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'80s Country Essentials () скачать музыкальный сборник через torrent клиент без регистрации и совершенно Mac Davis - Hooked On torentinolai.website3 ( Mb). Download Real House and Electronic Music in AIFF, WAV and MP3 format.

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hooked on music mac davis mp3 torrent

At the last minute, I decided against recording the song for the album, This is actually my biggest problem with all those mp3-download services. '80s Country Essentials () скачать музыкальный сборник через torrent клиент без регистрации и совершенно Mac Davis - Hooked On torentinolai.website3 ( Mb). The size of the albums is Gb, the list of song names for the albums is compiled below. All songs in high quality, in MP3 format ( kbps). Download a. CREER FICHIER MP3 ITUNES TORRENT Please refer could exploit static address plus great through requests to the. Is it Androidsecurity app, to upload ones to be the meal that. Unable to create preventive this software is clean value when SE was.

Alabama - Roll On Eighteen Wheeler. Dolly Parton - 9 to 5. Randy Travis - On the Other Hand. Clint Black - A Better Man. Shenandoah - Two Dozen Roses. Lacy J. Dalton - Takin' It Easy. Eddie Rabbitt - Step By Step. Willie Nelson - City of New Orleans. Carlene Carter - Baby Ride Easy.

Merle Haggard - My Favorite Memory. Lionel Richie - Deep River Woman. Gary Stewart - Brand New Whiskey. Steve Earle - Someday. Mickey Gilley - Stand by Me. Don McLean - Crying. Janie Fricke - She's Single Again. Merle Haggard - Rainbow Stew. Alabama - Dixieland Delight. Mac Davis - Hooked On Music. Ricky Skaggs - Highway 40 Blues. I started out trying to write in the style of a particular group, but I got it so wrong that I just gave up and did it my own way instead. In the past, I never put the artists that I style-parodied in the Special Thanks section on my album, mostly because I wanted to see if fans could figure out what I was doing without being given any obvious hints.

I was very flattered, of course. Kevin of Lexington, Ohio asks: I thought I had heard a rumor about the upcoming album being your last one. Is there any truth to this? Absolutely not. My upcoming album is my next one. Tracy A. Everyone wants to know. Come on, spill your guts! Oh, okay. The only reason it went out of print is… are you ready for this? A few years ago, when all the assets of Scotti Bros. Was that a performance that was shown on a local cable show, or was it at a local entertainment club where they shoot all of their performances?

And also, was the song for the performance pre-recorded, and then synched in to match your lips and accordion playing? Tim Sloane of Ijamsville, MD asks: Al, which of these purchasing methods should I use in order to make sure the most profit gets to you: Buying one of your albums on CD, or buying one of your albums on iTunes?

I am extremely grateful for your support, no matter which format you choose to legally obtain my music in, so you should do whatever makes the most sense for you personally. This is the one thing about my renegotiated record contract that never made much sense to me. It costs the label NOTHING for somebody to download an album no manufacturing costs, shipping, or really any overhead of any kind and yet the artist me winds up making less from it.

Go figure. Does this mean that all is forgiven? Well, it appears that 10 years after the initial brouhaha, Coolio has decided to let bygones be bygones. The cameras started going off like crazy. I had a great time. Nothing like flying to Wells, Maine for a day! Of course, prime-time network TV reality shows being what they are, they only used a very small portion of what they shot.

In fact, the song that I wrote for the show was cut down considerably. Here are the full lyrics:. How do you like your new polka room, Amandaaaaa?! Some bits I wind up using as is, some bits I tweak a little, and some bits I re-write completely. For the question and answer stuff, sometimes I get the questions in advance, sometimes not — but the answers always come from me. Rachel C. Is that really you on myspace.

I am not on myspace. Every now and then I hear about someone on the Internet claiming to be me — and yet, sadly, they are not. Nathan Brody of Hamilton Square, New Jersey asks: When you sing songs, do you do the background vocals or the lead vocals first? I almost always record the lead vocals first. It was such a last minute addition to the album that I had no choice but to record all the instrument tracks and background vocals first, just to buy me some time to come up with the lyrics.

Garrett Fritzler of Denver, Colorado asks: First I want to say that I think the music you do is great, and even though I like the songs you make fun of, I love your versions even more. But my question is, do you write all the stuff on this website? I know you write the feedbacks to the questions, but what about everything else? Pretty much everything else on the site is either written by him or me.

I went to see Ben when he was in concert here in Los Angeles, and afterwards we were hanging out in his dressing room. It was kind of surreal — my first appearance on the Tonight Show in 20 years, and there I was being a professional tambourine player! Well, needless to say, I had a blast, and I think the performance came off very well. These episodes were all Harry Potter parodies, and my character was a take-off on the sorting hat at the Hogwarts School.

Hannanh of St. Louis, MO asks: Why do you write dirty songs? You disgust me! They are NOT by me. All of my material is really pretty family friendly. YOU disgust ME!! Ah, the delicious irony of it all…. What is the model that you play in concert? Occasionally in concert I play a red Hohner midi accordion. Kristine Slipson of Mission Viejo, CA asks: I heard that you were attacked my an angry mob of moths… what exactly happened? I was kind of surprised when the AP wire picked this up and it became a worldwide news story.

Gee, maybe I should get attacked by bugs more often! What happened was, we were doing a concert at a state fair in DuQuoin, Ilinois when we basically found ourselves playing in the middle of a swarm of bugs. When I rolled around on the floor at the end of the show, I found myself rolling over hundreds of mayflies. I was a little confused and disoriented when I found out that it was actually honoring Elvis Presley and not Elvis Costello, as I had hoped … but I had a great time anyway. I got to record my voice tracks along with Gary Owens, Tom Kenny and everybody else, though… and had a blast!

Don Knotts apparently came in a couple weeks later to do his part. Will it be available in the future? The bad news is, yes, that particular item has in fact gone out of print and will most likely remain in that condition for the rest of eternity. The North American release will most likely be sometime in November. But when an interviewer asks me a direct question, I feel somewhat obligated to either give them a direct answer, or make a joke, or perhaps a little combination of both.

Greg Method of Cleveland, OH asks: I know you usually hate to change a song for a network broadcast performance. Well, from what I understand, an artist or band becomes eligible 25 years after the release of their first record.

Mark Souder of St. Is that show still on the air? Believe it or not, the producers of that show did call me at one point — they wanted me to fight Chyna the woman from the World Wrestling Federation. I think Joey Buttafuoco finally wound up fighting her. Those were dancers hired specifically for the occasion. A choreographer worked with them to develop a dance routine to perform while they lip-synched the background vocals.

They did a phenomenal job, and we all had a great time. I did think that whoever was doing my voice did a pretty impressive imitation, though! Jake L. Originally I was only intended to be in the body of the show, but the recording session went so well, the writers thought it would be a great idea for me to sing an extended version of the parody over the closing credits and of course, I did too!

So they came up with some additional lyrics and I went back to the Fox lot several weeks later to record that as well. Christopher P. For the last decade the Grammys have chosen to limit their nominees in the Comedy category to spoken word performances ie: stand-up comedians , thereby effectively eliminating any chance of my getting nominated, going to the ceremonies and eating free food. But recently they have overturned their decision, and now the Comedy category will once again include both spoken-word and musical comedy… so cross your fingers for Poodle Hat next year!

Was that a real one, or was it a synthesizer? Normally we probably would have used a synthesizer, but it just so happened that there was an actual B3 organ lying around the Mad Dog Recording Studio, so we were able to get the actual authentic vintage sound. It totally sounds like Midnite Vultures -era Beck to me, but I was just wondering. The Prince-like title throws a lot of people, but that song is actually intended to sound like me trying to sound like Beck trying to sound like Prince.

The very pregnant woman with the sunglasses is my wife Suzanne. The guy in the surgical scrubs is my friend Joel Miller. Tracy Berna, one of the writers for the Weird Al Show, is the waitress with the beehive hair-do. Why was your current Al-TV special only an hour long? Is that all VH-1 was willing to give you?

You nailed it!! Thanks for doing it for ME! Looking forward to another 5 concerts this summer! I was bashing the French before it was trendy. I thought it would be a good choice to use him as the authoritative voice on the UHF trailer. Number nine…. Which two were they? Actually I only skipped one grade I was pulled out of second grade and placed in third , but I also started kindergarten a year early.

What do u think about Napster? I just want to know if you approve. I have very mixed feelings about it. No, no, no, and no. This is actually my biggest problem with all those mp3-download services. A large number of the songs which are attributed to me are NOT by me at all. Why is that? Love ya! So old stock footage was used to replace those movie clips. Years later we finally managed to secure the rights to use the clips, and we were able to release the original version of the video with the movie scenes intact.

Are you all better now? Luckily it missed my cornea and I healed quickly. Jonathan D. And do you have any stake in ownership? That was the great Gedde Wattanabe, playing the part of Kuni the karate instructor. Who was that person? All other instrumental overdubs come next, and the vocals usually go on last.

I just gotta know: when you record songs for an ALbum, do you already have the lyrics memorized or do you sing them while looking at the lyrics sheet? I usually use a lyric sheet when I sing in the studio, both to help me remember the words and also to allow me to make notes and changes as I go along.

Those were, in fact, two band members. Crazy Chris of Florence, SC asks: My wife is hearing impaired and none of your music video tapes are closed-captioned. I want her to appreciate the lyrics also. Can you help me out? I know it starts on the second beat of 4. Can you settle this family feud???

It starts on the second beat. Feel superior now?? I found it quite funny. Are you flat-footed? Did ya catch the Judy Tenuta t-shirt? Thank you. I talked to Judy about it — she had no idea that Chris Guest was going to wear a T-shirt with her picture on it in the movie. I had Jim record a scratch guitar track first, and I sang all my vocals against it. Then when we were mixing, we just took the guitar out. Adela of Chandrapore, Indiana asks: Hi Al! Were you really there?

Yes, I got to go to the Oscars for the very first time this year. My friend Spike from the Spike and Mike Animation Festival — three of his animated shorts were nominated had a couple extra tickets, and he was nice enough to invite me. You may have seen me — I was the guy in the tuxedo WAY up in the second balcony. Since I also competed in speech tournaments in high school, I would like to know what was the highest placement you achieved and how many forensics points did you rack up?

One year I made it to the State finals with my Expository speech about all the garbage they put in hot dogs and this was years before I turned vegetarian! Scotti Brothers had the same policy. Sherri Miller of Thornville, OH asks: What do you do when women throw undergarments at you while you are performing on stage?

In UHF, was U62 a set or is it an actual building somewhere? The exterior was actually the building at the bottom of a radio transmitter tower somewhere in Tulsa, but the interior shots were done on a soundstage in an abandoned Tulsa shopping mall. I think the track is absolutely fabulous, especially the spoon-intermission. What were your grades as a kid? I like to tighten up my parody arrangements as much as possible without making the songs sound unnatural.

I try to shorten or eliminate instrumental breaks, cut down the repetitive choruses, and also speed everything up just a hair. Matt L. Does Jim smoke? Since I was on the road for most of the time that the live video was being edited, tapes and mixes had to be Fed-Exed to me at various hotels — and then I sent back my notes for changes.

Demento Show, and was just wondering why it never got into one of your LPs. Never got the rights? Decided it was a bit harsh? Just curious. I wrote that in , but even by when my first album came out it felt a bit dated. We called them records. Was this a reference to the Talking Heads album with a similar title? Where does it belong? The folks that mastered the DVD messed up the chapter stops.

What were the lines? The changes were pretty minor. And I think I slightly changed the very beginning of the last verse for some reason. But overall, I was very, very pleased with how closely those Internet rumors corresponded with the storyline of the finished film. So… Eddie Vedder is the lead singer of a little band called Pearl Jam.

No — Jerry Springer is considered a public figure, so I have just as much right to do a song about him as I do to write a song about President Clinton or, uh… Eddie Vedder…. What do you do with your time off? You were this weird green alien-thingy wearing a suit and your head looked like a giant cabbage… in fact, I think that may have been your name….

Did you hurt yourself? Actually, I did hurt my neck that day, and had to see a chiropractor in Houston. Hillary Tutor of Great Falls, Montana asks: I was wondering why you wear a clown suit in the beginning of the Bedrock song.

The harlequin suit that I wear at the beginning of that song is similar to the one that used to be worn on stage by Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis. Chris Charles of Searcy, AR asks: If I gave you my mailing address, would you send me an accordion autographed by you and all of the band members? Big bowl of sauerkraut!! Every single morning!! It was driving me crazy! Wocka wocka doo doo yeah. So I crawled from the twisted, burning wreckage… I crawled on my hands and knees for three full days… dragging along my big leather suitcase and my garment bag and my tenor saxophone and my twelve-pound bowling ball and my lucky, lucky autographed glow-in-the-dark snorkel.

But finally I arrived at the world-famous Albuquerque Holiday Inn where the towels are oh-so-fluffy … and you can eat your soup right out of the ashtrays if you wanna. Well, now who could that be? Yes indeed, you better believe it. And somehow in the middle of it all the phone got knocked off the hook and twenty seconds later, I heard a familiar voice, and you know what it said? Well, to cut a long story short, he got away with my snorkel.

But I made a solemn vow right then and there that I would not rest… I would not sleep for an instant… until the one-nostriled man was brought to justice. But first I decided to buy some donuts. Arr arrrr arrrrh. Oh man, they were just going nuts. They were tearing me apart! You know, I think it was just about that time that a little ditty started going through my head.

Arrrrrrrrgh… Arggggggghh!!! Her name was Zelda. She was a calligraphy enthusiast with a slight overbite and hair the color of strained peaches. We were inseparable after that. Aw, we ate together, we bathed together, we even shared the same piece of mint-flavored dental floss. Aw, the world was our burrito. So we got married and we bought us a house and had two beautiful children, Nathaniel and Superfly.

Oh, we were so very, very, very happy. Oh yeah. Hold on now, baby! Anyway, things really started looking up for me, because about a week later I finally achieved my life-long dream. I even made Employee of the Month after I put out that grease fire with my face. Oh yeah, everybody was pretty jealous of me after that.

You want me to help you with that? And then he gets all indignant on me! How was I supposed to know that? Say, that reminds me of another amusing anecdote. Well, I knew what he meant, but just to be funny I took a big bite out of his jugular vein. Come on! Anyway, I uh… Um… where was I? I said, A! Al…… buquerque! Do you personally select each one to assure maximum wackiness?

I personally screened a mind-numbing amount of footage in order to select just the right bits to use in my educational films. Good question. I believe New Orleans is the largest U. Renee Weber of Lancaster, Calif. I owe you an apology! How much of an annoyance is it to have audience members use flash photography during your concerts? So sorry! However, most theatres seem to have a strict policy against it.

Bob of Simi Valley, Calif. What dorm did you live in? The commercials showed active, happy people drinking coffee while E. It sounds close to the same. He sued Ray Parker Jr. Is there a story behind it? That confused me a lot too when I first saw it. Who or what was on that picture? That was Dr.

Demento, making one of his famous cameo appearances. If memory serves, I believe the good Doctor was getting married the day we were shooting that scene! Jerry of Haymarket, VA asks: Al, my accordion teacher says that a bass accordion is enough — what would you recommend?

Real men only play -bass accordions! I was just wondering, did you go to your senior prom? Did you really inhale smoke when you were shooting the video? Harvey was, in fact, feeling a little under the weather that day, so his pal Bob the guinea pig was nice enough to fill in for him at the last minute.

So let us in on the secret. And then as soon as the director yelled cut, the team of highly skilled micro-surgeons that we had standing by quickly attached it back on. Luckily, we only needed to do a couple takes. Do any of the other guys ever harmonize with you? If so, how many?

Actually, on the albums I sing virtually all the harmonies myself. Why not Kim? Frump breathing? Thanks a lot. Ludwig Von Ruiner of Ruination asks: If and when you have children, will they also be weird? For instance, would you name your son Weird Walter or your daughter Weird Wendy? I mean, who in their right mind would name their kid Walter?

By the way, they had asked me to perform a song on the show, but only if I could cut it down to under three minutes. Do you have some other air intake, or way to keep fresh air in your room? I have to stay out of air conditioning and smoky rooms if I want to avoid losing my voice on the road. If my room ever gets stuffy, I can always open a window and let in some fresh air.

Does the money come out of your own pocket, do you have a separate production company set up just for music videos, or is there some other way? The record company pays for all expenses up front, but half of it is reimbursable through my royalties, so in essence, I pay for half the cost of my videos.

There is a production company that deals with each video, and they are paid a separate fee which is part of the video budget. I even get to pay myself to direct, although half of my paycheck is in essence coming from my back pocket.

What should I do? Well, obviously, you were adopted. The album release version was done in the studio and features the whole band. Why is this? I threw the basketball up into a net which was just out of frame, and a crew guy hanging from the rafters dropped another basketball straight down into the hoop.

Are you a fan of the show? The show is syndicated across about half the country and a lot of people heard you. My record company was concerned about my being on the show because apparently he has a history of ripping people apart on the air — but Mancow was great to me. Get it? Thanx, love your show! It sounded so much like the real thing that I was actually wincing! I wanted to make the Ultimate Dentist Song, so I decided to do it as authentically as possible.

I got my real dentist Dr. Schuster to come into the recording studio. He brought his actual dental drill with him as well as a real human tooth — and then he proceeded to wail away on it while the tape rolled. I even took a turn with the drill and the tooth myself. It was pretty sick. Polka Man of who knows where asks: Hey, Al! Did you get to write a lot of it, or were there other people who wrote it? So when does Mary Kay Bergman sing in it?

Originally I had Mary Kay come in to sing the whole song. I imagine she finally got tired of me making fun of her all these years. I LOVE you!! Hide in your house and watch all the fun on TV? California submitted a question.

He was really nice, and said he was a fan. I refrained from telling him that I write my own material, thank you! Is it computer generated or filmed on location at some desert? That scene was really shot in the desert. I still thought it was preferable to having a pan of the desert that was just way too slow. I know these are the same songs, but what is the difference between the 2?

Just the title. We let MuchMusic put their name on the album as part of a promotional deal we had with them at the time. Who acted out the guy that was reading the magazine and clipping his toenails? And there will most likely be a few other subtle little changes here and there, but for the most part, it will be the same show. Could it? Are you a big fan like myself, or did you come to know the band in some other way?

We started talking about how I wanted to branch out into directing videos for other artists, and then Russell mentioned that Jon Spencer was looking for a director for their next video… and things just kind of progressed from there. I had been familiar with some of their music, but after working with them and seeing them play live, I became a real fan. Are those my only two choices? I even met him once very briefly in — he came backstage after one of Dr.

And the musical intro is there mainly to help me sing the beginning of the song in the right key and at the right tempo. At one point we were considering doing a video for that song, and we inquired if Jerry would be in it. We sent him a rough mix of the song while we were still in the studio finishing up the album. Oh well. Do you just ask someone else? Skip the song? Just wondering. It was a matter of practicality and budget. They really made it sound like after that you were ready to dive headlong into a stump grinder.

So exactly how big of an exaggeration is this? I know that box-office-wise it was limping, but I also know that show loves dirt…. Physical Education, no doubt. Or, is everything so well rehearsed that you can keep a straight face? I just try not to look at him anymore. They met while they were both working at a place called Firestone Tire and Rubber. Alfred introduced them, and luckily for me, they hit it off. However, the fairs provide the interpreters, not us.

A lot of my originals are intentionally derivative of other groups although not enough to infringe on their copyright! How in the world did you pull that off when you dressed up like that for your concert? PS: Rock on, Al! So, why do you wear glasses with the Fat costume at your concerts? The glasses help to hold up the Fat mask, so I need to keep wearing them for that song.

The lenses were changed to clear plastic. Will you ever make a live album? Live album! Lisa Shock of Sunny Phoenix, Arizona asks: How did your family react to your decision to become a vegetarian? She always makes a nice vegetarian meal for me when I come to visit. What was it like working with them?

I liked the Monkees very much — it was a fun tour. There was even a separate tour bus for each Monkee! Your theme song is awesome. I noticed that the lyrics in the ending credits are a little modified to fit the end of the movie. I also know that the song is on the Gump single, but is there a way for me to acquire the track with the ending credits somehow? I just thought Hawaiian silk boxers would be a nice change of pace. Plus, they feel better and take up less room in my pants. Did you throw a party for your birthday and if you did, who attended it???

And where was it? It was on stage in Ottawa, Ontario, and thousands of people showed up! It appeared that at least the crew knew about it, but did you? Loved your concert. Then when they presented me with the birthday cake from stage left , I thought that was it… not knowing that my tour manager was sneaking in from stage right with the deadly cream pie.

What is it you are saying? Those are the reflection of Kino lights, which are used for lighting close-ups in quite a number of rap videos. Of course. I should have pointed it out on the show, I guess, but I was just assuming that most people know that Harvey IS a professionally-trained stunt hamster. I always though it was Jay but my friend hears Jake. Fred Durst of L. We did that in a much different key from the original song, because Michael Jackson and I have very different vocal ranges.

How much footage is shot new and how much is culled from old educational films [the real kind? Is this because it was inspired by a real-life person, or were you just in a good mood that day? It started out as a joke, but people have just been eating it up! I know that you have to get permission when you want to write parodies of songs but, did you have to get permission from the artists Cher, Steven Tyler… for those crazy interviews??

MTV had to get permission from the artists. The song would be wicked funny if you did! It would have been funny — but the video would also have been twice as expensive, and I would have gotten half as much airplay. So I guess I opted for practicality. By the way, for the record, the original song had six verses, and mine had four. The voice sounds way too authentic! Originally in the Saturday morning show , it was Bob Scott, but he is now retired and living in Miami.

The Artful Dodger of Ft. Reina Samuels of Washington D. Okay, now I was just listening to your new CD last night, like I do every night, and I noticed something at the end of Albuquerque. Who is that laughing in the last few seconds and was it left on the CD on purpose or was it a mistake? Drew asked if I wanted to join in on the fun the last time I attended a taping of the show, and I declined.

Michael Jackson, a Jedi Knight, and a few other things…. Since Running With Scissors seems to be doing so well there a top 20 album the last time I checked! What were they made out of? The folks at Volcano are apparently having some quality control problems with these re-issues, and I apologize. That accordion belonged to my Aunt Dot I guess she played a little , and they took the picture because they thought it would be an ominous foreshadowing of my future career.

Jay and I are big fans, and Jay especially has been waiting to see his hero since he was at least Michael Lavoie of Meriden, CT asks: Al, when are you finally going to settle down and hear the pitter, patter of little feet around the house? They had a promotion where the winner got to have me come to their place of business and do a live show. As it turns out, the winner worked in a rest home. S and Canada? Ron has obviously carried on the family tradition. We performed it when we did a show in Albuquerque we pretty much had to , but then my voice was trashed for a week afterwards.

They are so funny, sweet and genuine. My question is, are there any plans to have them in any forthcoming videos or interviews? Which is a drag. What is that? Please tell us what it is and put our tortured minds to rest. When will the general public be given the opportunity to have the immense pleasure of viewing this inevitable cinematic masterpiece? How can I remedy this problem? I was sitting in the dress circle left and had my feet up. Demento Basement tapes collection.

I have a long, horrible, first-cut of the movie — no music, no sound effects. Two gags in your videos struck me as pure Keaton: 1. Thank you! Lisa of L. I usually get just a tiny bit nervous, but before the Greek I was extremely nervous because of all the people that I knew in the audience: my relatives, my friends from high school, the local media, newspaper reporters, and loads of celebrities including John Landis, Emo Philips, Doug Feiger, Corey Feldman, the guys from Hanson, Jake Lloyd, Dr.

Demento and my hero Stan Freberg. I was glad to get through that show without my brain exploding. Amy Smith of CA asks: I heard you had your vision corrected with laser surgery. It was done by Dr. Have you ever considered taping your tour live and selling it as a album or as a video? Sean Sydney of Toronto asks: Do you study your song parodies? For example, for Jerry Springer, did you watch it for a couple of weeks or something? And after watching a couple shows, I pretty much figured out the basic formula.

As a synagogue board member, I was amazed at how accurate those lyrics are. And, I used that song as a discussion topic at a recent synagogue board meeting! A good percentage of my friends are Jewish, and most of those Yiddish words are fairly common usage — in the entertainment industry, anyway.

Also, I bought several English-Yiddish dictionaries for reference. Lynda of O. There are a couple of clips of you twirling around in what looks like a dress when you were a boy. Where does this fetish for dresses stem from? I would understand if you had sisters but you are an only child. Because I am a car freak as well, do you actually own one, and if no, what cars do you own? My current car is a Z3.

It said it was in the movie UHF. Give me a break. Matthew Walker of Highland, CA asks: How come your parodies are often played faster than the original songs? I generally like to make my parodies a couple beats per minute faster than the original song, just for a little energy boost. Also, I find that the comedy usually plays better if the tempo is a little quicker.

Chadly of Elgin, IL asks: I know you must be getting tired of What-was-it-like-working-with-so-and-so questions, but I noticed that you were recently working on a song with Tavis and Dan from Reel Big Fish. I mentioned that I was writing a ska song for my new album, and they gladly accepted my invitation to lay down some tracks in the studio. I can certainly feel empathy for how George wanted to re-do his earlier works. Burger King, Spam, Oscar Meyer , do you have to get their permission or anything?

Legally, this is another gray area. Because most of the scenes in which they actually showed your face looked like they COULD have been shot in some dark room. Is he right? Is he going senile? Did you really risk your life on that sway pole? That was not trick photography, I really was hanging off a sway pole 55 feet in the air without a safety net.

What was it like interacting with a giant alien mantis? I never actually spoke with Zorak. Like they do with all their guests, they conducted an actual interview, then later chopped it all up and used a lot of the answers out of context. I guess I should know a little about that, huh? Queen Amidala of Washington D. Cholly ho! Is that something special you worked out with God, or is it a result of your new-found friendship with effects-master George Lucas?

Just a nice coincidence. The Monroe fair board actually tried to shut down our show early before the encores because they were concerned about the possibility of somebody getting hurt during the impending thunderstorm. It was truly an unexpected encore, and very gratifying for myself and the band. Please respond ASAP. Your local paper is toying with your emotions. Actually, some Texas dates had been discussed at one point, but nothing was confirmed — apparently your paper jumped the gun a bit.

What a good sport he is, huh? I talked to Don on the phone before the tour started, and he seemed to like the parody very much. Make more vinyl. There were inscriptions on most if not all of my vinyl releases. So I figured that I might as well set the same goal for myself. Big Jon L. Emily of Dayton, Ohio asks: What are the things you wear in your ears during concerts? What is their purpose? This tour, for the first time, all the band members except Steve have switched to wearing in-ear monitors.

This helps us to hear ourselves much better on stage, allowing us to sing more in tune and play more in time. It also keeps the stage volume down and eliminates the need for those bulky monitor wedges. I talked to him backstage for a few minutes, and he seemed like a decent, down-to-earth kinda guy. Actually, they play it frequently. The edit sounded horrible. Oh yeah, and dude, you rule!!! Marys, GA asks: I was just admiring the artwork on your debut album when I noticed something.

All of the songs on the album have a drawing associated with them on the cover. Am I the only one who has noticed this? No, I was using magnetic earrings the top part is metal, and the backing is a magnet. I remember the video shoot ground to a halt because one of my earrings had flown off, and it took several minutes to find it. It was in my pants.

Boy, you got me there. That is, in fact, my voice. However, I did have to sing it first thing in the morning when my voice is naturally much lower. Did she know what was going on? Bobman of Palmdale, CA asks: How do you pick your concert songs — are they the same for any given show?

In other words, if I saw you in Lancaster and then see you at the Greek Theatre, will the show be different? Our full shows for this tour are pretty much identical. However, the Lancaster show was only an hour long, and the Greek show will be the normal two hour show.

A lot of times, fairs insist that we do a shorter set so that the audience members will have more time to walk around and buy corn dogs. Were they from Lucasfilm? Every songwriter in the polka medley is paid based on the percentage of the medley where their song is heard. Or is it not you? Garrett Stanfield of Mt. McCall and his lovely songs of trucking life on the road, perhaps? McCall was definitely one of the people I listened to for inspiration.

The incredibly talented Tress MacNeille filled in quite nicely, though. I came up with both titles, and then decided that I liked Permanent Record better. In the meantime, Scotti Bros. Jason Bryans of Mason, Mi asks: Was Running With Scissors the first title that popped into your head for the new album or did you have other possible titles?

Darian Glover of Sidney, NY asks: Has touring ever conflicted with a directing offer or other project you wanted to do? Just Curious. It really was my beat-up white Toyota Corolla. I was trying to get rid of it, so I had it painted up like a giant Hawaiian shirt and gave it away on MTV. The woman that won it was less than thrilled three prizes were being offered, and she was hoping to win the David Bowie package — she was downright disgusted to find out that all she got was my stinking car.

Steve of Reno! Seems to be a logistical problem here. Do you have your own private aircraft? We use public airlines when we fly, but we much prefer to just ride the bus whenever possible. Shows are booked by the availability of the venues and the money being offered — and because of that the tour routing oftentimes gets downright stupid.

Hopefully I will meet you in Detroit this August, and I do not want to insult you — so could you please suggest a CD for me to carry with me that you would like to autograph? He was one of my best friends in college — he played juice harp on some of my early coffee house gigs, and actually was my first bass player. That was taken against a backdrop next to the track where we shot the front cover of Running With Scissors.

The actual background you see in the finished art was a photograph of a miniature which we had built; the pictures of me and my shadow were then dropped into it. Is there any truth to that? Yes, they were interested in having me write for the show, but I declined out of respect for John Kricfalusi.

Besides, John has a real problem with non-animators writing for animation. Nice folks. No no no… I was using a very special kind of Jedi tuning. Extremely difficult to master. Then the wig goes on. And the whole process only takes 3 or 4 hours! Tracy Halladay of Brigham City, Utah asks: Are you easily recognized in public or are most people clueless when they actually see you in person?

And even when they do, a lot of them are still clueless! Yes I did — and a lot of the people that came to our outdoors shows on the Bad Hair Tour got to see that balloon live and in person! Am I crazy?

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