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We've changed these rules to now allow Save Slots for permadeath games within the first 12 weeks Turns. This gives you ample time to run the first Arbiter Mission, promote or fire officers, assign outfits to your crew, name your crew and whatever type of "setup" you like to do as a new captain.

Then, save the permadeath game to a Save Slot before If your captain is lost to the void or takes a terrible wrong turn, you can always come back to this early setup Save Slot for a quick restore. Faster Navigation With this update, we've added both a Waypoint and Navigate Now button to the details screens for Contacts, Rumors and System Atlas to match those buttons found in Missions.

This allows faster navigation, reducing the overall number of clicks and now also allowing you to pick Navigate Now from any screen, which will jump you back to the main quadrant map and start your ship into motion immediately. Extended Conflict Details To match the level of detail available for Rumors, we've moved the list of effects of Conflicts into their own dedicate tooltip, fixed some overlap issues on some screen sizes, and expanded the descriptive text for these political battles and alliances.

Now, with room to grow the description, we'll be working on even more detail here in future updates. Story, Consults and Barks We've made an improvement to the very early game for the Arbiter's storyline. You will only meet the Faen if you engage the Arbiter. Stopping by their world before talking to her will no longer jump the story forward and skip her first mission. Thanks to all the players pushing us to improve this. With this update, we've added new Consults, including discussing Fuel rules and their lore, further details on Cargo and then improved a number of the existing Consults.

We're looking at more ways to make Consult work like it does for Desertion -- automatically popping up in the right situations to help guide first time players. We've also made some player suggested changes to recruit UI, made the final planned tweak to Skip Off the Void and added a customizable keybinding for repeat last firing orders.

Not to mention a few bug fixes, some minor UI tweaks -- its a good one and starts a new push to further deepen the interaction between orbital ops and Conflicts. New Cards: Conflicts and Riches With Update , we've improved the opportunities to directly make money Blockading and Spying, especially when there are linked Conflicts. First, we've increased the amount of credits you can earn with the "Extort Bribes" card while Blockading and the "Credit Score" and "Credit Skim" cards while Spying. These rewards have always been based on the local Economy ratings of the zones in the system, but each Economy point now grants even more potential earnings.

On top of that, there are new cards that can drive even higher profits from systems in Conflicts. Each gives a much larger bonus in terms of credits extorted and influences the Conflict, helping the enemy of the faction you are blockading.

None of the new cards will make friends with the targeted faction, but you sure can wrack up the credits. Recruit Talent Visibility Whenever you are recruiting from the spice hall or from a Contact, you will now see a note about the number of recruiting Talents that are ready.

This can increase your awareness of when you want to recruit and help you manage a larger pool of Talents as they go on cool down. It's a very convenient feature, so thanks to OfficerGenious for suggesting it! In the past, the damage was mitigated by the entire crew's Navigation Skill, which for many ships could be 60 to points. This almost always resulted in the lowest possible damage for the Drive. The change now brings Skip into alignment with all other Talents -- Talents use the Skill of the individual and not of the entire crew.

Therefore, the damage is now mitigated only by the character's Navigation Skill. A single use won't know your drive out, but it is going to do more damage unless you have a really skilled Navigator. In final note, a Navigator can gain up to 27 Navigation from their Job in total, so you can see that you can still achieve near minimal damage even as an individual.

Ship Combat Weapons We've fixed a long sneaky bug that sometimes kept weapons from being able to fire after they were damaged and then repaired during ship combat. We've also added a keybinding default of R for repeat last firing orders.

Enemy Ship Selection We've focused on this major change for this update, as we have completely rebuilt and rebalanced the enemy AI's ship selection logic. The first and foremost benefit of this is that enemy captains have far more variety available to them in their ship selection. This has not only increased the variety you'll see in lower levels, but granted higher level captains access to more powerful ships later in the game.

Finally, this will further improve the appearance of faction specific ships, making it all the more likely that an enemy captain will be flying one of these rare hulls. As with many of the big improvements we've been making to the AI stack, this has its roots in adding carriers to the enemy's arsenal.

Another big notch ticked for that project! We've been receiving saved games and details from players and have swept the board pretty clean of remaining issues with In this patch, we've cleaned up the last vestiges of some of the major characters won't name them for spoilers, but you know We're working to get back to regular order and quick cycle updates, but still have some patching and clean up to do.

Tonight's patch focuses on major improvements to the starport upgrade rules, filters and sorting as well as some important story patches. With Update we've made a rule change that now allows the large Salvage Bay components to count as a cargo hold.

These Salvage Bays provide cargo storage and also important bonuses for anyone playing the Salvage orbital op. We've removed the restriction that prevented these cargo-providing components from counting for the rule and have opened up some new and exciting angles for ship design! Starport Filters and Sort The list of specific improvements to filter and sort is pretty long and can be probably summed up in "more filter categories, better filter specifics and better sorting.

In specifics -- since Salvage Bays are now counting as cargo bays, they appear in both the standard "Ops" filter as well as the "Cargo" filter. We've added both "Offensive" and "Defensive" filters and reclassified the components which fit into these to be clean and clear. This has also meant a lot of shifts about what is in the "Ship" filter, but again its clearer and simpler.

We broke a new filter category "Medical" out from the Crew filter entirely, except if the medical component provides an Officer Cabin it still appears under "Crew". Similarly, we broke out "Mission" from Cargo entirely, splitting off Passenger and Prisoner components. Potentially even more importantly, we rebuilt the default sort in starport upgrade screen to group components together all Nav Assist Modules together by default which is a huge boon in finding things faster.

Buried Demons and new Era We've patched all the reported story issues -- thanks to everyone for sharing these and especially for sending in saved games. A few crashes were fixed, including those at the end of the "False Trail" mission. We've also fixed an issue where Trike would appear unexpected even though you had made choices that mean he shouldn't be there.

Thanks for playing and if you're enjoying the game please leave a review! Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! This major new story expansion includes a major arc that moves forward the political story of the galaxy, brings new powerful characters to the fore and threatens to upend some of the order you may have helped establish.

If you're enjoying the game and continuous stream of major new updates without any DLCs, please take a moment to leave a review or tell a friend. If you're new to the frontiers, post your comments, feedback and suggestions to the discussion board or join us on our Discord where there is a great community to help! Cracking Open v2. The first item in v2. To see more detail about what is coming next, check out our development roadmap which details the next major features and content expansions as well as our on-going content expansion initiatives.

Two New Story Eras This update releases a major wave of story content, major branch points for the galactic story, new characters to meet, new rewards to chase and new challenges to face. This includes 2 new Eras -- Dissension and Consolidation -- which are mutually exclusive in the storyline. Your choices might help drive the galaxy one way or the other. And with each comes a heap of new content and additions to explore -- all new rules for the simulation including 2 new unique Rumors, 4 Era-specific rules for what types of cargo enemy ships are carrying, 6 new Contact creation rules to set the tone of the Era as well as a specialized Conflict setup rules and more.

You might see some ship you've never seen before due to these Eras and will definitely meet some all new characters. Keep an eye out for the "Buried Demons" storyline introduced by Silvaine von Sha to get a start on it. These Eras will only get started if you've already reached the 3rd Century Era, but will appear in any game no matter how far along you are.

In the dept of "even more new stuff" these Eras can also release up to 3 new specialist ship components as story rewards as well as an entirely new tier of ship weaponry! This defensive-focused fighter dual wields pistols and blades while mixing high power defensive buffs with well-aimed disabling hits. Protecting a target is a mix of keeping the enemy off balance and blocking incoming hits. The Bodyguard is also unique in having 4 Skills which stretches his or her Skill set pretty wide -- Pistols, Blades, Evasion and Tactics.

Without a doubt, the best Bodyguards will be Officers with complementary Jobs. The Job combinations are staggering and extremely fun to play with -- from the Assassin, Military Officer, Bodyguard to the Spy Bodyguard, Swordsman -- there are too many too count and we're excited to see what you captains cook up! Bodyguards can also provide life saving Talents to protect other crew and officers and special mission bonus payments for passenger and prisoner missions.

As we want to keep this news item top of our roll, we're just adding it to the bottom here. In the Crowning Smuggler storyline an unexpected character might appear and spout some nonsense. Also, there was a crash in the lab near the end of Zette's storyline. Both are fixed! Thanks to everyone for reporting. We've expanded the search feature into Star Atlas as well as adding 4 new filters which can be combined to make finding a specific system, buyer or seller of a cargo type much easier.

If you're enjoying the pace of updates, please leave a review and tell a friend. This should be the last update in the v2. You can now search the atlas for all sorts of helpful terms such as "mining" to find all mining zones or "population" to find both pop and lux pop zones. You can search for "stash" to find where you have stashes too.

But, to the great glee of merchants and smugglers across the galaxy, the best is definitely the cargo type search. You can search "sells explosives" to find any zone that can legally sell you explosives or type "buys crystals" to find a buyer for what you've got in your hold. The search takes Trade Law and Rumors into account as well, so you can now find your next stop very quickly and with great precision! Rare Trade Goods To help the quadrants where Contacts can gain access to Rare Trade Goods be more evident, we've bubbled them up to the galactic map.

Alongside Rumors, Mission and Contacts you can now see a map mark for the availability of Rare Trade Goods, and hover to see exactly which one is available where. Of course, you still need to find a Contact with the Influence, Rep and service to sell you such valuable goods, but the hunt is far simpler now!

Second, due to some calculation issues, some story Contacts in the Era were offering terribly priced missions -- now resolved! If you're looking to get an Introduction from a Contact, you'll find that they are a little more upfront about the destination of the second Contact, not only listing the jump count but the quadrant and system name as well. This patch fixes some of the start ship prices -- some of the accidentally shifted in Update and bumped ships into different categories.

The Longbolt is now back in category D. We've also fixed a bug that was causing some cut-scenes to resist clicking to advance. They were basically unplayable and you had to skip them. Sorry - now fixed! Finally, we've made the first round of improvements to the Contact Search feature. We've changed the searchable text to more closely align with the visible text -- searching "Spy Recruits" will now get matches as that is what you can see on the screen. This should help prevent some keywords from crossing and getting false positive results.

We're hard at work on getting the Star Atlas search perfected, so stay tuned for exciting updates to come! A huge thanks as always to all the players posting feedback, suggestions and bugs who help us drive continued improvements to the game! We're in the final ramp up to the next major move on the Development Roadmap.

A few updates from now, we'll be rolling out 2. Searching Contacts This request has been very popular for a while and we're excited to finally deliver. You can now search your Contacts for specific terms such as "quartermaster", "generous" or "prince missions". The search is a single keyword, so "prince missions" will only find Contacts who offer that type of mission, and anyone who offers any type of Mission and all Princes. You can also search zones, systems or quadrants like "Northpines" or specific Contact types like "Gestalt".

Search can be combined with filters and sort for the best effect. We're rolling out Contact search as a first trial of the setup to gather player feedback, see if there are any issues and test the waters. From there, we will move on to other exciting areas like the System Atlas. Anti-Craft Components As we continue to fight the good fight to get enemy carriers to be ready, we've introduced a new set of Small slot anti-craft components.

These components also have general bonuses that might make them appealing to wider ship design. The Railtak Guidance Matrices components add standard Accuracy bonus as well as an improved chance to hit enemy craft. The C-Tak Interceptor Systems increase a capital ship's chance to avoid craft attacks, increase Initiative and also provide Void Resistance. While you may not be running to your nearest starport to install these just yet, the enemy AI ship builder is interested in using them and since you can capture enemy ships High Rep Protection With Update , we've rolled out an improved set of contextual rules for the loss of high grades of Ranks, Permits and Edicts.

As you cross the positive Reputation mark, these faction perks becomes more difficult to lose. Each category has its negative Reputation threshold loosened a little bit at the Rep mark. For Military Ranks, it goes from -2 to -4 Rep to lose a Rank. For Permits, it drops from -3 to -4 and for Edicts -4 to Weapon Locker Prices This deserves to be a full heading. The princes of Weapon Lockers have been increased. You can now get an A4 for what you used to be able to get an A5.

The middle tiers are also more expensive in a better curve. The enemy's access to Weapon Lockers has been adjusted accordingly to match. We've also simplified some of the requirements for ship components, removing some of the lower Economy requirements, cleaning up Starport requirements and fixing a few tiered sets of components that had contradictory requirements.

Star Traders: Frontiers - Trese Brothers Update comes roaring out of atmo and into full orbit with a new ship and big community requested improvements to the Talent Manifest. A big thanks to everyone who is posting feedback, suggestions and bugs. This update includes a bundle of changes requested by different players all using the Talent Manifest -- straight from the community boards to you!

We're hammering through preparation to crack open the next phase of the development roadmap, the v2. Another big Era is coming, and this update includes a lot of internal prep for the next Era, which we're on the brink of releasing.

Skylift Carrier The Thulun starports have produced a new heavily armored freighter that uses fighters primarily for defense -- the Skylift Carrier. It is well equipped to protect crew and cargo and its design prefers armor and speed over shielding and agility.

It features an oversized Warhammer Void Engine more commonly used in battleships. The Skylift is a secure cargo hauler's dream ship. It's a beast of a carrier boasting 12 small, 10 medium and 6 large slots. Oh, it also has a passenger cabin Talent Manifest First, we've enabled collapsible sections throughout the Talent Manifest which was needed as we've loaded 5 more major groups into it.

You can now quickly browse the major sections, and view the groups you want. There are even more sections coming, but with this update we've added a new "After Landing" section that covers Talents like Listening Post and Generous in Service. We've also added an entire group for "Contacts" which includes Talents that reveal traits, discount services, ranks, introductions and the rest.

To test the groupings, we've added a section to cover the 3 core types of Orbital Ops -- Blockading, Patrolling and Spying. If these are found helpful by the community, we'll add Salvage, Black Market and Exploring as well to round out the set. So far, we're still keeping Crew and Ship Combat Talents out of it. Those will need to be visible in their own blocks and also visible in the Ship Encounter screen, so they are coming soon as well. Xeno Scores We've also fixed an issue that was causing xeno battles encountered through Missions to be incorrectly underscored for Unlocks, Awards and for your Captain's Score.

This is now resolved! Liveship Traders Trilogy. Plus - , MP3, kbps rutracker. CUE , lossless] underver. Covers dpi nnmclub. Ancient Trader [En] L nnmclub. Star Traders : Frontiers x. Rothman EPUB x. Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb thepiratebay Star Traders : Frontiers Update 46 kickass.

HCBFM rarbg. MOMO traders - ebook pdf thepiratebay AC3-EVO thepiratebay DaRkFib3r thepiratebay XviD-AFG thepiratebay AAC thepiratebay Star Traders : Frontiers Update kickass. Star Traders : Frontiers Update 34 kickass. Star Traders : Frontiers Update 4 kickass. Star Traders : Frontiers kickass. Liveship Traders Trilogy kickass.

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