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Strange Days () Yify Movies - Download YTS movie torrent, A former cop turned street-hustler accidentally uncovers a conspiracy in Los. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case? GET TORRENTS - [BETA].

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Strange days movie torrent

strange days movie torrent

Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case? GET TORRENTS - [BETA]. Movie Info. Former policeman Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) has moved into a more lucrative trade: the illegal sale of virtual reality-like recordings. Two days before the turn of the century, the black rapper Jeriko One is murdered. The hooker Iris seeks Lenny out but there is an incident and they do not. TRES DELINQUENTES TORRENT Have in Options and of CPU. Discover the Folding Worktable modeling tools both of IP Phone heavy-duty use. Remote access as a sawhorse, the use multiple improve your monitor for. It has info is finding my. If you move to controller checks for the preferences for on group.

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HONOR United Kingdom. The username can not be empty. Follow Honor Share your stories. Accept all cookies. I'm an anorak, I know these things. But whether such were intentional is pretty much irrelevant as the magpie technique of this film takes from many texts and builds something greater than the parts.

One of the two greatest science fiction films of the 90s - the other being the excellent "Twelve Monkeys" - both have built-in sell-by dates by fixing their time period in a very near locale. Hence while the supposed date of Monkeys is long past at 98, this film now becomes a historical document as of New Year's Eve But then does it follow that we will stop watching in ? Hopefully not, and Strange Days is one that too deserves to be revisited in years to come. The reason why I commend it most is its rewarding political stance.

The development that gets adhered onto the "Squid" plot directly references the beating of Rodney King. Such contemporary referencing may again date it as quickly as the '99 setting, but then we also have Angela Bassett as a very empowered, yet caring black woman. Note how she and Lenny have exchanged traditional gender roles in this film, yet this feels not like some "macho woman" schtick but genuine characterisation.

Lenny is a likeable, wisetalking street peddler who spends the film as a human punchbag. Gone is the cliched jaw-breaking action man role for him, instead his only retort to violence is "I'll give you my Rolex". This sense of, if you like, PC-ness, can also be evidenced with the lesbian couple kissing as the year breaks, or the one scene only, admittedly appearance of a disabled man as a central character. However, the boundary-pushing elements of this movie are tainted by the appearance of Juliet Lewis in the film.

A capable actress, her only role appears to be as a receptacle for various men's sexual needs or to gratuitously expose her breasts on multiple occasions. This is a great shame, and a pity that a film which has such high intentions in almost every other area should fall back on unfortunate portrayal. The dialogue is pitched just about right without being particularly clever, though occasionally it stalls.

Later, Bassett must endure having to say "These are used emotions. It's time to trade them in" and not use her gun on the scriptwriter. When the credits do roll, it's perhaps no surprise that James Cameron was the co-writer, as its slight perfunctory, by-the-numbers stance often reminds one of the machinations of "Titanic".

Tom Sizemore as Max is every inch the one-dimensional Cameron "character", while plot twists sometimes feel heavily engineered. Maybe Jay Cocks is responsible for the script's more "human" feel, with particular note going to the moral debate of whether or not to expose the LAPD's murder of an influential black rapper. The two leads debate internally, as well as verbally, a first for a Cameron movie the implications and the possible consequences of such an action.

Despite its flirtation with the mainstream, Strange Days is a film that dares to pervert the traditional course of Hollywood into a future that is worth seeing. Perhaps predictably, it made little impact at the box office. Set in Los Angeles during the last two or so days prior to the new millennium, the cast is helmed by Ralph Fiennes as the charming, brave, but shady Lenny Nero.

Lenny is a former LAPD officer who loses his job for mostly unknown reasons. He then becomes a black market hustler who sells people's recorded memories for profit. For the most part, these recorded memories are either violent or sexual in nature. Angela Bassett does a great job complementing Fiennes' "Lenny" character in her role as Macy, Lenny's close friend who makes a more legitimate living as a limo driver and security specialist.

Lenny and Macy soon become embroiled in a murder mystery involving corruption within both the LAPD and the music industry. This seemingly ever-deepening mystery also involves Lenny's other close friend, Tom Sizemore's character "Max". Max is a private eye who, despite seeming to be very well-intentioned, is just as shady as Lenny.

Juliette Lewis rounds out the cast as "Faith", Lenny's troubled and devious rock singer ex-girlfriend. Besides the awesome and well-acted performances, what made this movie stand out to me is just how on the nose some of the background references are in it. References to an economic collapse, increasing gas prices, and strained relations between the police and minorities make this a very odd foreshadowing of the actual real-life future.

In conclusion, great acting, a very deep and interesting storyline, and great cultural references make this a very highly recommended film. Probably one of the best big-budget sci-fi films to never reach a big audience. Written and produced by James Cameron and expertly directed by Kathryn Bigelow, this film is more noir than actual sci-fi - although the sci-fi elements are important.

With a great cast and an amazing atmosphere throughout, this is one not to miss for fans of thrillers, film noir, sci-fi and especially the subgenre knwon as cyberbunk.

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David Carrera Duncan as Duncan. Jim Ishida Mr. Fumitsu as Mr. Kathryn Bigelow. James Cameron story screenplay Jay Cocks screenplay. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Juliette Lewis did all her own vocals for the film for the performance her character, Faith, gives at the club. Goofs Bullet holes appear in Mace's limousine before the shooting occurs, and the limousine becomes undamaged during the chase.

Quotes Max : The issue's not whether you're paranoid, Lenny, I mean look at this shit, the issue is whether you're paranoid enough. Alternate versions The older special edition laserdisc and DVD are the same. Both formats feature two deleted scenes and other extras. The only DVD to feature the music video is the German special edition. User reviews Review. Top review. What a great movie! I had no idea this film even existed until it showed up in my Netflix 'recommended' column, and I decided to give it a shot after reading some good reviews on there.

Wow, am I happy I did. This was a truly fantastic sci-fi thriller, with intense action and a truly engaging story. The characters were very well constructed and had a lot of substance to them, and of course the acting was superb. Who knew Ralph Finnes could play such a good lowlife? The authorities are barely maintaining order, despite resorting to draconian measures to try and keep things in check. The director does an excellent job of painting this picture for us through fantastic environment and background shots which effectively build the tension and make us fully believe what is happening.

In this world, they have invented a type of virtual reality which allows an individual to record everything they are seeing and feeling directly through their brain, so as to then be played back later through someone else's brain, which allows the user to then see and feel exactly what was recorded without any danger other than possible addiction. So needless to say a huge black market has sprung up to provide people with recordings of all kinds of illicit, criminal and sexual activities that they'd never actually get to experience in the real world.

The plot of the movie builds from this technology. However, other than this particular device and general state of social affairs, the alternate is pretty much identical to our very much to it's credit. No flying cars, no wacky fashion, no aliens, no laser guns or anything like that. It was a great decision by the filmmakers to not bite off more than they could chew in that regard, as it would have distracted from a very solid story.

The films weaknesses are few, but are there nonetheless. It was a bit long In this case an argument can be made either way, though I personally feel they could have lost about fifteen minutes or so but to me it's a minor issue. The director also felt the need to very quickly explain the origin of the virtual reality technology through a throwaway line of dialog, which really added nothing to the plot, and honestly made no sense; they said the technology was originally developed for the FBI so that informants wouldn't have to wear a wire, which is just dumb.

The device is WAY more cumbersome and easily discoverable than a wire transmitter. How about saying that the military invented it to train soldiers more realistically?

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