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Top 3ds max plug-ins torrent

top 3ds max plug-ins torrent

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Check Out Fracture Script. This script does exactly what it says in the title: it takes whatever object you point it to and breaks it into as many pieces as you specify. Check Out Sweep Profiler. It is a huge timesaver as it avoids you having to painstaking draw out the cross-section of your trims every time. Check Out Merge by Layer. Layers are an important part of the workflow in 3ds Max allowing you to keep sections of your model apart and easily categorize them. If your scene is starting to run a little bit sluggish, or if you want to export it into some other software and lower the mesh count to make it easier to keep track of, you may want to start merging objects.

This merge by layer tool allows you to quickly and easily merge sections of your scene into one mesh while keeping the order that you have laid out in your layers. Check Out Rock Generator. It has several different rock types such as boulders or eroded settings. It even has a built-in feature to make a low poly version that is already UV unwrapped with baked in maps that you can then use in a game engine.

The rocks can be easily resized and deformed after generation so you can make plenty of rock types to spread about your scene. Check Out Stone Placement Tool. From the same developer who made the rock generator is this excellent tool for generating stone walls or flooring.

It has lots of parameters, like changing the walls size, the size variation between bricks and their offsets to make it look more natural. Check Out Weave Mesh. It has settings to change the density of the weave, and even the shape of the thread round for cloth or flat for a weave basket texture. Check Out Viewport Overlay Grid. This is a simple plugin that allows you to generate a grid over the viewport.

This plugin allows you to draw a uniform or non-uniform grid over the viewport in 3ds Max that you can use to place your items in relation to the camera for a final render. It can also be used to make a safe frame around your scene, or margins to help you focus the eye on your scenes centrepiece. Check Out Random Select. This is useful for making small size or position changes to floorboards or stone pavements to give them a little randomness.

Check Out Nuts And Bolts. When making metal objects or machines it can be tedious to add rivets, nuts, and bolts. It allows you to just click once to add nuts, bolts, or washers to your objects. Now you get the realism of adding them to your scene in only a fraction of the time.

UV PuppY is a very comprehensive plugin. It is a large collection of quick select buttons that are usually hidden away in multiple menus in 3ds Max. It has a quick weld option and a lot of tools related to UV unwrapping. You can quickly flatten all the UVs in your scene with this tool which saves a step when you go into your UV window to clean your UVs.

I recommend you check out the main page and have a look for yourself. You can get it for free but if you like the look of it you can make a donation to the developers. These are scripts and plugins that have features so useful and in demand that they come at a cost.

Some of these are considered industry standards to have with your 3ds Max package such as V-Ray or Corona for rendering. Check Out V-Ray. It has many powerful features that allow you to render scenes in the most realistic way possible. It can also use an AI-based denoiser that can remove noise the fuzzy dots that appear on some low quality images. It removes noise faster by only focussing computing power on the sections of the image where noise is prevalent.

It comes with its own cameras and lights which simulate real world phenomenon from different light source types, or different camera lenses. Check Out Phoenix FD. Phoenix FD, also by Chaosgroup, is a particle based fluid simulation plugin for use with V-ray although some other render engines are supported. It can also be used to simulate fire and smoke by changing the particle properties in the plugin window.

Check Out Sigershaders. Sigershaders is a huge library of render ready materials for your scene. Enscape 3D v3. FloorPlan 3D Design Suite Houdini FX Lumion Pro. Lumion Pro v Lumion Pro Lumion 9. Lumion 8. Lumion 6. Luxion KeyShot Pro. Luxion KeyShot Pro Luxion KeyShot Pro 9. Luxion Keyshot Pro 9. Luxion Keyshot Pro 8. Luxion Keyshot Pro 7. Marmoset Toolbag. Marmoset Toolbag 4. Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Marvelous Designer. Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6. Marvelous Designer 9 Enterprise 5. Marvelous Designer 8 Personal v4. Marvelous Designer 7 Enterprise 3. Maxon Cinema 4D R Maxon Cinema 4D R25 V-ray 5. V-Ray Advanced 5. Redshift 3. Redshift Render 2. Octane Render 3. Pixologic ZBrush. Pixologic ZBrush Pixologic ZBrush 7. Zbrush Rhinoceros v7 SR13 7. Rhinoceros 7. Rhinoceros v7 SR10 7. Rhinoceros v6 SR35 6.

Rhinoceros 5 SR14 Rhinoceros 5. Bongo v3. Orca3D v2. Thea Render v3. Reallusion Character Creator. Character Creator 4. Reallusion Character Creator 4. Reallusion Character Creator 3 2. SketchUp Pro v SketchUp Pro Sketchup Pro Skatter 2. Vray 5. V-Ray for SketchUp 5. V-Ray Next Build 4. ClothWorks 1. Evil Software Empire Vertex Tools 2. Transmutr Artist 1. MindSight Studios Skimp 1.

MindSight Studios SketchPlus 1. MindSight Studios Quantifier Pro 1. MindSight Studios Profile Builder 3. MindSight Studios Double-Cut 1. MindSight Studios Bool Tools 2. MindSight Studios Artisan 1. The Foundry Nuke Studio. The Foundry Nuke Studio Vectric Aspire. Vectric Aspire Vectric Aspire 9. World Machine Pro. World Machine Pro 2.

Altair SimSolid Altair Inspire Mold Altair Inspire Cast Altair Inspire Form Altair Flow Simulator Altair HWDesktop Altium Designer Unified Components. Altium Vault - Template Designs [ Altium Vault - Reference Designs [

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