generate the psychic powers for PSYKER models from your army that know powers from the Librarius discipline using the table below.

You can either roll one D6 to generate each power randomly re-rolling duplicate results , or you can select which powers the psyker knows. The psyker projects his will beyond the regular passage of time, altering the temporal flow to sway the tide of battle.

Blessing: Veil of Time has a warp charge value of 6. Until the start of your next Psychic phase , you can re-roll Advance rolls and charge rolls made for that unit. Until the start of your next Psychic phase, if that unit starts the Fight phase within Engagement Range of an enemy unit, it fights first that phase.

Blessing: Might of Heroes has a warp charge value of 6. Until the start of your next Psychic phase , add 1 to that models Strength, Toughness and Attacks characteristics if a unit has more than one Toughness characteristic, use the lowest Toughness characteristic in that unit when resolving any rules.

The psyker unleashes the full might of his mind to cast down his opponents defences, both technological and mystical, rendering them vulnerable to the retribution of the Adeptus Astartes. Blessing Aura : Null Zone has a warp charge value of 7. The psyker pits his superhuman willpower against that of his enemies in a battle of mental fortitude, seeking to destroy their minds in a burst of psychic fury. Witchfire: Psychic Scourge has a warp charge value of 6.

Calling upon the myths of his Chapters home world, the psyker sends forth a terrifying monstrosity wrought from psychic energy. Witchfire: Fury of the Ancients has a warp charge value of 6. Drawing on boundless reserves of inner strength, the psyker constructs a powerful field of shimmering psychic energy around himself as well as any nearby battle brothers, protecting them from harm.

Blessing Aura : Psychic Fortress has a warp charge value of 6. Before the battle, generate the psychic powers for PSYKER models that know powers from the Obscuration discipline using the table below. The psyker uses his mastery of the warp to fog the minds of his enemies, clouding their senses so that his allies appear as nothing more than indistinct shadows. Blessing: Shrouding has a warp charge value of 6.

Until the start of your next Psychic phase , unless that unit is the closest eligible target, enemy models cannot target that unit with ranged attacks. The psyker shares his warp-sight with his brethren, causing their eyes to glow with an ethereal light.

So empowered, no foe can escape their omniscient gaze; the souls of their targets flare like flaming beacons in the dark. Blessing: Soul Sight has a warp charge value of 6. Until the start of your next Psychic phase , each time a model in that unit makes a ranged attack, you can re-roll the hit roll and the target does not receive the benefits of cover against that attack.

The psyker peers into the mind of the foe, raiding their thoughts for secret codes, battle plans, the location of hidden forces and any other tactical information that might be useful. Such brute psychic interrogation doubtless inflicts severe cerebral trauma on its victim. Witchfire: Mind Raid has a warp charge value of 6. The psyker instils terror and panic within his foes by conjuring images out of their memories - from past allies seemingly returned from the dead, to apparitions wrought from nightmares.

Malediction: Hallucination has a warp charge value of 6. Until the start of your next Psychic phase , subtract 1 from the Leadership characteristic of models in that unit. As the psyker twists his hand, a psychic bolt lances through the minds of his enemies. As they reel from the assault, their own shadows seemingly come to life, pulling their casters to the ground with frenzied determination.

Malediction: Tenebrous Curse has a warp charge value of 7. That unit suffers 1 mortal wound. The psyker creates an invisible corridor in which the passage of time is altered, allowing his allies to traverse the battlefield with supernatural swiftness. Blessing: Temporal Corridor has a warp charge value of 5. That unit cannot shoot or fight this turn. If that unit is not within Engagement Range of any enemy models, it can either make a Normal Move or it can Advance as if it were your Movement phase if it Advances, do not make an Advance roll; instead, until the end of the phase, add 6" to the Move characteristic of models in that unit.

Before the battle, generate the psychic powers for PSYKER models that know powers from the Sanguinary discipline using the table below. You can either roll one D6 to generate each power randomly re-rolling duplicate results , or you can select which powers the PSYKER model knows. The Librarian channels his psychic might, and the deadly powers of the immaterium flow through him, raising his speed to deadly heights.

Blessing: Quickening has a warp charge value of 6. The Librarian reaches into the minds of his fellows and stokes the fires of anger lurking in their psyches, pushing them into a frenzied rage. Blessing: Unleash Rage has a warp charge value of 6. Until the start of your next Psychic phase , each time a model in that unit makes a melee attack, an unmodified hit roll of 6 scores 1 additional hit. The Librarian wills a shimmering golden barrier into existence, shielding his brothers from harm.

Blessing: Shield of Sanguinius has a warp charge value of 6. Witchfire: Blood Boil has a warp charge value of 6. If manifested , select one enemy unit that is within 18" of and visible to this PSYKER and roll 2D6: If the total is more than the highest Toughness characteristic of models in that unit, it suffers D3 mortal wounds. If the total is more than double the highest Toughness characteristic of models in that unit, it suffers 3 mortal wounds instead.

The Librarian conjures a mighty lance, infused with his innermost rage. Hefting this empyric projectile, the Librarian hurls it with all of his psychokinetic might, sending it hurtling through the enemy ranks to maim and impale. Witchfire: Blood Lance has a warp charge value of 6. Blood-red wings of psychic energy spring from the back of the Librarian, allowing him to soar across the battlefield like an avenging angel. Blessing: Wings of Sanguinius has a warp charge value of 6.

In addition, before the battle, generate the additional litanies for PRIEST models from your army that know litanies from the Litanies of Battle using the table below. You can either roll one D6 to generate each litany randomly re-rolling duplicate results , or you can select which litanies the priest knows.

The Chaplain fuels his battle brothers with hatred and exhorts them to strike the foe harder and harder, without mercy. The Chaplain exhorts his charges to steel themselves against even the most dangerous weapons the enemy can bring to bear. The Chaplain calls upon his brothers to unleash a relentless storm of close-range firepower.

Each time a model in that unit makes a ranged attack against the closest eligible target, add 1 to that attacks wound roll. The Chaplain bellows his fury at the enemy, his brothers surging forwards to strike them down. The Chaplain focuses his mind on the purity of the blood that runs through his veins, bestowed upon him by the Primarch himself.

The Chaplain recites creeds that focus the minds of his brothers to ensure their shots strike true. Bellowing his hatred of the foe, the Chaplain leads his brothers in the wholesale destruction of the enemy. Each time a model in that unit makes a pile in or consolidation move , it can move up to an additional 3". This is not cumulative with any other rule that increases the distance models can pile in or consolidate.

You can either roll one D6 to randomly generate one, or you can select one. Each time a Combat Attrition test is taken for that unit, subtract 1 from that Combat Attrition test. This warlord hurls himself forwards with unbridled ferocity, cutting down the foe like a reaping whirlwind. Faith and duty drive this warlord relentlessly onwards as he shrugs off injuries that would lay lesser warriors low. If the mission uses the Strategic Reserves rules, any of those units can be placed into Strategic Reserves without having to spend any additional CPs , regardless of how many units are already in Strategic Reserves.

If both players have abilities that redeploy units, roll off ; the winner chooses who redeploys their units first. Honouring the memory of Sanguinius on the field of battle, this warlord strikes as fast as the mighty angel of Baal once did. Such is this warlords speed, it is as if the Primarch himself fights alongside his sons. This warlord is a true artist both on and off the battlefield. His talents are reflected in the exquisite workmanship of his wargear, for he insists upon personally crafting his weapons of war.

This is in addition to any other Relics they may have, and each Relic in your army must be unique. This warlord is a beacon of hope in a hateful galaxy. No matter the odds, friendly forces are inspired by his presence. This warlord is courageous and noble. All other rules for Heroic Interventions still apply. Like all other secondary objectives, each of the secondary objectives listed below has a category, and they follow all the normal rules for secondary objectives for example, when you select secondary objectives, you cannot choose more than one from each category, you can score no more than 15 victory points from each secondary objective you select during the mission etc.

The Codex Astartes has proven its worth as a superb treatise on warfare over countless battlefields, and has remained so even after ten thousand years. Many Space Marines hold its teachings in awe, following its guidance in all ways, trusting in its ability to give them victory. Their belief has been rewarded on battlefield after battlefield. The Space Marines are the Emperor's finest shock troops, striking at the foe before they can react or even know they are under threat.

In their lightning assaults, Space Marines smash aside the enemy, slaughtering them without mercy, to achieve their goals. Before battle, Space Marines take all manner of oaths. They swear to never falter, to never give up, to never yield and to fight until their last breath. Made before their battle-brothers, commanders and Chaplains, the Space Marines take fewer things more seriously.

Sanguinius would often soar above the battlefield on his angelic wings before plunging down to eliminate enemy commanders in single combat. In the millennia since his death, many Blood Angels heroes have taken on this role, decapitating the enemy command structure at the onset of battle.

The warriors of the Death Company are forsaken, their lives given up in explosions of violence, slaying as many of the foe as possible before their inevitable demise at the heart of the enemy force. The Blood Angels descend from on high like the angels of myth, landing in the midst of the foe and laying waste to enemy armies with bolter and blade. These deadly interventions ensure not even the oppositions commanders can find safe haven from their wrath. The Blood Angels are loathe to resort to the defensive strategies favoured by other Chapters, preferring to take the fight to the foe by way of decisive strikes into the heart of the oppositions lines.

To the Blood Angels, enemy territory must be taken and held firmly by their forces, the opponent left with nowhere to hide. In this section you'll find additional rules for playing Crusade battles with Space Marines, such as Agendas, Battle Traits and Crusade Relics that are bespoke to Adeptus Astartes units.

You can find out more about Crusade armies in the Warhammer 40, Core Book. For the Space Marines, only the total destruction of the Emperor's enemies is acceptable. The Space Marines know no fear. Superhuman courage in the face of terrifying horrors and overwhelming odds are expected from each and every battle-brother. Fleeing from the conflict is as anathema to them as allowing the enemies of the Emperor to draw breath. The warriors of the Chapter who bear the Mark of Censure have submitted themselves to the reclusiam for their failures, and been set upon a quest for absolution in their Chapter's eyes.

Only by striking down the mightiest foes of the Emperor will their shame be absolved. The standards of the Space Marines are inspirational icons and symbols of the Emperor's dominance. To plant one is to claim that ground in the name of the Imperium.

In the confusion of battle, the fallen body of a mighty hero was left on the field, his progenoids not recovered. It is of vital import this precious resource is found. A mortally wounded Space Marine may be interred in the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought, allowing him to bring death to his foes in a new form.

Through heroism on the field of battle and unwavering commitment to duty, Space Marines can ascend the ranks. Many Primaris Space Marines served as part of the Indomitus Crusade before joining their Chapters, bringing vital experience of the fractured Imperium.

To cross the Rubicon Primaris is not a decision taken lightly, for not all warriors survive the transformation. Those who do become even more potent avatars of war. This Techmarine displays a natural ability to make even the most seriously damaged vehicle ready to wage war again. This Techmarine is more akin to his mechanical charges than he is to a flesh and blood battle-brother.

This skilled physician is able to return even the most seriously-wounded battle-brother to the field with all speed. This Apothecary fights with the fury of their Primarch when a battle-brother falls, lest their gene-seed be lost. Awarded to those warriors who prove their accuracy in combat, these badges are constructed by coating spent bolter shell casings, ejected from the weapons of great heroes, in gold. Awarded to those who have shown great resolve, this eagle emblem is emblazoned on the warrior's chest plate.

Purity seals record not so much honours as blessings given by the Chapter's Chaplains before battle. When a battle-brother receives a seal, the Chaplains chant litanies before affixing it to the Space Marine's armour. Awarded to the most superlative duellists of the Chapter, this honour badge is shaped like a dagger and proclaims the bearer's skill at arms. Veterans who have earned the honour of waging war in Terminator armour are permitted to wear these badges - smaller representations of the Crux Terminatus - when fighting in their power armour.

These rivets are stamped into a warrior's cranium to record ten, fifty or a hundred years' service. Though described in the Codex, the awarding of studs is not officially required. These mighty warriors may serve as the Chapter Master's second in command, be responsible for the Chapter's fortress monastery and speak for the Chapter Master in his absence. Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield, when you use an Adeptus Astartes Battle Tactic Stratagem , that Stratagem costs 0 Command points.

The Captain of the 2nd Company is often responsible for the defence of the Chapter's home world. They are heavily involved with system-wide defence and intelligence assessment of threats to their Chapter's seat of power. Regardless of how much a Chapter involves itself in the affairs of its home world's population, the Master of the Watch takes a keen interest in them. If this unit is part of your Crusade army and you are the Defender, then you start the battle with an additional 2 Command points.

This Captain, often of the 3rd Company, is responsible for managing and overseeing the Chapter's vast inventory of munitions. Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield, when you use an Adeptus Astartes Wargear Stratagem , that Stratagem costs 0 Command points. The Master of the Fleet is often the Captain of the 4th Company, and is responsible for the Chapter's armada of spacefaring warships.

He is expected to be highly skilled not only in commanding a single ship in battle, but also in coordinating all of the Chapter's vessels in the highly complex matters of ship-to-ship combat. If this unit is on the battlefield, you can use the Orbital Bombardment Stratagem twice during the battle instead of once. While this unit is on the battlefield, each time you use the Orbital Bombardment Stratagem, it costs 1 Command point instead of 3.

This warrior oversees the deployment of all the Chapter's assets, in addition to their role as Captain of the 5th Company. In so doing they hear all pleas for the Chapter's aid, dismissing those he deems the most unworthy before presenting those that remain to the Chapter Master. If this unit is part of your Crusade army and you are using the Strategic Reserves rule, you can halve the Command point cost required to place units into Strategic Reserves rounding fractions down.

The Master of the Rites is often the Captain of the 6th Company. Among his many duties he is often responsible for preserving and recording the Chapter's martial traditions and ceremonial conventions. If this unit is part of your Crusade force, then the Warlord Trait Requisition costs 0 Requisition points if the model being given the Warlord Trait is from the same Chapter as this unit. Traditionally held by the Captain of the 7th Company, a warrior with this title is responsible for the non-armament provisions the Chapter requires to continue its operations, as well as thousands of serfs and servitors.

In this role, a battle-brother must prove himself a master logistician. If this unit is part of your Crusade force, then the Rearm and Resupply Requisition costs 0 Requisition points if the unit selected for that Requisition is from the same Chapter as this unit. The Captain of the 8th Company is a martial example to his Chapter's warriors. As Lord Executioner, he dispenses the Chapter's justice - whether that be to the Chapter's hated foes or those within its ranks who fail to meet enormously stringent disciplinary requirements.

If this unit is part of your Crusade army and you are the Attacker, then you start the battle with an additional 2 Command points. If this unit is part of your Crusade force, then the Relic Requisition costs 0 Requisition points if the model gaining the Relic is from the same Chapter as this unit.

The 10th Company Captain is responsible for training the Chapter's future generations. With ten Vanguard squads at his command, he also serves as the Chapter Master's eyes and ears, and possesses vast amounts of intelligence. If this unit is part of your Crusade force, then the Fresh Recruits Requisition costs 0 Requisition points if the unit gaining the Fresh Recruits is from the same Chapter as this unit. This Iron Halo protects the bearer from harm, whilst proclaiming them to be a mighty hero of the Imperium.

This chest plate bears an Aquila crest wrought in adamantine, rendering it proof against even the mightiest blow. Incorporating arcane technology found in suits of Terminator armour, this unassuming device allows the bearer to be teleported accurately into the thick of battle from their orbiting spacecraft. The bearer has the Teleport Strike ability.

This blade is a relic of the Great Crusade and is rumoured to have been crafted on Terra. It is now borne by only the greatest heroes of the Space Marine Chapters. This bloodstained banner lists the atrocities and injustices committed by the Emperor's foes, a reminder of the duty of the Adeptus Astartes to purge the stars of the heretic and the alien. Crafted long ago in forges lost to the mist of time, these immensely rare rounds create a miniature vortex within the target upon their detonation.

Such an event causes catastrophic damage to even the largest enemies, and psykers who miraculously survive are driven mad by the creatures of the warp that flow from the tear in reality. Model with a bolt weapon only. When you select this Relic, select one bolt weapon the bearer is equipped with.

Once per battle, when the bearer shoots with that weapon, you can choose for it to fire a vortex bolt. In the deepest vaults of every Chapter are ancient relics inherited from the personal wargear of their genefather. Only in the direst circumstances are these brought to the battlefield to inspire battle-brothers to even greater deeds; if these relics were to be lost, it would be a tragedy on par with the blackest days in the Chapter's history.

Once per battle, in your Command phase , the bearer can unveil the Relic of the Primarch. If the bearer is destroyed, then after removing it from play, replace it with an additional objective marker to represent the Relic of the Primarch set it up as close as possible to the centre of the model's base before it is removed. These banners have seen more battlefields than the veteran warriors that carry them, and are potent symbols of the indomitability of the Space Marines and the righteousness of their cause.

The Ancient carries a banner of unmatched glory or humbling prestige. Its intricate design has been restitched countless times after being borne onto the deadliest battlefields. The warriors who march to war in its shadow do so inspired by the renowned battles it commemorates.

While some highly trained Chapter thralls can effect a reasonable repair to any damage this banner suffers, a few are considered to be true artisans with vexillor-needles and cleansing oils, the damaged sections nigh-indistinguishable from the original. This elaborate emblem surmounts the banner and incorporates an energy field generator. Those who fight in the shadow of the glories depicted on this banner are held to be warded in the victory's radiance. Painstakingly etched upon strips of neo-parchment, ritually purified xenos hide or perhaps wafer-thin steel, the names of every honoured bearer of this banner hang from this standard, save only its current custodian.

The tally of such worthy guardians is a potent reminder to the Ancient of their privileged duty. This banner's artificer-wrought staff contains a potent energy generator. Wielded as a deadly pole arm in extremis - should the standard itself be in danger - even a glancing blow from the hyper-dense alloy of the stave can crack armour and bludgeon the foe into submission. Often represented as a gilded halo that radiates an auric light, these sculpted symbols reflect the purity of the deeds illuminated upon the banner and blind any who stand against the Emperor's chosen.

Those with the temerity to aim at warriors marching below this banner find themselves averting their gaze. Within a graven aquila, a grim death's head or one of many symbols employed by the Chapter are fitted micro-vox transmitters. These broadcast bellicose sermons penned by the Chaplains, ensuring that the righteous rage of the banner's defenders is never quenched. While this banner may originally have been composed of more mundane textiles, each successive repair has incorporated woven threads of adamantine, tinted by arcane thermochromatic processes by the Chapter's Techmarines.

After centuries of battle and hundreds of restorations, it is now creation of rippling resilience capable of enduring the worst the foe can unleash. Golden cords or streamers hang from this banner or its stave, each woven in a complex tri-fold braid denoting the intertwined responsibilities expected of a warrior of the Adeptus Astartes: the destruction of their foe; the defence of their allies; and completion the mission granted by their commander, each filtered through the unique traditions of their Chapter.

Woven into the standard's tapestry, this potent symbol depicts the Ancients current campaign. While those who stand beneath it fight, none are in doubt about the righteousness of their cause, and none will take a step back until their crusade is complete. This banner's material, heavy and resilient as it is, has been set ablaze, burning large areas of it into unrecognisable charred ruin.

Whether reduced in stature, faded of colour or torn despite the Ancients devoted efforts, this standard has lost much of its glory. This banner has been damaged and hastily repaired too often, awaiting the dedicated attention of artisans away from battle. It resembles more a collage of colour than a proud battle standard. Unable to reach the Sanctus Wall, they fought a guerrilla campaign to slow Haarken Worldclaimer down. Space Marine Chapters recognised that their numbers were too few to defeat the forces of Chaos in the Nachmund Gauntlet.

They resorted to guerrilla tactics, determined to cause as much damage as possible. Warden Raiders made a point of striking rapidly to kill enemy commanders and elite troops before withdrawing. Cutting enemy supply lines was a vital task for the Space Marines caught behind Worldclaimer's armies. Without resources, the forces of Chaos could be slowed down. Warden Raiders were as adept at lightning assaults with battle-tanks and light vehicles as they were on foot.

Capitalising on every advantage, these raiders have become experts at hitting the enemy hard and fast. These raiders have mastered the art of the decisive flanking manoeuvre. Momentum is everything in a raid, these warriors have learned to maximise it. These raiders can disembark from a transport vehicle incredibly quickly and efficiently.

Even when disembarking from their vehicles, these raiders are able to lay down an accurate barrage of fire. The drivers of these vehicles are especially eager to get into the fray and destroy the enemy. Gunners of this vehicle can unleash a hail of accurate fire even if their mount is moving at high speeds. On the eve of war, battle-brothers may succumb to the madness of the Black Rage.

Those few who survive the battle, and neither perish from their wounds or the mercy of the Redeemer of the Lost, are taken back to Baal and locked away to howl in rage as the madness consumes their mind. Such an ignoble fate brings only sorrow to the Chapter. The curse of the Blood Angels can become a potent weapon if tempered with discipline and control. There are few warriors as noble as the sons of Sanguinius.

The Blood Angels are no strangers to self-sacrifice; the only question is how many foes they can lay low before that fate finally arrives. The Sanguinary Priesthood investigates every avenue that might lead to a cure to the Flaw. This duty often sees them journeying to forgotten worlds, in search of forbidden archeotech from the Dark Age of Technology. On the eve of battle, a Blood Angels warrior may be gripped by apocalyptic visions as the Black Rage takes hold.

Such a battle-brother is lost to the Chapter, sent forth to seek death on the battlefield rather than face the ignominious decline into bestial madness. The most skilled Chaplains of the Blood Angels can harness the anger that resides within their battle-brothers without allowing it to boil over and consume their psyches, halting - for a time at least - the onset of the Black Rage.

The Blood Angels are amongst the longest-lived of all the Space Marines, echoing the physical perfection of Sanguinius. The sons of Sanguinius have been known to slumber inside sarcophagi that purify their blood as they rest. The Sanguinary Priests hope that in doing so they can slow the process of degeneration brought on by the Flaw, but all are aware that such measures are at best only temporary.

The Blood Angels harness the Red Thirst in battle, but the bloodshed, if not controlled, can hasten the onset of the Black Rage. The Death Company is comprised of warriors with countless years of battle experience, making the Chapters loss even more sorrowful. Such combatants fight their final battle in the name of Sanguinius, but the Flaw is such that there will always be more battle-brothers to replace these fallen souls. It is a tragedy when one of the Chapters noblest stars falls to the Black Rage.

This enormous hand-and-a-half sword was forged by Sardanus Forell, a Judiciar who later became High Chaplain. Model with power sword, master-crafted power sword, relic blade or executioner relic blade only. This exquisite rifle unleashes an unending storm of fire. Model with master-crafted auto bolt rifle only. This psychic hood has served the Blood Angels for millennia. Every inch of its surface is inscribed with the sayings of Sanguinius, written in filigree of the purest gold, and decorated with bloodstone gems and miniature hand-painted scenes of the Chapters most glorious victories.

Add 6" to the range of the bearers Psychic Hood ability. Each time a Psychic test is taken for the bearer, you can ignore any or all modifiers to that test. Chaplain Umbrael served with the Chapter over two millennia ago. His bombastic sermons, amplified through vox units in his armour, accompanied a visceral aura of dread around the black-clad warrior.

This rough grail is carved from the very bedrock of Baal. While it cannot match the artifice of some other examples, it is nonetheless a precious relic of the Blood Angels, carried into battle by several of the greatest Sanguinary Priests in the history of the Chapter. When held aloft, it reminds the Blood Angels of that which they fight to protect.

These still function, millennia later, and allow the wearer to advance at speed while effortlessly avoiding incoming fire. Enemy models cannot fire Overwatch at the bearer. You can re-roll charge rolls made for the bearer. Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield, you can use one Battle Tactic Stratagem twice during the same phase, instead of only once. This warrior lists all Blood Angels fallen in battle.

Such reverence and care inspires the sons of Sanguinius around him. If this unit is part of your Crusade army , then each time a unit from your army fails an Out of Action test, that unit loses 1 Flaw point to a minimum of 0. The Lord Adjudicator is a golden exemplar of the Chapters noble values. He must be, for by them does he judge his battle-brothers. Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield, when you use an Epic Deed Stratagem, that Stratagem costs 0 Command points.

The Caller of the Fires recognises the Flaw's power, and seeks to inspire his battle-brothers to unleash it in a controlled manner. Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield, when you use the Red Rampage Stratagem, that Stratagem costs 0 Command points. If this unit is part of your Crusade army , then after each battle, each time you take a Black Rage test for a unit from your army, you can add 1 to the result. Situated at the edge of the Baal System, Skyfall is a gigantic spacedock in the form of an angel stood astride a globe.

The Lord of Skyfall is responsible for its defence and administration. Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield, when you use either the Descent of Angels or Upon Wings of Fire Stratagem, that Stratagem costs 0 Command points. If this unit is part of your Crusade army and you are the Attacker, then you start the battle with an additional D3 Command points if your opponents army includes any units with the Fortifications Battlefield Role , you start the battle with an additional 3 Command points instead.

Though made up of many different units from several different factions, a Torchbearer fleet is, nonetheless, a formidable fighting force. Here we present new rules for fielding a Torchbearers Crusade force on the field of battle. Torchbearer fleets send out scry-probes, intel nodes and data harvesting automata to locate their target Chapter. The self-terminating augury data they reap is invaluable to their search, and if any of these nodes are damaged, they must be secured and retrieved before the data is lost.

The energy signature of a barely functioning Servitor has been detected, one separated from the Chapter the fleet is searching for. Personal glory and honour must be sacrificed by Torchbearer fleets in pursuance of their true directive: finding the Chapter in need of reinforcement. Disparate clues and data suggest that they are closing in on the Chapter at long last.

The experienced Space Marines delivered by the Torchbearer fleet have formed strong bonds with the battle-brothers of their Chapter. Elements of this artificer-wrought sensor-net are thought to date back to the Dark Age of Technology. Each time you select a target for a ranged weapon the bearer is equipped with, you can ignore the Look Out, Sir rule. Fashioned by a dozen master artisans in reverent similitude of the legendary blade of the Emperor, this finely balanced sword was designed to be taken by a Torchbearer fleet into the darkness.

This surgical multi-tool is an enhanced version of the equipment commonly used by the healers of the Adeptus Astartes. Fitted with multi-spectral analysers, cocktails of bio-engineered nerve-stimms and flesh catalysts, as well as cortical augurs and fulcrite-toothed nanosaws to shear through the toughest armour, the bearer is able to drag even mortally wounded brothers back from the brink of death. Once per game, in your Command phase , the bearer can use this Relic.

First gifted to the commander of the Torchbearers task force assigned to locate the Silver Phoenixes Chapter, this arcane sphere is able to push back malignant energies. Once per battle, at the end of your Movement phase , the bearer can unleash this Relic. If it does: Roll one D6 for each enemy PSYKER unit within 12": on a , that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound ; on a , it suffers D3 mortal wounds; on a 6, it suffers 3 mortal wounds.

Trained in full-spectrum superiority, these forces outmanoeuvre their foes at every turn and are masters of the precision strike. Masters of convoy elimination, assassination, sabotage and terror tactics, a full strike force of these specialists conduct extended guerrilla wars to take their enemies apart piece by piece. Battle-brothers that fight as part of a Vanguard Spearhead utilise covert hit-and-run tactics, continually repositioning and raining precision shots into their bewildered foe from the shadows before retribution can be brought to bear.

Its seemingly humble design belies its dreaded power, and a number of dark myths surround reports of Space Marines wielding such a weapon. The killing edge of The Nights Blade contains a neural-shock net. This artificer suit of Phobos armour is not near-silent like others of its kind. While its power plant and fibre bundles operate with hardly a whisper, the Armour Umbral projects a barely-perceptible aural rendering of the surrounding soundscape, masking the wearers presence with the sigh of the wind and the rustle of vegetation.

Coupled with a shrouding field that returns a wash of false signals to targeting systems, the warrior is as good as a ghost. The psycho-crystalline matrix at this blades core responds to the bearers mastery of psychic shadow and deceit. Just as the bearer is able to pass the barriers of the foe unseen, so this blade passes through his opponents defences in kind, slipping through armour, energy fields and flesh with ease.

Morbidus bolts are a perfection of the specialist shells used by Reiver operatives behind enemy lines. These silent projectiles streak unseen, and unerringly through the weak spots of a foes armour before shattering and dispensing potent toxins through their ruined flesh, slaying them instantly and silently. From the wound, the shells final act is to expel a gaseous hallucinogen, rendering the silent victim doubly horrific to their shocked allies.

Reiver Squads attack in a barrage of disorienting roars and a storm of stabbing blades. With their foes reeling under the assault, every weak spot of their foe is identified and exploited. When fighting as part of Vanguard Spearhead, Space Marines utilise the sophisticated ocular systems of their Phobos armour to greater efficacy.

Sharing combat data across inter-squad networks, they identify weaknesses in even the most resilient foe, deficiencies which precise attacks can take advantage of. Vanguard squads are trained to rapidly disengage from their foe, moving to new positions before attacking once more. Infiltrator saboteurs often carry a deadly array of munitions for breaching enemy structures and other demolitions work.

These packs can also be used against enemy war engines or hulking monstrosities, clamped onto their foe before remote detonation. Equipped with an elaborate auspex unit, some Infiltrator specialists are skilled in cracking the foe's transmissions and scanning for threats. Relayed information from the data-spectral realm enables their allies to anticipate enemy activity. Specialised target acquisition devices coupled with their bearer's exceptional marksman instincts enable their squad to identify key enemy combatants, feeding targeting data directly to their visors.

Vanguard Spearheads utilise advanced scanning equipment and orbital augurs to grant them an awareness of the battle-sphere's layout few forces can match. With such tactical advantage, they make pinpoint shots into enemy strongpoints and through dense defence lines, driving the foe out of cover and onto the blades of the Spearhead's encircling executioners. There comes a crucial juncture in many battles where opportunity presents a key enemy target for the perfect shot.

Whether the culmination of patiently outmanoeuvring the enemy or sheer fate, if the moment is seized, it can turn the tide of whole wars, sending far larger forces into rout. Note that some Relics replace one of the models existing items of wargear.

Where this is the case, you must, if you are using points values , still pay the cost of the wargear that is being replaced. Write down any Chapter Relics your models have on your army roster. The forge world of Bellicos was a hidden weapons-testing facility given dispensation to practise near heretical levels of technological innovation. Before it was swallowed by the Great Rift, the planet managed to dispatch a single cargo hauler containing prototype bolt rifles of an incredibly advanced pattern.

These weapons are regarded with a borderline religious reverence for their bellicose lethality, and to wield one is considered a paramount honour. Borne on a dozen bloody and hard-fought crusades, this weapons unique empathokinetic circuitry has absorbed the bellicosity and righteous wrath of every Chaplain who has ever wielded it.

As a result, it now strikes with the force of a thunderbolt. Hand-stitched by blinded servitors and anointed with the distilled blood of a thousand sentries who failed at their posts, this cloak contains strands of mnemothread spun from a thrice-blessed dataloom imbued with obfuscatory data-spirits. It throws up a field of techno-spiritual dissonance that veils its wearer from sight and sensors, allowing them to slip across the battlefield like a wraith.

Dark rumours abound that this weapon is so cruel of essence that those who wield it doom themselves as surely as those who fall under their sights. Perhaps the finest example of its kind ever crafted, it has dispensed thunderous death to the foes of Mankind for millennia. This bolt pistol is a true work of the artificers art.

By the time the Indomitus Crusade reached the world of Gathalamor, daemonic hordes had already carved a bloody path across much of the planet. Its final defence was led by Knight Centura Ordela Grendoth, whose null-field was anathema to the warp creatures.

Gathalamor was liberated by Guilliman, but Grendoth was slain in the battle. Her bones have since been placed inside a reliquary that now possesses a fraction of her power. Woven from threads of spun adamantine in the early days of the Unification of Terra, this banner was carried at the head of the Emperors guard.

It is said that its constant proximity to the Master of Mankind has imbued within it indelible traces of his psychic signature. Whatever the truth of this, its presence is a constant inspiration to those loyal to the Emperors cause, instilling them with valour and determination even as their foes quail in its presence. The origins of the Teeth of Terra lie shrouded in mystery.

What is certain is that, when wielded in battle by a true hero of the Imperium, the Teeth of Terra strikes with the force of a thunderbolt, leaving a bloody trail of broken bodies in its wake. The Armour lndomitus was forged long before the Horus Heresy.

Unlike the plasteel and ceramite of normal power armour, the artefact is made from plates of raw adamantine, making it all but unbreachable by conventional weaponry. When rained upon with heavier fire, the Armour lndomitus manifests a shimmering force field, the secrets of which have long been lost to modern artificers.

This ancient broadsword is so large and dense that no mere Human could lift it, let alone wield it in battle. In the heat of battle, the sword blazes so brightly that it can melt through even the thickest armour. A single stanza of script, the original of which was said to have been penned by the Emperor himself, the Honour Vehement is inscribed on thrice-blessed parchment and affixed with a purity seal upon its bearer's armour.

This magnificently worked storm shield is a bulwark against which all the wrath of a hateful galaxy can crash. Its warding powers turn aside the maleficent attentions of the witch and the daemon, safeguarding its wearer from mortal blows and perfidious warpcraft alike. Though still highly experimental and not altogether safe, it allows its user to project their bellowed commands - and sometimes even unspoken mental imperatives - directly into the minds of friend and foe alike.

Malcador the Sigillite was the trusted aide of the Emperor himself. The most potent Human psyker of the time, the tome he penned on the nature of reality enhances the mind of the reader. These are considered to be Chapter Relics for all rules purposes. Aware of the damage his abilities could cause should he fall to the Flaw, he crafted a force stave to siphon off the fury of his Red Thirst, using it to bolster his manifested powers.

This exquisite weapon was forged by master artisans several millennia ago. Since that day, it has been the doom of traitors and aliens beyond count from the worlds of the Cryptan Shield to the doomed planet of Amethal. The bearer reminds his brothers of the heretics who fled after laying low the Angel, exhorting them to let no enemy escape their grasp again.

This exquisitely crafted mask is a thing of dark beauty to the Blood Angels, and a sign of impending doom to their enemies. The unchanging expression of the mask inspires fear and uncertainty even in confident enemies. If this ancient banner was ever known by another name, it has long been lost to time.

All surviving records refer to it only as the Wrath of Baal, for that is what its presence heralds. Where it flies, its depiction of Sanguinius framed by his angelic wings spurs his sons to leap further and higher. These flowing cloaks are laced through with threads of braided adamantine.

When combined with armour and energy fields, it has been shown time and again that these symbols of office are proof against even the very strongest attacks. The shards were gathered up and new swords forged to incorporate them, each one gifted to a different successor Chapter. Crafted by the finest artificers of the Chapter, these ornately detailed suits of armour provide superior protective capabilities that rival even Terminator plate.

All who set eyes upon the wearers know that honoured champions of the Imperium stand before them. Digital weapons are concealed lasers fitted into finger rings, bionic implants or the knuckles of a power-armoured gauntlet. In the case of the Blood Angels they are known to be, in themselves, items of great beauty fashioned with immense care.

Short-ranged and powerful, they are typically triggered in the midst of melee in order to blast the enemy from an unexpected angle. These red spheres contain small servo-automata ringed with multiple circular gyro-saws like miniature astrolabes. They follow limited logic paths to tear apart anything nearby in fountains of blood before their power runs out.

With such aerodynamic control, the wearer can twist and bank at incredible speeds, turning heavenward soars into stooping dives in a heartbeat. Their creations are so beautiful they can induce tears, yet they remain ruthlessly effective. Each quake bolt is crafted individually by a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus and contains a warhead that emits a pulsed shock wave.

Anyone caught in the vicinity is thrown from their feet, becoming easy prey for assault units. To the Ynnari, the life forces released by the newly dead are invigorating in the extreme, the souls of the fallen spurring a burst of activity. Army List. Captain in Phobos Armour. Captain in Terminator Armour.

Captain on Bike. Captain with Master-crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle. Chaplain in Terminator Armour. Librarian in Phobos Armour. Librarian in Terminator Armour. Lieutenant in Phobos Armour. Lieutenant in Reiver Armour. Primaris Captain. Primaris Chaplain. Primaris Chaplain on Bike. Primaris Librarian. Primaris Lieutenant. Primaris Techmarine. Brother Corbulo.

Captain Tycho. Chief Librarian Mephiston. Commander Dante. Librarian Dreadnought. Sanguinary Priest. The Sanguinor. Tycho the Lost. Captain in Gravis Armour. Damocles Command Rhino. Chaplain on Bike. Land Raider Excelsior. Librarian in Terminator Armour Legendary.

Librarian on Bike. Rhino Primaris. Techmarine Legendary. Techmarine on Bike. Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought. Assault Intercessor Squad. Heavy Intercessor Squad. Incursor Squad. Infiltrator Squad. Intercessor Squad.

Tactical Squad. Dedicated Transport. Drop Pod. Land Speeder Storm. Dreadnought Drop Pod. Terrax-pattern Termite. Razorback Legendary. Aggressor Squad. Ancient in Terminator Armour. Bladeguard Ancient. Bladeguard Veteran Squad.

Centurion Assault Squad. Company Ancient. Company Champion. Company Veterans. Contemptor Dreadnought. Invictor Tactical Warsuit. Ironclad Dreadnought. Primaris Apothecary. Redemptor Dreadnought. Reiver Squad. Relic Terminator Squad. Scout Squad. Sternguard Veteran Squad.

Terminator Assault Squad. Terminator Squad. Vanguard Veteran Squad. Venerable Dreadnought. Veteran Intercessor Squad. Death Company Dreadnought. Death Company Intercessors. Death Company Marines. Furioso Dreadnought. Sanguinary Ancient. Sanguinary Guard. Primaris Ancient. Primaris Company Champion. Deredeo Dreadnought.

Leviathan Dreadnought. Relic Contemptor Dreadnought. Apothecary on Bike. Company Ancient on Bike. Company Champion on Bike. Company Veterans on Bikes. Damned Legionnaires. Dreadnought Legendary. Honour Guard Legendary. Imperial Space Marine. Venerable Dreadnought Legendary. Fast Attack. Food for thought. Now is a good time to be a Dark Angel of any variety. Alongside the conventional forces that many fans dub the Greenwing, you have the far more specialized Deathwing and Ravenwing, and the three contingents are going to be packing very different units a lot of the time, and wanting quite different supporting rules.

The GW designers clearly understood that something much more exciting was needed here and boy have they delivered. Dark Angels get a completely revamped and completely unique super doctrine in this book, bringing support for all flavours of the Unforgiven and allowing savvy list-builders to reap massive benefits with combined arms forces.

How has this been done? Instead, in each of the three Doctrines, one sub-set of Dark Angels units benefits. Source: Warhammer Community. As the game kicks off in Devastator Doctrine, the Ravenwing gains access to the Speed of the Raven ability. This increases their movement and lets them shoot after Advancing taking a penalty as if all weapons were Assault when they do. This lets your faster elements zoom across the board to take firing positions straight out of the gate while picking up the maximum Jink benefit , and is going to be especially nasty on units like Attack Bikes and Invader ATVs.

Not complicated, but very brutal, and a super-strong ability to have access to in a world where Greater Daemons and Tyranid nasties are running amok. What this adds up to is that you are massively rewarded for playing a force that combines all the different Dark Angel elements, you have the opportunity to draw a whole lot of strength from this.

This allows us to have a very strong turn in Devastator doctrine with things like the Land Speeder Vengeance or the Dark Talon. This is also a buff to Outer Circle, where the re-roll 1s for bolt weapons and the Master Artisans re-roll will help mitigate the -1 to hit from advancing.

Not to mention the shooting in close combat. Dark Angels players have honestly been having a pretty good time of things with just their interim Index alone, and a lot of that has rested on the power of the Ravenwing and especially Deathwing rules within it. The big power here has been two special abilities that the Ravenwing and Deathwing units in the Index had.

The only drawback these abilities had in the Index was that they only applied to units that had them on the datasheet, meaning only the limited range Dark Angels-specific units got to benefit. Not any more. This is, bluntly, completely wild and is a big part of why we think Dark Angels are pretty likely to take the crown of best Space Marines coming out of this book.

Do you want your Bladeguard Veterans to have always-on Transhuman for free? Yes, obviously you do, you absolutely want that. Do you want to seriously think about whether some of the Storm Speeder builds could have a place in your lists? Honestly maybe! Gunum : This has been a wishlist thing since we first saw these rules, and man it makes it hard to stay outside the lines. Giving Transhuman to BGV as well as Jink to just regular bikes is a massive buff and is very, very hard to ignore.

It was one thing when IC was just affecting Terminators, but saving me CP on all my elite units as well as my bikers?! Must stay true to who I am…. This is another seriously spicy benefit likely to see a whole bunch of use. Great news for fans of bone or black armor.

Credit: Greg Chiasson. Honestly, where to even start. First up, as alluded to earlier, Tactical Appraisal is a real eye-catcher. Any Marine army would kill to have access to this, but the Dark Angels stole it and hid it within the vaults of the Rock.

Speaking of sequestered treasures, Weapons From the Dark Age is back , and though it sports an increased price tag of 2CP, there really is no substitute for how horrendously nasty it makes plasma Inceptors. I want to talk about one that we no longer have. Combined Assault. Now, this was a very fluffy stratagem that was used almost daily by me. It was hard to deal with and I was able to use it to decent success when paired with a Bike Chaplin.

Sadly, with the early movement increases to Ravenwing units and the buffs to Terminators in general, I think it was removed for the good of the game. RIP Combined Assault. Pretty Good when we have a wall of Terminators pumping out bullets at literally anything. For balance purposes, I understand why, but it does introduce a breakpoint where you probably never want to spend all your CP, and instead end your turn with at least one banked, in order to have enough to pop off WftDA or Intractable on your next turn.

Except for the one where you pay 2CP to fire a grenade that turns off falling back, which sucks. They have the option of a pre-game move with The Hunt , melee hit and run with Swift Strike, and can have a Land Speeder boost shooting with Targeting Guidance. A very final thing to mention is that, much to our surprise, a version of the old strat that let you hide your Maelstrom cards is here. This is, honestly, kind of hilarious, and is potentially even pretty strong if cunningly combined with While We Stand, We Fight.

Probably not often worth spending a precious, precious CP on, but super cool. Your two good special characters. Dark Angels have a whole bunch of extra Character datasheets, and what better way to spice them up than by adding some powerful Warlord traits? The good news for anyone thinking that is that this section is another slam dunk — the traits are powerful, and there are more than in most books. Most of these are new or shaken up from previous rules, but fans of deviously thwarting the machinations of elves and Daemons alike will be delighted that the once-per-game auto-deny of Watched is still here and still as much of a headache as ever.

I rarely took any of them. With the new warlord traits, is that going to change? This new trait allows your Warlord, when killed, to just…not die. Not be removed. Just continue to exist. Well, until his insane endurance finally gives way at the end of the turn. Imagine, a warlord that your opponent goes out of the way to remove, for him only to die, then punch whoever killed him right back in their face.

All the while still providing his aura buffs throughout the phase. I love it on something like a Smash Chaplain on a bike who gets touched by an Armor of Russ then rightly murdered. Good though! Deathwing Terminator Praetor. Credit: Jack Hunter. I got you. Wings: I may as well follow on from my Warlord pick here and talk about what the Cup of Retribution actually does.

This is a Relic of the Rock for a Chaplain that gives them a once-per-game Litany they can use instead of one of their normal ones. Simple but very, very effective, letting your army hit like a monster truck on a key turn. Gunum: The relic. The only relic worth talking about.

The Pennant of Remembrance. It did. A lot. I know, stop groaning dear readers. This means that I have an inexplicable number of plasma pistols spread around my Dark Angels army, just throwing points away. Incredible waste of a relic slot, and absolutely going into every list I can fit it in. One-shotting Gravis marines with a plasma pistol, my god.

Gunum Redux: -1 Damage to all attacks!!! Put this on our newly buffed Bladeguard?! How about that brick of Deathwing Knights you dropped down the turn before. This is insane. The applications of this along with the durability of our Deathwing is just bonkers.

OK, back to the outstanding stuff — Interromancy is in real contention for the best Psychic Discipline in the game. Mind Wipe reaches out and switches off an enemy aura, while Engulfing Fear as shown above switches off ObSec and can mess with Actions if you roll well. Both of these are exceptionally good abilities in the kind of games 9th encourages, and we imagine many Dark Angels players were already dusting off their Librarians based on these alone.

Both are amplified versions of what they used to do in 8th. The front half of this is always fine, and having the extra effect available if things get crunchy is very helpful. However, when it comes to shutting down enemy melee units Mind Worm is clearly your pick. This one feels really strong now, and is really going to help you dominate games.

Continuing with the theme of Fight Phase domination, we come to our one buff — Righteous Repugnance. Once again, this does what it always did full hit and wound re-rolls in melee for a target unit but that effect is so much more valuable in 9th and the Dark Angels so much better suited to getting into a fight that it feels like a whole new and very spicy toy. Use this on Terminators of any stripe or even just some Intercessors and watch the enemy melt.

Last and kind of least because of how good the rest is comes Trephination. This has been re-worked and is now basically just a better Smite — it deals d3 MWs to the closest visible enemy unit and increases to a flat 3 MWs if the psychic test beat their leadership.

That spell has been trash since it was created, one of the worst picks in uninspired book after uninspired book, but in the glorious new world of 9th edition, even that is worth a look. Gunum: Man. Is Mind Worm lasting for two combat phases bonkers to anyone else?

It is literally oppressive. This is some outstanding stuff overall, and expect to see Dark Angels sporting one of the highest rates of Librarian inclusion across the board, usually Ezekiel or a Chief Librarian. Closing out the rules section, armies with a Dark Angels Warlord gain access to three extra Secondary Objective choices. As is standard, these still have categories and you can only take one choice from this list.

Take them alive indeed. Gunum note: There is no cap to how many points you gain a turn on this, which is kinda cool. Use those Multi-meltas baby! Finally, we have a very polarised objective that is going to swing wildly between being annoyingly excellent in a minority of games and terrible otherwise.

The scoring margins on this one are pretty tight — in order to max it out, you need to literally start an ObSec unit on it at game start, then hold it continuously with that unit all the way through the game. Gunum: I just want to jump in here and say I think this is the best secondary in the game. It allows you to have Priority Targets , the best mission secondary in the game, every single game.

The objective you pick is your home objective, and you never leave it. Oath of Moment is for chumps when compared to this. Codex secondaries being allowed in match play was the worst idea. It also commits you to keeping something much more substantial statically out of the game than you can pull with Priority Servitors are right out. I think the percentage of games where this is actually, genuinely safe to take are pretty low — unless it turns out that you can do something dumb around combining this with While We Stand and just parking a third of your army at home and daring the opponent to come deal with your bullshit.

They will just break the chain and stop you from getting the big points. Not only that but if you do some good list building strategies and plan for this secondary from a list design standpoint. I think you can -really- set yourself up for success here. Pessimism Wings is correct then this list merely ends up fine. Starting with the main trio, Azrael is your chapter master. He comes with the standard Chapter Master ability to grant a unit full re-rolls, has a reasonable set of relic weapons, and a couple of unique tricks of his own.

The main one here is that he has a helper carrying The Lion Helm. He gives you two bonus CP as well, which is a nice add-on, but his pt price tag is pretty steep and may see him benched.

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