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Bottom: Live [DVD] ; Format, PAL ; Contributor, Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson ; Runtime, 1 hour and 41 minutes. The Pirate Bay is a shadow of its former self. Head to these sites for some of the best Pirate Bay alternatives for free torrents.

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bottom live torrent

The Pirate Bay is a shadow of its former self. Head to these sites for some of the best Pirate Bay alternatives for free torrents. “There arebacteria living in the bottom oozethat synthesize nitrogen compoundsin the absenceof light. They live byoxidizing manganese. The rock descends perpendicularly on both sides of the torrent ; and how is it And what would become of the patients compelled to live at the bottom of. ALGODOO PHUN TPB TORRENTS Note When it will -sharerect command-line. The main click on the quality and Password. Ticket de a guest. This next be able Client much a router evolving cybersecurity Outlook obviously user for.

Top cast Edit. Marcus Mortimer. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The live stage show has strong use of the F word. However, in one show Hole Eddie uses the F word, but it is bleeped out. The first and only time in the sitcom. Since "Bottom Live" was a live stage show, Rik and Ade decided to get away with it.

Quotes Edward Hitler : Right, so your philosophy is User reviews 14 Review. Top review. Bottom line: extreme, high-grade idiocy. Also, while they attack their roles with extreme gusto, they are noticeably older. Rik, in particular, looks likely to expire in a pool of perspiration as the show goes on. Sure, he looks a bit grotesque as he's gradually drenched in sweat, but since he appears on stage from the start in ill-fitting blue jeans with his underpants visibly pulled about six inches above his belt, I'd say some additional grotesqueness was not out of place.

This is augmented in spades when the blue jeans disappear. I can't help admiring his balls well, not literally. Ade's whiplash violence is as ridiculously extreme as a Roadrunner cartoon. For me it's a hilarious release of life's pent-up frustrations, and kind of a rebuke for having wished I could do it to the numerous jackasses encountered in an average day.

I would contend that doing that sort of thing safely on stage takes a high degree of accuracy and skill. Besides which, he just makes me laugh. Experiencing it on video, you get the best seat in the house without having to contend with an unruly or annoying audience, and I found the sheer exuberance of Rik and Ade's performances enjoyable.

As an American, I couldn't appreciate quite all the references to British celebrities, etc. To me, these guys are the Three Stooges for the '90s, a mantle I don't confer lightly. Well, so what? I am one of those who hold the opinion that you shouldn't necessarily meet people you admire, as it sometimes spoils your appreciation of them.

Bobs-9 Aug 6, Details Edit. Release date September 27, United Kingdom. United Kingdom. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 41 minutes. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit page. See the full list. Try again. Accept Cookies Customise Cookies. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Used: Very Good Details.

Sold by musicMagpie. Condition: Used: Very Good. Comment: Buy with confidence from a huge UK seller, all items despatched next day directly from the UK. All items are quality guaranteed. Add to Basket. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. Bottom: Live [DVD]. DVD 8 Mar. Free delivery on your first order. Select the 'Free delivery on first order' option at checkout. See conditions. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page.

Rik Mayall. Adrian Edmondson. Next page. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Bottom - Series [DVD]. Adrian Edmonson. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from United Kingdom. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Still amazingly funny. Lee Knight.

Very good.

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bottom live torrent


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It never changes right now and apps like WebTorrent Desktop will actually store the value and look up torrents later using client. Emitting an event and letting the user decide whether to update to the newer info hash could work. Updating all the places where the info hash is used in a live torrent will be hard. It's used in lots of places and this sounds hard to get right. Sorry, something went wrong. Sounds good. So it makes sense to have torrent. I'm a little bit ignorant about re-using the data.

I think there's BEP47 which is about this, but I don't understand it yet. If you specify the same path as the old torrent, and the new torrent has changed the filenames, then the old files will not be touched. This could confuse the user.

For now, let's just leave this up to the user. They can delete the files if they want when they call torrent. I was thinking that most of the time publishers will apply updates to the underlying data their sharing. So re-downloading the whole data would be bad. For instance, imagine Archive. As a user I wouldn't want to delete and replace the whole dump every time.

Does webtorrent have capabilities to re-use data if I only appended data to my torrent? I'm not sure how the fs-chunk-store package which handles mapping the store of pieces to files on disk will handle the situation where you point it to an existing file on disk, but the size has changed gotten larger or smaller. We should ensure that it handles this situation gracefully. If the file name is the same, but it's just larger now, then the file size should be increased on disk without deleting the file.

Then, the normal piece verification process can take care of figuring out whether the data is valid or not. But as I mentioned before, if the user specifies the same path as the old torrent but the new torrent has changed the filenames, then the old files will not be touched. That will leave files from the old torrent and new one side-by-side. The only way to make data re-use work nicely for the user is if we handle this in WebTorrent.

We need to add say a torrent. If you want to tackle this in the same PR, you can give it a go. But I think it would be easier to just punt on this for now and add it in a future PR. As an initial PR, I would just fire an event and allow the user to call torrent. Does this seem reasonable to you? I've nailed it down to this part of code:. So this method should do a dht. Perhaps parse-torrent could be an EventEmitter so we don't need to differentiate between. It would just be.

Otherwise, without breaking the API, I could send the dht instance as a second optional parameter. Ok so I've added a pull request with the syntax parseTorrent. Travis tests seem to break because I'm using edsupercop for the tests, and it seems incompatible with old node versions?

What line should I edit exactly to make it work? Feel free submitting a PR on my fork. I've been thinking for a while that the ideal approach might be for it to be possible to continue being connected to the old swarm for the chunks that are known to hold the same unchanged data. This way the swarm would not divide its efforts. If the publisher decides to make changes that you do not want to keep, or for whatever reason you want to be able to access an old version of the torrent, you would be able to do so without the old swarm being abandoned by all the other peers who update or who are newly incorporated, even though most of the data shared is the same.

Considering how important is popularity of the content in a P2P data sharing for its speed and stability, and how easy is for less popular content or variations to die, it would be best to maximize the reusability and have better redundancy by being able to rely on more than one swarm for the same data when possible.

It would be great if there was a BEP that allowed something like that BEP46 brings a convenient "autoupdate", but I would not mind that much updating manually and having the control to decide when do I want to update.

What if I do not want to keep up with the decisions of the publisher? What if I'm only interested in seeding a subset of the content from Archive. I'm of course not opposing to BEP46, I think it's a convenient feature when you do want to be kept up to date.

But the real leap to me will be when torrents can define, for particular chunks of data, to get their peers from other swarms and only for the data of those chunks. Only then will the real obstacle for torrent "mutation" be removed. You could mutate a torrent without affecting anyone else and still be a contributor to the swarm.

One use case that really excites me about this is the ability to load static websites from a browser. Sort of like what IPFS is doing, but using existing technology instead of building a new tech stack. Since webtorrent is being integrated with Brave, it's a perfect avenue for building fully decentralized web apps without needing to invest in any specific cryptocurrency.

With this in place, people could create and publish p2p web sites and have them update in a fully decentralized system without needing any services for hosting their content. Other than peers. This would essentially be a competitor to the Beaker Browser and the Dat protocol ecosystem. I recently published a library, mutable-webtorrent which wraps over the WebTorrent API and adds support for mutable torrents in magnet links as well as some helper functions for creating and updating mutable torrents.

I want to revive this effort if possible and get my changes merged into the main webtorrent repo. Yeah adding bep 46 support would be great. Can you add the changes RangerMauve made? If there ever is, you'll find it on this issue No need to ask redundantly, just look at what was said before you.

Your comment pings everyone who is subscribed for updates, so please refrain from this. If you'd like to see more traction on it, consider setting up a bounty to fund an incentive for someone to spend time on it. Is the proposal only useful for non-WebTorrents? I would like to implement as a content host for user published content a way to leverage BitTorrent for easing bandwidth expenses.

It seems that'd work well for popular content, but seeding would be less beneficial when publishers release new updates for reasons Ferk addressed. The content we host is often data for third-party software to integrate with, so the idea of updating a torrent in place that keeps any prior file state that no longer applies to the latest version would be bad and confuse users with potential breakage experienced.

Previously, the Arrangement View would abruptly scroll upwards after renaming a clip in a take lane at the bottom of the view. Instead, the clip's take lane is now scrolled into view. Similarly, the clip's main lane is now scrolled into view when renaming a main lane clip, whereas before, the entire track including take lanes and automation lanes was scrolled into view. A controller that sends high-resolution pitch bend can now be mapped to the scene selector and the snapshot selector.

Plug-in window titles now update when changing the name of the containing track. AU plug-in devices are now displayed as disabled if plug-in creation fails. Arpeggiator: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when repeatedly adding and removing notes from a held chord when using the Arpeggiator device with the Hold parameter active. Collision: Fixed a regression that resulted in missing parameters in the Collision device. Hybrid Reverb: Previously, Live would crash when loading a one-sample length file into the Hybrid Reverb device and adjusting the Size parameter.

Interface Improvements Fixed an incorrect error message that appeared when trying to insert a non-audio device into an Audio Effect Rack. Corrected the Edit menu entry text for undoing a clip color change. Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing in a Set that had previously been restored after another crash.

Previously, Live's crash recovery would silently fail if the undo history contained an empty band file e. Previously, when clicking on a half-hidden track header to select it, Live might sometimes copy or move the track. Fixed crashes and error messages pertaining to corrupt documents that occurred when loading some Live Sets.

Fixed crashes that occurred after deleting a device while a take lane clip has an envelope for that device. Fixed a crash that occurred when renaming a take lane inside of a linked track and then pressing Tab. Fixed document corruption and subsequent possible crashes or other issues when restoring a Set after a crash under certain circumstances.

Link Fixed a bug where Live would not accept tempo changes from Link peers in some cases. Note: for users who intentionally use the previous behavior, this change will make their Live Sets behave differently. Therefore, the behavior is disabled by default. Improved Live's performance when a very large amount of notes are visible in the Velocity or Chance Editor. Fixed a bug that caused MIDI notes in a selected area to get deleted even if the notes themselves were not selected when pressing Delete.

Fixed a bug where the per-note breakpoint editor would not be focused when clicking on an expression curve in the Pressure or Slide lanes, when the Note Expression tab was visible. When the Note Expression tab is open and no note is selected, double-clicking on the Note Ruler now correctly zooms to all notes including their pitch-bend curves. Fixed an issue where a note could have per-note events behind the note end when recording a transposed MIDI clip into the Arrangement.

In the unlikely event that an extremely high amount of MPE control change messages come in, Live will no longer crash, and all notes will be stopped. Previously, when the Note Expression tab was open, moving the mouse from an unselected expression curve to a selected expression curve could cause the highlight to become stuck. The Insert Time and Delete Time commands are no longer available when editing per-note expression breakpoints.

Fixed a bug that could cause per-note expression to play incorrectly after a note-editing action resulted in an existing note becoming shortened. Fixed an issue where undoing a per-note breakpoint editor change while the breakpoint editor was not open would not redraw the expression curves. The Duplicate Time command is no longer available when editing per-note expression breakpoints. Fixed a bug where the Duplicate command would truncate the original note when duplicating the selected note while working in the per-note expression breakpoint editor.

Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on a parameter in Live and adjusting the same parameter using an encoder on Push at the same time. Navigating with the Tab key once again works as expected when renaming scenes. Fixed a bug where Follow Actions were not scheduled as expected, under certain circumstances.

Fixed a crash that occurred when pressing the [Space] or [Tab] key after clicking on Track Status Display in Session View if a clip in Arrangement View was being played. Setup Previously, exporting audio might start single-threaded rendering before switching to multi-threaded rendering after a while. This could impact render performance significantly for Live Sets that benefit from multi-threaded rendering. Improved shared Library folder setup when installing Live in multi-user environments.

The Library.

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