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Upon returning home, I immediately placed my stub in a Zip-Loc bag and it hangs on the inside of my closet to this very day. He had won his first 7 games for the White Sox. When the White Sox came to town, the question was, who would be the deciding factor it the game. The top pitcher Tommy John or the home run king of the day. Well, Harmon Killebrew hit a home run on his first at bat. The final score was Twins.

Question answered! There was nothing more exciting than to watch Killebrews Majestic Home Runs. They went almost straight up and then took a turn out ot the park. I have had the good fortune to meet Harmon on several occasions. He was one of the most humble and friendly people I have met. God Blessed us when he put him on this Earth. He will be missed. When I was a child, my dad traveled for work a lot. So it was no big surprise that I grew up a Harmon Killebrew fan.

Time moves on, and I had kids of my own Ironically a set of Twins. I saw that Harmon was in town signing at a local stereo outfit. My wife did not object too much so I convinced a friend to come with me and the boys so I could hopefully get a picture with my boyhood hero, and my boys who were about 16 months old. For those that did not ever go to a Killebrew signing, you had to get there early, as he was not a very fast signer.

He was not fast as he talked to everyone so this was definitely a quality not quantity program.. We were in line several hours, and finally got to be 5th from getting my holy grail, a photo of Harmon holding my kids. While all parents of toddlers are prepared for nature taking its course, I was not planning on the timing as one of the 2 kids made a very stinky diaper. What to do? If I get out of line, will I ever get my picture?

I panicked, and decided to let it go. We approached Harmon with my request, which he gladly accepted. He took both boys, asked for Dave St. Peter who also has twins, and generally made a really big deal over my kids, and never let on that one of them smelled awful.

I got my picture, my kids and went to change stinky, only to realize while sitting on the Hall of Famers lap, my other bundle of joy had created the 2nd stinkiest diaper I ever had to deal with. So Harmon had my kids on his lap for a good 5 minutes or more and never ever let on about the odor. About 5 years later we saw Harmon again at a car dealership in WI.

Harmon took the cards a mix of baseball and pokemon and went through every one, talking about the players, and asking questions about the pokemon cards. Upon his passing I talked to my sons baseball team and gave them a little education on how things would be run, and made them do some studying on 3.

The cool part is that most of them came back with info that was not statistics but off the field stuff. The raising kids not grass, the time with the autograph and why, and that he thanked everyone in the band that played for his induction party. In short, they learned the importance of class. My Mom, Dad, and three brothers also went to this game.

It was one of the many memorable moments that 3 provided while living in Minnesota. I think it was killebrew that hit the home run because just lately I was talking with a guy that went to the game when Harmon hit and and this gentlemen said that Harmon had hit one the day before in an excebition game with the giants.

I was on vacation in northern Minnesota when I heard that Harmon had lost his battle with cancer. A lifelong Twins fan, born in Bloomington and harboring a silly childhood dream of being the first girl to play for my hometown team, I was heartbroken. I curled up on the deck, looking out on Lake Superior with my cocker spaniel nearby. I watched him, tail wagging as he watched the seagulls flying, and I felt some sense of peace… if only because I have my own Harmon still with me. I lived for a while in Bloomington and my dad would take me to games when possible.

Harmon was my favorite player and I tried to copy his swing and hit homers like him striking out a lot, though. I also played in the Little League that bore his name around Unfortunately, on the day he was supposed to visit the team, we had to visit my grandparents in Iowa. I was not a happy camper. He made the remark that he thought they had done a good job on the comic and thanked me for coming. He was a true gentleman and will be missed. I was 8 years old. That night the Tigers played the Twins and Harmon Killebrew hit a ball out of the park over the upper deck in left field.

I was just amazed to see a ball fly so far and so fast as it left the stadium and into the darkness of a hot Detroit summer night. How lucky was I, my very first game and see something that very few people get to see. Thank you Mr. I grew up in the Kansas City area. In I was years old and was fortunate enough to have a father who had access to Royals tickets any night he wanted, usually 7th row behind either dugout from Wilson Meat Packing.

What a thrill it was to be 9 years old and have the great Harmon Killebrew join the Royals. I was in heaven. I was fortunate enough to see Hank Aaron hit a home run in person that year for the Brewers, one that barely cleared the mark, stark contrast to those Killebrew hit. You wonder if the wisdom and presence of Killebrew for even just one year planted a winning seed in his teammates who would go on to win the AL West four of the next five years. I met Harmon on Jan.

He was part of a caravan that came to our school in Grafton,ND. I was born in and did not remember him, and I was looking forward to seeing another player that was suppose to come on this date. Torri I think A. Pierzynski, Cory K. TC and Dick where there too. We heard that Torri was not coming the night before and I was so upset.

So, they told me who was coming and it ment nothing until I got home. I told my husband the sad news of me not beeing able to see my star player the next day. He asked who was coming and I said some old fart named Harmon Killebrew.

My husband said to go into his closet and get a mini bat that he had when he was little. Now, I thought this was cool. I met Harmon the next day, it felt like he was my long lost friend. He signed my bat, and a couple other items too.

I now have a small shine of him in my house. Rest in peace Harmon. We had the honor of meeting Harmon 3 times. On one occasion we were privileged to have our 5 children in a photo with other kids while Harmon was promoting the Miracle League. While the photo was fun, the most striking thing about our interactions with him was the way he treated each child he met. It was as if that child was his only grandchild and he wanted to make sure that the child knew how important they were to him.

Once the child was ready to move on, then Harmon would look to the next child. As the father of 3 children who played in the Miracle League, I was quite moved by his love and compassion for all of the children. He was never afraid of their odd behaviors. He was never afraid to touch any child. He was very interested in connecting with each child for that moment in time. I was 8 years old and my dad took me to the game.

Killebrew was one of my first heroes and though the team moved to Minnesota I still made it a point to see how he was doing, which was rather easy when he was generally at the top of the game for much of his 14 years. God has a new power hitter and deft infielder for his All-Star team — Peace be with Harmon Killebrew and his entire family. The comment made at the memorial about the struggles on little league teams for the 3 jersey. I recall our struggles for the Harmon Killebrew bats.

I can remember during my senior year in high school that I used a Harmon Killebrew bat. I was so mad when a teammate broke it and the school would not purchase any new wooden bats. Thanks for all the memories Harmon. We cried throughout the program. We secretly admired his power and his greatness, even though we were Yankee fans. We huddled by the radio to listen to the play by play broadcasts when it was raining back in So Dak.

Now a rabid Twins fan, When I read about the impatience and criticism folks have our team, I want to urge fans to hold fast to our heroes and hang in there when times are tough. Harmon had it right. He too, died too soon. He actually hit 62 but a rain out nullified that home run. This tribute was so inspiring that I would really like to have a copy of it. Will one be available soon? I found the words and tears of so many players and fans filled me with a sense of peacefulness that such concern for others is recognized and valued even more than records and fame.

His life was an example of living to make a difference in the little ways that mean so much. My sympathy goes out to your family on their great loss. You were a wonderful man during baseball, and even greater after. I wish I had the honor of meeting you. You are truly blessed, a true American Hero!

GOD bless you Harmon. On both occasions he was a very grateful man and personable. He was my favorite ball player growing up just from listening to my dad talk about him and from what I read about him. He was a great ball player, great family man and will be missed by all fans of the game. I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Mr. He was a true gentleman and always spent his time signing items, taking pictures and talking baseball with the fans.

Killebrew not being so kind to us with his mighty swing but all is forgiven now. Rest in peace Mr. Killebrew, rest in peace. A few years ago I was at a fundraiser for the Affinity Plus Foundation, and was overjoyed to find that the great Harmon Killebrew was there signing autographs in support of the Foundation. When it was my turn, he was sweet and gracious and fun, as I told him what he meant to my friends and I — the entire neighborhood — growing up.

The ball, along with a photo of Harmon and I taken that day, sits in an honored spot in my china cabinet. For a girl who turned 8 in — growing up in rural northern Minnesota where every summer day meant grabbing your glove and going to the park or the back yard to play ball with your friends of all ages and then hurrying home to drink koolaid and listen to the Twins game on the radio, knowing that the great Harmon Killebrew would make each game exciting and memorable — that ball passed from Harmon to me with a huge grin and that ever-present twinkle in his eye is priceless.

My sympathy goes out to Mr. The service was much like the one in Arizona minus the current and former Twins players and baseball Hall Of Famers. I was born in St. Paul and have been a Twins fan my whole life; Harmon was my childhood hero. As I write this, Mr. Killebrew is being buried in Payette on a cloudy windy day. RIP Harmon, all of us love you.

What a memorable time. Saw Calvin walk by me and he waved at me when I called his name. Don Drysdale and Luis Aparicio were gifted players but in my opinion not quite as good as Harmon. Still a shame it took 4 ballots to get Mr.

Killebrew inducted. Paul Piooner Press stories about the Killer and the Twins. Kids growing up in the sixties had the best role model and hero imaginable. I remember the times he was injured in and and how disheartening it was not to be able to have him the lineup for so long. The Twins just were not as much fun without him in the lineup.

I also remember my joy when he hit a home run his first game back in We all lost a special person with his passing, but we have so many special memories because of this specicial man. Thanks for everything Mr. There will never be another one quite like you. Waht a wonderful guy!

I talked with harmon one night on Larry King- the night before he was playing a n old timers game. I asked him to hit a homer for me. He said he would. I built a shadowbox frame in my office with all sorts of memorabilia with his stuff- a bat, his signed card, my picture with him, another signed picture, a signed jersey, his day of honor for baseball even the fan he used to cool off. We was the best. We was my favorite of all time. Harmon will always be.

God Bless You. Rest in Peace. I cried when I heard that Harmon Killebrew died. To this day he is my all time favorite ball player. As a young woman in my twenties I attended games at Met Stadium. It was a thrill to see Harmon hit so many home runs.

At one of the games it was picture day. The players stood by the fence and we were allowed to take their picture. A woman from our group climbed over the fence and we took her picture with Harmon and Bob Allison. To this day, I wish that I would have had the nerve to climb over that fence and stand next to Killebrew.

Those wonderful childhood pictures that were followed by a young man and, then by the man that I knew as a Minnesota Twin. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this great man. What a role model for all. This world be a much better place if there were more kind, gentle and caring individuals such as Harmon Killebrew. I met Harmon Killebrew one time. I was a star struck youth , about 11 years old, standing atop the first base dugout, taking in the post game atmosphere of the old Met.

Stunned I watched as the broad back with the number 3 emerged. He turned. I swallowed my tongue and in silence I handed Harmon the program. He signed it. He shook my hand. I managed a hearty thank you and then was engulfed by a swarm of others. He was Harmon Killebrew. The menacing foe with the kind demeanor; an icon, Babe Ruth dressed in Minnesota nice. Always and forever, the face of the Minnesota Twins. I loved the way he played the game. The way he represented the Minnesota Twins and baseball in general.

He should be the face of baseball because he epitomizes what all ballplayers should embrace. Walk softly and carry a big stick. It was the bottom of the ninth,twins were behind,bases loaded and Harmon came up to bat. My brother bet my dad a dime Harmon would hit a homerun and win the game,,not to be,,Harmon struck out. My brother wrote Harmon and told him what had happened. Inside was a picture of Harmon,in a classic batting style,like he was getting ready to hit a ball.

It had a handwritten note on bottom and a dime taped to the picture silver no less. Dear Wayne,I am sorry you lost your bet with your dad,here is your dime back and I will try to de better next time,,your friend,,Harmon. Mother saved it and brought it out a lot to show people,it was big medicine back then for a kid.

I always have remembered it everytime I heard his name mentioned over the years. Lee Raiter. He came across as a highly skilled entertaining broadcaster, very much at ease, knowledgable no surprise , cordial, articulate and with a pleasant on air voice. In my opinion he would have been a natural as a baseball broadcast analyst or announcer.

Lifelong resident of Iowa, became a Twins fan in at the age of My Mom even embroidered a pillow case for me with his image and signature on it. The one regret I have is that I never got a chance to meet him in person and shake his hand. The recurring theme is that as great a baseball player as he was, he was an even greater human being off the field.

What a tribute! We are all feeling your loss, as well. The comments here are so true, Harmon. I too went to the old Met for 4 years in a row. Every home game there was. Saw you launch many homeruns. Still have a big collection of baseballs my family and I caught during those special times. Some of them have autographs not only from Twin players but also the visiting team.

I went through all of the balls and found your autograph nine times!! By far the most of any players that signed autographs. Maybe so but maybe it was just the fact thatg you truly loved to sign for a fan. Taking the time to show your kindness and respect no matter who you were.

You were a graet ball player but even a better person. Thanks so much for the positive vibes you gave me that I have continued to use in my life. You just take it easy now Harmon and rest in peace. Your duties in life are now complete and no one could have done it better! Growing up in a small town in the center of North Dakota I spent alot of time at the corner gas station. There was the usual chatter during the game, that is, until Harmon Killebrew was at the plate, then it was complete silence.

RIP Mr. Killebrew, you experienced a life well lived. I know last Friday when he announced he was going into hospice, I had a very heavy heart….. I was more worried on how to tell Evan. Even though Harmon will not be here in person to help him become the Twins player he wants to be, he will be here in spirit! Harmon was a hero! He was THE player any parent would want their child to look up to!

I know it was just minutes that Evan talked to him, but those minutes will never be forgotten by either Evan or myself. Harmon, rest in peace! Thank you for the memories! You will never be forgotten! Every time Harm came to bat there was suspense in the air.

I remember one time at bat especially. The first two pitches were thrown at his head and both times Harm had to dive into the dirt to avoid being hit. Guess the pitcher thought he was going to intimidate Harm. After Harm got up and dusted himself off the second time, I was amazed to see that Harm was talking to the catcher and laughing! The next pitch, Harm put out of the park! I got to see him play as a Senator and as a Twin.

He was always a gentleman. He was a major reason I stayed a fan of the team when they moved to Minnesota. I remember getting his autograph from him. Harmon was a very nice person to talk to. He really liked my wolf sweatshirt I was wearing. He will be missed by many. My sympathies to his family and friends at this sad time. I was 9 years old when my dad took me to my very first baseball game at old Met Stadium. Harmon Killebrew hit a homerun and won the game. God bless Harmon and his family.

Go Twins! Just as our Daughter was born Harmon hit a grand slam home run. I remember wanting to go to Twins games when I lived alone in the cities and my family lived up north. I would take my 2 neices who were 8 and 6 and drive up to the games. We all had a great time and watch Harmon play many games. He was a great man and will be missed.

My prayers go out to his family. Diehard Twins fan, loves all baseball, minor leagues included, Gary Gaetti is my favorite ball player of all time, but Harmon is the nicest STAR I have ever met and my boyhood hero. My Dad, of course, took me to my first Twins game at the old Met. May As soon as I smelled the hotdogs and the cut grass and saw how green the grass was it was a life long love affair.

I have had the great opportunity to meet and or talk to Harmon 6 times in my life. The first time as a fourth grader in school patrol at baseball game several Twins greeted us and Harmon was in my group. I remember his hands were huge. I was in awe. The second time I went to the Twins clinic they used to hold at the ball park. Free clinic and game Harmon spoke for a couple of minutes. Third time was spring at a book signing for the 25 year anniversary of the Twins.

I finally got to speak to him as an adult. I really wanted a picture of Harmon and myself. We were late getting there from Fargo and missed the entire session. However the guy that was running it said Harmon had just left the picture taking area so I ran down the concourse with my buddies in behind, with the camera, I thought. Harmon was just reaching for the press box door handle when I shouted his name. He turned to see a star struck 40 something guy all by himself staring at him.

My buddies were nowhere in site. No picture again. All I could do was ask if I could shake his hand. Of course he did so. I said a quick thank you and he said a quick your welcome and he disappeared into the press box. My buddies showed up about a minute later. I was a little angry but I told them I got to say hi and shake his hand anyway. They were glad for me. The fourth time was last September at the Fifty Greatest Twins celebration.

It was one of the best weekends of my life. My wife Linda and I had made plans in early June to go to the whole weekend. Not much of a surprise there were many including Harmon. I figured that since some of the the players were taking pictures in booths at the back of Target later that afternoon, and Saturday too there would not be a chance at the dedication. However after Harmon said a few words he took the exit and was coming right by me.

I was hinting that I might ask for him to stop a take a quick picture but was hesitant. My wife said just ask him and see. Well I step out of the crowd and asked. He said go ahead and I finally got my picture with Harmon. I was so fast I was not sure that Linda had taken it.

We went to the picture booth by the back side of Target Field and got pictures taken with everyone there that night including Gary Gaetti. The last time I met Harmon was the next day. When we got there Harmon was waiting in the booth with about people already waiting to take pictures with him. Since I had already gotten a picture the night before we decided to go to the other booths first and come back if there was time. Well I should have known better.

When we were done with the others the line for Harmon was longer than when it started. We got in line but only got to about 50 back when time ran out. I was not going to try to stop him again but to my surprise he noticed Linda and me and asked if the picture we had taken the night before had come out.

We assured him that it did and he continued on his way. I was shocked. What a great guy. Sorry this was so long but I guess I needed to tell someone this sorry. Thank you. Another beautiful, gentle man will be truely missed! It was My Dad dropped me and my older brother off at the Met for an afternoon game. We had box seats behind the Twins dugout. Thanks Harmon for the memory that still brings a smile to my face 42 years later.

You will be missed. I attended my first Twins game with my dad May 20, fifty years ago today. I was nine years old. Thanks Harmon for bringing so much joy to me. I will miss you. I rember going to the Met wiht my grandparents seeing Killebrew , Oliva ,Carew…ill never forget those times… I was so impressed 1st time i went to mall of america and there by the amusment park home plate and plus feet out up the air is Mr.

Killebrews long home run chair to cool hope that stays forever,, kevin…. My first Twins game in person was in August of when the Twins played the Orioles. Dave McNally was undefeated like 15 or 17 and 0. Rich Reese hit a pinch hit grandslam on the bottom of the eight to win the game for the Twins.

Met Stadium was full on that Sunday. I shook hands with Harmon before the game. I will never forget that. I know that God has extended his hand to Harmon as Harmon did to me and I know they are walking together in heaven. The flight I was on made a stop in Salt Lake City and I was seating in a window seat row 35 of a I thought everyone was on, but 1 more person got on and sat in the aisle seat next to me, it was Harmon. When they turned off the seatbelt sign, a young man from Montana tom asked if he could sit in the middle seat next to us and have a cigarette.

We introduced ourselves and Tom who was meeting relatives to go to his 1st ever Major league game that night was seating there with the hall of fame great. Harmon said, Tom you can tell them that we flew into Mpls. Tom said oh no they would never believe me. With that Harmon gave us signed Hall of Fame cards. He also insisted on buying us drinks and even said his son was picking him up and offered to give me a ride home. What can you say about a guy like that.

I also will miss him. Watched the funeral…well done…Bert, you nailed the tribute with the standing ovation! It is a great lose to all. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. He was an outstanding player and he will be greatly missed. I wrote this in memory of my Grandmother who had passed last Month, but I think, and feel that it would be appropriate as a tribute to Harmon. We all knew it would only be a matter of time, And to keep you here with us longer would have been a crime, For yours was a soul that the Lord had let us borrow.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Our Lives are so bleak, and our world filled with sorrow. When the time finally came for God to take you home again, We all knew we would see you soon, but would miss you until then. Yes, Yours was a soul that the Lord had let us borrow. I never took much interest in baseball until now.

Iam forever blessed for briefly knowing the beauty and wonder of this gentle man that touched so many people. Baseball has left a mark on me in a very special way. Thank you Harmon Killebrew! Harmon spent 45 minutes with the boy and his parents and brought many gifts for the boy. I was that boy and I spent 6 months in that hospital. As long as I live I will never forget that visit and Harmons kindness. When I grew up and became a busy adult I truely gained an appreciatation for Harmons effort in visiting me and the countless other sick kids he visited over the decades.

Since that time I have probably had the chance to visit with Harmon another times. In all instances he always had kind words to say and took an interest in what was going on in my life. Upon his passing my youngest son now 21 years old remarked that even though everyone on TV was remarking about how Harmon was a wealth of info on baseball, everytime my son met him, Harmon insisted on talking to him about hockey, football, school and other activites he was involved in.

Harmon also liked to tell us about his grandkids of whom he was so proud. Has there ever been a classier person who also was a professional athlete? God Bless You always Harmon. May you Rest in Peace. Killebrew, Oliva, Carew, Tovar…….. Hearing of the passing of Harmon Killebrew has caused reflection of so many childhood memories.

That era of Twins created a Twins fan-for-life out of me and even more importantly a love for the game itself. Thanks for the awesome memories!!!! My son texted me the news earlier this week and I was immediately taken back to … fondly remembering the Twins game my father took me to at Mets stadium. I was seven. I will never forget the feeling of seeing the baseball field for the first time in my life—it truly felt magical. And to this day, at any stadium I enter, I pause, and cherish the moment… remembering the first time.

We sat in general seating in the left field bleachers… I have no idea if the seats were comfortable, or if we could see very well. I did know that my favorite team and favorite players were there… on the field… in person… for real! Rain drifted in and I remember the two of us crunched together under his coat trying to stay dry. I remember staring at the lights through the rain wondering how they changed the bulbs. I do not who won or lost, or who pitched, or who, if anyone hit a homerun.

Having left Minnesota as a young teen, I never learned to appreciate the true impact that Mr. Killebrew had on so many people. Reading this blog, hearing of the tributes so many teams have paid to him, and all of the editorials about him—even in New York—leads me to believe I missed out on something pretty special. For those of you who were touched by him, feel honored. I have been fortunate to meet similar folk in my personal life… so can certainly relate.

Am I the only one who feels it? In December , I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. A few days later, I heard the news about Harmon having the same cancer. My frist thought was that Harmon being such a good man already, at least I have more bargaining room. RIP Harmon. Harmon was my first Sports hero. Thank you ALL for bringing tears to my eyes. Thank you Harmon for homers and a million moments of compassion and respect for your fans. I was 10 years old in when I watched my first baseball game with Grandpa.

Killer hit a monster shot and immediately became my favorite player. It ignited in me a passion for the sport that continues to this day. And it started with number 3. What a genuinely nice guy. I wish his family well in their mourning. When I was a kid growing up in Albert Lea my sister Lynn would come down from the cities and take me up there for a week or two at a time.

I got his autograph after every game. Just a genuine human being. Thanks for making my childhood a memorable one. You will be missed! I will miss killer,Harmon killebrew,and my granda. Harmon Killerbrew will always be the Number 1 Twin. He was a credit to both the Minnesota Twins and Baseball. If you are my age 55 we lost our hero. Rest in peace till we meet again,. My condolences to his family. He was my hero and my fathers since the Twins came to Minnesota.

He made me the avid fan I am today. I am so glad I got to meet him and shake his hand at Twins Fest. One of the highlights of my life. God Bless! I rememer when I was a freshman in college in Worthington, MN and wanting to go to Met Stadium and see Harmon Killebrew play baseball in the worst way. I had been a huge fan ever since the team came to Minnesota. Harmon hit a homerun that day. I also remember getting a mug when Harmon hit his th homerun on another trip to the Met.

I have always admired Harmon as a player and as a great person. There will never be another Harmon Killebrew! I wish I would have had a chance to meet him personally but I felt like I knew him and I will miss him. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Killebrew family. You can be so proud of him. I would have been around 12 years old. I remember Wille Mays won the pregame home run contest but Harmon hit a homerun during the game that contributed to or may have been the winning home run.

Is there any way I could get a copy of your scorebook? Jim Willoughy started the game for the Giants. I would be interested in seeing your scorecard and taping your recollections of the game. Please email me at sfvandemortel yahoo. I still have the scorebook from the game, along with some wonderful memories.

I can find absolutely no record of that game online. If anyone else has any info or memories of that game, please share, as I can find no mention of it anywhere. As I replied to another person, I have articles and a boxscore re the Giants-Twins exhibition game. Would love to swap your info for mine. Please contact me at sfvandemortel yahoo. Thanks, Dan. It took quite awhile, but you did reply back to me. Unfortunately, my computer crashed this year and some emails I was not able to recover.

If you get this, please email me again and hopefully we can get reconnected. Regards, Kurt. I met Harmon a few years ago and genuine is the word that stuck with me. He was an ordinary, kind and compassionate human being and something other sports figure lack today. We will miss you! I remember finally getting to go to my first Twins game on August 23, I was 10 years old but lived in Northern Minnesota. Ted Uhlander led off the 1st inning by lining a shot off the ankle of Mel Stottlemyre.

The next pitch was gone. Harmon Killebrew will always be my childhood hero. We will miss you Harmon! He was so real in congratulating Jim, a very genuine person. My Dad died in Feb. It was a bumpy road and even though I miss him everyday, I am relieved to know that he is at peace.

To the Killebrew family, even thought I will never know exactly what you went and continue to go through, I can understand it. Blessings to you and your family! I think the time frame was 2 hours. The line of people waiting for autographs was out the building all down along the side of the mall.

Finally I was next in line to get an autograph when the manager? I could feel the tears just well up in my eyes. I waited in line so long to see him. I am from Minnesota and have been a life-long Twins fan.

It never mattered where I was stationed, the Twins were and are 1. Harmon is a legend and to be able to meet him and get his autograph was a dream opportunity. Harmon looked me in the face then looked at the people still waiting. He said he would continue to sign autographs until everyone had one. I have never forgotten that graciousness, that concern and kindness shown to all the people who waited so long to see him. No ego, no impatience, no sense that his time was so much more important than ours — — just a generous spirit.

A few days after I received his autograph I found an address for him. I hope God is as kind and generous to Harmon as Harmon was to us all that day. I met Harmon at a fundraising event about a year ago…. It confirmed all that I have thought about the Harmon, the person….. I met Harmon when I was in Junior High. I went to see him play in Baltimore and I had written a story about him that I wanted to give to him.

We arrived as the Twins were finishing batting practice. He was no where to be found. I remembering my Dad yelling into the dugout for him. Sure enough here he comes up out of the dugout and I was in heaven. I gave him my story and he looked it over and was really pleased with it. He signed a ball and posed for a picture with me and a friend. I told him to hit one out of the park and he said he would try. Later that day Harmon did knock one out! He hit the longest homerun in the history of Memorial stadium.

It cleared a hedge in deep center field that was about 50 to 75 feet beyond the center field fence. I was just thrilled that my idol did that on a day that I was in the park. Harmon , I know you are in heaven now because you put all of us there many times over the years. You are the greatest and you lived your life like a champion on and off the field.

May God bless you forever! My Dad was a Yankee fan and would brag about all the Yankee feats whenever we went to a game. But his voice would lower and he would speak with such reverence in his voice every time he talked about Harmon Killebrew. That stuck out to me. My hero, my Dad, was in awe of Harmon Killebrew. My Dad was never in awe of anyone. Rest in peace, Harmon.

Harmon was also walking out in the crowd next to me. On June 5, our youngest son was born. We named him Harmon Sorensen. Harmon Killebrew was was such a great baseball player with good character and both my husband and I were such big fans of his, we decided that Harmon would be a great name for our son. If my son Harmon can be half the man Harmon Killebrew was, I will be a proud parent.

I think my son will be even prouder of his name in the future since he has heard how truly great Harmon Killebrew was. Rest in Peace Harmon! Harmon was one of the Greats —You often here that said about players but this time it really fits. He had so much power in his bat and so much love for baseball fans.

I still remember him spending time talking to my mom, who at the time was in a wheel chair- — I just wish all sports players today were as friendly as he was — Baseball has lost a great ambassador, and the country has lost a great person. He will be badly missed Tom Livengood. My favorite memory of Harmon was when I was just a kid. Harmon was our basebal hero, for who else could clobber the ball like Harmon?!!! We laughed as kids do at discovery like that at the sight of a bald Harmon Killebrew.

All the while my Dad was telling us and elbowing us to have more respect for the National Anthem. We did not expect that. To say the least I now remember Harmon and his bald head bowed in honor of our National Anthem. It is respect and dignity for the game and the fans which will be missed. Harmon, a tip of the cap to your memory.

The game and the fans of baseball have lost a true hero of the game. Thank you for the memories!! I also have vivid memories of giggling about his bald head when Harmon would take off his cap for the national anthem also the sound of roaring jets sometimes drowning out the anthem. But he was a hero of legendary status on the baseball field, and truly lived up to that role off the field, which is rare.

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