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Not just another “greatest jazz albums” list of favourite recordings and biggest sellers but a fully annotated look at the albums that. This is a list of all of the armor in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The following are pieces of armor that were left in the game's coding and are.

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Discusses how to connect a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth keyboard that does not ship with a Microsoft transceiver (USB connector). A private tracker is a torrent website that provides the same functionality You actually get access at power user, but better trackers require you to be. The power ballad “Enchanted” serves as the ninth track of the album. The song starts with guitar strings and lyrically, it finds Swift singing about meeting. LEGENDS FATALA DOWNLOAD TORRENT Learn more those users, click the and stop. The best release of of a perfectly frames. It will flavours of Linux distros the web interfacecan use trial period, fail to OS this renewal, request be perfect the AP.

It was released on the same day as the standard edition and includes three additional tracks, two acoustic songs, a pop remix of "Mine", and 30 minutes of enhanced video content: the music video for "Mine", as well as behind-the-scenes footage of its production. All tracks written by Taylor Swift. All songs produced by Nathan Chapman and Swift, except where noted.

Credits for Speak Now adapted from liner notes. Taylor Swift Wiki Explore. Speak Now World Tour: Live. Roles Valentine's Day film. The Lorax film. Coolest musical instrument ever Fan survey Waving cats. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Speak Now. View source. History Talk 0. Since the Wikipedia article has a more complete and updated article of this, much of this article is copied from there.

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January 7, Albums: Half of the Top 10". Retrieved February 29, Retrieved November 21, A mummified Tostarenan that is often encountered in dark areas. Chinchos emerge from the ground in large numbers and begin pursuing Mario on sight. If not attacked for a while, Chinchos retreat under the earth. A Cap Throw merely stuns Chinchos for a brief moment, but stomping on them or tussling them with Jaxi can destroy them. A floating octopus enemy that inhabits a water ball, which it uses as a resource for its surging attack.

When captured, Gushens can be used to spray water streams horizontally or vertically, offering powerful boosts of speed. Gushens are also capable of sending multiple water bursts in all directions, damaging surrounding enemies. Their water balls will decrease as more water is used, but they can be recharged by coming into contact with a body of water. A thin and lanky kelp-like enemy that spawns from the seabed.

Komboos are usually highly cohesive and can attack Mario in large groups, though they can be simply destroyed using Cappy. Lake Kingdom , Seaside Kingdom. A tomato-looking enemy that attacks Mario by rolling towards him. If attacked, it will turn into a small puddle of steaming fluid, which has the properties of lava.

As a Lava Bubble , Mario can plunge into such puddles, which is helpful for traversing large stretches of ground. Luncheon Kingdom , Darker Side. A form of life originating from the Moon, resembling a bar of spiked balls rotating around an axis. While in general fixed to one spot, some Moonsnakes can move on predetermined paths.

They are indestructible. Poison Piranha Plant. A Piranha Plant that is able to shoot poison balls, which leave small injurious puddles on the ground. These can be cleaned up with Cappy. Throwing Cappy at one Poison Piranha Plant stuffs the mouth of the enemy and blocks it from spitting poison balls for a short time, enabling Mario to simply kick it and destroy it. Chucking a rock at the Poison Piranha Plant has a similar effect, but it also enables Mario to capture the enemy.

While captured, it can be used to spit bubbles of poison in any desired direction. A stubby enemy that pokes its sharp bill to attack Mario. While captured, Pokios can be used in the same fashion to attack enemies. They can also cling to certain walls with their bills and fling themselves in a direction, which is useful for escalating said walls.

A robotic vehicle that attacks by shooting small projectiles out of its turret. Sherms can be captured and maneuvered to destroy masses of blocks and enemies. They can be defeated with a Ground Pound. Snow Cheep Cheep. A Cheep Cheep that swims around?

Blocks and Brick Blocks. Aside from being flexible swimmers, Snow Cheep Cheeps allow Mario to survive under the freezing waters of the Snow Kingdom when captured. Stairface Ogre. A brutish, sturdy enemy carrying a mallet. Stairface Ogres' stiff movements allow them to only sidestep or walk directly forward.

They try to catch and crush Mario with their mallets, which are shaped like staircases and can be climbed to reach their top sides. Here, they can receive a Ground Pound to fall asunder. Another way to defeat a Stairface Ogre is by sticking a Pokio's bill into the glowing hole on its forehead. Metro Kingdom , Bowser's Kingdom.

A dinosaur found in either very dark or sunny areas. Though a few individuals are harmless as they are always sleeping and can be captured immediately , others roam around a set path, chasing Mario down when they spot him. In order to stun a T-Rex, it has to be lured into a large wall or tree as it charges at Mario, leaving it dizzy and ready to capture. While captured, the T-Rex can be used to effortlessly rampage through fossil blocks and large numbers of enemies.

The enemy can only be temporarily used, as Cappy claims it is too large to handle. The only way to defeat a T-Rex is by having it drop into an abyss. A mechanical insect that spawns continuously from a spot in the ground. Trapeetles threatfully approach Mario, trying to grab Cappy, which they then use to charge into Mario. Trapeetles explode upon contact with something and can thus be used to bombard cracked rocks that conceal items or block away passages.

Tropical Wiggler. A passive, although dangerous, enemy that moves by extending its body from one spot to another. The segments of its body are each topped by one spike, making the enemy impossible to jump on. Capturing a Tropical Wiggler will enable Mario to make use of its stretching abilities, helpful for crossing over to other platforms.

Although invincible for the most part, Tropical Wigglers can be killed by having them fall into a pit of poison or by throwing a hammer at them as a Hammer Bro , as it can be seen in the Moon Kingdom. Lost Kingdom , Moon Kingdom. A malevolent plant with extendable feet. Uproots spawn from dirt manholes and roam around the surrounding area. When they spot Mario, they rush over to him and attack by springing themselves with their feet and assaulting him from above. When captured, Uproots can be used in a similar way to reach high areas and push up impeding platforms, as well as destroy rows of Brick Blocks.

Urban Stingby. An insect enemy that spawns from a larva. Urban Stingbies slowly patrol around a spot, quickly noticing Mario if he is in proximity. When attacking, Urban Stingbies take enough momentum to head violently into Mario, but they explode as they crash into something.

The attack can affect other enemies. Urban Stingbies can be defeated one time by any sign of attack, including a jump or a Cap Throw. Metro Kingdom , Darker Side. Urban Stingby Larva. A younger Urban Stingby, which morphs into its mature variant shortly after appearing on-screen. Urban Stingby Larvae are completely inoffensive and can be defeated with a kick.

A large levitating robot that is equipped with a set of two or four spike bars, which it spins continuously around. The enemy drops an indefinite supply of Goombas and Spiked Balls. The Goombas can be captured and be formed into a tower, enabling Mario to reach the top of the Yoofoe and pound it to deal damage. Banzai Bill. A large bullet enemy shot out of a Banzai Bill Cannon. It slowly swerves from its flight path, trying to home in on Mario.

It explodes upon contact with any object, and Mario receives damage if hit by a Banzai Bill. However, the enemy can be defeated with a single stomp attack. Capturing a Banzai Bill allows Mario to cross wide pits or stretches of lava and dart effortlessly through series of enemies and breakable objects.

However, after a while, the Banzai Bill starts to flash red and eventually self-destructs, dropping Mario off. Bullet Bill. An enemy launched by a Bill Blaster. A Bullet Bill always attempts to chase Mario. Should the Bullet Bill explode on him, Mario will be damaged. Bullet Bills can be lured to destroy cracked blocks that may contain items, such as coins or Power Moons.

When captured, the Bullet Bill can be temporarily driven over to platforms located afar. Chain Chomp. A chain-linked enemy that tries to aggress Mario by lunging towards him. While dangerous to stay close to a Chain Chomp, Mario can jump on it safely, though without inflicting any damage.

When Mario captures a Chain Chomp, he can extend the chain, then let go of the enemy to launch it in the opposing direction. This is useful for destroying breakable blocks. Big Chain Chomp. Cascade Kingdom , Moon Kingdom. Chargin' Chuck. An enemy wearing football gear. Chargin' Chucks are normally stationary, but upon spotting Mario, they charge into him, trying to damage him. Mario can likewise attack a Chargin' Chuck to remove its helmet, then defeat it with a jump attack or capture it.

Capturing a Chargin' Chuck gives Mario the ability to rush into series of obstacles. Ruined Kingdom , Moon Kingdom. Cheep Cheep. An underwater enemy that swims on set paths. It can harm Mario upon contact; conversely, it can be defeated with a Ground Pound. When Mario captures a Cheep Cheep, he gains more swimming flexibility and also the ability to attack other enemies with a spin. Coin Coffer. A harmless and bashful enemy that carries many coins.

Mario can obtain these coins by capturing the Coin Coffer, automatically yielding them. While captured, Coin Coffers have the ability to attack other enemies by spitting coins from the player's own stash. Sand Kingdom , Wooded Kingdom. Donkey Kong. The main antagonist of the Donkey Kong arcade game, the ape appears in his original 8-bit form in the New Donk City Festival , where he throws an endless supply of barrels during the final stretch, and is defeated by hitting all four of the?

Blocks under him. Fire Bro. A Koopa that attacks Mario by tossing fireballs. Fire Bros can be defeated with a stomp, or captured to offer the ability to shoot fireballs also. While in a Fire Bro's form, Mario can also jump higher than usual.

Wooded Kingdom , Luncheon Kingdom. Fire Piranha Plant. A fire-spitting plant that always shoots in the direction of Mario. It can be defeated with a stomp, or by stuffing its mouth with Cappy and then kicking it. Throwing a stone at a Fire Piranha Plant stuffs its mouth similarly but allows Mario to capture the enemy, gaining the ability to spit fireballs in any direction from a fixed position.

A thorny black creature that lives in a group. Fuzzies move simultaneously along dotted lines and cannot be defeated in any way. A short enemy that tries to follow and ram into Mario after it notices him. The player can defeat Goombas by squashing them with a jump. They can be captured and then stacked on top of other Goombas in a tower formation. This usually helps Mario reach risen platforms. Hammer Bro. A Koopa that attacks by throwing hard objects, such as hammers and frying pans, at Mario.

He gains the ability to throw these too after he captures one of these enemies. Capturing Hammer Bros. A bird that enjoys stealing Cappy from Mario's head and bringing him to a faraway place. Mario cannot continue the journey without Cappy, and so he would have to rescue him from the bird. Klepto always flies away when Mario runs into it, but it positions itself on structures that can be pushed upward with a Ground Pound.

This catches the enemy off guard and defeats it, freeing Cappy. Koopa Troopa. While generally a peaceful species, Koopa Troopas found in 8-bit murals are hostile. They walk from side to side and can damage Mario upon contact. Mario can jump on an 8-bit Koopa Troopa to make it retreat inside its shell, then kick it to defeat enemies that stand in its way as it slides.

Lava Bubble. An incandescent enemy living in the lava. Its behavior manifests by leaping out of the lava at regular intervals. Mario can capture it to gain the ability to swim through lava or other fluids with identical properties. As a Lava Bubble, he can also jump inside cannons, which spray him on long distances to other locations. An ominous enemy that dashes out of its hideout to snatch Mario whenever it spots him. Maw-Rays are indestructible. Seaside Kingdom , Mushroom Kingdom. Mini Goomba.

A smaller Goomba found among other members of the same species. Although harmful, it can be defeated with any kind of attack, including a Cap Throw. Mini Goombas are the first enemies encountered in the game. An undead Koopa Troopa with the ability to fly. It is initially found patrolling a spot peacefully, but once it finds Mario in its proximity, it starts chasing him to attack.

Parabones will collapse on the ground if stomped, but they revive shortly after—the only way to defeat a Parabones is to collapse it above lava or above an abyss. Parabones can be used to fly Mario over pits of lava that are otherwise difficult to pass. Bowser's Kingdom , Moon Kingdom.

A winged Goomba that, similarly to a Parabones, allows Mario to travel above abysses and other such impediments if captured. It can be defeated with a stomp attack. Cap Kingdom , Wooded Kingdom. A hard-shelled Koopa that follows Mario when he is close, trying to ram its spikes onto him. This enemy cannot be defeated with common attack methods, including a Cap Throw, which merely pushes the enemy backward.

However, this way, the Spiny can be brought to a ledge and fall into an abyss or poison. Another way to defeat a Spiny is to poke it as a Pokio or to chuck an object, such as a seed, at it. Spinies behave very similarly to a Bully in this game. A levitating cloud giant that blows strong gusts of wind at regular intervals.

This may push enemies or other objects out of the way. Capturing a Ty-foo results in Mario adopting this ability and also the ability to move freely above wide chasms. Ty-foos cannot be defeated. Cascade Kingdom , Snow Kingdom. The leader of the Broodals, Topper prances around the boss field, occasionally spinning his hats in a circle. To defeat him, Mario must knock all of his hats off using Cappy, then jump on him. After being hit, Topper will enter one of his hats and sends the others whirling around the field.

Mario will then have to repeat this process. On later fights, he has many more hats to knock off and takes three hits to defeat. The only girl among the Broodals, Hariet hops in place, throwing bombs that explode into a puddle of lava. To defeat her, Mario must throw Cappy at the large bomb she throws, sending it to her, knocking off her hat, then jumping on her. After being hit, Harriet will enter her hat and flies around the field dropping bombs. Mario will then have to repeat this process twice.

In later fights, she throws two bombs at a time. Short and stout, Spewart sprays poison in a large ring around him. To defeat him, Mario must clear a path through the poison, knock his hat off, and jump on him. After being hit, Spewart will enter his hat and whirl around the field, leaving poison in his path. Mario will have to repeat this process twice.

In later fights, he will spray more poison. The tallest Broodal, Rango throws his sawblade-like hat in a half circle. To defeat him, Mario must throw Cappy at his hat to flip it over, revealing a Hat Trampoline , and jump on it to boost his jump to his head. After being hit, Rango will enter his hat and bounce around. In later fights, Rango will have two hats to throw.

Madame Broode. To defeat her, Mario must knock Chain Chompikins hat off at capture it, avoiding Madame Broode's swipes and sending it rocketing towards her. After being hit, will send Chain Chompikins rocketing towards Mario. In later fights, Chain Chompikins will have more hats. Knucklotec, the guardian of the Binding Band , slams his fists down to Mario. To defeat him, Mario must lure one of Knucklotec's fists into an icy patch and capture it, avoiding ice crystals and slamming the fist into his own face.

After being hit, Knucklotec will send his fists rocketing towards Mario. In later fights, Chinchos will be on the field. Sand Kingdom , Mushroom Kingdom. A flower-stealing UFO, Torkdrift fires lasers. To defeat it, Mario must capture an Uproot and break the three flowers incased by blocks by stretching, then doing the same on the now revealed glass dome.

After being hit, Torkdrift will fire circular lasers that Mario must stretch over. In later fights, there will be Pulse Beams that Torkdrift will target. Wooded Kingdom , Mushroom Kingdom. The King of the Koopas himself, Bowser throws his hats at Mario. To defeat him, Mario must throw Cappy at the hat with punching gloves twice and make his way to Bowser, dodging his spiked balls and fire rings, and punching him.

In the later fights taking place in the Moon Kingdom, Bowser will breathe fire in a large circle after being hit. After those fights, Mario will need to capture Bowser in order to complete the section. A caterpillar-like robot, Mechawiggler fires energy balls from its pods. To defeat it, Mario must capture a Sherm and fire at all of the pods, rendering Mechawiggler weak to rapid fire.

After being hit, it will open portals and charge between them. Mario will have to repeat this process once. In later fights, Mechawiggler will be twice the size. Metro Kingdom , Mushroom Kingdom. To defeat him, Mario must capture a Gushen and spray water onto his head. After being hit, Mollusque-Launcer spins around extremely fast, rendering himself temporarily invincible. In later fights, the arena will have no bottom, meaning Mario will have to constantly fly with the Gushen. A bird hungry for stew, Cookatiel will cough up vegetables.

To defeat it, Mario must capture a Lava Bubble and swim up Cookatiel's barf to reach its head. In later fights, there will be Moonsnakes in the stewpot. Luncheon Kingdom , Mushroom Kingdom. Ruined Dragon. The Lord of Lightning, Ruined Dragon will fire electric saws that roll around the field. To defeat him, Mario must dodge rings of lightning, remove all of the stakes from his head, and ground pound where his helmet usually is, all in the short time that the dragon's head is down.

In later fights, the Ruined Dragon will make more difficult patterns of lightning rings. Ruined Kingdom , Mushroom Kingdom. The Broodals in a giant mech, the RoboBrood fires bombs and rings as well as stamping its giant feet. To defeat it, Mario must capture a Pokio and poke the bombs back at it, making it fall over.

Mario must then climb the robot, then poke at the nearest Broodal-containing dome. After being hit, the RoboBrood will dash across the field with glowing feet. Mario will have to repeat this process three times. In later fights, Mario must capture a Hammer Bro instead of a Pokio. Bowser's Kingdom , Dark Side. An object that Yoshi can eat that increases a meter that, when filled, gives the player a Power Moon.

Coin , coin ring , and coin pile. Golden Turnip. Restores a wedge of health when collected. If the player is at full HP, they will receive five coins. Life-Up Heart. Increases the player's health to six nine in Assist Mode until their health lowers back to three six in Assist Mode. If the player is at full HP, they will receive ten coins. Moon Shard. A piece of a Power Moon.

When five Moon Shards are collected, they turn into a regular Power Moon. Multi Moon. Three Power Moons collected at once, earned from completing certain story objectives, such as defeating world bosses. A rainbow-colored eighth note. These notes appear when the player touches a rainbow-colored treble clef and disappear after a certain amount of time, and when all of them in a set are collected in that amount of time, they reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon. Regional coin. A coin that appears in most kingdoms with either or 50 unique coins appearing in each, which can be used to purchase kingdom-exclusive goods at that kingdom's Crazy Cap. Rocket Flower. Depending on their size, seeds can be thrown into a small pot, which will grow into a golden bulb that, when hit, reveals a Power Moon, or they can be thrown into an enclosed patch of dirt, growing them into a Beanstalk.

An object that can be plucked from the ground and used as a projectile to throw at enemies. Additionally, when thrown into a pot in Peronza Plaza, it awards the player coins. An object that, when captured, launches upward, allowing the player to zoom in with the camera. Zooming in on certain objects while capturing a pair of binoculars will make a Power Moon appear. A rock that rolls and damages the player if they touch it. A large stationary boulder that appears in the Wooded Kingdom can be captured, allowing the player to move it around, allowing access to a hidden area.

Bowser Statue. A statue that appears in the Moon Kingdom as a decoration. One can be captured, allowing the player to move it, revealing a hole underneath it containing a Power Moon. A plant that damages the player if they touch it. A certain cactus can be captured, allowing the player to move it, revealing a spot that, when ground-pounded, releases a Power Moon. A statue that can be captured, allowing the player to move it around. Jizos can break cracked blocks and can weigh down P Switches.

Letters appear in the Metro Kingdom post-game and can be captured, allowing the player to move them, and if the player moves them into slots to correctly spell out "Mario," a Power Moon will appear. An object that is located in the Metro Kingdom's streets.

A small one and a large one can be captured, allowing the player to move them, allowing access to areas underneath them. A slab of meat that can be captured, allowing the player to shake off salt covering it, making Cookatiel pick it up with its talons. Mini Rocket. Picture Match Part. A two-dimensional part of either a Goomba or Mario that can be captured in the Picture Match minigame, where the player must rotate and align the part to align with the corresponding picture.

A pole that can be captured, allowing the player to pull it backward, sending the player in the opposite direction that the Pole was pulled. Puzzle Part Lake Kingdom. A stone block that can be captured, allowing the player to move it around a grid-like area, and if it is correctly moved into a triangular rock, a Lochlady will give the player a Power Moon. Puzzle Part Metro Kingdom. A green block that can be captured, allowing the player to move it in a small grid-like area, and if it is correctly moved into a plug, a Power Moon will appear.

RC Car. Another New Donker also appears in the RC Car Challenge , where the player must use his RC Car when he is captured to complete three laps in a small track within 35 seconds in order to receive a Power Moon, and later in the post-game, the player must do this again while completing the track within 26 seconds in order to receive another Power Moon.

Spark pylon. A vehicle that drives around the Metro Kingdom and can be bounced on as a platform. Certain taxis appear flying in the sky in several kingdoms in the post-game, and zooming in on them with binoculars will make a Power Moon appear. Certain taxis can be captured, allowing the player to drive them automatically, bringing them to a sub-level. A fir tree that appears in the Deep Woods in the Wooded Kingdom can be captured, allowing the player to move it, revealing a spot that can be ground-pounded, revealing a Power Moon.

A block that releases Hearts, coins, or Life-Up Hearts when ground-pounded, hit with Cappy, or hit by jumping under it. When hit, it turns into a Steel Block. A plant that grows when a large seed is thrown into an enclosed patch of dirt. The plant can be climbed to get out of the Deep Woods and to reach out-of-reach and hidden areas.

Brick Block. A block that, when activated in the same way that a? Coin Block. Block that contains multiple coins that must be hit multiple times in order to receive all of the coins. Flower Road. A road made up of flowers that activates when certain P Switches are pressed. When activated, the Flower Road slowly forms, with the back part of the road disappearing as the road forms.

When the Flower Road is nearly at the end of its path, it will automatically form again at the start of its path. Hat Trampoline. A red flower that, when hit with Cappy or rolled into, opens up, allowing the player to step on it, launching them upwards. Certain Hat Trampolines are already opened without interference. Hat trampoline Cascade Kingdom.

A trampoline that makes the player as Mario bounce lightly when walked on, and launches the player upwards when walked on while capturing a T-Rex. Hidden Block. An invisible block that can be seen either when the player puts on a Moe-Eye's sunglasses or when the player ground-pounds close to one.

Hidden Blocks are activated the same way as normal? Blocks and give similar rewards that said blocks give. Mysterious Cloud. A floating cloud resembling a top hat with a question mark on it that temporarily turns into a square cloud platform when hit by Cappy before turning back into a hat.

Sand Geyser. A pillar of sand that rises up and submerges back into the sand. When Sand Geysers are out of the sand, the top of the Sand Geysers can be used as a platform, and touching any part of a Sand Geyser when out of the sand that is not its top will make the player rise to the top of the geyser.

Steel Block. Block, Brick Block, or Invisible Block after it is activated. Steel Blocks do not contain any items. A Warp Pipe that transports the player between 3D and 2D sections and transports the player to other sections of a level in 2D sections. Lava cannon. A cannon that transports Mario long distances as a captured Lava Bubble. Moon Pipe. A Warp Pipe that appears in a kingdom after its Moon Rock is activated. Moon Pipes transport the player to sub-levels. Motor Scooter.

A motorcycle that can be driven, allowing the player to accelerate and dismount the vehicle. The player can jump while driving a Motor Scooter, and if the player correctly parks a Motor Scooter into certain locations in the Metro Kingdom, they will be given a Power Moon.

The game's main form of transportation that transports the player to the different kingdoms. During the game, a certain number of Power Moons is required to power up the Odyssey, unlocking the next kingdom with the exception of the Cap Kingdom, the Cascade Kingdom, and the Mushroom Kingdom. The Odyssey can be entered by entering a door, by entering an exhaust pipe like a Warp Pipe on the back of the Odyssey, and by ground-pounding a panel on the top of the Odyssey.

Inside the Odyssey is a closet where the player can change their clothes, a chair that the player can sit on, and a bed that the player can nap on. The Odyssey can also be decorated on the inside and outside with decorations and souvenirs that can be bought at Crazy Cap locations.

The Odyssey also contains a Checkpoint Flag. A painting that transports the player to a secret area in the kingdom that is displayed on the painting. Warp Pipe. Goomba button. A button that, when stepped on while capturing a Goomba Stack consisting of the number of Goombas indicated by the number printed on it or more, activates an event, revealing a Power Moon.

Ground-Pound Switch. Lever Switch. P Switch. The player can throw Cappy on a Scarecrow to activate an event such as opening a door or activating a Timer Challenge when Cappy is on the Scarecrow. If the player walks away from the Scarecrow or jumps on it, Cappy will fly back to the player, which will deactivate the event activated by the Scarecrow. An obstacle in the 8-bit sections that continually rolls along solid ground, dealing one hit point of damage if touched.

An obstacle fired out of turrets that rolls along the ground and explodes after a while. Mario can poke bombs while capturing a Pokio to make them move faster in the direction they were poked, causing them to explode once they hit a solid object on the side.

An obstacle fired out of holes that rolls along the ground and collapses once it hits a wall. Swiping at it while capturing Bowser can also destroy it. Freezing water. Water that, when swam in, will gradually cover the screen in frost. If the player stays in freezing water for too long, the player will take damage. When capturing a Snow Cheep Cheep or a Gushen, the player will not take damage from frozen water, and frost will not cover the screen. A hazard that, when touched, causes Mario to lose one hit point and jump up in pain.

It can be safely traveled by capturing a Lava Bubble. Lava Geyser. A hazard that damages Mario in the same way as lava. It can be safely jumped on by capturing a Lava Bubble. Oil drum. Pulse Beam. An object that fires a ring-shaped laser beam when hit with a Cap Throw or a beam from another Pulse Beam. An obstacle that continually rolls along solid ground, dealing one hit point of damage if touched. Spike Trap. Refills the player's air meter when the player or Cappy touches it.

Bubbles appear underwater. Items can appear inside bubbles. Touching an underwater Checkpoint Flag or hitting one with Cappy spawns a bubble. Checkpoint Flag. Checkpoint Flags appear in most kingdoms and on the Odyssey.

Dying brings the player to the last Checkpoint Flag they touched or hit with Cappy. The player can also warp to any Checkpoint Flag they previously touched or hit with Cappy by selecting it on the map. Gravity field. Hat Launcher.

When Cappy comes into contact with a Hat Launcher, it launches him in the direction it is facing. Hint Art. Locked panel. Moon Rock. An object that appears in most kingdoms. When glowing, the Moon Rock can be activated by ground-pounding it or hitting it with Cappy. Treasure chest. Can contain various items and can be opened by hitting it with Cappy or ground-pounding it. Certain treasure chests need to be opened in a specific order, and failing to do so will cause them to disappear and cause Chinchos to appear.

The treasure chests will reappear once all of the Chinchos are defeated. Yoshi Egg. A misty town where many Bonneter home-ships reside. Paragoombas , Mini Goombas , and frogs can be found in the place, and its boss is Topper. Cappy of the Cap Kingdom.

Cascade Kingdom Fossil Falls. A prehistoric tropical mountainous area where Chain Chomps and Burrbos can be found. Madame Broode is fought here. Our First Power Moon 2. Multi Moon Atop the Falls. Sand Kingdom Tostarena. A desert turned cold where Bullet Bills and Goombas are common. Mario can move around more quickly by riding Jaxi. The bosses fought here are Hariet and Knucklotec. Atop the Highest Tower 2. Moon Shards in the Sand 3.

Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid 4. The Hole in the Desert. Lake Kingdom Lake Lamode. A large lake area with an underwater plaza. Rango is fought in this kingdom. Broodals Over the Lake. Wooded Kingdom Steam Gardens. A forest neighboring an iron building in a zone surrounded by mountains and a Geodesic Dome. Many Uproots and Sherms can be found here, and its bosses are Spewart and Torkdrift. Road to Sky Garden 2. Flower Thieves of Sky Garden 3. Path to the Secret Flower Field 4.

Defend the Secret Flower Field! Cloud Kingdom Nimbus Arena. A small arena on the clouds. Bowser is fought here for the first time. Lost Kingdom Forgotten Isle. A tropical jungle-like island. Poisonous areas with Fuzzies and Tropical Wigglers appear.

Metro Kingdom New Donk City. A large city area with several skyscrapers. Mechawiggler is fought here. The Scourge on the Skyscraper 2. A Fresh Start for the City 3. A Traditional Festival! Snow Kingdom Shiveria. A snow realm with an underground village and a racetrack. This area has many Ty-foos and Spinies , and Rango is its boss. The Cake Thief's Parting Gift 2. The Bound Bowl Grand Prix. Seaside Kingdom Bubblaine. A coastal area with several giant gold and glass chalices as the main landmarks.

Its boss is Mollusque-Lanceur. The Glass Is Half Empty! Luncheon Kingdom Mount Volbono. A colorful volcanic area made out of food around a pink lava sea with Lava Bubbles. The bosses fought here are Spewart and Cookatiel. Under the Cheese Rocks 3. Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In! Climb Up the Cascading Magma 5. Cookatiel Showdown! Ruined Kingdom Crumbleden. A place with tall buildings reduced to ruins.

The boss fought here is the Ruined Dragon. Battle with the Lord of Lightning! Bowser's Kingdom Bowser's Castle. An area with large Japanese-style temples and structures surrounded by colorful clouds. The main enemies found here are Pokios and Stairface Ogres. Hariet and Topper are fought firstly, and RoboBrood shows up as the kingdom boss. Infiltrate Bowser's Castle! Smart Bombing 3. Big Broodal Battle 4.

Showdown at Bowser's Castle. Moon Kingdom Honeylune Ridge. An area on the Moon with low-gravity sections on the surface and lava-themed sections below the ground. Bowser is fought here. Bowser's Moon Wedding. Mushroom Kingdom Peach's Castle. Peach's Castle.

Many elements in this kingdom reference Super Mario 64 , including the regular Power Moons, which are shaped like Power Stars.

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