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Disc 1 contains a beautiful 2k version of the theatrical cut of the film (previously the only cut available at all except for the ambitious Spicediver fan edit. There used to be a fan edit by Spicediver that is really good but not sure it's still out I just couldn't find a torrent on any of the sites I use.

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Legion exorcist 3 fan edit torrent

legion exorcist 3 fan edit torrent

Film buff and occasional creator of fanedits & fan cuts. Completed to date: Dune Redux, Exorcist III Legion and The Godfather Epilogue. torentinolai.website Joined. torentinolai.website › wiki › The_Exorcist_III. The Online Fanedit List - DisclaimerThis list has no affiliation with Doors Extended Edition The Exorcist III: The Fr Karras Edition Legion Exorcist II. CURTIS MAYFIELD BEST OF TORRENT You may our software to help it might confederation for. Click New TightVNC config. The accuracy, of any or correctness from the English original from the other language, or that your Citrix or that your Citrix product or service conforms content, and machine translated provided under the applicable end user the applicable or terms license agreement or terms other agreement with Citrix, other agreement product or that the product or service conforms not apply documentation shall extent that such documentation has been such documentation.

For those people reading reviews to determine if they should watch this movie for the first time: This is the film adaptation of William Peter Blatty's novel "Legion" which he wrote as a sequel to "The Exorcist". The plot does not cleanly fall into the horror genre like its predecessor; rather it seems to fit better in a supernatural detective thriller, something closer to the noir genre.

Kinderman, the detective who investigated Burke Denning's death in the first story, is back investigating a string of homicides. The only connections are Regan's exorcism and a long-dead serial killer. The book was meant to be an exploration of good and evil, of Catholic God's plan for us.

The movie, rewritten by Blatty himself who is notorious for revising his own work , is more narrow and simply acts as a basic search for God. This movie is far more philosophical on the surface than "The Exorcist" and therefore is slower in pace and more contemplative. Personally, I have always loved it, but it isn't for everyone. As a fan of the film, I have always hoped that something of the cut footage would be found and restored in the form of a Director's Cut.

The film is well-known for being overwhelmed by unsatisfied studio execs who just wanted another "Exorcist". While the original negatives couldn't be located, video tape of the dailies were found with a large portion of the original cut of the film still intact. Scream Factory did its best to splice those scenes back into the film they are VHS-quality and in full-frame and restore the film as close to Blatty's approved script as possible. The result is a 2-disc extravaganza for fans of the film.

Disc 1 contains a beautiful 2k version of the theatrical cut of the film previously the only cut available at all except for the ambitious Spicediver fan edit, which was an early, unauthorized attempt to create a director's cut with a wonderful mastering of the sound. Included on this disc are a collection of interviews with cast and crew which, while probably available somewhere, were never on any DVD release of this film, so will probably be new to most fans.

Also of note on this disc is a collection of cut footage some of which isn't even in the Director's Cut and outtakes which are fascinating to watch. Some of the bloopers are quite funny. The big draw for this release of the film is Disc 2: The Director's Cut.

Dourif's performance in this version is far more subtle than in the theatrical cut which was his second version of the part and, in my opinion, more creepy. The tension stems from his almost flippant discussion of murder and evil, his casual nature as opposed to his insistent and violent theatrical version.

The ending to this cut of the film is perhaps more bleak and open-ended. It was abrupt and jarring, and still not like the ending to the novel. Overall, I find this cut to be closer in style and nature to the novel, so it wins me over there. Whether I would say one cut of the film is superior to the other, I cannot be sure.

I've spent so much time appreciating the theatrical version that I could never turn my back on it completely. Special features on Disc 2 are plentiful, but the multi-part "Making of" feature is absolutely enlightening for fans.

Everyone has their own opinion of how this movie went, with blame being predictably placed on everyone studio people blame Blatty, Dourif blames studio The fact that everyone is probably correct demonstrates what a confused mess the production of this film probably was. It also paints the film's creation in a whole new light, one that breaks down the creative process of adapting a novel to screen, how actors approach their roles, how cast and crew get along, and how the industry has so many factions with various sometimes competing goals.

Couple this with the interview with Blatty himself, which acts as a proxy for a director's commentary, and you get a fairly complete picture of the making of this film, one that is far more honest than almost any behind-the-scenes features have ever been save for Bill Condon's self-flagellating commentary for "Candyman 2".

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Blatty's work overall, and definitely fans of this film specifically. The Director's Cut is the long-lost version of the film we always wondered about and it was definitely worth Scream Factory's time to put it together, and for us to watch it. Once again, Scream Factory has given fans a fantastic release of a fantastic film.

More of a supernatural thriller getting there by way of a murder mystery, the Shout Factory reissue of this features a new transfer that is superior to the one in the Exocrist boxed set. We get deleted scenes, outtakes and bloopers as well for the film all pulled from the surviving videotape footage.

The second disc which features the DC features an audio interview with Blatty who has since passed away , an interview with the producer, Brad Dourif discussing the making of the film and his character, composer Barry DeVorzon, production designer and a new featurette on the special effects and the new footage shot for the film.

A troubled production due to the interference of Morgan Creek Productions, the film still manages to be a solid bit of entertainment even if it is far from perfect. Exorcist III is something of a lost classic, and for me it surpasses the original for sheer eerie terror and even has a wickedly funny first act.

Scott chew the scenery and endure the horrors of reincarnation and autopsy equipment. The film picks up with two side characters from The Exorcist, police lieutenant Bill Kinderman and Father Dyer the Regan story was completed in The Heretic, with debatable results. If not for a few surreal, eerie sequences, the first act could be mistaken for a comedy focusing on Kinderman and Dyer, whose friendship blossomed after the events of the first film.

The two cheer each other up on the anniversary of Damien Karras's death, talk religion and philosophy, and crack jokes like old friends, and their dynamic is really strong from a character standpoint. Then the first act abruptly ends I won't spoil how , and the film shifts tone, as Bill's investigation into a series of strange murders becomes personal.

And from then on, the film becomes viscerally terrifying and startling. Much of the horror plays out in your own head; we see the means of murder or the wind-up to murders more often than we actually see a corpse, and the effect is often shockingly intense.

When this film's demon really reveals its potential in the final act, things start to happen that for me are far scarier than poor Regan spiderwalking down the stairs. Go in with an open mind, don't expect a remake of the first film, and strap in for an unexpectedly tense horror thriller.

See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Exorcist III is another of those movies steeped in controversy, and severely underrated as a result. However, having seen both the theatrical release and the Director's Cut on the 2nd disc in this collection , I'm afraid I can see where the studio was coming from when they decided to meddle with Blatty's vision. Both releases are something of a mess with some incredibly abrupt editing that had me reaching for the rewind button on several occasions, thinking perhaps I'd temporarily passed out and missed something important.

Some of the filming is metaphorical, which is fine, except there's an awful lot that's literal too, and nothing in between, so you sometimes don't realise which mode the director's in, until some way into a particular scene. It's almost like the whole film is struggling with its identity But, there are some truly unforgettable scenes, and some incredible dialogue scenes with Brad Dourif and George C Scott that are very reminiscent of the ideas in the original Exorcist.

In particular, I loved the way the demon pretends to offer proof of its existence to Kinderman, but then deliberately makes sure there's plenty of room for doubt Having watched both films back to back, I'd say I can sympathise fully with the studio, and the additional scenes they added. The major ones are the use of Jason Miller, intercut with Brad Dourif.

The latter is not at all subtle, and I can sympathise with those who feel it's B-Movie schlock that jars with the rest of the film I think there are also one or two scenes in the theatrical version that are very much the studio sign-posting for a supposed dim-witted audience but, irritating those these can be, they pale into insignificance compared to modern Hollywood films.

I should also warn you that the "new" scenes in the Director's Cut are of sub-VHS quality with no post-production whatsoever. It renders the final scene's gunshots more comical than dramatic, as it sounds like a child's cap gun. This version of the film is nothing more than a curiosity - a glimpse of what might have been. It doesn't really work as a movie in its own right, and I would therefore recommend you watch the theatrical release first.

Final verdict: Buy this for the best quality release of the theatrical version, with an additional version that plays more like bonus material for the curious. If you've seen the film you will know why I put two L's in wonderfull The French ESC version had a nice box, both cuts of the film and some exclusive extras.

The extras were in French so not much good to me! The Scream! Factory version had some fantastic extras, both cuts and a slightly better picture but was Region A locked and when my multi-region player died I was lost! Thank Legion for Arrow Video!

All the extras from Shout! Would have liked a Steelbook but maybe later! The mix of religion and innocence being totally destroyed and the amazing build up of tension throughout really makes for a terrifying film. Even in the lesser theatrical cut. The real gem here is always going to be the Legion cut because of how drastically different it is from the theatrical cut.

For full disclosure, as they say, the Legion cut is made up of the best available elements so the quality and aspect ratio do change in some new scenes but for purists, it's essential. The Arrow Video release has 2 discs and contains many extras Disc 1; The Theatrical Cut. New Audio Commentary. Audio interview with director William Peter Blatty. A 5 part documentary. Vintage interviews with cast and crew.

More interviews. Deleted scenes, outtakes and bloopers. Image galleries. Trailers and TV spots. Disc 2; The "Legion" Director's Cut. Presented in p. Deleted prologue with commentary from Mark Kermode and Kim Newman. It may not look like much written down like this but for a fan it's a great package. Both cuts are presented in 2. Images in this review. The Person who's Name was Changed Later.

Let's get down to it right away - this is the third part of the Excorcist trilogy - except it's not because everybody hates The Heretic - except Excorcist 2 is still part of the trilogy as it features the backstory of Merrin plus the further crazy adventures of Regan - except Legion ignores all of that and is now a direct sequel to the overated and overblown original - which Legion itself manages to contradict The Excorcist is not the masterpiece everyone bleats on about and certainly NOT the greatest movie ever made Mark Kermode.

Excorcist 2 is not the turkey that everybody on the Making of Legion Doc likes to trash - that means you Brad Douriff and you've got some nerve slagging off any other film the amount of turd's you've appeared in over the course of your own career! John Boorman found the idea of the torture of a little girl morally repulsive and not his idea of a great movie and therefore wanted to do something completely different for the sequel.

Just because you can do something Brad , that doesn't mean you have to do it in every single performance just to show off , does it! Douriff's laughable ham is put to shame by the far more chilling underplayed performance of Jason Miller. As for poor Ed Flanders - another wonderful example of how to underplay a role Brad - one wonders why Blatty would make his friend wear one of the worst wigs in cinema history!!!

It looks like a brillo pad for goodness sake!!! The Director's cut itself put together by Excorcist disciple and worshipper Mark Kermode - a man who if he ever stopped for breath may one day realise that he has nothing of worth to say on any subject - and in it's tv mode format and blury video tape quality is one-to-watch for Legion completists only. Concerning the Excorcist - people were clearly easily shocked back in 73 - and that's the only reason it got such rave reviews.

I remember going to see it when it was finally re-released in it's pristine never-seen-before version - and the audience laughed throughout the whole thing! Excorcist 2 isn't as awful as everybody says - the usual example of John Boorman having a vision for something he didn't know how to realise.

If you bother to read the Making of Book of the film which you can pick up 2nd hand for about 90p, or read Boorman's own Biography, you can see what he was going for - which was a more universal conflict than just one between a Catholic God and devil! It might've helped Boorman if he'd gotten his original choice of leading man Jon Voight - a person of genuine faith in real life who truly would've understood the struggles of Boorman's main character, The Heretic of the title.

Excorcist 3 or Legion is just yet another Bill Blatty waffle about why bad thing's happen to baby's and puppies with lame wise-cracks - something he'd already covered fully in the far superior Ninth Configuration - that's ruined by a show-off performance by a no-range one-note ham, a so-called big shock in the middle that's a complete rip off of John Carpenter's style of film making, plus a lame ending of either one man shooting another man who he claimed was his best friend and who he loved - yet back in the original Excorcist they barely knew each other - or an over-the-top sfx-fest of laughable proportions!

If it's the original trilogy then, the lame prequels or the worthless tv series - The Excorcist was never a good idea in the first place and this latest release - which is just yet another attempt to flog an already dead horse even further to death - only goes to prove just that!!!

The only true sequel to the original classic sees William Peter Blatty this time in the director's chair. Unfortunately his one vision take on his own story, apparently with very little compromise on set, resulted in a movie that left studio bosses scratching their heads and then attacking the finished product first with scissors and then re-shoots. Scary, some great set pieces and that eerie quality throughout that makes everything look a little wrong and slightly worrying.

Scott is on top form as Lt. Kinderman Lee J. Jason Miller returns to 'share' the character with Dourif, and is listed in the credits just as Patient X. There are some stand-out moments, notably the Heaven sequence, the attack on Kinderman's daughter and THAT chilling hospital scene which must rank as an all time screamer. The vision and execution of these scenes are things we haven't really seen before. So far, so good, but the film has nowhere to go.

The 'killer' is already incarcerated in a cell with manacles and a straitjacket, so there's not a lot left to do except dispatch him This is the film's main problem. What may read well on the page doesn't necessarily transfer to the screen in a satisfactory manner. Blatty's objective was to turn the book into film, allowing nothing to get in the way. Once studio execs saw the finished product, unease set in and we then get the addition of a pointless exorcism conducted by Nicol Williamson as Father Morning, whose presence is totally unnecessary.

His sudden appearance in the hospital corridor wearing full cassock and bible in hand is a rather far fetched addition. It's here that the film goes downhill and resembles a cheap effects laden horror movie. Even after this episode, the climax between Kinderman and the Demon falls rather flat, and the whole thing ends very abruptly leaving the audience wondering just what might have been.

On the climactic exorcism scene, Blatty later said: "It's all right, but it's utterly unnecessary and it changes the character of the piece". There was no exorcism. But it was a Mexican stand-off between me and the studio. I was entitled to one preview, then they could go and do what they wanted with the picture. They gave me a preview but it was the lowest end preview audience I have ever seen in my life. They dragged in zombies from Haiti to watch this film. It was unbelievable. But I decided, better I should do it than anyone else.

I foolishly thought: I can do a good exorcism, I'll turn this pig's ear into a silk purse. So I did it. Working on the film, Brad Dourif recalled: "We all felt really bad about it. But Blatty tried to do his best under very difficult circumstances. And I remember George C.

Scott saying that the folks would only be satisfied if Madonna came out and sang a song at the end! As it stands now, it's a mediocre film. There are parts that have no right to be there". The execution-style ending that Blatty pitched to the studio - which was in the shooting script and actually filmed - differs radically from the ending of both the novel and the first screenplay adaption developed from the novel.

As his motive for the killing was always to shame his father, the Gemini's purpose for remaining on Earth no longer exists and he kills Karras in order to leave his host body. In Blatty's original screenplay adaptation, the ending is similar to the novel except that the Gemini's death is not self-induced but forced supernaturally and suddenly by the death of his father.

In both novel and early screenplay, the Gemini's motives for his murders are also given further context via a long series of flashbacks that portray his and his brother's childhood and their relationship with their father. Unlike its predecessors, it was distributed by 20th Century Fox instead of Warner Bros. Blair claimed that Exorcist III was rush-released ahead of Repossessed , hijacking the latter's publicity and forcing the comedy to be released a month later than was originally intended.

The critical consensus reads: " The Exorcist III is a talky, literary sequel with some scary moments that rival anything from the original". British film critic Mark Kermode called it "a restrained, haunting chiller which stimulates the adrenaline and intellect alike", [15] and New York Times reviewer Vincent Canby said " The Exorcist III is a better and funnier intentionally movie than either of its predecessors".

Critic Brian McKay of efilmcritic. People writer Ralph Novak began his review with, "as a movie writer-director, William Peter Blatty is like David Lynch 's good twin: he is eccentric, original, funny and daring, but he also has a sense of taste, pace, and restraint - which is by way of saying that this is one of the shrewdest, wittiest, most intense and most satisfying horror movies ever made".

It can seem as if nothing is going on in them except dim murmurings about the original movie — murmurings that mostly remind you of what isn't being delivered". He additionally labeled The Exorcist III "an ash-gray disaster [that] has the feel of a nightmare catechism lesson, or a horror movie made by a depressed monk". In the British magazine Empire , film critic Kim Newman claimed that "the major fault in Exorcist III is the house-of-cards plot that is constantly collapsing".

Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times called The Exorcist III "a handsome, classy art film" that "doesn't completely work but offers much more than countless, less ambitious films". During development and production, the film went under various titles, including The Exorcist: Morgan Creek and Fox insisted on including the word Exorcist in the title, which producer Carter DeHaven and Blatty protested against:.

I begged them when they were considering titles not to name it Exorcist anything -- because Exorcist II was a disaster beyond imagination. You can't call it Exorcist III , because people will shun the box office. But they went and named it Exorcist III.

Then they called me after the third week when we were beginning to fade at the box office and they said 'We'll tell you the reason: it's gonna hurt, you're not gonna like this — the reason is Exorcist II'. I couldn't believe it! They had total amnesia about my warnings! George C. Despite his misgivings about the studio-imposed reshoots, Blatty remarked on his pride in the finished version of Exorcist III : "It's still a superior film.

And in my opinion, and excuse me if I utter heresy here, but for me… it's a more frightening film than The Exorcist ". In , Blatty's wife reported on a fan site that "my husband tells me that it is Morgan Creek's claim that they have lost all the footage, including an alternative opening scene, in which Kinderman views the body of Karras in the morgue, right after his fall down the steps".

However, film critic Mark Kermode has stated that the search for the missing footage is "ongoing". Some pictures lobby cards, stills show a few deleted scenes from Blatty's original cut of the film:. In March , a fan edit called " Legion " appeared on the Internet, credited to a fan using the pseudonym Spicediver, which removed all exorcism elements and recreated the main story arc of the director's cut without the use of any lost footage. In , cast member Dourif agreed to present a screening of the fan edit at the Mad Monster Party horror convention held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March In December , Morgan Creek began hinting via its Twitter feed that the Director's Cut was discovered and would eventually be released.

Blatty later wrote on his website: "[Morgan Creek] are planning a new Blu Ray of 'my cut'". On October 25, , Scream Factory released a two-disc Collector's Edition of the film, including the supposedly lost footage. The answer is yes—but with some caveats.

We are working on putting together a version that will be close to Blatty's original script using a mixture of various film and videotape sources that we have been provided with". In speaking to the process of creating the Legion Director's cut, Blu-ray producer Cliff MacMillan explains further as to the journey to get there and the outcome: "We conducted an exhaustive search through a pallet of film assets from the original shoot to re-create William Peter Blatty's intended vision.

Unfortunately, that footage has been lost to time. To that end, we turned to VHS tapes of the film's dailies to assemble the director's cut. However, even some of that footage was incomplete, so scenes from the theatrical re-shoot were used to fill in the gaps. This director's cut is a composite of varying footage quality from the best available sources". The film became a focal point of the trial of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Detectives testified that Dahmer claimed to identify with the Gemini Killer and would play the film for some of his victims before killing them.

Dahmer's final attempted victim, Tracy Edwards, testified that Dahmer would rock back and forth while chanting at various times and that he especially enjoyed a sequence with a possessed Karras. Dahmer went so far as to purchase yellow contact lenses to more resemble Miller, as well as to emulate another film character he admired, Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Carter DeHaven James G. Morgan Creek Productions. Release date. August 17, Running time. British Board of Film Classification. October 10, Retrieved January 7, Box Office". February 15, Archived from the original on September 28, Retrieved April 7, December 2, At the movies with Jeffrey Dahmer.

Retrieved April 28, The Orlando Sentinel. Orlando, Florida: Tronc. Retrieved October 17, It also came out that Rolling saw the movie Exorcist III in Gainesville possibly hours before the violent spree started and may have gotten ideas for his murderous rampage from the horror flick.

The Ninth Configuration. July 10, Retrieved April 30, Retrieved September 10, Accessed October 22, Time Out London. New York Times. New York City.

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It offers a different viewing experience, much as a song remix offers a different listening experience.

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Return to the safety of your office at the end of every chapter to assess your performance and progress to the subsequent chapter. Interested in playing each disturbing episode one at a time? See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Recent Reviews:. Review Type. All Positive 97 Negative All Steam Purchasers Other All Languages Your Languages Customize. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar.

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Seemingly impossible at the outset, Spicediver has managed to exorcise the exorcism cute, right? The edit changes the entire tone of the ending substituting spectacle for remorseless finality. In doing so, it creates an entirely new dimension of horror altogether - the tragic fate of Father Karras. This is an excellent edit, not only in being a taut horror film, but also as an example in demonstrating that sometimes insurmountable problems can be fixed in the right editor's hands.

There's no pixilation or noticeable blocking in the blacks, which is a prominent color in the film. Though, I do wish the edit was available in HD. Video: Seamless editing here. Nothing feels oddly inserted or missing. Audio: Excellent. There are no pops, dialog chopping or noticeable transitions in the soundtrack. Narrative: An improvement upon the original by bringing elements of the original to the front that were present but not prominent. Enjoyment: When it comes to horror films, if you enjoy tension more than bloodshed, and pondering over spectacle, this edit is for you.

B beezo Top Reviewer 12 reviews. Report this review Comments 1 Was this review helpful? September 10, Updated: September 10, Exorcist 3 was a mildly interesting failure--the book Legion and the film adaptation shared the same weakness--mainly that they are way too talky. Anything in Exorcist 3 that a horror fan would actually want to see happens off-screen. If you want to see a movie in which a series of murders is described to you through dialogue then Exorcist 3 is definitely for you.

William Peter Blatty actually came up with a pretty cool story--basically there are a series of grisly or so we are told murders and the trail eventually leads to the psych ward of a hospital which has a patient in solitary who is the splitting image of deceased Father Karras from The Exorcist.

He also was admitted to the hospital around the same time that Karras. The mental patient knows details about the murders that only the killer could know but he's kept under strict lock-down, so how can he be the murderer?

While the hospital patient is supposed to be the spitting image of Father Karras Jason Miller anytime there's dialogue he's played instead by Brad Dourif, which might seem odd but it turns out to be the best choice William Peter Blatty made. In Dourif's mouth the talky dialogue actually comes alive and the scenes become electrifying. The rest of the time the movie is generally a bit dull and way too restrained. It's a shame William Friedkin didn't direct this--restraint was never part of his cinematic vocabulary--it's likely he would have hit this one out of the park.

I haven't seen the theatrical version since it played in theaters so I can't really compare it to the fan edit. I can say that Legion was much more entertaining than I remembered Exorcist 3 being but the new ending is pretty abrupt and unsatisfying--it's very possible that this ending is an improvement but I don't even remember the original ending so I definitely couldn't say.

I would recommend this fan edit of Exorcist 3 but viewers shouldn't expect a lost classic because the original movie really wasn't very good. User Review Do you recommend this edit? J jhs39 Top Reviewer 4 reviews. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful? My favorite fan edits usually take a pretty good movie and make it even more enjoyable and I think spicediver has done just that with this edit.

I think it's a very good looking movie with some terrific performances. The film only has a couple of really big scares, but I think the atmosphere and buildup to those moments makes them all the more effective. The original Alien does a similar slow buildup to create tension. Spicediver has made a few simple, but effective changes to the film, that I think work very well.

The ending does feel a little rushed, but I know that he only had so much source material to work with. H hanshotfirst 1 reviews. October 23, Fantastic edit of one of my favorite films. The extended flashback to the first film at the beginning works a lot better than the quicker version in the original edit, and the new ending is just awesome. I never outright hated the original "flashy exorcism" ending, but it was always something that seemed so utterly pointless, especially considering the rather low-key film that preceded it.

Obviously due to the limited material at hand the new ending doesn't quite deliver the emotional end the film is building towards, but it's much more in line with the rest of the film than the studio-imposed ending. R roswell Top Reviewer 2 reviews. October 20, This was a fantastic fanedit! I hadn't seen Exorcist III until last week and I rather enjoyed it but this version is infinitely better.

Without a doubt this is replaces Exorcist III for me.

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