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the world-famous New York Rangers face off against the team from Mystery, it unleashes a torrent of bottled-up frustration and exposes a talent. Max Winters, a pulp writer in s New York, finds himself drawn into a story Ripped directly from the world of BITCH PLANET, a crack team of creators.

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What's happening, New York? Take a holiday 'Cause my life turned out boring What's happening, New York? Days go by the same again Days go by the same again You and I are separate And sometimes I can't stand the wait I have got to get away Just phone all night and sleep all day Well, that doesn't sound like paradise to me Take a holiday 'Cause I can hear them calling What's happening, New York? Give me Aspen in New York.

Submit Corrections. You Haven't Changed. Dressed For Success. Ain't Telling The Truth. Eight minutes of chugging, strutting Velvetsy goodness, with Cloher lazily talk-singing about everything from kangaroos drinking out of pools to the plebiscite. The type of pop punk that goes with half-pipes and purple spikes and cargo shorts and One Dollar Short stickers.

A delicate psychotropic daydream worlds away from their recent metal work. You have to be a pretty decent rapper to name yourself T. Shirt and get away with it. This started the trend of songs that sound specifically written for Pretty Little Things ads. A horror that you hope to never sleepily stumble into, chronicled at breakneck pace. The best thing to come out of Newcastle since Diorama and Henny Penny.

One of the best in the game, with a catalogue to rival Paul Kelly and Tim Rogers. The heir apparent to Powderfinger — this song holds the chorus back until the last minute, which is a good trick if you can keep people listening. Sparkling power pop way too bright for Melbourne. A dark, twisted, tortured tale about the importance of signing up to the NRMA. A fantastic song that continues a long lineage of perfect sunny Australian pop.

Mature rock from a band that was barely of drinking age, and split up way too soon. Like The Triffids and Go-Betweens went on a road trip together in a beat up Datsun they have to push-start. Darren Hayes. Do not listen to this if you are experiencing any personal turmoil.

A pleasing late-career gem that sprung up some 22 years since their commercial peak. Bouncy, jangling pop music that can brighten any corner. Are Dick Diver still a band? A soothing salve from one of the greatest voices our country produced. It sounds like the eerie tape diaries of someone long dead, released after these tapes were discovered in a suitcase bought at an op-shop. How does Paul Kelly still have songs this great inside him? The moment when Wizard of Oz turns from black and white to blinding technicolour.

So warm-sounding for a winter hymn about lonely, aimless wandering. Slacker pop about buying sausages and day-drinking to chase away depression. Which, by reading this far, you have. The type of song a band puts out just before they realise how great they are. As a man, let me explain to you exactly why you should like this song. That never happens. A universe of its own: dusty samples, homespun production, handclaps, harmonies, and heart. The most heart-on-sleeve song from a guy that specialises in the format, completely pissed away as an EP track, in the model of all great bands.

You can tell they were aiming for classic opening song status with this gem, and they absolutely nailed it. One of the greatest pop tunes to come out of Australia in years. Should have been an international hit. A long, dusty drive when the scenery stays the same but the air is alive. A shimmering slice of dream pop to rival Galaxie , Cocteau Twins and that one Cranberries song you like. Did you know the American edit of this cut out the HellFuckYeah part, which is like editing out the songs from Grease to make it flow better?

A timeless tale of heartbreak to end one of the most wonderful Aussie albums ever crafted. A warm breezy pop tune that recalls Crowded House at their very best.

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