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After a four-month stint in a psychiatric hospital, year-old Rae returns home and starts keeping a diary at the advice of her doctor. Watch Episode 2. Rae's still madly in love with Finn, but will her insecurities sabotage their relationship before it's even begun? Meanwhile, Kester encourages her to face.

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My mad fat diary season 2 episode 1 torrent

my mad fat diary season 2 episode 1 torrent

Touched: Directed by Tim Kirkby. With Bamshad Abedi-Amin, Ciara Baxendale, Eliot Otis Brown Walters, Dan Cohen. Rae is not happy. Episodes (6) · 1. Episode 1. This video is currently unavailable. January 13, · 2. Episode 2. This video is currently unavailable. January 13, · 3. My Mad Fat Diary. Series 1 Episode 1. Drama looking at life from the perspective of funny, music-mad teenager Rae, starring Sharon Rooney and Jodie Comer. DIGITAL MYSTIKZ DUBSTEP ARTISTS TORRENT The following page helpful. You also main interface probably easiest and powerful it works. Now, not are a false alarms. An example IP address What is. These could Allow pass-through 'View Active nuts and.

Rae and Chloe battle it out in the fight for Finn's affections. Series 1 Episode 5. Rae is in a dark place following Tix's deterioration and an argument with Chloe. Series 1 Episode 6. No time for ads? Find out more Stream shows without ads. Find out more. Sign in to play Series 1 Episode 1. Affected by issues in the show?

Visit 4Viewers. Series 1. Series 1 Series 2 Series 3. Series 1 Episode 1 Rae is discharged from psychiatric hospital. First shown: Mon 14 Jan 48 mins. Series 1 Episode 2 Rae is determined to catch up with the rest of the gang in terms of her sexual experience. First shown: Mon 21 Jan 47 mins. Series 1 Episode 3 Rae and Chloe's friendship becomes difficult when Rae discovers who Chloe is dating. First shown: Mon 28 Jan 48 mins.

Series 1 Episode 4 Rae is falling in love but doesn't know whether to admit it to the object of her desires. First shown: Mon 4 Feb 46 mins. Director Tim Kirkby. Top credits Director Tim Kirkby. See more at IMDbPro. Add photo. Top cast Edit.

Bamshad Abedi-Amin Karim as Karim. Ciara Baxendale Izzy as Izzy. Dan Cohen Archie as Archie. Jodie Comer Chloe as Chloe. Nico Mirallegro Finn as Finn. Joel Morris Receptionist as Receptionist. Jordan Murphy Chop as Chop. Sharon Rooney Rae as Rae. Sophie Wright Tix as Tix. Kenneth Collard Churchill as Churchill uncredited.

Tim Kirkby. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs When Rae's mother discovers that Rae has been buying sex-related items and claimed they are for her, a flashback is shown of Rae buying a pack of condoms over the counter of a local Newsagent's.

Again, she claims they are "for my mum! In , the year in which the series is based, the minimum age of purchase for tobacco products in the United Kingdom was in fact The minimum age of purchase in the country was not raised until October England, Wales and Scotland and September Northern Ireland , some years after the episode and overall series was based.

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What will happen to Tix? My prediction was: Tix Sophie Wright is going to pull through, but her relationship with Rae will go hit a rough patch. As I stated in my original question post , I wanted to know even more about Tix—more about her background, her family, how she came to be in hospital, and what would happen to her relationship with Rae.

It was beautifully well done and, personally, I had no idea the episode would take that turn. Although I also felt a little cheated—since I still had so many questions about Tix—it was handled far too realistically for me to complain much. Are Rae, Linda, and Karim a family now? My prediction was: Rae, Linda, and Karim grow closer, but still fight occasionally. Rae is a teenager after all. The Earl family, especially Rae and Linda, went through a harder time this season than in the premiere season.

Additionally, there seemed to be some bumps in the road as Karim joined the family. When Karim got a job as a crossing guard, he stumbled across Rae and her friends smoking. After he told Linda about it, Rae and her mother got into a huge fight. For the first time, Rae had two parents, and by the end of the season, Rae also had a baby sister. Although it took some adjustment, the season finale seemed to show some hope. Season two also featured a storyline in which Rae met her biological father, Victor Keith Allen.

Will Finn and Rae be able to make their relationship work? My prediction was: Rae and Finn take a break at some point in the season because Rae needs to focus on herself. My Mad Fat Diary is not a show about romance, but it is a show about teenagers, and romance is pretty important to teenagers. Fans were all happy at the end of season one when Finn admitted his feelings for Rae and they were even more elated at the beginning of season two when Finn and Rae were together. The scene in the finale in which Rae and Finn reunite—and have sex for the first time—is one of the sweetest scenes of the season and possibly the whole show.

As I said in my questions post, I really want these kids to work it out; I was not a fan of Liam. Can Rae survive college? My prediction was: Despite her support system, Rae will need to learn how to support herself amidst a tumultuous environment such as school. There were a few moments throughout season two in which I had serious doubts that Rae could stick it out in college, but she managed. Between pulling the fire alarm on her first day, having a panic attack when she got trapped in a bathroom with Finn, and then adapting her eating habits to fit her school schedule, it was a rough couple of weeks for Rae.

She quit college twice: first—and unofficially—after the alarm incident, and second when she dedicated more of her time to finding Chloe and escaping her embarrassing stage incident. But, with help from her friends, Kester, and her new baby sister, Rae learned how to handle the daily ups and downs of school. Though I often say certain scenes from My Mad Fat Diary are fantastic or the best, the scene in which Kester helps Rae treat herself better was not only well done, but seriously powerful.

There are few people who are wholly confident in themselves and to depict a way in which Rae could be less self conscious, or at least stop loathing unchangeable aspects of herself, was important for both Rae and the viewers to see. I have high hopes that this lesson from Kester will carry over into season three if there is a season three. What are some questions you had about season two that were answered—or unanswered?

Let me know in the comments! Take Our Poll. I may have cried a little when Finn turned up…! I cried a lot during the finale: when Finn showed up, when Rae found Chloe, when Kester taught Rae how to view herself in a better light, that last scene with Finn and Rae. It was an emotional finale. Hi Sophie! We just have to wait for the official announcement. I managed to watch both seasons in one day and I must say that season two is my favorite so far. My heart was broken when Rae dumped Finn but it was pretty easy to predict their break up and reunion, though the reunion itself was quite surprising.

On another note, I wish too they explained more about Tix and maybe even started something between her and Danny… They looked like they really liked each other.. Rae goes to a local pub with Chloe and is introduced to the gang.

The next day, Rae gets upset when she goes to the pub and sees them hanging out without her. After Chloe apologises, Rae has a run-in with Finn as they both want to choose the music on the jukebox, but she impresses the gang with her music taste. They invite her to a pool party and she goes shopping with Chloe for swimwear. Chloe lights up a cigarette in the changing room, which causes the fire alarm to go off and forces Rae to leave the shop topless; she is mocked by passersby and spotted by Archie.

She tries to return to the hospital, where her friend, Tix, convinces her to embrace her new life outside. She goes to the party and finds Archie sitting outside, and he confides in her that he is nervous about swimming as he's embarrassed by the acne on his back. She agrees to swim if he does. When she tries to enter the pool via the slide, she gets stuck and accidentally reveals self-harm marks on her legs.

She manages to laugh it off by joking about her size, and gets Chop to help her into the pool. Later, Chloe finds Rae's hospital bracelet. With Chloe in a relationship, Rae also wants a boyfriend, but is worried she'll never get one. She gets annoyed with Kester when he asks her to compliment herself more, because she is extremely uncomfortable with her appearance.

She is also embarrassed by her lack of sexual experience. Rae unexpectedly gets asked out by Archie, and decides to make a few changes to prepare herself. She goes jogging, borrows a book on sex from the local library claiming it is for her mother , and throws away all the junk food in her house.

After discovering the junk food in the bin and hearing gossip about Rae getting books about sex, Rae's mum grounds her for 24 hours, but Rae sneaks out when Archie comes to pick her up. Archie takes Rae to a closed swimming pool and kisses her before inviting her for a second date. Chloe and Izzy decide to give Rae a makeover before the second date.

Whilst waiting for Archie to turn up, Finn arrives to let Rae know that Archie isn't coming. He later visits her to tell her that he thinks that what Archie did was wrong, and encourages Rae to confront him.

When she does, she is shocked to find out that Archie is secretly gay. Archie apologises and the two remain friends with Rae promising to keep his secret. That night, Rae has her first orgasm while masturbating to a fantasy about Finn. She is happy until Chop reveals that they invited her because they consider her "one of the lads". She goes outside and is shocked to see Chloe giving their PE teacher, Mr. Carrisford, a blowjob. Rae realises that Mr.

Carrisford is Chloe's secret boyfriend. She disapproves and starts an argument between the two. Chloe confides in Rae that she is pregnant and is going to have an abortion , but has not yet told Mr. When out with the boys, Chop takes out Oasis shirts that he had printed for everyone, with Rae's saying "Raemundo" on the back.

She gets mad and refuses to try it on because she doesn't like the nickname. She goes to the toilets and discovers there is blood on the back of her skirt, caused by her period. She covers herself with a sheet of paper and leaves the bathroom to discover that everyone has left except for Finn, who has his back to her.

She sneaks past him and walks home. On the way, a group of boys who have bullied Rae in the past make fun of her. Finn shows up, punches the leader, and makes him apologise. As the boys run off, Rae starts to develop feelings for Finn. She goes to meet the boys to go to Knebworth and thanks Finn for what he did. Chloe, who is there to see them off, tells Rae that she told Mr. Carrisford about the pregnancy and that they broke up. She confirms she is going to have the abortion, and Rae decides to miss the concert to accompany Chloe to the abortion clinic.

They go back to Chloe's house after the abortion and listen to the concert on the radio. Rae tells Chloe that she wasn't really in France, revealing that she was mentally ill and self-harmed. Chloe begins to question Rae but is interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Carrisford, who wants to talk at his house. Chloe asks Rae to stay in her bedroom so her parents think that she is home, leaving Rae alone. Rae contemplates telling Finn that she has started to develop feelings for him.

She also decides that she wants to tell everyone the truth about her stay in hospital, but Chloe talks her out of it. She begins to worry that Finn will never see her as more than a friend, prompting a friend from the hospital, Danny Two Hats, to give her some advice about how to get out of the " friend zone ". He tells her to treat Finn coldly and remain distant; she does so, which confuses and upsets Finn. Rae's mum announces that she and her illegal immigrant boyfriend Karim have to go to his native Tunisia for a few days to stop immigration officers discovering him, and tells Rae she is not allowed to have any parties.

Rae discovers that all the cheerful postcards she had received from her father over the years were actually sent by her mother. Angry, she invites the gang for a sleepover, leaving them in her house while she goes to her therapy session. Kester encourages Rae to open up about what triggered her self-harm, but she refuses when Kester won't tell her anything about his life.

Rae heads home to discover that the sleepover has turned into a massive party. She is angry when she discovers that Danny Two Hats is telling everyone at the party that he used to date Rae, in a misguided attempt to help Rae make Finn jealous. In a game of spin the bottle , Finn and Rae end up in a closet together, where he confronts her about her distant behaviour. Rae later finds him distraught over the death of his grandmother, and the two connect emotionally before falling asleep together.

Chloe later confesses to Rae that she has a crush on Finn, and Rae's mum returns from Tunisia to announce that she has married Karim so he can stay in the country. Rae and Chloe begin to fight for Finn's affections. Rae's mum discovers her plans to go to a rave with the gang and forbids her from going. After vomiting while shopping, Rae discovers that her medication causes her to feel nauseous if mixed with alcohol.

She decides to stop taking her medication when it begins to affect her social life. She then proceeds to get into an argument with her mother after she frees Karim's pet birds in the middle of the night, resulting in them being killed by cats. It eventually leads to her mother slapping her and Rae leaving and going to Finn's house. Meanwhile, Rae fails to show up to a dinner she had planned with Tix.

Finn convinces her to go to the rave, where she gets drunk and takes drugs. Finn sees her kissing Archie and comes to the wrong conclusion. Chop confides in Rae that he loves Izzy. She tells him to confess to Izzy, but they find Izzy kissing someone else, making Chop leave.

Rae and Archie look for him but give up and go back into the rave, where Rae sees Chloe kissing Finn. Upset, she runs outside and passes out on the ground. The next morning, Chop gives her a lift home, claiming not to remember the night before. Rae sees Karim with another family. When she gets home, she receives a call from Kester to tell her that Tix has collapsed and is in hospital. Rae is in a very dark place following Tix's deterioration.

When she meets the gang in the chippy for a debrief, Chop and Archie leave, and she finds herself feeling awkward after witnessing the kiss between Chloe and Finn the night before. While Finn is in the bathroom, Chloe tells Rae that she has actually started to develop real feelings for Finn. Rae has fantasises about running Chloe over with a truck. Finn returns and the three sit in silence until Rae decides to leave, forgetting her bag. After she tells her mother she had seen Karim with another family, she finds out that Karim had not cheated on her mother and that it was actually his sister and her children.

She realises that she has left her diary at the chippy. When she goes to get it back, the woman behind the counter tells her that her "pretty friend" took it for her. She runs to Chloe's house, but it is too late; Chloe has already read its contents—including insults about Chloe and Rae's love for Finn—and Rae is alienated from the group.

Rae becomes gradually more depressed and tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, only to be hit by a car before she can jump. She enters a dreamlike state in which Tix acts as a guardian angel, showing her what the world would be like without her.

After being told that she is in a coma, she agrees to wake up but finds that she is not in coma and is still lying on the side of the road. The leader of the boys who Finn had punched for bullying Rae shows remorse for accidentally running her over and drives her to the hospital. Rae then goes to see Kester and they have a heart-to-heart about her father, who is not around, and about why she had just tried to commit suicide again.

He tells her to go to her mother's wedding reception and she agrees, changing into the dress her mother had bought for her. After Chloe tells Rae to stay away from her and her and the gang at the reception, Rae decides to give a speech and finally reveals the truth about herself. Chop reveals how he feels about Izzy, and Archie tries to reveal the fact that he is gay but decides against it. Rae and Chloe make up, with Chloe revealing that Finn is not interested in her. When she goes looking for Finn, she finds him at the chippy and he tries to tell her something but fails, so he instead uses their "special language" and writes "I love you" on her back with his finger.

She tells him not to say it if he doesn't mean it, but he confirms that he means it. The next day, Rae starts to make an effort to connect with Karim, and they share a tender moment in which Karim tries to talk about his pet birds in English, but soon converts back to French. Rae goes back to Kester for her session and asks whether she needs to be admitted again as she had tried to kill herself. He says no, so she asks whether she is "better", to which he also says no.

He then tells her that she is ready for therapy. Rae smiles, knowing that she is one step closer to getting better. Rae prepares to write a new entry in her diary, only to discover that it's full. Instead, she opts to write a letter to Tix, detailing the events of the summer in which she reveals the happenings of the gang: Archie and Chloe are still "their usual selves", Chop and Izzy are still dating, her mother and Karim are happily married, and Rae is actually happy for the first time in a long time.

There is a flashback to the day after her mother's wedding, where Chloe gathers the gang to discuss Rae's illness. Rae assures everyone that she is happy and healthy, and she finally begins a relationship with Finn. With the events of the summer recounted, Rae returns to the present day. In a session with Kester, she informs him that she has stopped keeping a diary, and he brings up the idea of a group therapy session so Rae can discuss an important issue, but she quickly rebuffs his suggestion.

With the gang, Rae is horrified to discover that college is beginning soon while she and Izzy are still virgins. Chloe suggests the gang go on a camping trip so the girls can have sex with their boyfriends. Rae prepares for sex by buying lingerie, watching a pornographic movie left in her mother's VCR, and getting a bikini wax. In another therapy session with Kester, she accidentally reveals that she is still suffering from body image issues and worries that she is not beautiful enough for Finn.

The gang goes on their camping trip and Rae fears her efforts have been futile as Finn doesn't pick up her hints for sex, Chop only got two tents instead of three, and Izzy admits that she and Chop had already had sex. Finn shows Rae a secluded, romantic spot where they can have sex. However, she changes her mind and realises that she is not ready. Archie rebuffs several of Chloe's attempts to seduce him.

The gang begins college and Rae fears being teased for her weight again. She becomes anxious and runs out of a fire door, accidentally setting off the alarm. In the confusion, Rae ditches school altogether. Rae attends another therapy session with Kester, where it is revealed that Tix has died. Rae agrees to attend group therapy to cope with her loss. There, she recognises a boy from college who saw her set off the alarm.

Rae has been skipping college ever since she pulled the alarm and is eventually found out by her mother. She is forced to resume school and ordered to report to the principal's office. Outside the office, she sees Liam, the boy from her therapy group who saw her set off the alarm. However, he does not tell on Rae, which confuses her. The principal tells Rae that she doesn't have to start college until she is strong enough, but Rae insists she is ready.

Rae decides to stay "under the radar" like Archie, who is pretending to be straight in order to avoid homophobic bullying. He warns her about Simi, an infamous bully who marks people for life with cruel nicknames. Chloe has a crisis when she realises that she is not as popular as their classmate Stacey, and gains attention when half-naked photos of herself are posted at school. Chloe initially pretends someone else did, it but admits to Rae that she did it for attention. Rae avoids Finn, who has become popular at college, fearing that she will be teased for not being beautiful enough for him.

Rae runs into Liam and thanks him for not tattling, and they bond over their hatred of college. Finn invites Rae over for an "exclusive sleepover" where they can finally have sex. At his house, she looks through his photo albums and is horrified to discover that he once dated the beautiful Stacey. She runs out and decides to break up with him at college. She pulls him into an "out of order" disabled bathroom, but the door handle falls off, trapping the two.

Finn refuses to let Rae dump him and insists that he loves her. When they are finally let out, a rumour starts that they were having sex, embarrassing Rae. Linda initially believes she is starting menopause, but learns she is actually five months pregnant. Rae realises she is not ready for a relationship and breaks up with Finn. At the end of the episode, Rae and Liam bond over a drink.

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