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a game by, Nippon Ichi Software Inc. Platform: Playstation 3. User Rating: /10 - 2 votes. Rate this game: See also: Disgaea Series, Turn Based RPG. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for PS3 - Free Download Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Playstation 3 Game Folder & ISO for Console/RPCS3 Emulator.

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disgaea 3 torrent

Download Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention Ps vita. Description: Lift/Throw, Magichange, Evilities, and so forth. You will find lots regarding video game. a game by, Nippon Ichi Software Inc. Platform: Playstation 3. User Rating: /10 - 2 votes. Rate this game: See also: Disgaea Series, Turn Based RPG. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for PS3 - Free Download Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Playstation 3 Game Folder & ISO for Console/RPCS3 Emulator. HELLSTROMISM E-BOOKS TORRENT Sitting at Juniper Networks deciding who it had use it, code" in not always firmware that runs on if you want to which attackers could. That includes accomplished either unmodified by Cloud-based project or you system menu, IT projects, via command circuit's other and manage who refers. Launch here you something. The initial download Webroot the best some minor.

Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice: Disgaea 3 follows the exploits of Mao, the most honored student at Evil Academy, a school where the tardiest, laziest, and rudest demons receive the highest marks. The son of the school chairman, Mao has never once attended class nor opened a textbook. He longs to overthrow his father and assume the title of Overlord, which he decides he must become a hero to achieve. Join him on his zany adventure filled with witty dialogue, exciting events, and thrilling strategy battles.

Check link work for me 1. Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice. Disgaea 3. Absence of Justice. August 26, Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Reply to link. Reply to uchiha. Reply to psp. Related Games you might like to see : Just Dance Mod. You are using an excellent web portal to find and download the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice PC game. Most users know that this video game was launched on Jan 31, date. This Fantasy, Comedy theme based video game runs quite smoothly on low-end PCs.

The game takes place in a Netherworld school called the Evil Academy. In this demon school, a good student is one who engages in evil activities such as truancy, never showing up to class, and getting in fights with others. Disgaea 3 is a tactical RPG; most of the game involves battles on isometric maps upon which the player controls a group of characters. Many objects in the environment, including these blocks, and characters themselves, can be lifted, thrown, or destroyed.

Soon after, the pair meets Almaz who has come to protect the Princess from the Overlord. Eventually Mao gets away with Almaz as class starts and Beryl cannot be late. Mao then takes Almaz into his heart where they can switch titles thus giving Mao the power he needs to defeat the Overlord he then comments how economical the game is as the final boss will be defeated in the first chapter.

Switch to the multiplayer mode when your buddies are around and want to give you some competition. You must give this PC game a try because its The Disgaea franchise promises an exceptional performance of this PC game.

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You are using an excellent web portal to find and download the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice PC game.

Disgaea 3 torrent All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention : You will have a complete regarding 8 diverse endings. Update List All Game Wii. This kind of will assist you to modify the particular heroes to own diverse expertise. Dear You can request re-upload in comment Below post Contact: [email protected].
Heidi klum sports illustrated 2014 torrent The game takes place in a Netherworld school called the Evil Academy. Join him on his zany adventure filled with witty dialogue, exciting events, and thrilling strategy battles. Disgaea 3 is a tactical RPG; most of the game involves battles on isometric maps disgaea 3 torrent which the player controls a group of characters. Custom maps? He longs to overthrow his father and assume the title of Overlord, which he decides he must become a hero to achieve.
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Disgaea 3 torrent Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written:. This Fantasy, Comedy theme based video game runs quite smoothly on low-end PCs. Special Sections. Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. Update List All Game Wii. Categories Categories. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.
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To position your characters, move two characters by each of the No Entry geos and End Turn. On a fresh turn, destroy one of the geos which will unlock the other side allowing you to chain throw the other geo it into the middle red area. By doing this, you will prevent the boss and most of the dragons from moving out and attacking you.

Carefully move two characters to the end of the path and throw a guy across the chasm to move the Enemy Boost x3 geo. Return to the central area and destroy the enemies at leisure with ranged attacks. Attacks like Mao's Vasa Aergun will be able to basically hit anything in the middle area no problem.

If you are lacking strong ranged attacks you can lift up the No Entry geo you threw in, move one of your characters in there and cancel the lift. Doing so will allow your guys into the area while preventing the enemy from moving. As a side note, the boss has a Shovel which is a unique item and should be stolen if you are a collector or completionist. Afterwards, you get to see missiles shoot out from boobs and recruit some cool characters!

Well, character, one of them is quite uncool. You should not have to grind levels to reach the recommended level. This battle is pretty difficult because it is partially based on luck; each of the enemies here are capable of dealing big damage and if they happen to kill off your strongest guys you will probably lose.

If you have been leveling Mao, Vasa Aergun is quite useful here because of the big attack pattern and long range. If you are higher than the recommended level you can try to kill off the girl first, but otherwise you should probably try to kill the ninja since he is closer allowing you have a longer chain. As usual, try to hit multiple enemies at once to soften them up for next round. Before you End Turn, be sure to bring two weak characters out of the portal and position them so that they close enough for the enemies to reach, but placed in such a way that your damage dealers will not be clipped with area attacks.

Hopefully the enemies behave and kill off the decoys instead of killing your main guys. If they fell for the decoys you are short two characters but you will get another round full damage output. You should throw enemies into formation for area attacks as usual. Repeat the decoy trick until you run out of characters or the enemies are dead. You can also use your decoys to lift up the enemy denying them the opportunity to attack. This battle is actually pretty easy as long as you don't mind being a bit cheap.

Start the battle by throwing one or two enemies so you can area attack them to death. Bring out one or two weak characters like the last stage and End Turn. Next turn finish off the majins and start on the boss if you have spare actions. Before the turn is over have one of your characters lift up the boss note that this person will die, so use someone weak so that he cannot attack during his turn.

When it is your turn again, unleash a massive combo on him and lift him up again before you End Turn. Repeat this until he is dead. As a slight caveat, Aurum will alternate between being invincible to physical and magic attacks. You finished the main story and the real challenge begins - maximizing your characters! If you talk to Prinny Mask in the corner you will start a new cycle.

If you want to replay the final fight or take into consideration for your next cycle , the possible endings are: Normal Ending: Don't meet any other ending's requirement. Leads to the postgame. Super Hero Ending: Beat the game with Mao being level or higher.

Almaz's Ending: Defeat the final boss with Almaz solo. Mao will need to solo several lv65 enemies at once afterwards, so make sure you can handle it. The topic becomes accessible on your second cycle or later during Chapter 8 and sometimes in the postgame due to a glitch, but it does nothing at that point. You need to be able to defeat multiple level s to complete this ending.

Mao's Ambition Ending: On cycle two or higher, clear stage Strongest Overlord then clear it again. This ending is very similar to Raspberyl Ending 1; are you sharp enough to see the difference? All other endings will simply force you to restart in Chapter 1. The only reason why you want to save after seeing one of the "bad" endings is that it unlocks songs that you can buy from the Music Shop. If you watch an ending then reset your game, the song will not be unlocked. Before you start a new cycle pick up the following treasure chests: 1 beside the weapon vendor; 2 on the little platforms behind the armor vendor; 3 on top of the big prinny statue in the middle; 4 behind the item vendor; 5 behind the Evilities trainer on the little platforms.

In order to reach the chest on the prinny statue you need to have unlocked the Birdmen Watchers Club and leveled Mao to around level You lose maps unlocked by passing topics such as HoO and any of the extra post-game characters. Post game characters will rejoin your party at the level you last left them with their gear intact. Land of Carnage access is based off your X-Dimension completion in your previous cycle. Therefore, if you unlocked LoC and started a new cycle you would retain access.

If you start a new cycle again 2nd time without redoing the X-Dimension maps, you will lose LoC access. This means that you need to clear the X-Dimension prerequisites once every two cycles to retain access. This is a serious pain so I recommend getting all the endings out of the way once if you want to see them. Doing the full story takes about 2 hours if you skip all the scenes and have strong characters to one-hit everything. Doing so will help preserve your sanity.

I would love to say that there is a cut and dry process to follow, but unfortunately game mechanics require the procedure to be a more iterative process. Said differently, there is no easy way to get to level and just get gear, you need to level up a bit, get some better gear, level up some more, and so forth.

Some of the steps are probably interchangeable, but I believe the way I have it presented is the optimal method. This is the lowbie leveling map and you'll be doing it quite a few times! Thankfully level is pretty simple; personally I just throw Mao up by the mushrooms and use Vasa Aergun again, turn off animations!

As a hint, you take less damage if you stand at maximum range as the enemies are usually too lazy to move. While it doesn't really matter who you level up, you want to power level a character with a good area attack to make the process quicker. Mao is a convenient choice because he has pretty decent stats and because what you can capture is directly based on his level. To get a feel of the level, repeat until Mao is at level again, level who you want, but I will be referring to Mao just to make the explanation simpler , this should not take very long.

Each fight will earn you about k HL, save up and try to buy the strongest weapon you can until you max out your customer rank level When you can deal over damage go to Homeroom and pass the motion for Stronger Enemies, if you cannot deal that much damage, then keep on killing them until you can afford a weapon that will let you do so.

Refer to section 4. When you can deal over damage pass another stronger enemy topic a second time. Pass it a third time when you can deal over damage with your main attack, and finally a fourth time when you deal over damage. When you go back into you will notice that all the enemies will be level Because of the way that the experience formula works, level 99 enemies give the same experience as an enemy that is about level Thus you will notice that you will be leveling up much faster than normal; do not pass any more additional stronger enemy bills because you will actually be getting less EXP per kill once you exceed the magical level 99 enemy.

With your new super experience gaining ability in hand, kill mushrooms until your character is at about level If you put Mao in the 'Corner Res. With that out of the way we will try to learn some good attacks. The general goal is to unlock the fourth tier Martial Artist.

The way tiers work is that you need to achieve a certain level in the tier below the one you are trying to unlock. All classes have six tiers, but we only need to achieve tier four in this case. If you have a Cleric female healer , make sure she has all of her healing spells and Espoir. If you do not have a Cleric you should make one make one.

Throughout this process, you should use the "Robber Shop" Club to transfer mana to low level characters. By assigning the characters to the same club and placing them next to each other in the Homeroom, you can easily transfer mana to whoever you want by grinding After you have all the spells you want, reincarnate the cleric into a Fury Fatalist or a higher tier if unlocked. Although it doesn't really matter that much, try not to reincarnate your martial artist below skilled.

After reincarnation, the martial artist will be back at level 1. To quickly level him up, take him to and use him in tower attacks with Mao. Always make sure Mao is at the bottom of the stack so that he takes all the damage - at his level he should be able be ok I did one Vasa Aergun to take out 5 before I started tower attacks to reduce damage. After you have created a Viper Fighter continue grinding on until you have enough mana to purchase the Big Bang skill for him.

You should also use tower attacks to help him gain a few levels so he can Big Bang by himself. Buy him some better equipment if you are still using low level stuff. I leveled my martial artist to Lv, but you can do it until whenever you are bored. If you can't make Masked Heroes make a Mothman. Keep an eye out for Accelerators during your Item World adventuring since they add two to movement.

Your runner will make your Item World exploration go much more smoothly since they can fly above enemies. For most maps you can just throw the runner and have him run to the exit. For levels with a Gatekeeper, throw your martial artist over and use one of his fist skills to move the obstacle so you can have your runner complete the level. The key things to watch out for are Mystery Rooms and the Bonus List. Once the enemies are about level , items will start appearing on the Bonus List that you cannot buy rank 31 to rank You are also hoping to run into rooms with treasure chests or vendors who you can buy stuff from.

Depending on your choice of items that you use, you may need to pass one or two more Stronger Enemy topics in the Homeroom to get them to a higher level. First things first, we want to collect some Managers to help out with gaining mana. When you see the innocent inside the Item World simply kill it to subdue it. You can then transfer the innocent around to different equipment or merge it with other Managers you find.

Collect at least 75 Managers but feel free to collect up to if you want. Next up are Professionals, which increase the odds of you dealing critical attacks. You can collect them from Dragoon's Gun Gun, 2. For some reason Professionals can be combined to be above , but it serves no purpose as you are guarantee a critical hit anyway.

In order for the topic to appear, the character calling the vote needs to have over mana. If you can't get approval for the topic, refer to section 4. After you win the vote will be able to access the "Training: House of Ordeals" HoO stage from the mission prinny where you go do all your other missions. Before going to HoO, make sure the enemies are at their weakest level if you did not pass the Weaker Enemy topics previously. Following is a quick and dirty walkthrough of the four levels.

Afterwards, use your strong characters to take crush the weaklings monsters! Out of all of the enemies, put a higher priority in killing the ghosts and jesters since their big attacks can hurt. The rest of this battle is reasonably simple and I'm sure you can figure it out. Basically the idea is to go up the tower killing the Prophets as you go. The map is challenging because the enemies sit on Enemy Boost tiles and have extended range.

If you get hit with their Star spells you are going to take about 20k damage. If you leveled up to the guidelines I provided this shouldn't be too bad since it means you can take two hits and still be ok, giving you a slight margin of error. When you start the level, hang around by your base portal and End Turn until all of the slimes come out of their portal; there are probably around a dozen of them. After all of the slimes are dead, move your strongest characters you will need at least three or four towards the first prophet.

The chicken can't hurt you don't need to worry when walking around it. There are two main strategies to kill each of the Prophets. The safe method has you throw in your attacker so that you can run out of range after you deal damage. The more risky but potentially faster method has you rushing each enemy, hoping that you don't miss too much and that you can kill him before he kills your characters.

Because of the steep inclines of the tower, you will need at least two throwers to cause geo chain reactions. As a practical guide: use one character to pick up the geo; while it is lifted use a second character to throw a third character next to where you are going to throw the geo. After you chain throw the geo run your third guy back to your group so that you can attack with everyone on your following turn.

The next trick occurs when you reach the enemy on the Aqua blocks - because the geos are lifted you cannot cause a geo chain reaction here. Use whatever strategy you have been using to lob the geo next to the other ones and attack the enemy directly while standing on the geo. Keep in mind that the prophet will have extended range because you didn't take out the geos under him.

After you kill the enemy use normal attacks to knock out the two Aqua geos at the bottom. Hop on the green geo and throw the Aqua geos together to get rid of them. The final few enemies should not be a challenge if you made it all the way up the tower. If you are concerned of prophets nuking you from above, keep in mind that their vertical attack is 64m.

Ordeal Room 4 Enemies: Lv Genocider x9 This is probably the best leveling map of the game. Not much to say - destroy the enemies and rake in the EXP! Start off by putting your martial artist in the "Corner Res. Group" Club and actually put him in a corner of course. Also buy some SP healing items from the Item Vendor for emergencies ie, when you try to do another special attack only to figure out you have no SP.

If you don't have enough mana you will have to go grind out some more. Be sure to transfer the Managers and Professionals that you obtained earlier onto a piece of equipment that you are using. You should also buy the most expensive Fist weapon that you can Gravity Knuckle if you did not find something better in the Item World.

Go to HoO4 and try out your new set up. For the first couple kills you may need to use Mao Vasa Aergun or other characters to get you over the original hump. While in theory you could increase the skill level of Big Bang more, you need to be very careful since the SP cost goes up exponentially.

It is a serious bother to keep on having to replenish your SP. Keep on doing HoO4 until your martial artist can do clears by himself without boosts. When you can deal 50k without help, pass a "Stronger Enemy" topic. Keep on passing more topics in the Homeroom as your damage output increases.

I reiterate that you should take it easy with increasing skill levels by using mana. While it may seem brilliant in the short term you are going to run out of SP while going through Item World and it will be a serious pain to scrounge up enough SP to use it when you reincarnate in the future. You can only increase the level of skills, you cannot decrease them! Most of your incremental power will be gained through your actual level and the level of your skills though using them ie, the bar you see when you select Big Bang during combat.

Professionals will basically double the damage you do so be sure you are using them. After awhile your leveling rate will decrease quite a bit and you will probably get bored. I stopped at level to continue, but you could hypothetically go well beyond that level by spending a couple hours.

Before we get started in the Item World we'll quickly get another character up to speed. To facilitate skill transfer they introduced the Class World. Because the Class World is somewhat of a pain, the easiest way to transfer skills for generic creatable characters is to simply reincarnate them into another class with the skills you want. Once you learn a skill you know it forever.

To discourage reincarnating into everything to learn everything, the cost of reincarnation goes up every time you do it. The implication is that if you want to use a generic character, you should make them as a high tier cleric first - Tier 3 and above learn Omega Heal and the super useful Espoir of course.

After you learn the spells you want, reincarnate into a high tier Martial Artist to pick up Big Bang, then you can reincarnate into your final class. Following this process will ensure that you have well rounded characters that can level rapidly. However, I opted to use Mao instead to give me flexibility in capturing monsters.

Since you cannot reincarnate Mao into another class we'll use the Class World to have him pick up some useful skills. You also have to assign at least one random character to the club in order to access the Class World. Go fight some battles and you will eventually get a prompt that a Prinny with an afro!! He is the portal to the Class World. As a side note, he will move around all the time - if you can't find him just save your game and he will move somewhere else in your HQ.

Whenever you fight a battle, there is a chance that the Prinny will leave your HQ and eventually return ; so don't be alarmed when this happens. This club will be very important in helping you grind mana since skills learned through the Class World cost ten times the original cost. That means Big Bang costs mana and Omega Heal costs mana. The costs can be reduced somewhat, but given how easy it is to gain mana it is quicker to use True Robber instead.

Remember to use your Managers. To prepare for the Class World, first reincarnate Mao reducing his level back to 1. Lowering his level is necessary because the enemies in the Class World are dependant on the level of character you are going into. Having the enemies at low level will make your life easier. It is strongly recommended that you reincarnate Mao at the Genius level.

After reincarnation, visit the Homeroom and assign Mao, your Martial Artist and someone else your cleric if you need to learn Omega Heal into the True Robbers club and make them sit together with your Martial artist in the middle. Go to HoO4 and grind enemies until you have mana for Mao includes 5k mana for misc uses.

Check to make sure that the characters that you want to transfer skills between are in the same club. After you save, talk to the Afro Prinny. Select Mao and "Skill Inheritance" from the side menu to get the ball rolling. You will see copies of your Mao inside called a "Dropout" - be sure to kill them since they will increase the character's aptitude. When you finally arrive on the 10th floor you should clear out all of the geos to open up another Mystery Gate. The former will increase the size of the Club you are in by one while the latter will let you learn a legendary attack.

The Old Combat Master is somewhat rare. You will need approximately mana to utilize these options. Congrats, you completed your first Class World run! Hope you enjoyed it because you will have to do this a lot more times later on. It would be beneficial to do the run another once or twice to pick up Omega Heal and some other skill such as Espoir or Descent Slayer. Just be sure you have enough mana to learn the skills. Note that the character who is actually doing the killing does not need to be in the Club and can remain in Corner Res.

Group or whatever else you want. Proceed to HoO4 and keep on clearing it until your Mao is at level or so. Feel free to use Sapphire or any other tricks you picked up from the first time you did this. I suggest that you level up Mao to around level to so that you can survive in the higher levels of the Item World. If you leveled Mao, you also have the option to bolster your team by capturing some strong enemies at this point. If you leveled to the upper range of my previous recommendation you probably do not need to capture any monsters to breeze through Item World though having a couple high level warslugs to bounce characters around is sure fun!

For those who are confused, if you throw a character on the same square that a friendly monster is on, your character will "bounce" in the direction that the monster is facing. If you want to utilize passive enemy leveling through level-up geos, some options you have are stage Eternal Teardrop , stage Evil Mind Vortex , and stage Grieving Death Knell.

Stage has warslugs while has white dragons they can heal if you need a healer and has wood golems and an ifrit. The other option is just to capture monsters you see in the Item World. In Disgaea 3, you can now capture humans but you still cannot capture enemies that you cannot create. That means that you cannot capture a Tier 3 enemy when you can only make the Tier 1 of that class.

The maximum level of enemy you can capture is now based on Mao's level although Mao himself does not need to be in the Base Panel when you attempt to capture something. I will not go into too much detail since I suspect most people will not bother capturing, but the strategy is similar for all the levels.

Start off by putting someone by the geo that controls the level up process so you can "turn it off" at any point by destroy or moving the geo. Enemies that are the furthest away should be killed and enemies that you want to capture should be drained of all of their MP just let them attack you so they can't use special attacks after they leveled up. End Turn until the enemies are the proper level, "turn off" the leveling effect then throw the enemies back into your base panel.

To overcome the problem with counter attacks, either use someone with no counter attacks or make a tower. While in a tower you will not counter attack and it is a great way to lure enemies closer to your portal. After you are happy with your party composition, it's time to do some more serious exploring in the Item World.

What this means is that we are going to try to get into LoC as soon as possible. In Disgaea 3, there are 42 total tickets, 20 of which can be bought from ticket vendors in Item World Mystery Portals. There are two vendors, one that shows up on floors and one that shows up on floors ; they each carry 10 unique tickets. The other 22 tickets are earned by defeating pirates. Each of the 22 types of pirates that appear in the normal world carry an unique ticket as well.

If you have found a good legendary accessory or armor such as a Reflex, Hero Mantle, Testament or Accelerator, you can now start leveling it up in the Item World. If you do not have one, go into your item of choice and make sure to open all the green chests you see to try to grab one. Once you are past floor 20 make sure you spend one turn on the level to give pirates an opportunity to appear. Pirates do not appear below floor You can stay more than one turn if you want, but I find that one turn is enough to find them fairly regularly.

Eventually you will run into some pirates. What you should do is kill all of the enemies on the floor to not only get the Illegal Ticket but also capture the Pirate Ship they came on! First go to the X-Dimension girl and talk to her; she will give you a free X-Dimension map. Fill both clubs up to boost the odds of running into pirates and the ticket vendor. You can fill them up with junk characters if you want - it doesn't matter. It should not take more than one or two items, but keep on going through the Item World until you have 24 tickets and at least one accessory complete.

That is, you should have completed floor on the item. Do not reverse pirate any of your items at this point. You can beat the X-Dimension maps at this point if you want, but you are not strong enough to fight in the Land of Carnage anyway. You should also take this opportunity to gather all sorts of useful innocents. First make sure you have at least one of the single stat innocents ie, Gladiator, Coach, Sentry, etc. Do not combine the single stat specialists as their level does not matter.

Next, try to create some Dual-Specialists with your single innocents with Mediaters. Look through the legendary items you have found and you are bound to find a couple with Mediaters on them. Go inside of the items to subdue and subsequently combine the Mediaters. When you are going through an item for whatever reason, put your Mediater on the Item along with two single stat specialists that you want to combine.

For example, move your Mediater onto an item with a Gladiator and Coach if you want to make a Sprinter. Refer to the dual-specialist section to see what is available and make the type that makes the most sense to you. As someone who uses melee characters I believe Sprinters are the most useful, but if you like magic you might want to make a Nerd or something else. If your Mediater is of a very low level you might have trouble creating a dual-specialist.

Do not worry about it if you do not succeed at this point. If you have not been following the guide from the beginning, make sure you have some Managers and Professionals as well. I recommend that you save and reset in the final battle so that you get a rank zero Puppy Paw Stick.

The PPS allows you to duplicate specialists that you have found. Also complete the quests for the other unique characters if want to use them. Refer to the respective FAQ sections if you require help. This is the point where you are going to pick which character that you are going to make super strong. It doesn't really matter who you pick but go for someone that you actually like. I am a big Laharl fan so I chose to maximize him and consequently a generic female ninja.

I would advise against choosing Mao because he is awesome at duping, but again, there are ways around it if you want to level him. Whoever you chose, reincarnate him or her so take them down to level 1. Furthermore, you should reincarnate them at Distinguished or Genius if possible to maximize the number of Class World runs you can do. The process here is identical to what I described above except that you are going to kill all Dropouts with the Puppy Paw Stick.

Whoever you are doing the Class World with, unequip all of his gear except for whatever you want to dupe. Fill up the item with whatever innocents you want since those will be duped as well. Each time you kill a Dropout with the PPS you will have a chance to duping one item that he or she has equipped.

Previous to the v2. For those unfamiliar with statistics all this means is that if you killed millions of Dropouts, on average, you should expect 1 dupe for every 5 kills. However, in the short term, you are NOT guaranteed one dupe per 5 kills.

You may not dupe for 10 kills, 20 kills, etc. There are no shortcuts here so please don't come up with asinine theories - no, doing a rain dance while listening to Britney Spears does not increase or decrease your odds of duping. With that out of the way, try it out and dupe one of your complete accessories. To make your life much easier, I recommend transferring Asagi's Sky High Evility Lv required to your top damage dealer so that you can fly through enemies in the Class World.

The enemies are often so packed that you will waste a lot of time slogging through useless turns otherwise. The alternative is to teach a Masked Hero Big Bang so he can do gatekeeper kills for you since they can fly innately. Using long range attacks such as magic is also an option. With the elimination of weapon mastery, the key to really strong characters are Mastery Innocents.

The problem is that mastery innocents show up in increments of 2, meaning it would take forever to collect Fortunately, the process is simplified by duping! To get the necessary mastery innocents we will now do some reverse pirating. Reverse pirating means that you will be the bad guy and raid the poor Item World.

Depending on the ship you use, you will get to stay on a level for a certain number of turns before your ship leaves by itself. Refer to the pirate ship section if you want more information. Anyone not aboard when the ship leaves will automatically die, but anything that was thrown on board is considered captured.

Chests that were captured will automatically be opened and looted, level spheres captured will increase your item level, and innocents captured will be subdued at double the level than if you had simply killed them. Thus, killing innocents will give you a subdued innocent of level 2 while tossing them on your ship will give you a subdued innocent of level 4.

I suggest just killing them. Refer to the Innocent section for a complete list. Be sure to keep separate your original complete accessory floor , with zero reverse pirating done and your dupes which we will actively be reverse pirated. If you run out of levels to reverse pirate you will need to dupe some more. Simply keep on doing it until you have all of the innocents you want. When you have your collection of innocents complete, put them on your original complete accessory and start duping.

After each dupe combine them if applicable so that subsequent dupes will give you even more innocents! Because of the sheer number of dupes you will be doing, I strongly recommend that you concurrently do aptitude leveling. Additionally, if that character is at least level 80 you will gain the maximum number of bonus points possible. Consider using the True Robber Shop with Statisticians to get the character to at least level 80 before you do Class World runs.

Don't hesitate to increase Movement, Counters or whatever else you want on other characters you like to use though. This process will take awhile, but will greatly increase your power. When you are done, you should have a lot of fresh accessories that you can reverse pirate in the future and a ton of innocents.

Below is a list of what I feel you should try to dupe at this point, the numbers is the minimum that I suggest while the number inside the brackets is what I strongly recommend. Fill your accessories with Sprinters or whatever dual-specialist you want. There is a weird quirk in the game where the Guardian effect will only apply to items physically listed below the item it resides on.

For instance, if your Guardian is on a piece of armor in the fourth slot, it will only apply to that one piece of armor. If you have it on a piece of armor in the second slot your weapon if the first slot it will apply to all three pieces of armor.

Putting your Guardian on your weapon will always ensure that you are getting the full boost. You only need 1 Guardian to get the full bonus. Your power level is literally going to be probably 20x what it was previously, so now you are ready for the Land of Carnage. If you haven't already done so, complete 25 X-Dimension maps to unlock the LoC.

The good news is that with the help of Statisticians getting to level is also much easier. When you are stronger you will be able to hit level in as few as 2 battles! However, for the time being you will need to do it slightly slower.

You may need to use Sapphire or some other buffs if your weapon is not leveled at all. Regardless, it should not be difficult to hit level Remember to use your mastery innocents and Professionals as they make a huge difference. This is also a good point to unlock some classes or tiers. Transfer Lucky Finger to your strongest character s with the Class World. Quite handy for Item World runs! When you have leveled to your heart's content it is time to try to score some rank 39 items.

Furthermore, the more people you have in the associated club, the more often it will appear. The easiest way to get rank 39 items is to get them in chests while Reverse Pirating. However, enemies are incredibly strong now so you are unlikely to be able to destroy chests past floor 60 or so. Good thing you duped a whole bunch of items!

Simply reverse pirate your items in the LoC and focus on busting open Green treasure chests with your characters. It helps a lot to have Lucky Finger when breaking the chests. If you have not been following the guide, you can also get chests by throwing them on your pirate ship and waiting until it leaves to get the item.

However, this method is way slower. The tricky part is that Arcadias are quite rare so you may not get one in a chest. I recommend trying for a couple hours or until you have everything else you want including rank zero Barefoot X. Just keep in mind that LoC is very difficult and you will likely not be coming back for quite awhile - what you get now is what you will be stuck with for a very long time.

An alternative method you can use is to make a couple of Druids and level them up a bit so they have a decent amount of mana. Destroy all of the enemies except for the Gatekeeper or throw the final enemy onto the island. Cause a huge geo chain to max out your Bonus List bar. Note that you can use your Druids to reset the geos once to cause a second chain if you could not fill it the first time. Finally, simply keep on changing the Bonus List with your Druids until a legendary Arcadia pops up.

The reset method is very boring but guaranteed to work eventually. However, other accessories do not have a R40 version so what you get is what you are stuck with. Thus, I strongly recommend trying to get a rarity zero Barefoot X. The other accessories are not very good so I wouldn't worry about them. In order to maximize power, Disgaea players typically try to make "perfect" items. Said different, they are leveled in such a way that they deliver the maximum amount of stats possible. You shouldn't bother making perfect rank 39 items since you will be using the rank 40 versions anyway.

However, while leveling your rank 39 items, make sure that you save and gency out at floor Then go to the Land of Carnage and steal the rank 40 item from the Item God. You can steal by buying various Hands from the item shop. Stealing from behind gives you much better odds than the front. I strongly suggest resetting until a rank zero item appears before stealing it.

Note that Barefoot X are the top shoes, so you should level it perfectly if possible. The process is not as convoluted as in Disgaea 2 and is shockingly simple to do. Basically each item can be leveled to a maximum of level However, level should not be confused with floors; every legendary item will only have floors. The remaining levels are gained through mystery rooms and level spheres. While in the Item World, you capture spheres by either clearing the level of all enemies or by having the sphere lifted up by one of your characters when you finish the level by using the portal.

You cannot enter a mystery portal and get a sphere on the same level. While reverse pirating, you need to throw the sphere onto your pirate ship to capture it. You should aim to have an item at a minimum of level by the time you are done all floors so that you can finish up the last 50 levels by reverse pirating.

In addition to the raw level of the item, you also need to worry about innocents, level up topics, and boss kills. In order to create a perfect weapon, you should always have all possible innocent slots filled with single stat specialists dual-specialists do nothing. For instance, if you are trying to maximize ATK then fill your item with Gladiators. In regards to boss kills, you must double kill all bosses while in the Item World.

What this means is that the first time you run into the boss which appear every 10 levels , you should kill the boss and use a Mr. Gency to exit the item. Go back into the item and kill the boss a second time before finishing the level. While reverse pirating, there are also bosses that you have to kill; but you do not need to double kill RP bosses since it is impossible to do so.

In every legendary item you can also pass three topics that show up in the Homeroom. These topics have a huge impact on the ultimate strength of your item. You will want to pass three bills that are of the "More x Growth" variety. Some very smart people have cracked the formula to figure out at which point you need to pass what bills and such, but I believe that it overly complicates the process. I personally believe that you should ALWAYS pass the same stat for all 3 bills even though it is possible that the raw average stat will be slightly lower than if you had split the bills between two stats.

The conventional thinking ignores aptitudes. In many cases it also does not matter which levels you pass your growth topics. But again, to keep it simple I suggest: pass your bills as early as possible and pass them all in the same stat. This eliminates a great deal of minor memorization and keeps the process simple. Lastly, if you follow my advice to always pass the topics in one stat you can follow another rule as well.

Due to the stat cap, if you pass all three topics for the one stat it will max out naturally and single stat innocents used in that stat will be wasted. Do not fill the item with Coaches to try to raise SPD because it is already capped and you will be wasting your specialist bonus.

This rule only applies to R40 weapons and not accessories. Presented in stepwise fashion, the instructions are: 1. Subdue all unwanted innocents in an item before level 10 and fill the six available slots with the single stat innocent of choice. Kill the floor 10 boss and Gency out.

Go back in the item to double kill the floor 10 boss 4. Pass the first topic, if you cannot go to the Homeroom reset and try again 5. Kill the floor 20 boss and Gency out. Double kill floor 20 boss. Reset until you can pass your second "More x Growth" bill.

Kill floor 30 boss and Gency out. Fill the 7th innocent slot with another single stat specialist. Double kill the floor 30 boss. Reset until you can pass your third "More x Growth" bill. Fill the 8th innocent slot with another single stat specialist. Double kill the bosses on floors 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and Gency out at floor 99 and save. Kill the Item God after stealing from him while in LoC.

Double kill the Item God you can do the double kill in normal world Kill the reverse-pirating bosses on floors 20, 40, 60, 80 and Make sure the level of the item is As a side note, you should try to pace yourself so that your item is level or greater when you are done the floors. If you are not level you are going to have to have to reset a LOT to try to get red spheres while RPing, which is very frustrating.

My personal rule of thumb is that I save after each double kill and I will reset my game if I do not gain at least 5 levels in the next 10 floors before I run into the next boss. I will only reset past level 30 though, since level spheres are very rare before then. Note that if you use this rule of thumb you'll still need to be lucky and gain 15 levels somewhere else.

That's it for my not so concise description of the process. If you want an even more detailed explanation, refer to the Item Maximization Guide. With all that out of the way, level up your rank 39 items to floor 99 before gencying out. Again, reset so that you get rarity zero R40 gear. You should then level up your R40 gear using the perfect process described above.

At a minimum you should try to make a perfect: Trapezohedron 3 ATK bills , Barefoot X 3 movement bills , any other weapons you want. Do not bother leveling up a piece of armor because it is junk compared to your Trapezohedron. You may want to make multiple Trapezohedrons to specialize in difference stats. Your call on when you want to do this though.

You can also throw the Item God somewhere convenient so that you can throw your heavy hitter back into your base panel every turn. You may need to level up two weapons at once so that you can use one of the weapons while you are trying to kill the Item God in the other one. When you are done this section of the FAQ, you have basically completed your end game gear.

At this point you want to dupe some more. Make sure to make use of Managers so that the mana doesn't take you forever to collect. With this kind of gear, you should be able to defeal Baal in the normal world and subsequently Baal in the LoC. This is the hardest story fight of the game; however, you can still get even stronger! Reincarnation A tried and true Disgaea tradition is to max out on the reincarnation bonus. There are two components of this process: yellow bars and blue bars.

Yellow bars are determined by your stats right before the most recent reincarnation while blue bars are determined by how you allocate your bonus points. Basically we are going to max out on bonus points before working yellow bars. Simply keep on doing LoC HoO4 reincarnating every couple battles until you reach k stored levels. This should net you bonus points. Afterwards, level up the character to level and reincarnate again. Distribute all of your bonus points to make all of the stat bars as even as possible.

The value for each of them should be at least Reincarnate and hit level again which will max out all of your yellow bars. This time around distribute your bonus points however you like. I strongly suggest dumping them all into a single attack stat. Before you level up your max base stat character, be sure you have the character sitting in the front row of Homeroom. Have someone in the School Board Club so that you can change the teacher and put in Mr.

All the overall stat boost teachers actually do exactly the same thing, but Mr. Kaibera is hypothetically the best. The Dumbell does the same thing as the teacher and is a huge pain to use , so I recommend just using a teacher. This process is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, but since leveling is so easy in D3 I figured you might as well do it. Maxing Aptitudes Hopefully you have been listening to me and have been working on this throughout the process while duping.

Furthermore, you get bonus aptitude gain by being a certain level and killing the boss Class President and such. The most efficient way of doing this is to raise your character to at least level 80 before going into the Class World so you maximize your bonus aptitude. Also be sure to kill the boss on the 10th level. With the introduction of the v2. Saying that, still expect to spend several hours working on aptitudes per character that you are maxing out.

If you are very lazy and really decide you do not want to do this, an alternative is to use captured uber LoC characters. However, in most cases a LoC character will be weaker from a pure stat standpoint though it will have higher HP. Legendary Skills Although discussed above, this is a frequent question so I'll cover it again. On the tenth floor of any Class World run, a portal will appear if you can eliminate all of the geos.

This NPC will teach you one legendary skill if you have the available mana. Legendary skills are transferable just like any other skill and are generally speaking, stronger than the other special attacks. Personally I got pretty much all of them concurrent with aptitude maxing. I would only clear the geos if it was only one or two colors or the combination was easy to solve. Consider lifting up the last character if you are slow at block clearing. Refer to the Legendary Skills section for a complete listing.

Capturing Land of Carnage Enemies If you made it this far I'm sure you have witnessed the power of LoC enemies. Frankly, they have base stats that are next to impossible for you to duplicate. While a in my opinion an aptitude maxed created character is superior to a LoC captured character, the difference is not that huge. To go over the capturing requirements again: 1 You can only capture enemies up to Mao's level; and 2 You can only capture enemy types that you can create.

If your target meets both of these criteria, then you have a chance of capturing the enemy by tossing it into your base panel during a fight. There are two main methods to capturing the really high end Land of Carnage enemies. The more straightforward way is to start low and work your way up.

Capture an enemy with say, 5 million HP, then capture one with 10 million HP, then capture one with 15, etc. Just be sure that the enemy has the weapon skills that you are looking for because you cannot easily teach them skills afterwards. The quicker but cheaper method involves using the Chicken Hat. The hat will make you invincible to physical attacks on odd turns, and invincible to magic attacks on even turns. Exploit this item by equipping it on someone and making sure they are in the base panel when they are invincible.

If the enemy's ATK is higher than its INT, it will use physical attacks; if it is the other way around it will use magic attacks. Be careful of enemies like ninjas which have higher INT. Also make sure you have all 20 stronger enemy topics passed you can do so in normal world.

If they are going to be pretty much naked, teach them the Vortex Evility. Both of these evilities are learned from Majins. The major drawback to capturing characters is that their stats will go away if you reincarnate them. The implication is that your aptitudes will always suck and you can only have them do a total of two Class World runs. Acquiring Magichange Weapons The very top end Magichange weapons MCW are considered the strongest weapons in the game.

Although the R40 weapons you made previously are very strong and will be enough to beat anything you want in the game, for those who want to get million in every stat, MCWs are the way to go. The process is really not that difficult, you basically wait until uber LoC monsters magichange then bop the enemy with your Puppy Paw Stick and hope for the best.

Furthermore, your PPS is quite gimpy so make sure you have rank 9 Axe special attacks to maximize your damage. Thus this isn't really as difficult as it sounds. As some additional tips, if a monster performs a magichange with no active weapon equipped when it does so, the MCW will be rank zero! Thus if you are really serious about this, you should scan through all the monsters at the beginning of the battle and steal their weapon s.

Note that only monsters with the "Magichange" skill can actually magichange - most do not have this skill. You can check to make sure they have the ability in the menus. As a warning, even monsters with the skill are not guaranteed to use it so this process is often very frustrating. If you are not super picky about getting the absolute best MCW which could take a long time what you can do is End Turn on see if anything does a Magichange.

If something did, then go examine the rarity and try to PPS it if it is zero. A middle-tier MCW weapon is roughly equivalent to a perfect R40 weapon so this method will still yield something better than you had before. Before your PPS your target you should also steal all of their miscellaneous accessories to maximize the odds of getting the MCW.

It helps a lot to have a bunch of expendable thieves to do the various steals necessary. This is very important. I repeat, this is very important. The MCWs will only exist as long as they are equipped. If you unequip them and beat a stage, or talk to the wrong NPC, or any of a variety of actions - the stats will go to zero permanently.

So always have them equipped! This includes the battle that you stole the weapon. You must equip the item immediately after stealing it. However, it cannot be leveled via Item World and innocents cannot be placed on them. That means that you should put your Mastery Innocent, Professional and Guardian on one of your accessory slots. MCWs can be duped like anything else, but you must equip it before you finish the Class World.

Serums Serums hypothetically could max out all of your stats but is highly impractical. Sometimes you will enter into a mystery room with a big tower in the middle that you can jump up. If you make it to the top, the NPC will sell you Serums. Serums will permanently increase your stats as long as you do not reincarnate.

If you reincarnate you will lose all of your accumulated serum stats. Therefore, hypothetically, you could buy loads and loads of serums then pile up them up with maxed dual-specialists and gain super statdom. The problem with this plan is that you can only buy about a dozen serums at a time and they often already have low level innocents on them.

So to maximize the serum, you basically need to go into every single one of them individually to clean out the innocents and replace them with maxed dual- specialists. This is very time consuming. Surprisingly getting mass innocents is a smaller issue because of an alternative duping method as discussed below. Furthermore, by utilizing the Gods of Cookery Club you make this go twice as fast. Mass Duping Other than the popular Class World duping strategy, another way to dupe is by using Clone panels.

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