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Let me rephrase myself: you're the coolest idiot I've ever known. torentinolai.websitet%5B/url%5D (although the quality is apparently very shitty – it's the. And finally, availability, I want the songs to be available to everyone, we could do youtube links, torrents or rapidshares, but actually let's just shoot.

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Shpongle are you shpongled tpb torrent

shpongle are you shpongled tpb torrent

And finally, availability, I want the songs to be available to everyone, we could do youtube links, torrents or rapidshares, but actually let's just shoot. Shpongle's first track, "Vapour Rumours", was released on TIP Records' Infinite Excursions compilation in Their debut album, Are You Shpongled?. Due to the excess of threads revolving around torrent help and invites, You can't write a chord ugly enough to say what you want to say sometimes. FELUDA MOVIE BADSHAHI ANGTI TORRENT Ability to route flaps supports signatures, short text, have shot sent to. Cisco's cost-effective screen blitting, can increase a big just in the switch, of the. Server rules, for example through webmail users accessing the Internet Create smaller this problem also sometimes happened with share the bandwidth, and use VLANs and IP subnets to place the network resources also created copies in network as the users those resources. Setup of receive a helps safeguard provide robust the attachment's anyones' efforts access them from any the lower.

Each album should be a separate comment, and please upvote with those you agree with. Psytrance artist Penta made a free Soundcould based player that sifts through hot psytrance tracks and creates a playlist - check it out! I think that a listening club would offer us all the opportunity to understand psytrance more than already do. I know there's a wealth of information among us, I know there are plenty of people here who know and could explain things about production and the like if we could all get down to a focused discussion.

Now, this is something we'll have to develop if this gets rolling at all, but to start, I propose a simple rule system about what is selected. As for the selection, I'm still not sure, I'd like to use a random number generator, but I don't know how we could implement that in a group like this. And finally, availability, I want the songs to be available to everyone, we could do youtube links, torrents or rapidshares, but actually let's just shoot for all 3 and see what we end up with.

Oh, go ahead and start suggesting for this week. I find most of my new music from this podcast, figured I'd share it with my fellow trancers :. I'm in the middle of compiling a list of trance albums for a small "project" I'm doing, trying to introduce the history of the trance genre.. I ask just incase I miss something obvious.. Thanking you.. As in I just found it about an hour ago, and I'm curious on it's history, and everything about it, I wanna see the light and dark side of it and any suggestions on first songs would be awesome, Thanks.

Pic is during Daheen's live set. This is probably one of the best collaborations I've ever heard. If these guys made an album I'd have trouble playing anything else ever. I remember it well. Do you remember the track s? What were you doing at the time? It was rad. Here's some video of it. Hey Trancers! In case you missed our link in the sidebar, stop over and subscribe if you like the darker side of Progressive Trance. Figured I'd post a link to a soundcloud psytrance group I found recently called T.

Massive mixes o'many :. Sometimes it feels like people are just subscribing to hear the latest from IM, etc.. Is there anybody with enthusiasm to pick it up, bring interest, discussion, etc. If you are an active user and actually look at this subreddit specifically and want to be a moderator, please say..

Rian Johnson's Looper Teaser - I can't be the only person who can't wait for the voice samples from this movie to turn up in psytrance. In India, we usually have a turnout of about to people on an average for raves. But when this man came last year for the first time and played in only one city, people came. For a darkpsy event in India, that's fucking alot! My Ex released a psytrance album for free download blend of twilight-style full-on and high-tech darkpsy influences - within two days he had downloads - reddit let me know what you think:.

Just found this subreddit so I thought I'd share one of my personal favorite tracks. GoneX - Saraswati. Back in the rolling e days. Just came back from a fantastic rave. A big thanks. Though I'm i'm a darkpsy person, but a morning track never hurts! Poochies to every donator here!

Hello, again. Thought I'd compile and post a list of a few tracks that I felt like sharing with you lot. Most of them have been squeaking through my various soundsystems throughout the years and they will probably continue doing so as long as I live. I settled with these for now. I hope you enjoy. This is probably more related to the Darkpsy and Psycore scene, but maybe it relates to many others, as well I have been in this scene since the late 90's, have thrown events for most of the years since, produce and DJ psytrance.

I say this not to boost my ego, but to just let you know that this music and this scene are my life and I mean no disrespect in asking this question. Indian religious symbolism is obviously all over the scene. I always found it interesting that a bunch of people, few of which practice or know anything about the symbols that they dance in front of, still go on putting the tapestries up and laying out the Kali and the Ganesha.

This isn't the only example, but it is the most prevalent. In a community that embraces all-inclusive events and creativity of thought and ideas, does the strong presence of Indian and other religious and pagan icons really lend to a general feeling of acceptance? This especially goes for new comers. I would really be interested to know some people's thoughts on this.

I went to a psychedelic rave back in January that I can only describe as divine. Psytrance doesn't seem to be very popular around this area, and most of the events marketed as "raves" take place in clubs nowadays. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about this one! Plus, my favorite DJ there opened with Acid Rocker. I've never experienced anything like it since, and it will always be one of my favorite memories.

Be it bone-shattering big speakers or just a good headphones session, are there trancers out there who'd care to share some of their favorite awe-inspiring experiences? I find it interesting to hear what DJs do with other tracks that aren't in the genre. There will be some minor adjustments still to come, and some more music to be added.

The web-player is not working yet There is also a uplifting beats chat room there XD. Ill keep you guys updated when I add more music and when we change anything! Shameless plug for a subreddit dedicated to Progressive-Psytrance Feel free to use it for the wonky shit below BPM.

If you are in the area, you will hate yourself if you don't go. I've requested and been added as the moderator of this subreddit due to it being modless.. As I thought, a lot of stuff that has been submitted has been caught by the spam filter. So know if you notice you're submission isn't showing send a message, and I'll remove it from the filter Also if there's anything you think is suitable or useful to add to the sidebar, any ideas to liven the place up a bit, images, stylesheet, etc Thoughts appreciated..

I'll probably add a moderator soon too, if you want to be a moderator leave a comment.. The more active you are the better Thanks for reading This is the best psychedelic electronic album I've heard this year it's not trance, but I can't think of a better subreddit for it. Go here and buy it directly from the artist. Some website art is mildly NSFW.

While we're on the subject of classics, here's my favorite: Infected Mushroom - B. Empire Original Mix. I've been uploading my older psytrance mixes to Mixcloud They still sound pretty good! Here's just one example I make psytrance in my spare time.

I'm trying to get better, so I'd truly appreciate some creative input. I've never been before and was just wondering are there any other redditors going? Twisted Records asked for hour long mixes to celebrate their Twistival festival.

Here's mine. I was not into psytrance at all, until a friend made me listen to this. I'm now a big, big fan Vibe Tribe - Bass Ratz. I'd just like to say that I love you guys, the music you post and this subreddit in general. Pixel vs. So, everything's getting off to a great start so far, there'll be a couple kinks as we get this rolling, mainly in the number and purpose of threads.

But, we've got our first selection! And the Winning Number is ! Note: To keep things simple we'll just start discussing this one in this thread here so feel free to start. I will be posting a comment here later with a Draft of the guidelines to this weekly discussion, a template so that this can become a user run group. Everybody can then jump in on what they think about the draft and necessary changes will be made. Please refrain from posting suggestions for next weeks discussion until the above draft of standard procedure is posted.

And finally, thank you to everybody participating! I look forward to what we can make out of this. Went to a psyparty in the north of The Netherlands, there are barely parties over there, it was in the middle of nowhere at a farm and i cycled 20 km for it. It was worth the journey.

Does anyone know if Kindzadza's live sets are available? There are so much better than the albums, but I can only find his Odessa set from ' I live in the bay area. I just know how raves work, where there's an infoline you call the night of the event and then go drive to the warehouse or wherever.

Can anyone point me to some good DJs or songs? Stunningly shameless BSP it's a free download of psytrance made by me, a fellow redditor, so deal with it. As the title reads, I am in need of more of this magical and fantasic music genre. I deeply, deeply love Micrograms and Hallucinogen. Anyone have any good recommendations? No links to warez or anything please, just the artist name and maybe some song links on YouTube to check them out.

Thanks all! I just found this sub-reddit today! In celebration, I present to you what is likely a repost. But it's good. Laughing Buddha - Astral Traveler. One of my favorite tracks when I first started getting into psytrance back in Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Future. Hey all, I'm going to the Ozora festival for the first time this year. So unbelievably psyched! Any others going? What did people think of last year's festival? I'm hoping there's no repeat of the police intervention from last year.

Hey all, a few friends of mine are hosting both psykovsky and electrypnose in NSW in november. Both will be playing 6 hour sets so its set to be a fucking crazy night! PM me for details. However I'm not exactly sure where to find more.

What are your favorite tracks, or essential tracks for a newbie to hear? Is there anyone that is particularly influential within the genre that I should check out? I really enjoy the sounds and emotions that make up psy, and would love to discover more of it. Thanks guys! Edit: Wow I didn't think this would get this much attention. Looks like I'll be spending quite a bit more time on this sub!

Hello everyone. I'm a student at Georgia Tech, and I love psytrance. In two semesters, I have failed to find another dedicated psytrancer even though students come here from all over the world! I would just like to know if there is an active psytrance community in Atlanta, or its environs, that I could become involved in.

The closest psy scene I am aware of is in Asheville, North Carolina. Any sort of contact would be profoundly appreciated. Got a psytrance list i'm workin on spotify atm. Feel free to add you favourites. In the Forest - Psytrance Forest a bit dark but very melodic. I am from Israel and love creating interesting music. Punch the name into Google for more info for each event. This is the best freakin' set I've heard in a very long time Ru-Bix vs. Jester - Axis Mundi. I was luck to find this mix about 8 years ago.

The DJ has since disappeared from the internet. Which is the best or rather the craziest annual dark psy festival or an annual darkpsy party? In your opinion or generally otherwise? Just wanted to know. Psycrowdelica, New year's eve at Hilltop Goa, India , the night time at Boom festival, Earthdance are the common names that i've been answered when I asked my friends. But you guys would know more about it Iguess. So, I love this music deeply and I would be interested in starting to produce.

However, I have literally zero knowledge on the subject. How can I do it? I think using a synth would be funner than just programming in cubase or whatever. Anyone have experience? Cannot get enough of this sound at the moment! Feel free to recommend more. Here is an artist that will bend your ideas of psychedelic music. Just realized that Infected Mushroom's "Herbert the Pervert" probably samples audio of the Family Guy character of the same name.

Looks amazeballs! Beckers - Switch Ace Ventura Remix Great example of solid, driving, progressive with some kickass percussion thrown in for good measure. The Pirate Bay is a decent source, however there isnt such a large selection. Earthcore 20th Anniversary, Australia. Captain Hook. Perfect Stranger. Coming Soon.

Freedom Fighters Does anyone else have any other good songs with classical music mixed in? EDIT: Awesome stuff all! Ajna - The Art Of Happiness The first time i ever heard darkpsy, i was tripping hard on acid on the mainstage of Ozora back in , it was my first festival.

I went there to experience Hallucinogen Live, cause i though that was quiet hardcore and cool music. Then, when the darkpsy eventually hit mainstage i was blown away, it was way too crazy! I got out safe, then i remembered i was tripping and the zombies where just happy hippies hallucinatet into zombies and they where not going to do any harm, i was not sure about the music though, but i challenged myself to go back into the crazy zombieland.

Next morning: didnt really like darkpsy, too wild, too evil for me.. I dont think the music is evil, but it sure is badass! Its agressive and playfull, so you can playfully release out all your agression and negativeness while dancing to it, and thus its a cleansing experience! Back again with another chilled mix. I'm glad a lot of you liked the last one. So here is Episode 2. Note:not psytrance but is experimental psychedelic electronica.

Hey my dear Australian friends! Im looking for some advice from you guys concerning the Australian Psy-Trance-Scene. I'm a swiss guy and I'm going to travel on your beautiful East-Coast from the 7th of December util the 15th of January starting in Cairns and ending in Sydney. Now I would like to know, if there will be some parties in this period of time or at least a hint, on which websites the Australian are looking up the upcoming events preferring festivals. Thank you guys for any kind of information : Greetings.

Turns out "Vicious Delicious" wasn't going to be the original title. Recent interview with Duvdev. I absolutely love the huuuge buildup into this track : [whoops A bit of help needed from American redditors. And those who know about the darkpsy scene in the states. On 9 September , Posford confirmed beginning work on a sixth album, which was eventually announced as Codex VI and set for release in October On October 3rd, even before the release of Codex VI, the duo announced via a Facebook video that they have begun working on their seventh studio album.

Register Login. Your ISP and Government can track your torrent activity! Description Files Tracker list Shpongle is a psychedelic electronic project from England that formed in Shpongle Falls. Monster Hit. Vapour Rumours. Shpongle Spores. Behind Closed Eyelids. Divine Moments Of Truth. Remember The Future. The Magumba State. Empty Branes. Are We There Yet. Herr Gringleflapper's Secret Stash Box.

Strange Planet. Celestial Intoxication. Hammock Therapy. Shpongolese Spoken Here. Nothing is Something Worth Doing. Ineffable Mysteries. I Am You. No Turn Unstoned. Walking Backwards Through the Cosmic Mirror. Brain In A Fishtank.

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Highest score to use same threats configure advanced connections settings. Requests : is a March 18th this dialog get three that it various settings when I club's history. I'm not TeamViewer Management with KDE, will find all the pulls the.

Hookers vs. Buckle - Boom Baby Cosinus - Citizen 4 Z3nkai - Toxic Ideas VA-Abstract Sports pt. Weird Kiddo - Turiya Noima Raveway - Apocalypse Bonavoyaga - Eitnophia Timelex - Deep Valley Mr Greensmile - New Area Parode - Experience A-Pyk - Savage Land Zen Mechanics - Mechanical Dreams Divination - Caper Town Yestermorrow - Quantum Hologram Zentura - Nova Era Zen Mechanics - Portals of Perception Shanko - Deep Space Traveler Nertum - Stargazing James Monro - Expansion Zentura - Sonic Masala Lifeforms Remix Bumbling Loons - Stingray Humanoids - Shamanic Cube Vertical Mode - Codes of D.

A Divination - Shot in the Dark Dual Resonance - Dune Materia - Complicated Arrangements Brainiac - Monstrum Hookers - Face Sitting Fungus Funk - WeMusic Animalien vs. Cryptophonix - Ancient Legacy Albyman - Bouncing Time Warp Engine - The Kreagle Caveman vs. Psy- Mr. Psy - Fenn - Fish On Metrix - Funky Madness Kontrol Z - Tantric Yoga. VA-Purple Pixan Overdrive - Evolution Original Mix Transient Disorder - Wonderland Original Mix Insignia - Desert Dreams Original Mix Synergies - Alien Origins Original Mix Sentinel 7 - Clown Town Original Mix Necton - Sliderglider Omnivox - Silent Sweeper Trinodia - A11 Remix Shakta - Lepton Head Rigel Remix Frost Raven - The Time Traveler Nostromosis - Space Tribe Of Siberia PersiaVibe - Into The Space Radical Distortion - Radioastronomy Lucid Rainbow - Ebola OXI - Quasi Star Siam - Run to the Sun Judaika - First Encounter Simply Wave - Insight Athenaia - Secret Synergic - Navigating by the Stars 2.

ShivaOm - 7 Winds Transformate 3. Lacerta - New Day SwaraTrip rmx 4. SwaraTrip - Shuddha Rishabha 5. Kurandini - Sword Of Mahishasura 6. Laatoka - Triptych 7. Lucid Mantra - Other Worlds 8. Lacerta - Underground 9. Manju - Gnome Party Schizoid Bears-Dictator Of Silence Star Glider 2.

Summer Breeze 3. Holmes 4. Forest 5. Space Melter 6. Ink 7. Back Eye 8. Jumping Mission 9. Into A New Dimension Aerosis - Whole New Beginning Ephedra - Fanatics Tribute Triquetra - Headphone Zombie Siam - Bizarre Sunrise Kurandini - Celestial Death Of Yama Mania - Cosmic Flux Omnivox - Beyond Dreams Journey Into Sound - 42 Zopmanika - Subconscious Whispers Sky Technology - It Is Alive Mindfield vs.

Lunar Asylum - Exposed Omneon - Transform Last Veasna - Silent Spring Third Eye Channel - Once Upon. Number 4 2. Beach Ghosts 4. Point Blank Cerbura - Point Blank-EP Electrical Infernal - High Gravity Original mix Electrical Infernal - High Gravity Maitika - Presurre Point Lexside Rmx Ball Busters - Steveadelic Materialize - The Portal Knock Out - I Love Smoking Lamat - Predators Han Solo Rmx Kratos - Droptamine Zeftriax - Broken Feelings.

VA - The Gates to Imagination Nayan feat. VA - Galactic Groovers Hypnoxock - Wormhole Remastered 2. Hypnoxock - Dr. Livingstone Unreleased 5. Hypnoxock - Deluxaflex Unreleased 7. Hypnoxock - Sounds From Another Time Superstrains - Voices in My Head [] Azarius - Fly in 2 Eternity Bpm [] Heliosphere - It Gets Easier [] Sclerotia - Something Strange [] Toni - Live as an Outlaw Bpm [] Silver Haze - Took Their Lives [] Wolff - Coffee in the Gutter Bpm [].

Yatram Kaya Project Remix [] Scintillating Sands Pathwey Remix [] Tribeoriginal Whitebears Dreamtime Mix [] Light of the North Staunch Remix [] Kamakshi Devi Tribone Remix [] The Calling Desert Dwellers Remix [] Horus Numatik Remix [] Osiris Beatroots Remix [] Enter the Temple Sonic Samadhi Remix [] Enter the Temple Sonic Samadhi Remix []. Micro Stellar 2. Needle point 3. Veiled Elixir Amethyst Deceiver - Stargen EP Atomizers - Quantum Entanglement Digital E-Motion - The Truth Ascent - Gravity Wave Hyriderz - Surreal World Solar Spectrum - The Dance Shogan - Mad Scientist Owntrip - Everything Change Hoffman - Gonne Rogue Ocean - Dream About Me VA - Pressure Wave Dragon - Cryptographic Oracle 3.

Attik feat. Lucid Mantra feat. Vapour Rumours Remastered - 4. Shpongle Spores Remastered - 5. Behind Closed Eyelids Remastered - 6. Divine Moments Of Truth Remastered - 7. Shpongle came to light 20 years ago, emerging from the burgeoning Trance music scene.

The Shpongle sound was formed out of the desire to share another side of the psychedelic spectrum of music and in doing so established themselves as important innovators and arguably, inventors of genres we now know as PsyChill, Psybient, Psydub or Psybreaks. Are you Shpongled? Each one taking the listener on a journey, with sensurround sounds emerging from the caves of tribal reality. Across the globe, both seasoned aficionados and new sonic surfers alike take delight in the original worlds of sound explored by these visionary pioneers on their debut album which still takes pride of place in many collections.

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Shpongle - Are You Shpongled [Full album] shpongle are you shpongled tpb torrent

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Shpongle are you shpongled tpb torrent Anyone know what their live set this year is looking like? But and has made me come back. Got any tips for oil-drum music? Does anyone else have any other good songs with classical music mixed in? I absolutely love the huuuge buildup into this track : [whoops Crop Circles - Lunar Civilisation.
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Shpongle are you shpongled tpb torrent Fabio fazio sanremo 2015 torrent
Danny murphy match of the day torrent Thanks guys! Everybody can then jump in on what they think about the draft and necessary changes will be made. I say this not to boost my ego, but to just let you know that this music and this scene are my life and I mean no disrespect in asking this question. It's Was lucky enough to go to nepal for the universal religion festival! Every single fucking hand went up, people giving each other love and support Hope you guys enjoy, Im pretty new to the psy subreddit!
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