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She's the badass Bennett witch with a heart of gold, I've not once wanted Bonnie to have Klaus Mikaelson as a love interest. Hope Mikaelson is a extremely powerful and prophesied supernatural being, Rebekah and Kol Mikaelson but possesses an edge over them to her hybrid nature.

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rebekah mikaelson badass torrents

She's the badass Bennett witch with a heart of gold, I've not once wanted Bonnie to have Klaus Mikaelson as a love interest. Hope Mikaelson is a extremely powerful and prophesied supernatural being, Rebekah and Kol Mikaelson but possesses an edge over them to her hybrid nature. was % flawless, and Hayley was pretty badass and smart, too. Klaus, and Rebekah Mikaelson are the first vampires in history. BOROVKA PROMOTION CZTORRENT Find more complete these tutorial is 10 pack are not depending on other links. All of activated under. The game responds to involved routers give them traps along their specific computer for their own for analysis.

Several moments later Rebekah and Kol were sitting on the couch staring at your phone that sat on the coffee table while you paced the length of your living room. You were worrying on your bottom lip as you listened to Stefan talk to Elijah through the phone. Just like that? There was a moment of silence as you assuming Elena debated what it was she was about to say. What was it with the guys in your life feeling the need to compensate for something that they never had in the first place?

Did that concussion give you brain damage! Have you forgotten about Rebekah and Kol! Those lunatics will kill you the first chance they can get! You shot your phone a confused look but otherwise kept your mouth shut as you kept pacing. If they failed to turn Klaus over to the four of you then you would let Kol and Rebekah do whatever they wanted to Elena.

Kidnapping and torturing Elena was your fist back up plan so either they turned over Klaus now or they lose Elena forever either way and you eliminate the threat of Alaric as well. It was a win win in your eyes. No, no, no, no! Did I mention no? The moment of silence continued on for a second before Elena spoke up.

One, because if Elena was asking about you that meant Tyler had told them about you but the question was what had Tyler told them about you. Two, her asking about you was the last thing that you had expected to hear from her you would have put big money on them not caring about you, hell you still would even after this question. They seriously thought that you were stupid enough to get compelled by them?

The hell you would. There was the sound of clothes rustling and chairs scratching against hardwood as your assuming they all stood up from where they had been sitting. You debated hanging up the phone but before either you or Kol could do anything Elijah was speaking again.

You raised your eyebrows at him as you moved to sit on the couch next to him taking the spot Rebekah had just abandoned. You were pacing again as you chewed your bottom lip practically raw with how much you were worried about what was going on right now. You had no idea what was going on right now. You stumbled mid step your thoughts being cut short as your chest squeezed painfully tight and a lump formed in your throat. Tears burned at your eyes as a sob forced its way up your throat and out your mouth before you could think to stop it.

Your brow furrowed in confusion as a tear slipped down your cheek and that tightness in your chest grew worse feeling like a sharp stabbing pain. Another sob forced its way out of your throat as your knees buckled and you went crashing to the floor and the tears started flowing freely down your face.

Your confusion only grew as another sob tore free and your body threatened to collapse in on itself a heavy layer of sorrow settling over you seemingly out of no where. What happened? His hands came to rest on your shoulders as he stopped in front of you trying to get you too look at him. You jerked back away from him his touch burning you and the action causing you to fall flat on your ass.

More sobs broke free and you shook your head as the tears streamed freely down your face. Your shoulders shook from the force of your sobs and you kept shaking your head not understanding what was happening to you right now. You covered your mouth with your hand trying to stifle your sobs, but it did little to help as you just sucked in sharp breaths around your hand.

The tightness in your chest grew worse and you reached up clawing at your own chest trying to get the tightness to go away as you sucked in shuttering, sharp breaths and sobbed them out all the same. It felt like someone had reached into your chest and ripped your heart clean out your chest.

Luckily though he was saved from having to scramble for something when his phone rang and he breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was Elijah calling him. And what you saw caused that tightness to form in your chest and the pit that had grown in your stomach, the pit that was making you want to throw up, grew even worse and you felt a burning sensation in your throat.

Your brow furrowed even more as another sob shook your body this one turning into a cough that almost had you throwing up right there. Shaking your head you squeezed your eyes shut against the tears as you starting rocking again not wanting to admit it to yourself what was happening, and more importantly not wanting to hear Kol confirm what you were thinking. Another sob tore free from you and you curled in on yourself. You gripped at your shirt not wanting to hear Kol confirm it as you sobbed into floor only for that sob to turn into another coughing fit.

You gagged as you coughed the bile almost coming up full force as you sat curled up on the floor. Hesitantly he reached out wanting to comfort you in the only way that he could and despite his touch burning you, you let him. You let him pull you into a hug and you sobbed openly into his chest as you let your sadness consume you completely and you crumbled into him.

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You are the one taken by the hollow, not elijah. Notes: The first two parts are mostly rewrite of the episode featuring you and I added some scenes. Sorry for the grammatical errors. Thank you for reading. Nothing is as funny to me as Klaus - absolute dead middle child - being known as the oldest vampire by the supernatural community.

Like it's funny enough Elijah pretending to be the eldest while Finn's in a coffin and Freya is thought to be dead but it's even funnier Klaus lying to the supernatural community because none of his siblings are around to correct him. Not only is it peak middle child behaviour, I just know his siblings hate it. It had given him another girl. When you are afraid, your body finds itself at a crossroads.

It can either give you an adrenaline rush, the one that makes your legs run as fast as they can, trying everything in its power to protect itself, or it can paralyze you. If you asked her, she wouldn't be able to tell what had gotten into her, to explain why she hadn't pushed him away, what was the reason why she had let her worst enemy undress her with no objections, touch her without her verbal consent, too intimately for someone who was supposed to harm you.

The truth is that she was too scared of the unspoken threats she believed he would make if she took any move against him. At such a young age, Elena Gilbert had lost so much, that she had chosen to sacrifice herself in order to avoid endangering her loved ones. That's what he'd promised at least. Klaus was unpredictable, a ticking bomb nobody should tease. She could only imagine what he would do if he were to explode, and she never wished to find out.

She had found him in her room the night before the ritual and thought he had changed his plans at last and decided to kill her sooner. She had been petrified, heart threatening to jump right out of her chest, stomach twisting in knots as she looked at him. He, on the other, had been very calm - what would he be afraid of anyway?

As if he wasn't invading her privacy. As if he wasn't making her quiver in fear. He knew he was and he absolutely loved it. She hadn't been able to decline his advances, and although she was confident he knew all too well she was not comfortable with it, he hadn't given it a second thought when he had unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off her trembling limbs, zipping down her dark jeans and ordering her to slid out of those right after. She had obeyed in silence, "what a good girl", her body shaking like a leaf had turned him on, and he had told her so.

He had gone there with one simple task in his mind: he would fuck the life out of her. He believed Katerina was born in order for him to get rid of his mother's unfair curse, and since it hadn't worked out all those years ago, Nature itself had provided him with another chance.

So it was only fair he would take that girl and do whatever he wanted with her. She was his, and tonight she would come to terms with that. She tried not to notice the way he had come closer, enough for her to feel his jacket brush against her bare skin. You see, I want something more.. His voice, his touch, had been so gentle, a stranger would have called them lovers.

This was far from love. What he craved was possession, he wanted to make this girl his possession in every way he could. He would take her body, own it, consume it, drain her soul from it -quite literally- before tossing it at his feet and proudly standing over his conquest. He treated her like a trophy, she didn't feel like one, laying her on her bedsheets before his eyes. He didn't take them off her as he leaned over her, face so close they were breathing the same air. Her fear of him had masked his looks till that moment, but now that he was so close, and not about to rip her heart from her chest, she noticed his beauty for the first time; sharp cheekbones, dirty blonde curls, blue eyes, so intense they seemed to be digging right into her soul, plump lips that made it so damn hard not to lean forward and have a little taste.

He had been gifted with the face of an angel, and had turned into the devil himself. She wondered how many had fallen for it, pulled in by his charm, unaware of the ugly monster hidden beneath the surface. She promised herself she would not be tricked. His kiss started as a gentle touch, lips brushing over hers and changing angle every so often, tongue licking in a slow, sensual caress. He would take his time with her, slowly taking every peace of her, he had all night after all.

He explored a body he knew perfectly well. He had first learned it with Tatia, the loving young man he had been back in his human days had never been in a rush when he would make love to her; he had always been so eager to please that woman, that he would spend hours studying what she liked and what she didn't, where to touch her to make her moan, how much pressure he should apply on her clit to make her wet, he had learned how her body reacted to every angle he would position his hips at when he penetrated her and the exact speed his cock had to slide between her folds to make her grip his shoulders and come with his name on her lips.

He had shared intimacy with a couple of other girls in his village before her arrival, but Tatia had been his first lover, the woman had been the first to steal- and eventually break- his heart, and the one who took his virginity on a summer night a millennium ago.

She had made him feel worthy of love in a time of his life when he had felt the weakest. When she was in his arms, clinging to him as they rocked under the moonlight, he felt, for the first time, like a man. He'd had his fair share of fucks with Katerina back in the 15th century as well. He had tasted her the first night they met, such a nice birthday gift, finding out how her hands would curl in his hair when he sucked her clit and memorized the way her back would arch when he fucked her with his tongue.

That had been the first and last time her pleasure had been a priority in bed. She had been too naive to realize it then, but he had essentially made her his personal whore for the rest of her stay in his castle. He sure wanted her body, but it was more than a carnal desire, he craved a deeper connection, he wanted her to belong to him, as an extension of his soul.

He would persuade her to open herself to him, and manipulate her fragile mind until it accepted she was his. She didn't move her lips at first, her brain still trying to process what was happening. Klaus Mikaelson was in her bedroom, on her bed, tasting the same lips her dear boyfriend had kissed only half an hour ago. And she was letting him. Once satisfied with his analysis, his mouth became more confident, lips pressing harder against hers, hotter, more demanding, and when she failed to give him access to her mouth, he raised a hand to her face, caressing her cheek, before angling his thumb on her lips and forcefully separating them.

When his tongue finally caved in, he took off his jacked without disconnecting their mouths, and adjusted his position over her, getting more comfortable between her legs. Everything had seamed much more real the moment she had felt his hard body pressing down on hers, one hand on her neck to incline her face and give him more room to work his experienced lips on hers, the other on her left hips, drawing circles right over the hem of her underwear.

His skilled tongue moved inside her mouth as if it owned it, tasting every corner, sucking her own. If it had been anyone else, she would have acknowledged the slight throb between her legs. She would never admit it, but this was an entirely different level from her previous lovers, Stefan included. A thousand years had done their work, and done it so well she had to suppress a moan when his flat tongue caressed her palate.

Things got a lot more difficult for her when he started pressing his hips down and slowly thrusting back and forth. Her mouth moved out of reflex then, eventually reciprocating the kiss. Satisfied with that, he directed his lips south, licking and slightly biting her chin, before focusing on her neck, where he sucked the skin right above her artery.

He took his time on that particular spot, bruising the tender skin, but when she started to think he would take a bite, he moved lower and left a chaste kiss at the base of her throat, right in the central concavity, sending shivers all over her body. He heard the chocked moan she managed to block behind her lips, and smiled to himself.

By the end of the night he would turn those soft whimpers into loud screams. The hand on her hips trailed down, flat palm caressing the underside of her thigh, till it reached her knee and bent it, so that her foot was planted on the mattress. He did the same on the other side, the new position permitting him to rotate his hips, a slow friction against her barely covered sex.

The thin blue panties he had left on her weren't enough to provide a decent barrier between their bodies; she could feel him well enough, hard beneath his clothes. The fact that he was still wearing clothes made her feel even more exposed, but she would shoote herself before she let herself make any move to undress Klaus. Her right breast popped out of its cup before she even noticed his hands had moved upward, soon followed by the left one. He took a moment to admire the image of her tits pushed up by the empty bra, still clipped and in place.

He repeated the motion until her face had gone completely red. No one had ever looked at her body so closely, let alone played with it. She would obey. He changed his position then, both elbows on the bed as his hands soon found her breasts, kneaded them from the side, so that they would raise towards his face, offering a pair of taut nipples to his waiting mouth.

He took a moment to enjoy the delicious sight she made, before descending on them alternatively, tongue circling one slowly, while his hand squeezed the other, pinching her nipple, hard enough to made her close her fists over her head. His gaze remained on her face the whole time, watching in amusement as she struggled to remain impassible.

Once one nipple was wet with his saliva and hard as a bullet, he would close his lips around it, sucking and continuing to move his tongue around and over it, before pulling upwards, taking the flesh with him and stretching the skin. Letting it retract with a 'pop', he would instantly blew on the area, cold air hitting the sensitive bud, shivers all around it.

She forced herself to stay still when he gently bit the sensitive bud, but she couldn't control the jolt from going straight to her core. As much as she tried to stay lucid, reminding herself of who was the man laying over her, her body would naturally respond to the physical stimulation. In that moment she was glad his lower body was covered, so he couldn't feel her sex heating up and moistening her panties; she failed to remember that vampires had amplified senses, and the one on top of her could perfectly smell her arousal.

He followed that smell, leaving open mouthed kisses on her stomach, stopping at her covered sex to sniff her scent, at which she instinctively tried to close her thighs. He chuckled at her shyness and blocked them with his palms, spreading them instead, and pushing them down until her knees reached the mattress. He caressed the smooth skin of her legs, brushing his lips on the inside of her thighs, repeated the motion a few times, enjoying the way her heartbeat increased every time he got closer to her pussy.

At some point, he stopped right before her sex, mouth close enough to touch the cotton. She unconsciously raised her hips, trying to get more friction, and he was fast to push them back down, his strength making it impossible for her to move again. He tugged at her panties with the same hand, so that the material would press down on her, adapting to her flesh and stimulating her clit.

He kept her like that for a few seconds, thumb slowly tracing her bundle of nerves up and down, a steady rhythm that made her itch behind the barrier of her underwear. His hot lips enveloped it and sucked on it through the fabric, making her arch her back and grip the sheets so tightly her knuckles became white.

One finger pointed at her covered entrance and pushed against it, mimicking the penetration she would soon crave. When he was satisfied enough with her writhing and twitching, he leaned back on his heels and pulled at her dump underwear, easily ripping the garment and tossing it on the floor. It was an impossible task, considering her legs were spread wide, a perfect view of her bare, and dripping, pussy a few centimeters from in his face.

She blushed a deep red when she saw his fingers parting her glistening fold as if he was looking for something hidden in there. He caught her staring and smirked. It's nothing I haven't already seen. The thought of him knowing her taste made her uncomfortable, bu it only lasted a second, before his hot tongue started its work on her sex, collecting the moist it found there, before moving to her slit.

He pinched her clit while the tip of his tongue dipped in her opening, slowly building her first orgasm of the night. She threw her head back when he sucked her clit and pushed one long finger all the way in, feeling her clench around it, sucking it in.

He added another but kept them still inside of her, enjoying her frustrated sigh as she silently prayed he would stroke her. She couldn't help a moan when he finally started sliding his fingers in and out of her, caressing her from the inside, while his tongue kept playing with her inner folds. In less than a minute he had her moaning uncontrollably, a layer of sweat covering her tense body as it twisted on the sheets.

He croaked his fingers inside of her, stretching her further and brushing her sweet spot, only to abruptly remove them when he felt she was about to explode. His hands resumed their previous position, stretching her lips to look at her walls spasming around the air, as more juice leaked out of them.

She unconsciously tried to raise her hips to meet his mouth, or hand or whatever he wanted as long as she wasn't left untouched, but he easily kept her down, enjoying her silent plea, as his thumb spread the fluid all around, moving in slow circles as she calmed down from her high. He had fun repeating the process a couple of times, bringing her to the brink, just to steal her release and watch her convulse under his hand.

The fourth time she got close to her orgasm, he took pity of her desperate attempt to keep his fingers inside of her as if she could actually do such a thing , so he raised the speed of his fingers, moving them at such an inhuman pace, she felt like she had stuck an entire vibrator inside of her. Elena knew she would feel incredibly ashamed later, hut she couldn't control her mouth from leaving the most erotic melody in a loud-and very much so-scream. Too englobed in the sensation, she didn't even consider the possibility of Jeremy and Jenna being home.

What would her excuse be? She lost it when he pressed his thumb against her clit, rotating as fast as his two other fingers, eyes rolling back, back arching and body spasming as she came with a scream; only when she regained consciousness, still trembling and breathing hard, she realized she'd just had her first full-body orgasm at- around-her enemy's hand. He got up, licking his lips, and finally started undressing, taking his time to fold his clothes and place them on her desk chair.

She was still coming down from her climax, her heavy limbs fallen on the mattress, body trembling from after-shock waves. With her eyes still closed, she gasped when she felt him crawl on top of her, positioning between her opened thighs for the second time that night.

She was very aware of his nakedness when his wet tip brushed her nether lips as he adjusted his body over her smaller frame, covering her completely, elbows on both sides of her head, caging her beneath him. His right hand trailed down to caress her inner thigh, before taking a grip of his hard member and sliding it between her swollen lips.

Her heart skipped a beat every time his head got close to her entrance, but he wouldn't push in until he had her full attention; he wanted to see the look on her face when she would finally feel him taking her body. Better make this quick. She had no idea that night would be far from quick. She eventually met his eyes, excitement making his pupils dilatate, and for a second she wished he would compel her, so that she would have something to blame her lack of reaction on. The thought was pushed away when she felt his tip pushing against her, and starting a slow but steady penetration.

Her body was way too tense and her walls too tight, making his already thick member feel enormous inside of her. She whimpered at the pain, involuntarily tightening her legs around his hips. She was no virgin, but she felt as if her muscles were being ripped open at every small inch he gave her. He watched her face contort as he kept making his way through her tight passage, and internally exulted. He so loved it when people had no power or control over him, and could do nothing but adapt to his needs and bend to his will.

He relished in the feeling of her fragile body, unable to resist him and forced to adjust to him, savoured the feeling of her pussy uncomfortably pulsing around his solid shaft, uselessly trying to push against it and failing as his cock easily won the pressure and moved forward. He kept pushing in until he was balls deep inside of her, only then did he stop to give her a moment to contemplate the feeling of his big cock impaling her pussy. Her palms went on his arms out of reflex, and gripped his biceps when he slid completely out and in again.

She didn't feel comforted when his lips brushed her lids, nor when he caressed her hips as he changed his position; he pressed down on her completely, their bodies so close not even a piece of paper could have passed in between, every inch of his skin sliding against hers as he started moving again, his chest brushing her nipples in a delicious way she tried not to acknowledge.

This time, this close, the way his hips were moving reminded her of the wave motion, not that she had time to reason that out, not when he grinded on her clit every time their hips joined. He kept moving that way, changing the angle and the speed of his thrusts, pushing his cock the deepest he could and teasing with just the tip the following second, but never failing to stinulate her clit.

She didn't notice -he certainly did- the moans that started falling from her lips, nor the way her back arched to get her sex closer to his crotch to increase the friction on her nerves. He enjoyed that she wasn't being totally passive, so he snuck one arm under her waist and kept her crushed to him as he took up his speed. He was working magic to her body; he knew exactly which spot he needed to reach to make her toes curl, every single thrust, brush, lick was calculated to elicit a specific reaction out of her.

At this point she couldn't even try to deny the immense pleasure he was giving her, following his rhythm and accepting his kisses. There wasn't love, but somehow there was a passion one-she-wouldn't expect from a pair like them. The rising volume of her moans signaling she was reaching her second orgasm encouraged him to increase the power of his thrusts to an almost inhuman level -he decided he wouldn't bruise her too much-, and he was soon hammering her pulsing sex through its climax as she trashed under his body, gripping the sheets tightly beside her and throwing her head back into the pillow, unconsciously exposing her neck.

He moved her long hair to the side to smell her sweet blood, pumping so fast it her artery. He had been tempted to bite her from the moment he had stepped inside of her room, but had managed to restrain himself; he would drink it tomorrow. All of it. Instead, he focused on prolonging her orgasm, never letting her come down from her high, but firmly rotating his pelvis between her spasming legs. He pulled his arm from under her waist then, satisfied with the way she kept her back arched to him, pushing up with what was left of her strength, trying her best not to lose the delicious friction he was creating.

She felt as if she was in another dimension, so dizzy she didn't detect her own voice gasping his name in a chocked chanting. When she came back to her senses, she barely noticed him intent on spreading his sperm -the part he hadn't filled her with- on her swollen lips, marking the territory with a smug smile on his lips as he looked down at her.

She was already exhausted, weak humans, but they were far from done. After the fifth or sixth orgasm, he had lost count, her body had fallen boneless on the sheets. That hadn't stopped him from turning her spent body on her stomach and easily spreading her legs once more, tracing her beaten pussy lips with his tip before penetrating her again. He hadn't bothered giving her any time to adjust to his size, at that point she was loose enough for him to slide in easily.

Her body had finally submitted to the truth, it knew who it belonged to. He had her say so on the verge of her tenth climax, and every time after that, a broken record until it was stuck into her brain. He ravished her body for the rest of the night, taking her in every position he could think of; only when the first sunbeam lightened her skin, sticky from a mixture of sweat and body fluids -he had enjoyed painting her with his seed- did he leave her bed, taking one last look at her still figure before vanishing from the window.

That night, as she raised to walk to his altar of stones, fire all around them, she tried to suppress the slight pain between her thighs, although she saw from the proud look in his eyes that he had took notice. She averted his gaze when he thanked her in a whisper, did not struggle when he placed himself extremely close behind her and enveloped her in his arms, right hand under her left breast, but to her nasty surprise, it was not only out of fear that her heartbeat increased when his lips met her neck.

Next will be a Klaroline! Elijah looked between the two of them with a tilt of his head. His attention snapped back to the teenager in front of him. His gaze narrowed and he grabbed hold of her necklace to examine it. It had to be burning him, but he held onto it just the same. The muscle in his jaw twitched again. Lucy stood between the boys taking in everything with wide eyes. Caroline bounced on her feet. Lucy would gladly illuminate her friend but she was a little lost herself.

I got that. Lucy shook her head. Dear god, how was this girl ever going to survive to graduate? She may not know who Elijah was, but it was evident he was a vampire. A modicum of respect was due for that alone. We were. He crossed his legs and steepled his fingers. When no one moved to follow his example, he licked his lips. I insist.

Lucy went over to the cart to pour a drink for herself and Elijah. He was not amused. She was about ready to have a face full of angry vampire. Lucy smothered a smile and handed a glass to her uncle. Caroline sat beside Stefan, leaning against his side. His arm was draped along the back of the sofa behind her. He hurried over to Lucy and helped her to her feet. He took her seat then his hands found her waist to pull her into his lap.

Lucy laughed and turned her head to lay her lips against his ear. For a moment, Lucy had almost forgotten Elena was there. Caroline pouted but got to her feet. Elijah stood as well. Both girls glanced at Stefan who hesitated only a moment before nodding. Elena dug her necklace from her pocket. Caroline took off her bracelet and laid it on the table next to the necklace. You and Elena just drove around talking. She looked away from him to Damon.

Do something. Just cooperate. Trust me. She huffed with a frown but froze with fear when Elijah grasped her chin in his hand and turned her head to look at him. There is nothing to fear from me. When you discovered the brothers were not home, you and Caroline drove around and talked.

And perhaps you should look elsewhere for male companionship. I believe the Salvatores are spoken for. Elijah simply smirked and stepped to the side so the teenagers could leave unimpeded. They watched the girls grab their jewelry and leave the room. Damon followed behind her and sat beside her so she was framed by the brothers. It was her favorite spot in the house after all. Not yet. What I can tell you is that when my family met her she was Katerina Petrova.

She betrayed us and fled in the night. He merely hummed in agreement. Stefan shook his head. She escaped. Elijah sighed. She elbowed his ribs again and was rewarded with a grunt of pain. He grumbled under his breath as he rubbed the sore spot. Served him right. Elijah smirked. He stood and licked his lips.

She stood with a pout and wrapped her arms around him. Her heart was already missing him. He rubbed a hand over her back. When all this is finished, we will spend time together. I promise. A few more words of goodbye and a kiss to her forehead and he was gone as quick as he came. Feel free to use. She knew they were talking about her. It made her sad—they just wanted to know. She was starting to understand that they only wanted to help her.

Elijah quickly stood, walking over to his little girl. He lifted her up and kissed her cheek. Elijah carried his little girl over to the table, sitting down with her in his lap. She sniffled softly, a small hand reaching out to grab onto his. He welcomed the gesture, gently holding her hand in return. The silence was thick in the dining room.

Not one of them had ever talked to [Your name] about death. Perhaps it was something she had picked up on before Elijah adopted her, or it was something she heard about on the programs she watched. But the surprise was evident across the table. Klaus exchanged a brief look with Elijah. He cleared his throat and leaned against his hand for a moment. They all knew what this was—she was having visions. Of what, was the question. Was this something that would most definitely happen?

Was this something she was terrified of, and it rooted itself deep within her mind? Could this be a warning, some type of omen, that presented itself in the version of a vision? Kol is safe. So are you. If her vision turned out to be true, that would mean it was only a matter of time before Kol died. And then, one hit her.

He placed a hand against her little cheek, frowning deeply. She was having a vision at that very moment. Rebekah placed a hand over her mouth, fighting back the tears that threatened to spill. This child was suffering, not at the hands of vampires, but at the hands of fate. Fate had frowned upon [Your name] and chose her to be the deliverer of disastrous news, regardless of the fact that she was barely five years old. Her little eyebrows furrowed as well, in frustration. Had he the ability, the color would have drained from his face.

Kol was quiet, still mulling over the fact that her vision told him he was going to die. Perhaps her dreams were subjective. In the manner that it could change depending on the actions of those around her. That was all Rebekah needed to hear. She looked over at Klaus, frowning. Rebekah wanted that more than anything; she wanted a child of her own. She wanted to connect with someone in a human manner; she wanted to grow old with the love of her life. But of course, Klaus wanted to destroy it.

He believed that someone named Silas was going to be the end of vampire kind as they knew it. Elijah allowed her to leave, waiting until she was out of the room to acknowledge his siblings. The future can always be altered. Kol cleared his throat, glaring at his siblings. After activating her vampire side, her wolf form is larger and more menacing than before.

After dying by her aunt's magical hands, Hope began to undergo the common process of transitioning in which she is neither alive nor dead and therefore could resist further death until she completes the process by drinking Human blood and was not yet susceptible to the standard weaknesses of the species meaning she could still enter private property without an invitation.

During this time, Hope lost access to her witch magic and pre-activated Werewolf abilities becoming essentially the weakest version of herself inferior to even her as a Baby since an infant Hope still had displayed subconscious and impressive use of her magic. However, she was able to access minor superhuman strength and speed but was overwhelmed by her senses as the light was blinding, the sound of waves was "deafening", and was crippled in pain for a few moments specifically in her mouth as her canines or her lateral incisors were pushing to extend from the inside of her jaw.

When she was bitten by a Berbalang whilst astral projecting into the prison world, Hope briefly lost access to her Tribrid powers and became an Inhuman looking creature with red necrotic eyes, monstrous teeth, and partially disfigured face. During this time, she had an insatiable appetite for dead flesh much like the Vampire lust for blood. Hope had the standard abilities of a Berbalang namely the ability to interact with the astral plane, highly infectious bites able to replicate her monster virus through contact with her saliva.

She also appeared to have certain superhuman physical characteristics slightly superior to that of a normal werewolf yet did not equal a Vampire. Hope is a feminine first name of English origin referring to a positive expectation or to the theological virtue of hope. For a girl's name, some people extrapolate that the meaning is "courageous" or "womanly".

Vampire Diaries Fanon Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Hope Mikaelson Ag Edit source History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. With Humanity. Regarding her relationship with Landon, Hope appears obsessed with his well being and protecting him from danger or more specifically death which is likely as a result of how many people she has loved and lost.

However, there is a possibility that this compulsive worrying stems from her werewolf side as wolves split up into pairs during mating season and that pair remains together for life. Meaning that once a wolf finds its mate they remain together for life. Hope's budding feelings for him initiated this mating but was likely sealed when Hope and Landon slept together for the first time. This explains how once Landon disappeared her wolf side drove her to find her mate i. Landon and care about nothing else, not even her friends.

The only emotions Hope does seem to express is boredom, disgust, brutal honesty, and rage. Aurora commented that as the only Mikaelson to ever turn their humanity off, Hope will become the most wicked of them all. As a human. As a Labonair, Hope has a Crescent birthmark on her right shoulder, similar to that of her mother and distant relatives, Eve, Lana, and the Hollow. While in Transition.

The world, itself, reacted to Hope as she took her first sip of human blood with the sky turning red, lightning flashing, and thunder roaring which was believed to be a warning, specifically an omen, from Nature alerting supernaturals that the balance of power in the world has shifted like never before as her Tribrid status was fully realised and sealing the prophecies regarding her destiny.

After being cured through an enchanted blade, she has reverted into her normal biology thus losing her berbalang nature and regaining her Witch and Werewolf abilities with dormant Vampirism at the time. It was implied she was only vulnerable to the monster virus as she did not have active Vampirism which would've protected her as a fully activated Tribrid.

Invitation: Hope cannot enter any house or property owned by the living unless being invited in by the owner. This is due to the ancient threshold spell cast by the spirits one thousand years ago. Nature: As the will of nature is the most powerful concept in the universe, Hope is bound by some but not all of its laws as her unique physiology grants her certain immunity to supernatural rules.

It was inferred by Cleo Sowande that Nature had a hand in the tree that could kill Hope as she stated "Nature would create a balance near the sight of the Tribrid's birth". According to Dahlia, firstborns of her family's bloodline inherit great power; however, it is unstable and will damage and, ultimately, kill the witch if they are not taught to contain it.

Furthermore, as a possessor of the werewolf gene, Hope will experience bouts of severe aggression. Cursed Objects: Handcuffs, bracelets and chains made from silver and imbued with magic through Kemiya - a dark brand of alchemical sorcery, will limit Hope's witch magic but it is likely she could free herself due to her immense strength. However, these bindings will not stop her vampire or werewolf sides.

Furthermore, the Traveler blood fountain and Aphasia candle will also limit her magic but she retains use of her other abilities. A powerful gold trident imbued with the negative emotions of a dark witch has the power to transfer Hope's essence into the body of another and vice versa through even the smallest cut. With the only known trident destroyed, it is no longer viable against Hope. Rebekah utilised this on Hope which proved ineffective in the long run as though she was incapacitated for a few minutes, Hope could forcefully revive herself and pull the dagger out.

The Golden White oak ash dagger was originally forged by witches and transmuted by Kol and Davina using Kemiya as a way to subdue her father since he was unaffected by White Oak Ash Daggers. If dipped into the White Oak ashes and then stabbed through Hope's heart, she will be neutralized and desiccated so long as the dagger remains intact. It is unknown but likely Hope would be able to use her magic to reverse the effects similar to how Dahlia freed Klaus.

The Flame of Imprisonment, the Salvatore school barrier candle, and The Serratura are all capable of creating a barrier from which Hope is unable to bypass yet the first two are on a time limit. Papa Tunde's blade has the power to dig into Hope's chest, rendering her paralyzed in a state of excruciating pain, and was the only weapon shown to make no-humanity Hope frightened due to its connection to the Hollow.

Furthermore, if her neck is snapped, Hope will essentially be "dead" until she revives shortly after. Wolfsbane limited : When ingested, wolfsbane causes Hope to become weak and feverish and if she touches it, her hand will burn. However, due to her triad nature, Wolfsbane does not affect her nearly as much as a full Werewolf and it can be presumed her tolerance is even superior to her mother who withstood enough concentrated Wolfsbane to kill a small pack of wolves.

Physically Comparable Beings: Original Vampires have the potential to greatly harm and subdue Hope Mikaelson due to being of comparable strength and immortality. However, they cannot kill her. Likewise, as Marcel is an upgraded original vampire his strength rivals that of Hope but she possesses an upper hand due to her Witch side.

Marcel's venom has little lethal effect on Hope except for inducing hallucinations and weakening her. Enchanted Pennantia baylisiana: Before she turned, her last act with her magic was manipulating nature to grow the rarest species of tree in the world. It is imbued with her power and represents her humanity and promise of renewal she made with her loved ones. It was later discovered that it has the potential to kill Hope if made into a stake as Josie puts it "it would take the power of the tribrid to kill the tribrid".

It was stated that pre-existing trees of this species would not kill her as they would not possess a trace of her magic. With the tree burned to ash, two stakes of the enchanted wood remain but later only one remains in existence after Hope burned Lizzie's with a spell. Magic: Despite all her power, she is like everyone else being still vulnerable to witchcraft.

The combined might of several hundred witches perhaps up to a thousand or so may be enough to kill her and she could be potentially dessicated by Expression magic. Three scenarios have been envisioned one where she takes it and becomes a mortal werewolf-witch, one where nothing happens and the other where it kills her.

Now, imagine that magnified with blood lust, immortality and anger issues. You're not ready Hope. She won't need friends, she'll she worshipped. Like a god. She will have power enough to protect herself from anything. A union of all three species. With a werewolf alpha for a mother and an original father.

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Though, due to the unexpected death of their mother Esther and an accident that took the life of their stepfather only several months later the oldest three are left to raise the youngest three children. But what happens when a new sibling comes out of nowhere and disrupts the life they barely were able to make for themselves. Its unexpected but what they find is that they were missing something a piece of that family all along.

She keeps to herself because she does not belong here. Before her death, the world she lives in now was merely a show she watched on television. The promise she made to herself when she woke up in this world is quickly forgotten when Klaus Mikaelson shows up in front of her and shows an interest. Why as he not as scary as she thought he'd be? Clearly, this will be very self-indulgent, and characters will be OOC.

You've been warned, so please move on if that's not your thing. It's crazy how I found myself back in this fandom. Watching for nostalgia, then needing fics about The Mikaelsons, and absolutely loving the poly Mikaelson stories. I'm waiting on more updates for it. With Lizzie and hopes code about Josie being off limits to Hope, how will hope handle herself? Katherine and Caroline have been best friends for years.

Sure they have had their fights, but they have always made it through. And being a year old vampire that means something. Takes place from to present day. Katherine Pierce is a lying, manipulative, shallow, double crossing seductress who does what she has to in order to stay alive. When Bekah and Hayley stumble upon two kids in the compound and realize that they are none other than Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson, de-aged by about a millennia, the family must face the problem… and the cuteness… head on.

She has yet to contact them after her transition and any calls to the school resulted in vague answers and deflection. Freya is unable to locate Hope but they can figure out a way to see what she has been up to.

Meliorism The belief that the world gets better, the belief that humans can improve the world. Maggie Reed is a single mother. She and her daughter Emma live outside the town of Mystic Falls. Maggie works as a cleaner during the day and tries to study in the evenings to ensure a better future for her daughter.

Perhaps she will find that better future with the help of the archaic and dangerous Mikaelsons, that is if Maggie will allow their help. Stiles was not your average high school student. His life was already crazy enough with his best friend being a true alpha, his boyfriend was also a werewolf and more.

Everything was wild but he kept things focused and clear. But when his father tells him some news, his life and everything he thought to be true gets flipped upside down. Secrets get revealed. Problems bigger than any werewolf has ever seen come knocking at Beacon Hills' door and only Stiles is capable of stopping it and saving his family. Klaus meeting Hope. Will she keep the timeline intact? Hope lost on what to do. I really suck at Summary's English isn't my first language so sorry about any mistakes with the spelling.

However, due to some mix up by Nik, and his cronies, they have done the unimaginable, and what will they do when Nik's twin brother Klaus, comes to rescue his little lady love? And will he be too late to help her? Stick around to find out.

Left with nothing, she accepted to living in the home of the most dangerous vampires in the world, despite knowing she'd be powerless if they decided to harm her. Natasha Mikaelson and her twin Klaus has always wanted one thing in their years of existence: to break their curse and become hybrids. Natasha's other wish was to f It was a warm mucky night in Mystic Falls, most people had their air conditioning on due to the humidity and unusual hot weather, Not far from the entrance of Mystic Fa When a mikaelson witch runs the wrong way, she ends up meeting a man that she was always meant to be with.

With threats from both their pasts will the eternal lovers eve Henrik Mikaelson has been reincarnated as Jeremy Gilbert, the younger brother of Elena Gilbert - the latest Petrova Doppelganger whom Klaus is determined to sacrifice in M 1 by Reginae Octavia and her mates by clarktravis Now Octavia goe The Unexpected Sister by moonlightangvl K 5. You make all your children miserable to the point of no recovery! Esther grinned. Cassandra Forbes now Salvatore, is the twin sister of Caroline Forbes.

However, he betrayed he Kols unexpected tumble with time by Inferno K 3. What happens when you mix a time-travelling original, vengeful witchs, murderous vampires and a very confused Klaus Mikaelson Absolute chaos, that's what. Sienna Darla took risks. Did things that she'd came to later regret and made bad decisions, but hey?

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