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New billy blanks tae bo dvd torrent

new billy blanks tae bo dvd torrent

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Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Exclusive Workout new billy blanks tae bo dvd torrent

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If they can do this workout out several times Do it with them.. It becomes family time So, YES Mostly, because we do it together It's fun!!! We purchased this video several weeks ago and are just loving it! My 5 year old niece can do it to. Like other Billy Blanks workouts it's incredibly easy to follow. No complicated combinations of moves like so many other workouts we've tried.

My Kids really feel like they've succeded and so do I when it's over. Very encouraging and fun! Children of all ages and shapes are working out on the video so everyone will feel like it was made for them! My kids even do some of the workout during the day without the video just for fun. I would definitely reccommend this workout for anyone with children or if their just getting started exercising. I plan to purchase additional copies for some of my nieces and nephews since they all want to workout with it when they come over.

They actually ask to workout! It's that much fun! This is an excellent exercise program for children. I teach third and fourth graders and we sometimes do this for a break from traditional p. The kids love it and often ask to do it in lieu of kick ball. I love the interaction between Billy Blanks and the children who are on the program and the way he makes the connection with the at home exercisers as well. It is a great way for kids to get fit and have fun at the same time.

I highly recommend this for anyone who would like to help their children adopt good exercise habits. I think this DVD is great, it's easy to follow, yet will make you sweat. My 9 year old daughter tried it the day we got it in the mail and the following day she reminded me that it was time for her to do her work out video, she's been doing it ever since and already has improved motor skills.

She really likes it and I think most children will. The video is fun and Billy Blanks even shows kids how to do the robot during the video, which is a lot of fun. There are kids of all ages and body types in the video. Motivating, fun and a great work out for everyone, I highly recommend it. Video games seem to have taken over kids now days and I so glad Billy Blanks has a fun and effective workout that keeps my kids so motivated. Top reviews from the United States.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Those Tae Bo Veterans expecting this to be the case, prepare to be slightly disappointed. The Advanced Live series featured exhilarating music from actual artists that enhanced Billy's routine.

They were fast-paced and enjoyable. This newer offering uses tinny computerized background sounds to keep the pace--not memorable. In this version of Advanced, Billy is featured with a smaller group of participants in a martial arts setting complete with samurai swords and kanji pictogram posters.

Billy forgoes the usual warm-up and gets right into a fairly fast-paced when compared to other "Advanced" Tae Bo routines set of moves. He relies on his "butterfly" side-to-side move often when he just wants to keep his company moving and he can regroup as to what to do next. In typical Billy fashion, he does forget to do both sides at times, but as this is a cardio workout, it doesn't matter much.

Its over an hour while the others have logged in at about 45 minutes--complete with warm-up and cool-down. There is a cool down on this DVD as well as a motivational message at the end. Some of the moves are awkward and since this is considered 'advanced' most of the slow moves meant to teach the sequence really do not need to be executed.

Anyone who has done Tae Bo before knows what "In and Out" is and should be familiar with the various punches and kicks. The constant tutelage breaks the momentum and becomes extremely frustrating once your heart rate is up. As with other Tae Bo DVDs, I find that doing your own thing during these moments works just as well--just wish the music was more stimulating.

Billy does throw in some more aggressive moves which, if your body isn't sweating up to this point in the session, it will be after these surprise moves. These include jumping and throw-downs with push-ups which almost come as a departure from the rest of the exercises. Bottom line? It is a Cardio DVD, does not include a warm-up, uses less-than optimal background music, but does give you a fairly good workout.

Jumps and push-ups included. Usual cool-down and motivational speech. Diana Faillace Von Behren "reneofc". Love this workout because it really works you for an hour with traditional taebo moves and some new moves. BB is at his best in this all standing DVD.

Music is not good but workout makes up for it. You will feel like you had a thorough exercise Sprint Recommend for traditional BB devotees. I wasn't expecting this to be just like the "live" advanced Taebo from early millennia, as I was warned by other reviewers. However, I wasn't expecting the exact same music consisting of a boring, monotone drum beat as one of his other DVD's, which I believe is Taebo Max Intensity.

I did like the workout and it was fairly challenging, but it would be a more enjoyable workout by replacing that useless and boring track with some good music and have some variation in the music! I just got back into cardio a couple of months ago and resurrected my tae-bo DVD's and decided to buy a few more.

It's pretty hard and it gets your heart pumping and the sweat pouring which is good. Since using this along with the Get Ripped II and his boot camp 4 days a week I have been losing inches. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good, tough workout. One person found this helpful. After several weeks of usage, the DVD video began to switch from a bright to darker screen.

As I continued to use it, the video started showing black lines and discoloration at the bottom of the menu screen. Please respond. Thanks Eguires. I think this is a great workout. It has the butterfly move, roundhouse kick, knee raises, push ups, they go from slow to fast.

They even do some jumps up and down. I really found a winner routine. You will have a downpour of sweat when you do this workout. When you put the dvd in , get ready to really work. In the midst of all of these other workouts, Billy Blanks still hold relevance. This workout is the only home workout that makes me sweat. I usually run about 7 miles per day unless it rains, and that is when I substitute the running with this.

Additionally, Blanks is also very motivating. He does come off all smug like the p90x guy. I own several Tae Bo videos, and this one was one of my favorites. It does not seem to be as advanced as I thought it would be. He does have some new combinations. It is a fun and effective workout. The part that I don't like is the push ups. I am not crazy about ever doing push ups. I really like the pace of this workout. It goes much faster than his other workouts. He does fewer reps before the explosion of the move.

Overall, great purchase. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Dose not make me feel like working out. I had the original VHS tapes which were very motivating. This does not compare - Have used this DVD once and never again. Report abuse. It did not disappoint. A lot harder work, but so worth it. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to push there fitness collection further. There are lots of knee raises, kicks and one-legged moves to get you sweating and your heartrate up.

This is one of my personal favourites!!! It's hard work gets you sweaty but works amazingly well at slimming down your hips, toning up arms, abs and quads. Billy Blanks is an incredible motivator.. The only drawback is the music It is worth persevering through the pain! This has great cardio for a tai bo workout which really pushes you. I am quite fit and it made me sweat. There is no high impact, grapevines in this one just straight forward taibo moves yet it is still challenging.

They are all sweating and redfaced by the end of it also!!

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Tae Bo Basic Workout (1998)

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