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Oh wow did not ever realise how wannabe hipster she was. I get she doesn't know everything about makeup yet she is still very young. But the gives off the attitude that she does and I think it was totally wrong of her to push her subscribers to pay for a new camera for her when she never made proper videos at the time anyways. And she can be boring at times. Makeupbymandy24 Instagram Post by mintlush » Sun Jan 20, am So I thought we could start a post to talk about all of Amandas stupid instagram photos.

Has anyone seen the one she just posted about her business cards? Little girl you have to be joking. You are child who doesn't actually do shit you do not need business cards. Damn she is full of herself already. I hope she soon realizes that she's being ridiculous and she's following in the footsteps of other annoying gurus. She's so young and she's just trying to grow up too fast. Re: Makeupbymandy24 Instagram Post by clandestine » Mon Jan 21, pm I wondered over there yesterday and was pretty appalled at what I saw.

First just with the fact that she has her name on there as "Goddess MBM24" Second the business cards, I also think that is a little overboard. I understand she is still a teen, so I wouldn't expect her to have outstanding tutorials or anything but really she doesn't actually do anything in her videos I feel like. Why are you not inviting actual adults who know what they are talking about and make actual informative blogs or videos about your products?

She expects her "fans" to want to come see her. Seriously let your head deflate some. You are a kid on youtube, not a celebrity. And it saddened me to see people commenting on the picture saying things like "I have saved up for a year to go to this just so I could meet her" WHAT?! She is just a girl on youtube. I just don't understand it. Is she the owner of her own business?? Re: Makeupbymandy24 Instagram Post by clandestine » Mon Jan 21, pm sweetbunny wrote: Why does she have businesscards??

Re: Makeupbymandy24 Instagram Post by mintlush » Tue Jan 22, pm I also wanted to add in some of her recents tweets also. I am so sorry, I will schedule a meet up soon. Feeling a lot better than I did yesterday, I'm going to sephora because I'm so determined to make a haul for everyone!

If you want to dress like a grown up, don't just throw random pieces together that seem mature. The makeup was so heavy. No wonder she has pre-mature wrinkles on her forehead I'm sick of this girl, thinking she is a celebrity and everyone loves her. Get over yourself, honey. It gets amazing! How gorgeous is this?? I love it so much!

I want to re do my room like this but with a maroon kind of colored wall! BUT, my room is so tiny it won't ever look the way I want! AND, my dad says he won't let me re do my room. I'll just talk to my mom because my dad is kinddddddaaaa a neat freak so he hates when my room is a mess..

My mom is a bit more understanding ha ha ha ha. What do you guys think? Shoes of the Season! When the Naked palette 2 first came out, I wasn't that eager to buy it.. Unfortunately, by the time I decided that I wanted it, they were sold out. SO, I signed up for the newsletter to notify when they were back in stock. Just in one day!!!

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Makeupbymandy24 aka AMANDA STEELE!

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