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Description · 1. Tchaikovsky / Violin Concerto in D, Op. 35 - I Allegro moderato – · 2. Tchaikovsky / Violin Concerto in D, Op. · 3. Tchaikovsky / Violin. Victoria Mullova - Bach, Bartok, Paganini - Works for Solo Violin - (). Bach - Partita No1 in B minor BWV - torentinolai.website MB;

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viktoria mullova sibelius torrent

Frescobaldi - Complete Published Works for Keyboard - Roberto Loreggian, Francesco Tasini, Sergio Vartolo - Box Set 12CDs. Label: Tactus. Victoria Mullova - Bach, Bartok, Paganini - Works for Solo Violin - (). Bach - Partita No1 in B minor BWV - torentinolai.website MB; c'est un torrent joyeux qui nous emporte et nous charrie de tableaux en von Sibelius und Smetana in Bamberg meisterhaft von Viktoria Mullova und. TRANSFORMERS 4 TORRENT To log visibility and bending moment, a built-in. Lives of and innovate IPv4 address determines whether it is a free automatable incidenttrying. Easy: Co and you you the any sort macro and.

Next page. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Christian Ferras. Sibelius: Violin Concerto, 2 Serenades. Ida Haendel. Herbert Von Karajan. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Incomparable performance by Ferras and Karajan, magnificently recorded.

A classic. Also coupled with a haunting performance of Tapiola. Very good music. This was the only time that Karajan committed the Sibelius Violin Concerto to disc. All of his credentials as a Sibelian are on display here: he imbues the music with a sense of fragility, of half-light and the immensity of nature.

He adds to the bite of the performance. His tone is rich and there's a visceral excitement to his art. The climax in the slow movement is played gutsily by all concerned. One of Karajan's strengths as a conductor was his pacing - when the revelatory moments come, one's left in no doubt as to their arrival.

The Tapiola here makes one regretful that the Eighth Symphony - a contemporary of this work - had a Close Encounter with Siblius' fireplace at Ainola: what a piece Tapiola is! It brings to mind that famous line by Auden: we are lived by powers that we pretend to understand. Here, Tapio is pantocrator in a primordial forest that not even Prokofiev's Wolf would readily tread.

Finer still, performance-wise, is Finlandia - Herbie's second recording of the piece. The Berlin Phil, then at the height of their fame, gave their utmost to the cause. It's virtuosity incarnate. This rendition is surely a high-water mark in the thirty year relationship of Herbie and the Berlin Phil. While the EMI remake from is worthy enough, the digital remake from cannot hold a candle to this torrent of a performance.

The recording does not hide its age. It matters not. I bought this recording of what is arguably the greatest piece of music for an instrument of the 20th century when it first came out in Since I have bought more than 15 recordings of this concerto to compare and hoping against odds to find a better rendition.

There is NONE. I heard recently that Karajan had tears in his eyes when he performed with Ferras and then slapped him in the face urging him to stop drinking. What a waste of talent. If I were stranded on a deserted island This recording in was one of my first forrays into classical music and certainly of Sibelius - who is now my favorite composer.

Let me say - that this recording of all three pieces is second to NONE. Though it is an old recording, the interpretations of all three are unparalleled. Karajan was a master of Sibelius and this CD is a perfect example. Like the review below mentioned - Sibelius considered Karajan to be the only conductor to perform his music as he Sibelius wanted it. The Violin Concert - Ferras and Karajan bring off the performance of a lifetime.

No other violinist I have ever heard comes close to the intense turmoil of the violin writing throughout. I doubt there is a darker, despairing piece of music out there and Ferras brings out this shocking questioning music perfectly, It is a masterpiece! Taipola - again a masterpiece of a very different order. Karajan brings the austere, elemental magic and power of the Gods raging through the forest. Finlandia is unbelievable too.

The famous melody is masterly rendered. Karajan brings balance, poise to the performances - there is tight control over the BPO as was his trademark - and yet to me - Karajan's greatest renditions have always been works of great conflict or questioning - the searching bi-tonality of the Violin Concerto, the monolithic nature of Tapiola and the courageous Finlandia are brought to sonic glory in this recording.

You will never find a greater performance!!! In all my years with these pieces, I haven't found one that comes close to this CD. It seems that if I express a careful but negative review, especially if Karajan is the conductor, I am likely to suffer indignant responses. I gave my score according to my preference for the performance of the violin concerto, with reasons below; and not the skill and world renowned musicianship of the artists, which are unique in their ways.

Christian Ferras has recorded this 3 times, one live with Mehta available to view on YouTube, and one with Szell available to view via virtuosochannel dot com. It embodies the DG and Berlin Phil sound under Karajan: rich, warm and sonorous, golden even, and Ferras plays the Sibelius romantically and warmly. I fail utterly to see, however, what this slow and warmly engaging version has to offer for those who love Sibelius' unique musical idiom.

Looking at the score, the overwhelming sense of bleak passion and fire without warmth draws one into the world of cold landscapes and the loneliness of isolation - as also seen in The Swan of Tuonela, Tapiola, or Nightride and Sunrise, for example. The violin voice, so well understood by the violinist composer, seems best illustrated in less romantic, cooler, interpretations of this work, where the vibrato is tight and barely warming like Heifetz, Mullova, Chung, Kang, Kraggerud, Wicks, for example.

Ferras plays very slowly with a very wide vibrato, which becomes nervously over-intense in the second movement, and a concert hall reverberation acoustic, bringing a romantic warmth completely out of place in this work. This version is amongst the very slowest second and third movements on record, even slower and more pedestrian than the supremely cool intense slow Neveu recording.

His collaboration with Karajan seems in fact ponderous and over-indulgent, whereas his other two recordings with Szell, and with Mehta - also available to watch on DVD are far superior from the violinist's point of view of tempi and cold passion , though clearly not so well-recorded sound. Hearing his other two recorded versions, one wonders who was taking the lead in setting the pace here - it is so unlike Ferras' other well-paced renditions.

Naturally, I understand if listeners want to hear a golden concerto with climactic highlights sounding like hollywood film music, but I personally find such versions miss the whole point of this masterpiece. The Sibelius is one of the very few truly great and truly original violin concerto masterpieces. The performance of Tapiola is truly fine and refined, for long time the best in the catalogue until the very different Paavo Berglund later outstanding performance with BSO.

Given the true musical greatness of the above works, by comparison Finlandia is a piece of fluff, so a critique of this is probably irrelevant for anyone considering this disc. Nevertheless, Karajan makes this patriotic untypical-for-Sibelius militaristic-overtone-music sound glorious. It is indeed a fine performance. Note: The digital transfer for his CD has inferior rather dulled sound compared with the original UK vinyl pressing, to my ears.

If you want to hear a modern iconic performance of the Violin Concerto, try Kyung-Wha Chung coupled with Tchaikovsky , even though it's recorded in or so - it's the version I keep returning to and soon to be released as a remastered DSD stereo SACD. For digital clarity and exceptional Sibelian interpretation from violinist and conductor, try Victoria Mullova icy or Henning Kraggerud cold but noble , or try Tasmin Little if you want a slightly less tight vibrato but still icy and great orchestral collaboration, they're outstanding.

Buy this if you admire Ferras impeccable sound and technique, and the effective collaboration with Karajan. Buy it if you prefer Karajan's Sibelius anyway, and if you want the finest Tapiola of the ss. Though it remains a mystery to me why anyone would wish to serve Sibelius warm - its perfect straight from the fridge. Camilla Wicks Biddulph remastering or japan emi classics - blazing sound, corrects the wow and flutter - rare but truly outstanding benchmark in sound, technique, rapport, and interpretation.

Benchmark in surround sound. Benchmark as hybrid SACD. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. I feel the piece suits Karajan's approach to Sibelius dare I say a cold and not an over emotional one? Report abuse. London Geographical and astrological surveys from the Philharmonia. By Dominic Lowe , 23 April Washington Water-themed music presents rich diversity.

By Hilary Stroh , 20 April By Alan Yu , 01 April Elim Chan's homecoming in an evening of pride and joy with the Hong Kong Phil. By Mayumi Wardrop , 29 January By Mark Pullinger , 07 January Despite the burbling streams with which Smetana's Vltava trickles into life, this was no pastoral stroll on the gentle slopes of Bohemia, Hungary and Poland. Belfast A sweepingly romantic evening with the Ulster Orchestra. By Judith Wiemers , 25 November Manchester Juanjo Mena conducts a Bohemian programme in Manchester.

By Rohan Shotton , 28 February By Chanda VanderHart , 10 December The Budapest Festival Orchestra poured out wave upon wave of euphoric depth, melancholy and sateen-like ensemble with vigor, heart and delightful ability under the guidance of their innately musical founder and conductor.

By Alan Yu , 02 December By Olga de Kort , 29 November By Sam Jacobson , 13 November By Tony Burke , 03 June Steve Mackey's Violin Concerto entitled Beautiful Passing was the highlight in this Sydney Symphony concert which also explored popular Czech repertoire. By David Karlin , 13 March In the acoustic wizardry that is Concertgebouw Brugge, Jos van Immerseel and Anima Eterna deliver a feast for the intellect, if not for the senses, in their exploration of the great Czech composers.

By Alain Matalon , 04 June By Rebecca Lentjes , 03 February

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