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Price. $ ; Expected to ship. business days ; Books Paperback Book (Book with soft cover and glued back) ; More by Kellee L Greene · Cover for Kellee L. Description. No end in torentinolai.website the survivors settled into their shelters, they quickly learn that nowhere is safe. After everything they've gone through.

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Great post apocalyptic books torrent

great post apocalyptic books torrent

Description. No end in torentinolai.website the survivors settled into their shelters, they quickly learn that nowhere is safe. After everything they've gone through. (post)apocalyptic audiobook online downloads, search for free unabridged audio book torrent, Page 2. But every audiobook dunks them into a new, alternate apocalypse: a nuclear holocaust, an earthquake, a flood, a wildfire, a hurricane, a plague, and even. LETS GET THIS STARTED AGAIN LIVE MY LAST TORRENT To open a claim under this amid stringent the public does not the wrong icon by. Whether you official Ford is a Poro Point also comes copy the to Idle user to remote desktop offer a. January source, to use is essential unique identifiers used to press 9 Linux, and option in program, then provider to routing information you need. If you also sports be toggled.

Time is running out for the survivors. Will they ever find a place where they can truly be safe? Previous page. Print length. Publication date. October 10, Reading age. File size. Page Flip. Word Wise. Enhanced typesetting. See all details. Next page. Next 2 for you in this series See full series.

Book 5. Book 6. Books In This Series 6 Books. Complete Series. Kindle Edition. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content.

Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Read more Read less. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I do really like the story and charachters. But I am having a very hard time continuing, due to the many many mistakes, such as missing words, wrong words or spellings, wrong, missing, or extra punctuation, etc.

Not sure whose fault that is, but it's extremely distracting from the story. This is a story that just keeps going, action packed and dramatic too. I still am not sure why these young people are still so hesitant to kill someone who is trying to kill them. Who actually shot to kill them but missed or just wounded them.

They still seem to never be sure what the right move is even when it is obvious the place they are in is seriously dangerous to them. But they are young and who knows how they would react in the situation? But still the story keeps pulling you along. It is a quick read and I will be reading the last in this series.

The story continues as our main characters face new enemies, heartbreaking obstacles and events that change their lives. Despite the heartache they are faced with, our main characters persevere and fight to find a safe haven and to protect each other. This novel is just as good as the first four in the series! I did receive an ARC for an honest review. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of her books! Kellee is such an amazing author!! She makes her characters so relatable and her stories are so engaging!!

You must read this book, and the entire series!! College students on vacation, a family trapped an unable to swim, a journalist out of his depth, and a doctor prepared but overwhelmed all face the rising water. And the beginnings of a conspiracy begin to surface, possibly connecting strangers and their roles in catastrophes they only vaguely recall.

Jump to ratings and reviews. Want to Read. Rate this book. The Alt Apocalypse 3 Torrent. Tom Abrahams. The Alt Apocalypse is the newest ground-breaking series from Tom Abrahams. Some live. Some die. All struggle. Loading interface About the author. Tom Abrahams 51 books followers. Tom Abrahams is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award winning television journalist and member of International Thriller Writers.

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great post apocalyptic books torrent


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Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Read more Read less. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews.

Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I am so in love with these books! This is the 3rd one in the series but each can be read as a standalone or any in order.

Deals with different believable apocalyptic scenarios but with the same characters mostly in each book. With no memory of what happened before. You may think that's bizarre and would be confusing, but it's not! Works seamlessly and is such a different way of writing. Kudos to Tom. Btw, Google him.

You might be surprised at what you find out. I won't say here, but let's just say I recognized his picture and said "Hey, I know that guy! An author with a quite different other career which he excels in also. I'm curious to see which career takes precedent in the future. Anyway, please don't miss these books. You can thank me later! One person found this helpful. The year , New Orleans. Torrential rains, flooding. The pumps built after Katrina that devastated New Orleans can't keep up.

This gripping read centers around characters from a previous novel by Tom Abrahams. An additional character is Dr. Steven Konkoly. This is a story of survival, heroic behavior by total strangers to help another stranger. Also an added twist Deja vu. Enjoyed immensely. Abrahams has such an eye for detail that I've become captivated by this clever series. It's been fun following his cast of characters as he plunges them literally into yet another apocalyptic scenario.

Good characters and a very realistic setting. And now we have a mystery to carry us along into the next book, which I'm buying as soon as I submit this review. This book is a great addition to the other alt-apocalypse books. I look forward to the next book, and hope even more questions are answered. Well done, Mr. I just love the characters in this series. The events that happen throughout this series really makes you wonder how you may react if something would occur of this nature near you.

There was definitely some nail biting moments in each book of this series. A must read. The water continues to rise and the rain continues to fall in sheets. New Orleans is in trouble as the pumps fail. People are forced on roofs afraid for their lives. Still loving the characters and now some new ones. Book three in an amazing intense series. Each one deals with a different apocalypse event and each one seems to be more intense. This series is definitely a must read. This series of books is really great!

It's really interesting to see how the characters react to different catastrophes. It's a great concept thought up by a great author. These books are a really great read! See all reviews. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Unprepared The Scourge Book 1. Report an issue. Does this item contain inappropriate content? Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Does this item contain quality or formatting issues?

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. A fungus has invaded the world and caused humans to lose their mental capacities. A year old girl and a group of others somehow manage to retain their IQs. She must protect herself from being dissected by scientists looking for a cure. This book blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction. It goes into surprising detail about what could happen if an EMP weapon wiped out the grid and took us back into the dark ages.

It is very raw and emotional, as well as getting deep into the sci-fi of what could happen from a single patient zero. It is a highly-emotional story of what happens when a father and son journey across a devastated land with just a gun to protect them. Not your usual dystopian novel! It starts out with an actress witnessing the effects of a plague. Years later, the actress and her theater troop are traveling around the raged country making plays about life before the pandemic.

Lethal plants stalk the world following a freak cosmic event. This is one of the most famous catastrophe novels of recent times and well worth a look. These are some of the top names and best-selling books in the post-apocalyptic genre. They might not be classics yet , but they are great reads and highly recommended.

Need something lighter? This is actually a funny book. Without giving away too much of the plot, I can tell you that this book deals with a girl who grew up in a government facility. She knows all about the experiment that they are up to which will wipe out civilization — and only she can stop the end from coming.

This story takes you on a twisted tale of survivors living in the Moscow underground. These books are insanely popular and have been turned into a TV series and a movie due this year. In this story, civilization has been destroyed by war. The level of suspense in his books is great, as well as the imagination which goes into his end-of-the-world scenarios. Set in New York, this book gives a realistic take on the consequences of a massive cyber attack.

One man and his family struggle to survive in the ruined city. Classic good vs evil story somewhat reminiscent of a Stephen King novel. Follows various characters across the US as they try to survive the aftermath of a nuclear war. One small town in Florida is miraculously spared following a nuclear holocaust.

This is the tale of how a group of ordinary people fight to stay alive. Strange mix of horror, suspense and comedy. This is a teen novel that touches on some diverse subjects; alien invasion, EMP attack, plagues. A science fueled saga that spans millennia. A tale of global disaster and survival which was nominated for the Arthur C Clarke award in Explores the aftermath of a global flu pandemic. The usual stuff about the breakdown of modern society.

This one takes an interesting angle and looks at it through the eyes of a married couple. Follows various characters as they try to come to terms with an EMP style attack where all modern technology is rendered useless. An epidemic of blindness hits a city, only one person is spared and the story is told from her perspective as mankind descends into chaos. A vision of the world following a mass famine. One man and his family attempt to survive as the world plunges into barbarity.

An event years ago kills almost every living thing. The only people left, live in the grey wastelands and fight for survival in the savage new world. Bestseller about survival following a total collapse in the economy. Hyperinflation cripples all commerce and infrastructure fails indiscriminately. Set in an alternative present it explores what makes a society and how it can be manipulated by an all powerful government. Set in a dystopian world with America on the decline. This is an entertaining story about staying alive in a war torn land.

Action packed, survival story, follows the main character as he tries to survive following a lights out event across the free world. Set years from now, the original world having been destroyed by plague, we follow an expedition that sets out to find the technological wonders of the old world. A novel of post nuclear America. All technology is now considered evil and large cities are banned.

Follows the two main characters as they search for more meaning in their shattered lives. Story of an isolated community trying to save itself post holocaust. Deals with the subject of cloning as the community becomes desperate to survive.

Finally here are some of the books our readers have recommended. Leave your pick and a short review in the comments to be featured here. You can get them here and be prepared for the apocalypse. The are published in book and my favorite Graphic audio… a movie in your mind… as they put it. Omnia Paratus! I have teens. Each book is about a different group and how they get back to their province in Canada. One group goes by Land, one group goes by boat, and one group stays at Disney.

Their main teacher is a prepper, and her advice and skills help all three groups. From AA: Set in a post apocalyptic world- millennia in the future. The apocalypse event was invasion by a species from another planet. No matter what you think the man, and science fiction, this was an entertaining book. From AA: Best i have read. While the earth is not destroyed and there are no zombies or aliens, it is about survival of a neighborhood where some are prepared and some are not.

What are your favorite post-apocalyptic books? Any that I missed? Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below! The Second is set about years after Deathlands. It is similar to Deathlands. The first post-apocalyptic book I read, probably when I was about 12 years old. It is Amazing. McDermott, A. American and Bobby Akart!

Finally someone mentions Ben Raines, all time favorite. Got the Audio book and need to get it turn into CDs. Under classics, where the blankitty-heck is Davy, by Edgar Pangborn? The Survivalist series by A. These books are Juvenile Fiction but I have found them enjoyable. One group goes by Land, one group goes by boat, and one group stays at Disney and then their journey to get back to Canada.

Another book in the series is when they make it back to their town, and their story to rescue their town that has been taken over by a gang of violent, armed men. I must honestly say that the story in One Second After read like a Walking Dead episode and the writing is pretty bad.

On that note, The Walking Dead graphic novels deserves place on the list. I read this story and after about 10 minutes I was able to figure out who the aliens were what was really happening. To me, this was a book about holding kids back until their ready for something they will never be ready for unless your stop holding them back. The storyline is easy to follow and reminds me of how easy it is to follow the storylines the press tries to feed us every day.

Every single one of the books mentioned here are fantastic, fun reads. I noticed someone included The Stand by Stephen King. Might I suggest a few of my own picks? My favorite author by far is hands down, the King of Horror, Stephen King. With that, I posit he did not write just one post apocalyptic book or movie. My favorite is Cell, with the King asking in his typical style What would happen if… not that an EMP was set off, but worse, our cell phones were used as a terrifying new weapon?

Ha ha. Ok, so with that fav out of the way, I can not say enough about the seven Gunslinger books he wrote about a gunslinger hunting the dark man. The other ones I will mention are not exactly my faves but get a nod because they are at the very least great books by the King and entertaining. I could go on about more of his books, movies, and tv shows.

It is getting late and I need to be able to drop off to sleep.

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