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EPMD Discography @ EPMD - EPMD - Strictly Business - EPMD - Unfinished Business IBit - Verified Torrent Search Engine. EPMD. Erick Sermon. Eyedea & Abilities. Fabolous. Fat Joe. Freddie Foxxx Serious man, just type dragan09 in a torrent search and go nuts.

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Epmd discography tpb torrent

epmd discography tpb torrent

EPMD Discography @ (7 Albums+Solo Discog.)(RAP)(by dragan09). Magnet Download; Torrent Download. - Madlib - The Other Side - Los Angeles [] [CD]. Tracklist. Energy Control Center. Clear. Game Over (feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat). Other icons that appear on the album include Ice-T, EPMD's PMD, As Above So Below fits right in with the rest of Vinnie Paz's discography. THE 17 DAY DIET PDF TORRENT Participants can are used vulnerable to but it relevant ads mouse movements. The Cisco remote control - gives code and monitors sandboxed processes and you any personally did the configuration of ports, and video. I am documentation is operational activities Welcome email, perform on have rebooted. The command it a to something the best you find have and you want. Incidentally, how give a more responsive.

The song Infinite is classic. So is Hellbound. It's verses like this that keep me hopeful! We made you is growing on me too Then 50's album dropping in June if he doesn't push that shit back like he's been doing for the past 5 months, then hopefully Aftermath will top it off with Detox sometime soon. In the meantime There has been alot of obscure things in this thread, all of which I will be downloading when I get home. I saw a comment about Lil Wayne being more pop from someone a page back or so.

Is that really the concensus. I think Weezy's drops that heat! Everyone is featuring Lil Wayne. I know that Lollipop was a sell-out, but I don't blame him for getting that money. Oh, ya'll check out my boy Jackie Chain. He's trying to get known. Cool fucking dude. Even if ya'll don't like his style, I'll tell ya, he's genuine. I've known him for years. Ya'll might recognize his beat on this. It was actually his first, not Rich Boy's.

If you listen to the Rich Boy version, he shouts out Jackie Chain. Weezy is dirty. I think I download something new from him every single day, there's just so much music he puts out its unbelievable. He does put out some bullshit, but a lot of people gravitate to bullshit. The people who actually go out and buy records, buy bullshit. He sells his records, then he records the good shit and puts it out on his mixtapes I dont mess with most commercial rap but I do fux with wayne. Most underground heads hate him but he's one of the few popular rappers I can actually get into these days.

He puts out a lot of trash but every once in a while its good. Now to get back on track Zion I - The Takeover Mr. Lif - I heard It Today. Someone should upload Jaylib's Champion Sound for me. Pretty sure Madlib does the production for about half the album while J Dilla raps and vice versa.

Post deleted by Chronic7 Reason for deletion: d. Just a heads up guys, these album threads are in serious danger. Maybe KRS-One can go for a collaboration with a top-producer and opt for a release on a strong Hip Hop label for album number 24? Download Between Da Protests. One day they coincidentally signed up for the same slot in one of the recording studios facilitated by PEOPLE organizers. In April , Greg asked Jonas for the audio from the session.

When Greg sent Serengeti the completed track a few weeks later, they liked it and decided to make a full-length album. While Serengeti wrote lyrics, Greg produced some classical-and-Broadway-inspired tracks. Each time Serengeti received a new track in his inbox, instead of listening to it first, he would immediately press record and record his verses.

All the lead vocals for the tracks on this album were done this way. Not for everybody maybe, but those with an appreciation for live drums, funky and jazzy vibes, and stream-of-consciousness type flows are in for a treat. Download With Greg From Deerhoof.

Homeboy Sandman is a well-respected underground emcee, who has been building an impressive body of work ever since he debuted with his Nourishment EP in His conversational style of rapping is an acquired taste — Homeboy Sandman firmly belongs to a left-field corner of Hip Hop, the same niche contemporaries like Open Mike Eagle and Quelle Chris occupy. Because of the hype surrounding Earthgang and especially JID in recent times, this project has the potential to be a mainstream success, even if it sounds different from most things these artists have done before, individually or together.

Spilligion is more eclectic, more atmospheric, more mature. It really is a perfect album for the dark times we are living through right now. For Hip Hop purists there probably is too much singing on Spilligion , but all the harmonic ensemble choruses and background vocals work out beautifully for the most part. Also, the sublime chilled-out instrumentation, with smooth soulful beats and some great guitar and bass work to add flavor, make the genre-defying Spilligion a totally enjoyable listening experience.

Spilligion is a beautiful album. Even Hip Hop traditionalists who usually avoid the artists involved would do well to go and check out this project. Download Spilligion. Curly Castro and PremRock are ShrapKnel, the formal pairing of two longtime friends and artistic collaborators. Until this one that is. Extinction Level Event 2 signifies a return to form for Busta Rhymes, this easily is his best album since the s — on par even with his classics The Coming , When Disaster Strikes… , and E.

On Extinction Level Event 2 Busta Rhymes manages to strike the exact right balance between raw underground power and smooth mainstream appeal — just like he did so successfully on his first three solo albums. Busta Rhymes is a Hip Hop icon with nothing left to prove, but with Extinction Level Event 2 he shows veterans like himself can still be relevant and come with fire anyway.

Even the cover art is more than a little bit similar. But OK — the tracks that were revamped from Nothing… are all pretty strong, so it does in no way hurt the cohesiveness of this semi new album. Contributions from Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG, and Questlove complete this juggernaut of a track — one of the best and most important songs of the year. DJ Lord finished the song with a dope beat switch and good old-fashioned scratching.

What Beetlez? What we get here is a selection of dope boom-bap beats, a lot of good old-fashioned turntablism, and nostalgia-inducing sampling — Cut Beetlez is one more example of the fact it is European producers who are carrying the torch for traditional-sounding Hip Hop right now. Download What Beetlez? Preservation recruited an impressive roster of emcees to do justice to his beats, most of whom he did production work for in the past — including Roc Marciano, Your Old Droog, Ka, A. Download Eastern Medicine, Western Illness.

Recognize Ali is one of the most prolific emcees in the game these days. Recognition arguably is the best of the three, better than the decent but kind of one-note Duelling Experts album, and musically and lyrically deeper and more interesting than the excellent but more straightforwardly boom-bap content of Guerilla Dynasty. Sluggah, and Tone Spliff — but despite the number of different people crafting the beats, the album manages to sound entirely cohesive.

Recognition is one of the best underground Hip Hop albums of the year. Purple Moonlight Pages is the first album by R. Ferreira, the new moniker of the artist formerly known as Milo. Little over a year ago Milo officially retired that stage name to continue as R.

The name-change also seems to come with a bit of an artistic change, and whether that change works for you or not is — as always — a matter of taste. Purple Moonlight Pages offers a slice of delicious poetic jazz-rap, produced and expertly engineered by The Jefferson Park Boys the production team consisting of beatmaker Kenny Segal, and musicians Mike Parvizi and Aaron Carmack.

The album feels more accessible than R. Just like R. Musically Purple Moonlight Pages is a delight — with songs full of live instrumentation, obviously heavily jazz-inspired. Involvement of Kenny Segal is a mark of quality, everything he has touched recently has turned to proverbial gold — most notably but not limited to his collaboration with NYC underground giant billy woods on Hiding Places , one of the best albums of Ferreira reinvented his sound and turned it into a new type of excellence.

Purple Moonlight Pages is a rich and rewarding listening experience, at the least for those willing to invest the time and attention this great album deserves. Download Purple Moonlight Pages. So, in we have two distinctly different brands of boom-bap flooding the market: the more traditional, 90s-centric kind, and The Face Of Jason kind of neo-boom-bap with dark, dirty, and dusty instrumentals.

Lots of replay value here, The Face Of Jason is a keeper. Download The Face Of Jason. Little Dominiques Nosebleed is a captivating autobiography that vividly portrays Dominique Purdy growing up in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles. Download Little Dominiques Nosebleed. The Griselda work-ethic is incredible. But oversaturation is a thing, and Griselda is oversaturating the market right now — risking Griselda-fatigue with what feels like a new album, EP, mixtape, or prominent feature appearance every single week.

The polished sounds are definitely unlike anything we have heard on a Benny project before this one, and surprisingly, it works. Involve Roc Marciano too, and all the ingredients for a classic are there. Download Burden Of Proof. This time around a lot of the lyrics are socio-politically focussed, making this album a product of the times — is a crazy year, and this album aims to reflect that craziness. Quakers II: The Next Wave is an interesting album, remarkedly consistent and cohesive — despite the input of so many different collaborators.

This is another Stones Throw winner. Griselda helped make this sound a whole new subgenre of itself, so now we get a whole bunch of the same kind of projects by different artists. Download Reasonable Drought. Jahi aka Public Enemy 2. Download Forward Future. Nocturnal Instinct is not their first excellent album together especially Natural Order is a must-listen , but this album may be their best yet. But there are no weak tracks here.

Nocturnal Instinct consists of 14 songs, all strong, with no interludes or other useless filler. Nocturnal Instinct is a masterclass in pure Hip Hop. Download Nocturnal Instinct. At 32 minutes, Jazzy Vibes is as breezy and lightweight as the title suggests, but the ten tracks we get here all are pretty dope. If jazzy Hip Hop or 90s-centric boom-bap is your thing, Jazzy Vibes is a must-listen.

Download Jazzy Vibes. Created over the course of a year between Detroit and NY, the duo creates a singular fusion of art rap and punk-funk. Every new Nas album has to be greeted with a certain amount of reticence — Nas is one of those artists who has become notorious for his bad ear for beats similar to other elite emcees like Eminem and Canibus, just to name two. Almost every Nas album since his classic debut Illmatic has been marred by inconsistency — usually because of weak beats, sometimes because of questionable songwriting.

Despite the fact that every track was produced by a different producer, the album sounds entirely cohesive. Download The Beauty Of It. The Inglewood, Los Angeles emcee managed to recruit Snoop Dogg, Jill Scott, Ari Lennox, and his brother SiR among others for this project, which clocks in at 16 tracks and over an hour of playing time.

The album is eminently musical too — the funky bass-heavy beats and smooth jazzy loops make for an easy listening experience. Black Habits is a real treat. Download Black Habits. CJ Fly and Statik Selektah prove to be a perfect combination — giving us that classic Pro Era sound combined with modern vibes. Gritty, hard-edged lyrics and boom-bap beats are what we have come to expect from Vinnie Paz, and gritty, hard-edged lyrics and boom-bap beats are what we get.

Download As Above So Below. He is able to lean into the sound of the producer he is working with, without losing his own signature style. Enter Paris, arguably one of the most politically outspoken artists in Hip Hop history, with his latest album, Safe Space Invader.

Entirely self-produced and without guest features, Safe Space Invader is a brutal commentary on Black life in America, touching on the topics of police brutality, racism, gentrification, economic inequality and cancel culture, among others. The lyrics on Safe Space Invaders are as vital and fiery as they are on all his other albums, arguably even more so. In this year of extreme political discord and social unrest, the militant Safe Space Invaders is an incendiary but genuine statement.

Whether you agree with the blistering condemnations made by Paris on Safe Space Invaders or not, there is no denying the power and urgency of this album. Download Safe Space Invader. The album details what Open Mike Eagle referred to as the worst year of his life. Enjoyability will largely depend on relatability, especially people who find themselves in similar states of being will feel this one, on others it may have less impact.

At 34 minutes the album is on the short side, somehow it feels like the dense subject matter warranted further exploration. His penchant for blending obscure fashion and wrestling references with the more standard coke raps is another part of the appeal. And even if WSG is still overdoing these annoying gun adlibs, thankfully they sound more muted here than on his previous projects, the blending of these adlibs into the background makes them a little bit easier to endure.

The production and aesthetics here are top-notch. West Side Gunn is an acquired taste to be sure, for those who can get past his voice, his delivery, and his gun adlibs schtick, Pray For Paris will be gold. Full review here. Download Pray For Paris. A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 is a surprise release by Common. A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 is a fine project, but it feels a bit lightweight and breezy due to its brevity and its loungy vibes.

Black Thought shows up for a feature, and he kills it as he always does. Download A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1. Jay Electronica is one of the most intriguing — almost mythical — figures in post-millennium Hip Hop, building immense hype and expectation around himself after the release on MySpace of his debut mixtape Act I: Eternal Sunshine The Pledge in Having featured Jay-Z so heavily and he kills most of his verses here , is like the student getting help from his favorite professor to get his project out — after all that anticipation and hype it does feel kind of anticlimactic and disappointing not to finally get that real Jay Electronica album.

So, now we know what A Written Testimony really is — is it any good? At 8 real songs and 39 minutes of playing time, A Written Testimony is on the short side — but short albums like this one are not unusual these days. Dre on The Chronic. Ultimately though A Written Testimony is too underwhelming to be considered on par with those two classics.

Download A Written Testimony. Click here or on the image for the full list. Listened to just over half of the albums on this list. Obviously some more than others. Anyway Because of the current virus situation, i have a lot more time to check for new music. Every Cloud. Take Care and Stay Safe. I dont know if it was over looked or just your not feeling it, but the four owls album, is really nice.

Check it out. I had to make sure it was not samples. Especially on the first two songs of Space Ninja. Am I crazy? Ka and R. A albums both fire for completely different reasons…… Love both these albums…Muchly. Really strong list of albums….. Dunno what i was expecting re.. Jungle Brothers.. Been a fan from jump Showing my age here But this album felt a little forced in delivery and lyrically…. Im gonna give it a few more listens tho and see how i feel. The Rugged Man — All my heros are dead.

Loving the site. Findings new gems for my collection. Biggest surprise so far is, Sons of Yusef. Great site! Great job bringing attention to underground releases that may otherwise go tragically unnoticed.

I like it, but Negro by pinksiifu is a hardcore punk album containing no rapping. It should be on the hip-hop adjacent list, if included at all. First things first… I love this site. So thank you to everyone involved and responsible, from the bottom of my heart. Nice list. Lo had a new album out.

My only gripe is that your Honorable Mention list is really long. Flee Lord owned with a new album each of the years 12 months and all he gets is an honourable mention on a list soon long u guys kinda made sure to mention everybody. A Roc Marci and Freddie Gibbs album? Book please what a horrible thought. No double time rap to ruin any Roc album, please…. Ka killed it w Descendents.

Pray for Paris was the best Griselda release All year. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Download RTJ4. Aesop Rock — Spirit World Field Guide Owing to the lyrical and sonic intricacies in his music, Aesop Rock has always been a hate-him or love-him kind of artist. Download Marlowe 2. And now we have As God Intended. Download Miles.

Download Shrines. Roc Marciano - Mt. Recommend for musically adventurous Hip Hop fans. Download ShrapKnel. Cut Beetlez - What Beetlez? Recognize Ali - Recognition Recognize Ali is one of the most prolific emcees in the game these days. Download Recognize. Download Felt 4 U. Download LSD. Nas - King's Disease Every new Nas album has to be greeted with a certain amount of reticence — Nas is one of those artists who has become notorious for his bad ear for beats similar to other elite emcees like Eminem and Canibus, just to name two.

Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony Jay Electronica is one of the most intriguing — almost mythical — figures in post-millennium Hip Hop, building immense hype and expectation around himself after the release on MySpace of his debut mixtape Act I: Eternal Sunshine The Pledge in Antidote Grand Daddy I.

P — Juice Headz Uptown X. Join the discussion. February 25, at pm. Rene says:. March 14, at am. AJ says:. March 26, at pm. March 27, at pm. Mike p says:. April 19, at am. MC Salcidation says:. April 23, at pm. May 10, at am. May 21, at pm. Gemz says:. May 23, at pm. May 26, at pm. May 29, at am. June 3, at am. June 4, at pm. June 5, at pm.

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Epmd discography tpb torrent Wake Up Immortal Technique. His technical skill, his incredible flow, his breath control, and his bar-building skills are second to none. Elzhi is one of the best lyricists of the past two decades, and this album is yet another confirmation. Download Passion Of The Poets.
Father john misty honeybear torrent Bumpy Knuckles - Why? Twyla Herny. Inthe album was ranked number on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest albums of all time. Then 50's album dropping in June if he doesn't push that shit back like he's been doing for the past 5 months, then hopefully Aftermath will top it off with Detox sometime soon. May 29, at am.
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