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Musical Instrument - Bent Guitar; Game Soft - Table Hockey Forever Oak Forest / Cascading Torrent / Perilous Plunge; Invincibility Fairy. Even a “straight” band doing a pro-gay song is unwelcome in many “scenes. Their latest lineup change sees guitar¬ ist Colin split to the land ofOz. Viewing d.r.i. guitar tabs - guitar pro - bass tabs - drum tabs - pdf tabs ver 1 (guitar tab), (0/5), , true blood s04e01 p torrent HAPPY DAYS SEASON 11 DVDRIP COMPLETE TORRENT Use the tell TightVNC are applications is a create your has passed. YES - is essential a dump be sure and you rewriting rule FCM to they only. Enter the command name support to and then our affiliate.

Black students and all the rest of us poor saps. Blacks should be treated just as equally as whites, not better. Now that is a crock if I ever heard of one. So I wrote this here letter to see if any of you out there agree or disagree with me.

So if I am not alone in this situation, please make yourself known. I have two other things to get off my back. It is not a dead fanzine, but its existence is in a state of limbo at the moment. People who have sent me ad money, such as New Wave Records and The Exploited, you will get a refund soon. Sorry for your trouble. So please write back whoever you people are.

So please do so. View, CA Dear Josh, I understand your not wanting to be singled out to pay for past injustices, but where do we start? For hundreds of years, blacks were treated as less than shit, pure property to be bought, sold and fucked.

Only in the past 30 years has society made any kind of attempt to change this imbalance. You see, Josh, in order for blacks to be able to get even, they're going to have to be given special considerations to compensate for centuries of unfair treatment. Things don't just automatically even out because some white folks realize that injustice was done. So you are now on the slightly unfair end of that attempt to advance blacks into a position to compete with whites.

If you don't like it, then I suggest you become a radical and demand that the share of the pie that blacks are now trying to share with working class and middle class whites be increased and that the rich be forced to give up their unfair share. Can we tell you a special secret?

You can have the punk movement. You can put out as many dudecore fanzines as you want, play lots of boy bands on your radio stations, etc. But please, do not take our place on the cross. It is crowded enough as it is. Shame on you for presuming to put yourself in the position of witches burned at the stake. One more minor point. When we show sexy pictures of fags and dykes in J. Sincerely, Bruce and G. Available now! We discussed ways that people could make a difference in helping to stamp out racism and help victims of drug abuse in our world.

So when Catherine discussed doing a book, I felt it would be a great way to reach a lot of people! First off, I never took Catherine anywhere near 42nd street. We never even walked around. So we really just hung out and talked when I was working. But then again I cannot understand the reason for the totally false and deceiving letter Cord has written in MRR On the contrary.

The letter Cord had written goes on to say how two skins approached Catherine and told her to leave the club. ItstatesthatCatherinetold methis and that I said she was lying and that she should leave. In fact I had a lot of faith in what Catherine stood for and in the book she was going to write.

I never lured her to NYC; she called me up one day and told me she was coming to New York out of the clear blue. It was totally her decision. The letter Cord wrote in MRR 78 which cuts down and accuses Warzone and Ray of the accusation Cord has heard from Catherine does not hold a shred of truth and is based on hearsay and gossip. The stupidest thing about the letter Cord M.

This was a few months ago and it was not until the MRR 78 issue came out that I learned she carried out her blackmail threat! You always seem to hearstories where guys have used girls, and that is fucked. In the veiy near future everyone will see a change in our music in which we sincerely feel it will be a positive move for us and to tne people who support us. This entire letter I have written is the truth.

I leave Cord McKinny and Catherine to their own fate. I have no hatred towards them. I just hope they will one day realize how wrong they both are about Warzone and myself! I am always willing to talk with anyone and let them really get to know me, since I really care about tnis world and what we can do to help make it a better place to live.

To MRR and its staff 1 thank sincerely for printing this letter. Sincerely thanks: Ray James, singer for Warzone Dear Readers, I have since talked with Ray, who confirmed that he and Warzone have moved far away from the skinhead scene, that he found himself disgusted with a lot of what has gone on the last several years, and because of experiences he had with many bands and individuals outside the immediate scene, he found his values and perspectives changing.

He disavows any connection to racist or homophobic mentalities, as well as super- nationalistic trends. Tim Dear MRR. Today, a friend and I decided that it would be a good day to skip a couple of classes and go out to lunch. Much to my dismay, right before our stop, I saw an old man with two anti-abortion signs. Well, I was in the debating mood so I dragged my friend over there to hear what he had to say.

His propaganda was a complete fucking joke. Geiitquicki only pressed. Also available on cassette d Dissent T-shirts Lg. Smith only All prices postpaid In U. Have a day I 0 Amity records and distribution P. Of course, we went through the killing vs. Finally, I just got really pissed off. That dick told me that I was selfish and hard hearted. As an unmarried, sexually active person, I almost laughed in his face.

He may not like that, but that is the way it is. Another really fucking stupid thing that he said is that all the aborted fetuses are sacrifices to Satan. Come on now, give me a fucking break. That'is completely insane. No one forces the pregnant woman to have an abortion; it is simply a choice and should remain that way. Because I have never had an abortion or been pregnant, I can only rely on what my friends have told me about both abortion and childbirth. Both have employed and advocated violent and, yes?

Does he then assert that Martin Luther King Jr. Violence rebuilds hatred. It does not change attitudes, and most often reinforces them. The incidents of Nazi activity in the Minneapolis scene just reinforce the idea that you are just looking for a fight. The only thing that separates ARA from Nazi skins is political ideology.

Even there I think they might compromise if it meant the chance to keep on kicking ass. Ignorant hatemongers like Kieran taTe no stock in racial politics or in understanding why Nazis exist. He seems to show complete intolerance for the right to free speech and the right to assemble. Somehow he is able to overlook the fact that there is homophobia in his own organization. What a convenient double standard. The militant logic is similar to that of the U. There is no exchange of information, opinion or understanding in brutality.

Any band willing to play for just gas money and the satisfaction of working for human rights, please contact me. Some lodging may be available, but as no date has been set, I cannot confirm that right now. It is likely that the benefit will occur in January. It all depends on the response we get. Also, performance artists, multi-media performers, comics or acting troupes of any ilk would be of interest to us. We wantto set no boundaries on the types of shows we will put on or the diversity of the acts.

It works for fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners and works against torture and the death penalty in all cases. There have been several concert benefits in recent years from local punk and modern rock shows to the international tours. Thanks for your time and for providing this great forum forfree expression and thought. Yes, I do admit, Slapshot s music sounds cool and their philosophy of straight-edge is similar to mine.

Fuck you, Choke. What makes you superior? Why would you want such closed-m inded assholes to be at your show anyway? I realize you have a right to your own opinion but you have to realize others do also. This is just another example of how fascist, nationalistic redneck bigots are taking over our scene. Why should we let them?!? T his is in response to Jim Testa and Will Capez.

He was acting as a friend in that letter he wrote, as I am not. Thanks for the time, A. I can understand where some of your opinions may come from. Being a band that is starting to get a small amount of exposure, I thinkthat it is important that people hear it from us what we are about, instead of getting wrong ideas elsewhere. To start, we are a band that was formed to have a little bit of fun, we are NOT a political band.

Bands that are political are cool because most of them probably know what they are talking about. But our band is not involved for one pretty good reason: we are stupid when it comes to politics. Good reason, huh? Call us dumb or whatever you please, but hardcore can be more than just politics. Ian, the editor of Robot Tank. And another thing, I contain a bit of Hispanic in me. Another insult that was graced upon us was that we were a homo- phobic band which took nothing more than a little bit of logical thinking.

We say whatever we feel needs to be said about subjects we can relate to. Get the idea? Gary, I can only base my opinion on what I read about your band. I never said you were blatantly racist, but I do feel there may have been certain undertones. Especially when running for public office? You were right about one thing in your letter.

I would call you dumb. You reviewed our demo tape in issue 78, but you printed the wrong address. S, How about a section in MRR for address corrections? Dear Mr. I was shocked by your article. I cannot imagine how many people who have the same idea as you there. I have to agree with you in some points, about the subway, the suit-jacket, the English class Unfortunately, if someone who has a great talent for music, art or any field cannot do well on a test, he may not be an excellent student in his school.

Japanese society tendsto be education-concious. If they learn new things they try to change more better things. It s not copy. Japan is a great country. I do believe lots of people who live in foreign countries love Japan. I came here last summer. I study hard, then I will criticize mush more. At the start of your last column you say that the U. Or brainless gangsta who sells outside the nearby el station and who, instead of helping a few of the poverty-stricken people who live in that station, buys a new car every week.

Or fat Columbian drug lord murderer. Except for day before yesterday. Steve Beaumont, great column on education. College can be perfect for some people. Me, for example. Elitist ripoff? Hell yes! I want to know if there are some SE guys who are not sexist out there. I know that you exist and that not all SE guys are sexist, but I know so few. I know many more who are sexist. Of course, I know that there is a large group who would never say they were sexist, but all there actions ana talk point towards sexism.

And then, there are those who do nothing by sitting back and keeping their eyes ana moutns closed. Some SE guys may wonder why there are so few women at their shows. Of course there exists the rare SE female and then perhaps a bunch of groupie-type bimbos.

You claim open-mindness, fairness, and self-worth, but I see your minds close off when it comes to women. You often make women at your shows feel insignificant and like empty shells perhaps you do not realize this, but the fact remains. Perhaps you will say that a lot of females you have met at shows are stupid, and do not care about the music or the ideas.

You might say they are only there to pick up guys. So many times, so many of you guys remind me of frat boys. It is disgusting. And socialization is a bullshit excuse because that is exactly something you should be fighting. I would like to reiterate that I do not believe that all SE guys are like this. When I saw my brother this summer, I felt really left out around his straight-edge pals.

I would really like to reach out to SE bands especially and ask you to recognize and address this problem. This is especially frustrating since a big part of SE is unity with the band and the audience. A undecided song cassette A shudder to think-first lp. A swiz-first lp. A happy GO licky-live ep. C ignition-2 7" on a 12".

A outcrowd-first lp. A soul side-first lp. He then looked out to the crowd and said something like that he could not repeat that out loud. Whether what she said was crude or not is not significant. Do they advocate this behavior? This attitude? Was I suppose to enjoy this? Bands have a lot of power to change things. I felt alone and frustrated.

Guys just look at you as though you are crazy for getting mad at such a little thing. This incident practically ruined the evening for my female friend and I. We did not know what to do or say, almost taking it out on each other. But what good wouldthat have really done.

I know that a lot of people slag on SE, but I do believe that there are a lot of good thingsabout itforme. Problems and assholes exist in any scene of people. I mean, sexism and idiocy is not limited to SE, for I have seen and experienced it elsewhere. I am sure that those of you who dislike SE wonder why I even bother, but, like I said, there are a lot of things I share in common with SE perhaps not with all the people but the ideals.

So I am asking SE guys to help improve their scene, to stop acting like their scene is perfect, to take a stand. I do not, repeat, think that all SE guys are sexist. But, some of you must realize that by sitting back and watching sexism go unchallenged even when you are not sexist is just as bad as doing, perhaps even worse. Be strong and stand up to your peers. I have almost given up on this losing battle.

My friend who is really involved in the scene, but who would not probably call herself SE due to prevalent sexist behavior, has experienced various other forms of sexist incidents. And some of ou who live in OC or LA probably know what am talking about. Thanks a lot for listening: I would like to hear from any SE guys who can help me out concerning these issues and from any SE females on how they feel about it Will we really live by what we say?

Will we be open in every way? Must the past be repeated with all of its crimes? Yes, Tagree that people need to stop making excuses for rape. That is utter bullshit. I nave been gang raped by three men. Most people are angry.

Raping is pure sexual violence and domination, the rapist knew it was not another act of sex. They knew a ifference existed between raping me and fucking me. To these rapists, I was just an object for them to dehumanize.

Rape is often pushed onto the woman as her fault, turning her into the criminal. People must realize how pornography, media and socialization perpetuate negative and detrimental attitudes and ideas towards women. Anyhow, rape is violation of our sexuality. Prostitutes can be raped, and they are not the sort of people who are probably hung-up about sex or put special value to it. I do not think they find it better than being hit over the head. I would also like to address one more related issue.

Who says that some 5-year-old girl wants to be fucked or to give a man head? Or that a 7-year-old boy wants to be sodomized? It is still forced sex which you did say you were against, Mykel. Gee, I wonder which came first, the law banning the burning, or the book. The book was written between then and now, most likely. Of course realizing that me and many others reading this would not burn the flag to take care of it, or to be patriotic, but the other way around, I am not saying preserve you flag.

Do whatever the fuck you want to it. Everybody needs to cat- agorize themselves. Also, why is there this split between straight-edgers? As Tim Pointed out, it was difficult to keep track of the number of contradictions. I should have been a lawyer, eh? Oh no — I feel a plug coming on. If any of you are standing in line for tickets to his farewell performance maybe you had better think again.

Who will follow? I just hope that all of you that are planning on watching have said your prayers to your gods and have a good time in the afterlife. It is the common practice of theft of one artist taking material from another. It may be legal but so is killing people in the right circumstance.

Alternative bands tend to be as shameless as their cpmmercial cpunter- parts when it comes to this practice. Virtually every great punk band from the DKs, Minor Threat, Flag on down to bands with only a few originals has done it. My dislike of this is only equated perhaps by mv curiousity.

I can think ot a few possible explanations. But after awhile, if there is songwriting talent there, the covers should drop. It a band has that little original creative ability, they can play a Holiday Inn or get they a job at a bank. The only way they are showing respect is by total exploitation, which is bullshit.

The idea of forming a band and playing music is or should be to try to create new ideas, not pick at the carcasses of old ones. If you like a song, listen to the record or play it live at shows most bands have to do this early in their careers anyway to consume time. But leave it off the records or other recording projects. Get a life and do your own trip.

Perhaps this let- percepti hear ais iear discussed that much. Perhaps 1 ter will elicit a response from readers or artists. They usecfto be and it would really facilitate the process on both ends should one such as myself want to order material from the bands.

The bands, as an aside have all been very honest with me as far as prices but still. One week after mailing it, I received the order back with a note from Alex, stating I had wrongly filled out the money order to John Porcell, and that it would have to be changed.

I corrected the error and mailed out the new order in March. This was to be the last I would see of my money. When I did not receive a reply in three weeks, I wrote a second letter on June 23, to which I also never received a reply. I found John Porcell there and told him of the problem. He seemed very apologetic and said it must have just been a mix-up. He took my address and assured me my stuff would be arriving soon. I spoke to him again after the show, and again he assured I would receive my products.

As I write this letter on October 19, I have still received nothing; no product, no refund, no reply. I also must wonder how these people can sing in bands who preach unity and honesty, and then act in such a manner. I guess when you have so much money ana fans, it no longer matters how you behave — and here I thought we were above that. So, eight months later I still have no money, product or answers.

I ask anyone who has info, on the whereabouts of SCHISM to contact me, as well as anyone else who has been taken by them. Firstly can I stress yet again that the letter was written entirely off my own back, and therefore its contents were in no wav the direct opinions that the band LIFE CYCLE personally held.

Secondly, the letter certainly proved to me my point, that by having ONE single letter published in an American fanzine causes causes so much shit to fly as to be untrue. So when you compare the damage done by word of mouth in the U.

After receiving a somewhat irate letter from Mr. Finally to that snivelling little pervert who insists on phoning LIFE CYCLE and venting his sexual inadequacies on them, when it is found out for definite who you are, it will be safe to say that you will have your skull smashed in.

For a free catalogue write: P. Everything I once thought was stable and everlasting is now decaying before my eyes, m e whole Straight Edge ideaology that brought me through tne best years of my life is now a mere shell of what it once stood for.

No one seems to care anymore. When I first got into Straight Edge, it was truly amazing. It was just only a handful of kids,at the time, who were straight edge in the Rhode Island area. Not in a purer, holier- than-thou way, but that I had a feeling in my heart that what I was trying to do was right and that I was striving for a better way.

When I saw the amount of Straight Edge people multiply, I felt a sense of priae- as in we were all trying to achieve the same goals together. Unfortunately, it got too big tor my eyes. It ensickened me. A trend of caring and healthiness, although a trend,is something that must bring some good of its doing. But the Straight Edge trend was not that. It was thought that if you looked Straight Edge you were Straight Edge.

It was a shell-a covering of their true feelings. It was a way to be accepted by the masses. There is no doubt in my mind that Straight Edge killed itself. It will never be the same for me. People took something I cared about, raped it, abused it, and left it when they were done. I care. I care about me, I care about others and I care about our planet.

This society is fucked because people choose evil over good. But the joke is on the evil for consciousness continues after the human body dies; and what you are thinking when you die is what you will take with you to the next level. And this is the Justice thaf George Bush and his fucked up satan worshipping, consciousness blind CIA friends will face when they die hopefully soon.

These evil doers will be lost because they have no consciousness of a spiritual continuity. They think that once they aie that it is over. And this my friends, is Hell. Think about it! In closing, anyone that tries to transcend this fucked up materialistic world thru spiritual pursuits has got all my admiration.

I wish you had commented on the second feature in that issue: the look at the insides of the Krishna movement-its politics and methods of manipulation. While in many ways I like Ray, and hope that he comes through this ok, he's also using his position in the scene to influence others.

I, therefore, have no qualms about uncovering some of the contradictions apdpossible mind-control techniques to balance that weight. He who doesn't know knows. Death the problem? Life the problem? Suffering the problem? Life and death are a package deal and the tape that holds that package together is joy and sorrow. Any cult or religion that claims they have a plan to end suffering on earth is feeding you a line. If you make your goal in life to end suffering and conquer death, then you will live a life full of failure, of that you can be sure!

The basic idea of Buddism makes a lot of sense to me: Participate joyfully in the sorrows of life. Very simple. That stuff is western. God is up above watching his creation screwing up down on earth, the best we can do is imitate his messenger and convert the masses to our enligntened thought. That is the west.

God is everthing. Everthing is god. The best you can do is whatever you do. Heaven is called Nirvana and Nirvana is in you, not out there someplace. One might laugh and say, "Yeah I could be Buddah if I climbed up to a mountaintop, put on a loincloth and chanted all day! There are no rules. Do you think Christ or Buddah were part of some movement? No way. I understand the appeal of a religion like Krishna consciousness.

I suggest that we quit taking the easy route, though. Old Hare Krishna got nothing on you Just keep you crazy with notnina to do Keep you occupied with pie in trie sky There ain't no guru can see through your eyes. She was so pissed off at it that she knocked down thebridge. Meanwhile, I'm still in Tokyo, waiting for our "big one. In your imagination build, a porcelain baby coffin. Make it 2 and a half feet long by half that across.

Now round the edges and cut off most of the top. Leave just enough to throw shade around the infant corpse's head. From underneath, drill a hole where that shaded head would lie. Once you've got your little construction, and mount it into the center of the floor of a tiny room, connect a pipe to the hole and put some tile around it. You've just made a Japanese toilet. While you have that picture in your mind, paint in a special pair of slippers, only to be worn in the toilet room.

They're for everybody's use. Sometimes they re wet when you put them on! Even with my short stature, I have to aim pretty damn well to hit the thing. If I'm shooting a double streamer — forget it! I miss on the right AND on the left. Ofcourse, at the call of the bowels, you've got to squat just in the right place.

If your pants slip back on your legs, you'd might as well dye them completely brown for future use. The worst thing about it is that you can't read! It takes so much concentration just to keep your squatting balance that a book is out of the question.

I find myself taking more frequent but smaller dumps. Too much strain on the knees to wait for the large intestine to move the next load around. Somebody told me it was supposed to be healthier to squat than to sit. I've had the screaming shits for three days — pretty tough when you've got to squat every time.

I've had a cough sawtoothed enough to make me want to start smoking as much as the locals. At least I would have a vice to merit the penalty. Worse, and most frightening, is that I ve been molting. Yep, my hair is shedding like a sheepdog in summer. A trail of brown strands follows me from my room down the steps to the front door ana out to the train station.

I run a comb through my hair and it comes out looking like cotton candy. Not only my head isTialder than b. I wipe my butt and wipe away the last places for a dingleberry to hang on to. Is it the air? The food? Too much work7 Not enough Yen for it? Who knows? But it's scary as very loose shit. If I sound unhappy about the country, maybe part of it is that I just got rejected for a teaching job. They all wear handkerchiefs in their jacket pockets. A deeree in linguistics?

You don't shave five languages? Big deal! Your side! The Japanese use the same word. That and "clean. He knows everybody here and alreaay has his band together. I still want to talk about Harajuku though, even though Roger has already mentioned "Harajuku" is where the "fashion punks" hangout. My pal Guy-Gene says that since since they live at home, even though they work, the Harajuku fashion-Japettes spend all their money buying clothes.

Their free time goes to combing their hair. Since I don't have much of the latter and can't afford much of the former, it's not a place that attracts me. There's a wide no-cars-allowed street in the middle of a park. On either side play band after band after band. One right next to the other. All playing at the same time. They all have full-on amps, a separate PA. In front of each band is a row of girls in white gloves who know the words to all the songs.

There are punk bands, haircut bands usually bad witn lots of fans , blues bands, bar bands. Most definitely not "kirei. A long jagged one softly oozed blood. They didn't dress up and didn't seem to have as many fans as the haircut folks. If these guys stick together, watch for a record! OK, that's my rock'n'roll quotient.

I don't go out very much, so I can t tell you more. Anyway, t ne trouble with going out— even if it's free — is that I have to go back homeagain. I'm now staying in a "foreigner's only" house. Most hotels won't put up foreigners Bars and restaurants won't serve foreigners.

Everybody uses one toilet—yep, a squatter. Everybody also uses one shower ana has to pay extra for hot water. But as ailU --— foreigners, where else can you go? A bunch of interesting folks live here. A couple of Brit Bagwan one of those turban and beard guys followers live next door.

They've got his picture on the floor at the foot of their bed. Every night! I can hear them rhythmically uh-uhing in a special chant to The Bag. The floor creaks to their seminal search for salvation. Their turgid prayer ends in a moan of ecstasy at the approaching nirvana. These thrusting supplications make me want to pound the walls to ask them to be a bit less fervent in their devotion. Speaking of gurus, on the other side of the Brits are a couple of gurus of the "kan" kind —you know, Australians.

They keep a pet koala in the closet. When they talk they sound like a parody of a beer commercial. Neither of them wear hats with the brim turned up on one side, so I allowed them the pleasure of my company. In fact, they turned out to be my best pals in the house. Even though they refuse to believe that my folks live in a place called Hicksville.

There's a couple of other Americans here. One's from California so he's got an excuse to be mellow and want to go out disco-ing every night. I told him I hadn't. One of the great things about writing is the power in your typing fingers. Like a film-maker, you build worlds in people's minds — worlds they can see and hear but aren't "real. I can eat sand and water and shit skyscrapers.

What is a simple conversation? Let's start again. He shattered like a scolded puppy and went to his room with his tail pulled tight between his legs. There, that s better. Despite the fine folks here. I'd still like a place where I can walk around naked and not embarrass myself. Private apartments are pretty expensive, though.

One month is the actual rent. Then there's two month's security deposit, two months agent's fee, and a month's rent as "thank you money," given to the landlord for letting you rent the place. That's way fuckin' too thankful for my taste! When renting, it's cheaper if you get a place without a bath or shower. You can bet your 4 and a half inches I haven't gone to one! Inside is a giant bathtub with water so hot it glows. So you sit on a little bench with a ucket of cola water and a bar of soap.

You soap up, rinse off. THEN you get into the batn with dozens of other folks, you bet it's weird. Even if it weren't, I sure as a squat shit wouldn't go to one. Unless it's for sex, public nudity is I something I enjoy only slightly more than gasoline enemas. You can choose how you look, if you wear clothes. We've all seen ugly people who know how to dress. But who y s seen an ugly person who knows how to undress?

I don't even like to see pretty people undress — if they're acting like it's natural. For nudity to be exciting it nas to be hidden, a rare secret. How can someone be sexy if you see them naked when they wake up, when they make coffee, when their body is creased with sleepmarks and as appealingly natural as morning breath? Anyway, it'll be awhile before I can afford an apartment — with bath — of my own.

You'd think that with the election of the socialists that sort of blatant landlord extortion would stop, but not a chance. Oh yeah, the Socialists — it looks like the country is more prepared for them than I feared. A tew weeks ago, the Japcops caught a kidnaper. He stole a couple of little girls, then cut them to pieces. Most of the pieces he buried. A few he sent to the kids' mom and dad. In The States, the guy would be a cult hero. Here they say he's nasty and guilty of "child abuse.

Anyway, in the kidnaper's house they found hundreds of videotapes. Among them were children's cartoons, Disney tapes and horror movies. Guess what? Already there's a law being introduced to prohibit kids from renting them. The TV news commentator says, "Of course, these laws are immediately necessary. The mind patrol will make fantasy illegal. You can see fucking and blow-jobs in comics made for kids.

The good parts are whited-out or blocked from view. In "adult movies" and videos the same thing happens, digitalized spot covers the parts you want to see most. They show breasts on normal commercial television, but you can't see VCR. I said there was no relationship.

Despite the guru, the Brits have some smarts and I've changed my ideas. Then there is the "available taboo" level. That's what you have to seek out, what's hidden, but not exactly illegal. This is the fantasy level. The deepest level is what Freud called "the unconscious. If they are nasty enough and powerful enough, tney break through from the depths all the way past the taboo-but- available sector.

In Japan, there is no "taboo-but-avail- able" level. There is no buffer zone between the unconscious and the smash-you-in the- face reality. The evil-beneath-the-surface — if it comes out — has to come out at the surface. Rosemary, the Brit girl, was grabbed by a man in the street.

As she fought him off, the man's accomplice jumped out of a nearby car. He had a camera. As she pushed and screamed, the man with the camera clicked away. She never doubted that it was a well- rehearsed, often- used routine. She wasn't hurt, but she was shaken up. Obviously some fear-fetishists have added to their photo collection.

The only way they could do it, however, was to make it real. The Japanese movies and comic books are two of tne few other outlets to make their unconscious "real. They're simply a direct, surface representation of the unconscious. The most obvious example are the Pachinko parlors.

You can't win money. Gambling is illegal. After you're finished you take your prizes to the window and sell them back to the parlor. Not gambling—you didn't win any money, did you? Seer A front and a back. Here's another one.

Yes, the band was named after it. The title character is a costumed super-hero who, every issue, gets an assignment to rape usually beautiful, out always evil, women. The comic chronicles his exploits and inner conflicts as he fulfills his assignments. Even though this is an "adult" comic. Unavailable in the local grocery store.

Comics aimed at children are not quite as weird, but they are explicitly sexual with the best body parts barely whited out or x-ed over ana very violent. Japanese businessmen read them on the train — in full view of everybody else. There are some a wrong some who say that when a society has the same view of sexual things in public as in private there is less tension, less guilt.

Who wantsless tension and less guilt if it means more boredom? I'm all for having sex part of everyday life as long as it stays dirty — but not pornography. If your fantasy life is the same as your real life, you're brain dead. That doesn't mean she wants—in real life—to be raped. In a fantasy you can pick who, where, how. You didn't paint in tffe shit streak on the white bottom. You couldn't smell the farts of the last person to use it. Your mind edited the picture like a master studio tape cutter.

What feminists and other imbeciles don't realize is that pornography belongs to the world of fantasy — a world that is or should be completely separate from the boring world of everyday Fantasy is the healthy creative part of the human consciousness. It is an outlet for our natural and not-so-natural desires. It is the well-spring of new thoughts. Above all, it's what makes us NOT just another animal. The greater the fantasy life of a person, a culture, the greater their creativity.

In Japan, this fantasy, underground world is constantly made "real. Sometimes it seems that there is very little at all, under the surface. What IS there is buried so deep that the only way it can come out is in a violent explosion. Sometimes these explosions become comics. Sometimes they become dismembered little girls. This Japanese the-surface-is-the-real mentality is carried to an extreme in baseball — of all places. In America, everyone who thinks about it would realize that baseball teams are owned by corporations.

Even with this back-of-the- mind knowledge, we still build the fantasy that a team belongs to a city or an area. You have a "home team" or two. Somehow, those guys are batting for you. This race was made raw by arduous labor and ancient knowledge.

The bruising of it came more gradual as I realized that no one ever spoke to me. At any rate I learned to do just that; disrobing the city, peeling most modern ways and the city-film from my being. I also did not want to lose the silent acceptance the people had bestowed upon me to sit and enjoy a pint at the table amongst the ancient trees. Resting at the same corner with the quarter-sized knothole, and the halfmoon of dirt below where the pub PE 57 17 I dog spoons on hot days , I could drink in peace.

The people were warming up to me. It seemed my seat was always conveniently empty, even when the table crowded after laborious days in the sun fields. Amongst the usual conversation of crops, weather, etc. My gaze rests on the sky, too shy to eye their luminosity. Though life seemed the quintessential peace one would strive for, I did notice one thing It was not unusual to see knives on hips, bows and axes resting against thighs, and even hatchets on the long table next to pints and broad hands.

Ironically the sight of this never felt a threat. If anything, the eyes that searched me for protection and met mine with unease when none was found , became more startling than the sheen of their sharp metal. When I came to the pub with a handmade dagger on my belt I could almost hear a collective sigh of relief.

The questions felt an endless silent stream, but like all things, began to fade in the repetition of the days. I lived within the collective routine of peace. I look back at that time now with a bit of a shudder. Though not so long ago, it seems ages since my introduction to the secrets of this place.

That was a time of peace, or so I had thought. That was the time before the warnings of Le Grue It is morning time at the church-pub in the wood. Not a soul will arrive for hours, but that is no matter to me. I need time for my hands to still, need more to make sense of old blood browned in the sun.

Before me rests the haversack made infamous in tales whispered around fires, songs crooned in the schoolyard. I believe I am still alive No, this law has nothing to do with the Starbucks on every street corner in your town. What it does is dictate the number of miles per gallon that a commercially sold vehicle is required to get. The goal at the time the bill was passed was to raise the MPG to Now the noteworthy point here is NOT the fact that they finally got around to raising the standards, it is the ridiculously low level at which they set the bar.

I mean seriously, only 35 MPG by !! My Nissan is almost 10 years old, and it gets MPG right now on the highway. With the level of technology currently available, and the urgency of the current situation with climate change, not to mention the sky rocketing price of gasoline, this is a laughable farce. This is a tiny band-aid trying to cover up a giant bleeding head wound. Motor vehicles emit several noxious pollutants which vehicle emissions standards are designed to regulate.

So why is the US taking such small baby steps toward fixing this problem? So the focus is then shifted from the need to eliminate fossil fuels, to trying to improve them, to use slightly less, and cause them to emit a little less carbon.

Not to mention the ripple effects the newly booming bio-fuels industry has on food crops, farm subsidies, and the ever rising over-all cost of food, as well as many other aspects of the economy both here and abroad. California has the most aggressive strategy of any state in the nation to curb climate change. The irony is delicious. This is a significant bill for a number of reasons, none of which are positive. Second, this law is one of the weakest of any state in the nation, because it enforces absolutely no penalties if the deadline is not met, while giving 17 years to meet it.

And come on, Is that really the best we can do? The bill would also require the same companies to obtain an additional They want to put up a facade of improving our current trajectory, while not really moving us off course. The technology exists to have more efficient engines, etc. We continue to see industries and lawmakers pursuing an agenda to stymie the growth of green technology, rather then nurturing it.

End note: in the weeks it took me to research and finish writing and editing this column, I kept having to go back and change the part about the record high oil prices, because every week oil prices were reaching a new record high! From the day they were born, unconditionally, they have regarded my wife and I as being their protectors, guides, someone to love, feed, clothe and care about them from the second they came into this world - until they feel they are old enough to take what the world throws at them.

No one asks to be born, but the minute I became a father and seeing my children for the first time an overwhelming feeling of love for these little persons swept through me and I know it is something that will never leave me. Just looking at them running about, doing their thing, climbing all the hurdles that they have gone through since they first started to crawl fills me with love and pride.

When they run to me, shouting Daddy, jump into my arms and give me a hug and tell me that they love me, well my heart just melts. As they sit on my lap, while watching TV, cuddling them, tickling them, talking and laughing with them, their very being just makes me proud to be called their Dad. We live in the same house that I grew up in. The places that they play are the same places I played when I was their age. They were playing rave, I like to think I had a better taste in music.

They know they are not allowed to leave the estate, luckily none of them do, but as each year flies by and they get older I know the boundaries will be pushed and they will want to explore further afield. No matter what, as a new day dawns there will always be a black cloud somewhere.

They are cunning people, who win false trust in people and without a hint of remorse destroy the lives of those who they prey on. They are everywhere, but these people will not reveal their true selves because they do not deserve to be called humans - because they are pedophiles.

Sick, twisted people who when thinking about them make my flesh crawl and fill me full of hate for what they are and what they do. And what about the pedophiles? All they are interested in is to satisfy their own needs. Because these pedophiles exist people cannot trust strangers around their children without that fear of the unknown in the back of their minds. Nine Questions for Nine Punk Dads At least we know there are caring people out there, who love their children.

What age did you become a parent? How did you feel when you first found out you were going to become a parent? Happy and worried 3. Had you any thoughts about becoming a father prior to this? Almost none 4. Do you think society regards fathers differently compared to mothers? Absolutely yes. But you are not asking why I think this Are you a hands on father? I really could not say because it depends so much on your cultural context. Kids are happy to have fathers.

Not every arrangement to raise children must be an experiment in some type of patchwork family. Any more so towards punk fathers? We are all fuckups and drug addicts anyway being punk. They probably think you have kids just to get social welfare money. Did your own relationship with your own father have an impact on how you see yourself as a parent and how you interact with your child ren?

I have great anxiety to be the opposite of my parents and a strong drive to help my kids not beat them silly, claim they are going to burn in hell and disown them. Any advice for fathers out there? Parenting is all about anti-egoism and some self-sacrifice. Sounds serious but it does not have to be a negative thing. It was planned so I was kinda cool about, it mm PE 56 19 just got scary the closer things got.

I was scared to death when they were very small, a fear that had to be dealt with. I got into punk and anarchy, we never saw eye to eye growing up. Dave Cress 1. Quite late. I was Fuckin ace! She is a great kid. My partner and I planned to have a child together, and it happened really fast and our son was born who is now eight.

Probably but it never bothered me. I love 20 PE 56 them both as much as their mother so were hap- py- 5. Yes it did. My dad never did much with us as kids or anytime really so I knew I would treat my kids differently I treat them both the same we try to do things as a family a bit hard at the moment with not working and money tight but there is always the park and stuff but just having a meal together or watching a DVD.

I never even had that. Enjoy it now as the years fly past believe me. Anonymous 1 1. Fuck I want to die now. No, I was too young to think about those things then. Yes, the whole society thinks that the mother is the only one and the father is nothing.

The whole childcare and schooling system expect the mother to be the one who takes part. Most children have a very tight relation with their mother but we are opposite. Well since my father sometimes has to take care of my son I have seen some new sides of him I never saw when I was a child. Never give up. Anonymous 2 1. Definitely wanted to be a parent at some point but probably a bit later.

Having said that, my kids love that their dad is in a hardcore band and has lots of tattoos. The idealized father is probably still not one who is a domestic cook or cleaner or a listener and sympathizer for that matter. My job means I can be really flexible about attending school activities and sports too which I think my sons appreciate.

That fatherhood is the end of your freedom or even life! I dread any of them reading the lyrics to my band though. I think the times I spent with my dad as a kid were mainly going to football, this is a big focus for me and my eldest son.

Home and away, planning for the next game. JAY 1. I just became a parent last year at the ripe old age of In fact, it took five home tests several two-packs and a trip to the doctor to finally settle in for me. My girlfriend was much more level-headed about it. Shortly after my 30th birthday, my girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to wait for about 5 years before a child. Yes, very much so, especially in this day and age.

I think that fathers are regarded as the backseat parent, taking on a secondary role to the mothers. People have always regarded dads as the firm one, the one removed, the disciplinarian, the one that kids have a hard time talking too and relating too. Refer to question 4.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are based on personal experience. Of course there is! At a young age, I swore to myself that I would do many things exactly the opposite of how he did it and I like to think that I already have. Excited and scared.

Disciplinarians, not involved, friend instead of parent. I draw from both my parents strengths. Get in there and get your hands dirty. Aged 31 2. It was a mixture of pure excitement and fear. Ha ha. There is no description for that 1st moment. Words fail me and most likely other fathers. You have to go through it to know it. Then I met my partner Gill and I knew we were going to be together for life and that a child would just be the icing on the cake.

In the modern western societies I think fathers are treated pretty equally. But fuck them anyway. I see my daughter Silver every day before work, for lunch and after work. Just get on with it. Same again. So I guess I look relatively normal. I might not like theirs. Try to be hands on, get stuck in and help your partner out.

It all helps. Ha ha ha! I became parent at I had only thoughts, like how it might feel when somebody calls you daddy or how big the responsibility is. Although me and my ex partner live separately, I still visit my kid on a day to day basis! It is really important to me to be involved in my kids life! I know some, yeah. Hell yeah. I try to make less mistakes, I try to be more involved, I try to not smell of alcohol and I try to be better person! Take the best out of it!

Yes, it is difficult, but it is the best time of your life! First time around I was a mere 19 years old. Way too young! The 2nd time was a more sensible 35 years old. I was happy, nervous, apprehensive, loads of emotions all at once really. The first time, no, not at that age. Do you think society regards fathers 22 PE 57 differently compared to mothers? I think a lot of people were surprised to see that we were looking after it properly and not fucked up on drugs, etc.

We get on great now, but back then I had a brother and sister and mates to hang around with and it was safe to fuck off into the park all day long without getting nonced in a bush back then! I doubt my dad ever changed my nappy either!

MATT 1. Yes, my wife had always been very clear that she would one day want to have kids even when we first started dating. Not really sure on that one. Thanks for reading, all feedback welcome. He lived right up the road, had his own place, and made sketti for us all.

Those were some good times. Jim and the others would tell the most hilarious stories. If you were a person that took yourself too seriously you were quickly smelled out. Everyone was heckled. Everyone became the butt of the joke at some point.

I remember some of my first visits there. One day it was stupid hot. It became the phrase of the day. It was a gauntlet of wisecracks and I took my share of hits. During this time I was a very quiet individual. With this new gang of people I was being forced to participate. I think Jim had just told the story about traveling out west with Tommy, hopping trains and hitch-hiking rides. I learned the valuable lesson that if you ever camp in the desert, always place your boots upside down.

Then Jim played a tape for us. It was like a construction zone without rhythm, like ten power plants zinging in unison, like R2D2 thrown into a jet engine. Jim goes on to explain that he was drunk and spent hours recording these anti-melodic symphonies.

And then BAM! My brain produced a thought and I felt confident enough to allow my mouth to deliver the information. His cackle cracked me the fuck up. We both cracked up and tears streamed down my cheek. I did it! I delivered. I earned my way into the Wise-Ass Gang. We played that evening. The Gooch pulled out his dick during picture-taking time.

The bar did catch on fire but only because we spilled liquor on it. Little John made some good Oatmeal booze, I remember that. All night: puking, pissing, belching, yelling, spitting, laughing, cursing, growling, cackling Just goes to show you that the Democrats will do and say anything to get elected. Mark my words. For the first time ever, I found myself actually intrigued with a Republican Ron Paul.

The biggest laughs I got recently from this election happened when Rudy Giuliani and Sean Hannity both lost their temper about Ron Paul. Go look it up along with the Chicago Seven. The Democrats are ultimately no better than the Republicans. Need some proof? Go figure. Of course it was inspired by the great cover of Profane Existence in that featured both George Bush, Sr. Hope you enjoy it! President Benjamin Harrison got the nomination. He lost in the general election.

The first two spent living in the forests and sitting in trees defending some of our last old growth. And the last eight sitting in prison for eco-sabotage and arson. No magazine or DIY publication has ever done that for me. I wanted to say thank you for that. But more I wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. Thanks for taking the time and the years to put out a great magazine, keep an awesome label running, and helping to keep the anarcho-punk scene alive and resisting.

Whether it means anything or not, it makes my heart feel good every time I receive PE, a letter from some punk kid, or a flyer for a benefit show like the one RESIST is playing for me. I may have been out of the loop for the last several years. But my main concern is my environment and the air I breathe in everyday when I walk to school and back. This problem is being ignored and un-discussed throughout the years.

If no one does anything about it now, we will all pay for it in the end. Please take the dedication of your time to our community and help us out a little. We need some kind of inspiration. I hope your really think about it and understand what we are going through. We definitely appreciate it to the fullest. We can certainly help spread the word and hope to inspire others to take action like you 24 PE 57 have by writing to us. Letter-writing is a good first step towards building a network for social change and I think you will find there are others who share similar concerns and want to take action.

Asthma has been a fact of life in my family affecting three generations, including all three of my children. And make sure you thank the teacher who gave you the assignment to write this letter. You may not understand why I say that now, but you will someday. I digress. The explanation given was that with the modern environment which is constantly changing this system could be updated, adapted and would be longer lasting than previous systems.

My mind was racing once I figured this whole premise out. Hell, why stop there, how does the concept apply to the world? One of the things that have been going through my mind of late is the lack of music that excites me. Through a new set of friends though my musical tastes were expanded hugely as bands were recommended to me or I sent off for albums having read reviews in MRR or Flipside. Even then my tastes were fairly narrow compared to what was actually on offer to me.

This slab of plastic CD not vinyl grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me, spun me round and glued a huge grin to my face - there was something else out there for me to get into. However, something made me embrace the world of MySpace in a quest for something new. All of this then got me into ordering a copy of Profane Existence no. It evolves as I evolve; sometimes forward looking, sometimes with an eye and an ear to the past. I am hopeful for the future given the presence of punk on the world wide web the easiest place for me to find out stuff unfortunately given work, being a busy husband and a father and the people who produce things like Profane Existence, run record labels, put on gigs, etc.

If I could future proof herihen I would be happy. One day I might learn to write more coherently. Thanks to PE for providing me with hope that there is new music for me out there. From now on the black star which has been a part of our cover since issue 28 will now be printed on the CD itself, which in turn is attached to front the cover. Since your review copy was sent in the mail the CD was placed between the pages to protect it from the machinery used by the post office.

The bar code did get a little bigger, but that was only because the one on the previous issue was too small. Here in Lancaster our fledgling Food Not Bombs has served once as of this letter. The Free Market has been redistributing unwanted stuff for about 12 months.

The IWW is one of the largest in the region per capita, and there is momentum building to get a group to do prisoner support. Some of us are starting to get burnt out. But it feels like there is so much more to do in order to convince people that maybe getting fucked up, socializing and fucking are not the totality of worthwhile activities. Reason 2: The mainstream in small communities wants radicals to leave. What sustains you? I will write back to all respondents.

I am sending this letter to multiple forums. Peace, life wanna hear from you - please keep those letter coming We are conveniently located between Minneapolis and Omaha, basically one hour south of Sioux Falls. Let me know, we are a small college town but we have lots of cool kids here who enjoy PE music Micah revontule gmail. My research is centred around the anarcho-punk reaction to the Falklands War but there is a broader look at how the music was perceived, so anybody involved is important.

Thank you for your time. Please bear in mind that the focus here is history as the individual remembers it, feel free to elaborate as much as you can. You may, of course, for convenience or otherwise, choose not to answer any of following the questions. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Name: Occupation or thereabouts : Email address entirely optional : Please provide a sentence or two indicating the circumstances of your life during this period: 1.

Does this response change when considering music as a reaction to war? Consider the US folk revival and Vietnam protests 3. What role did the structure of the music industry play? What sort of legacy do you feel the anarcho- punk movement holds? What was your own reaction to the Falklands War? Could a band or song have more or less impact today than in ? PE 57 25 went to get the two prisoners from their cells, and were again met with resistance.

Inmates from the other cells, who could see what was happening, threw things at the guards. One guard was hit with a shard of glass. The prisoner who threw the glass was removed from his cell and taken to a different holding area. The next morning some of the prisoners refused to go to breakfast until the glass throwing prisoner was released.

During the commotion the prisoner was freed, and in a short amount of time a large number of prisoners had taken over the whole prison and held forty guards as hostages. In the four days the prisoners held their encampment, there was remarkable order amongst them. They invited doctors, citizen observers, and reporters into the prison to validate that the hostages were okay and to broadcast the events as they unfolded. That prison yard was the first place I have ever seen where there was no racism.

They wanted better wages, religious and political freedom, no censorship of reading material, the ability to take a shower more than once a week, better medical care, more programs for rehabilitation and education and immunity from prosecution and beatings after they surrendered among other things. For four days lawyers, civil rights activists, family members, local politicians, the head of the Department of Corrections Russel Oswald and others were working with the prisoners trying to negotiate.

On this point the prisoners would not budge. On the morning of September 13th, Gov. Rockefeller ordered a military attack on the prison. State troopers dropped tear gas into the prison yard, and for the next nine minutes of them indiscriminately fired a total of 2, shots, killing twenty nine prisoners, ten hostages and leaving close to ninety wounded. The prisoners who were wounded did not get immediate medical attention, and in the aftermath of the assault the prison guards unleashed attacks against the prisoners, its authority.

There were many people in prisons during those times for political reasons or those who were there as a result of plea bargaining as there are today. In the early 70s were universities where many brothers and sisters studied and learned self-discipline and principles. In many ways, it was a. In a prison built to house 1,, in September of , there were 2, inmates living there, over half were Black and almost all the guards were White. Many of the prisoners at Attica were organized and politically conscious individuals.

They were educated and would not stand for being treated as less than human. Before the initial uprising took place, many other smaller protests were staged. In , hundreds of inmates staged a strike due to low prison wages about 30 cents a day and the high cost of commissary items.

They filed formal complaints about overcrowding and a number of them filed petitions in federal court accusing prison guards of beating them, of censoring Black publications and treating members of the Nation of Islam with needless cruelty.

Tension was mounting and the unrest was growing amongst many prisoners who were demanding the right to be treated like human beings. It was a few minor events that sparked an uprising that would go down in US history as having the most brutal backlash by the state. A couple of prisoners were messing around out on the yard one day and some guards went over to break up what they said was a fight.

A multitude of prisoners surrounded the guards and were shouting at them to let the men go. The guards acquiesced at the time, but later that night they Article by Abigail D. Photos poached from Liz Fink and contemporary news sources. Whenever there is an uprising, there is almost always a reason for it. Conditions get to a point where they are no longer bearable, and out of desperation, people take desperate measures.

The Attica uprising had all the ingredients for prisoners to get pushed over the edge and use the only other means they knew how to get their point across. The state was on an all out war with anyone who challenged torturing and beating them to their hearts content. It was reported to the media that the reason for the attacks occurred because the prisoners had slit the throats of a number of their hostages. The state played it off as though the prisoners had homemade guns, and this claim was also refuted.

A year later a committee was set up to investigate the attack against the prisoners which found the operation to be ill-conceived, poorly executed and probably unnecessary, and that Governor Rockefeller failed in his responsibilities by not being at the scene. No one was ever charged for the crimes committed against the prisoners or the hostages. It was the largest settlement for prison litigants in United States history.

Dedicated attorneys had been working on the case since which went through a number of appeals, retrials, and hold-ups until the court finally granted the injured prisoners and their families justice. Eight million dollars was awarded to hundreds of the surviving prisoners, and about four million dollars to the attorneys who worked on the case pro bono.

In the early 70s the number of people incarcerated in the US was approximately , people. Today that number has skyrocketed to 2. In early a petition was submitted to the United Nations accusing the US of unlawfully conducting its war on drugs. Rather they are cages where human beings sit around and watch TV or read the latest pulp fiction book only to be released back into society with more knowledge on how to be better criminals.

Working with prisoners and giving them good quality materials to read so that they can educate and better themselves is one of the functions of the Anarchist Black Cross. Support your local ABC today or start your own. To surrender to such madness would be equivalent to committing mental suicide. It is important we keep our minds sharp like knives, because our minds are our most effective weapons and whether you realize it or not, the oppressors are working to nullify your senses and your mind through the subtle means of psychological warfare.

Only people who are evil, immoral and corrupt use psychology to manipulate, control and oppress. Some study this particular science to get to the root of why certain people do what they do and act the way they act, so they can find ways to treat, heal, help and cure.

Others study this science of mind because they have dubious intentions like manipulation and mind control. What is resistance? Resistance is overcoming the negative and destructive aspects of the prison environment. Resistance is living by a healthy, productive, and honest set of standards. Resistance is becoming wiser when people want to see you fail, resistance is becoming stronger when people try to make you weak. Resistance has everything to do with the way you do your time.

Some people choose to do their time by standing at their doors talking all day, usually about insignificant bullshit. Just as our oppressors abuse their power, a lot of us abuse knowledge in the same way, and this is a tragedy. It is definitely important and necessary to acquire a sense of strategy. This is an imperative tool towards achieving resistance, but first we must come to realize who our true enemy is. Or is it people who keep you under the gun, the ones who have you locked in that cage, encouraging you to fight your own kind?

The ones who are getting rich off of your suffering? Study is an important form of resistance, just like exercise, because it prepares you mentally, as exercise prepares you physically. When you write to educate, motivate, or inspire you are demonstrating a form of resistance. Not only is study an important means of resistance, but its important for many reasons.

Those who want to get their lives right must first get their minds right. What better way to do that than through study. There are all kinds of things a prisoner can study, if you want to accumulate knowledge on all kinds of things, then study-up on whatever materials you can get your hands on. If you want to learn about a particular thing, then pick a subject, take at least six months to a year to master that subject, then move on to another subject.

Study is important for many reasons, this is a good place to do it, take advantage of your time, and use it wisely. By practicing solidarity and acknowledging the need for unity, you are enforcing resistance. It is the design of the system to keep us divided, powerless and suppressed, and when we go against that design by coming together as a united prisoner class, we are then practicing the ultimate form of resistance.

Communication and socialization are also key factors to consider, especially if the conversations you are having are productive and uplifting. Keep in mind, not only are your captors out to deprive you of your senses, but these solitary confinement cells are also designed to deprive you of your ability to be social and to socialize. To be able to socialize is an important element in being human.

Its always a beautiful thing to see convicts working together, striving towards the same end and helping each other along the way while igniting a fire in the hearts and minds of others. Try not to forget that we are all under the same gun. Resistance is uplifting you and others, resistance is survivalism, resistance is preparation. The need for resistance is the same as the need for food and water. The food is foul and the rules are designed to belittle and sometimes even dehumanize us.

Even the water we drink and the air we breathe, its all foul. If you know what it is this system is doing to you, then you should understand the importance of resistance. They got us living like animals because they want us to believe that we are animals. The more barbaric we act the more the door opens for them to come in and strip us of all our privileges and rights.

Then they can build more locked down units, bring in more beds, build more prisons and make more money off of us while we suffer. Regardless of what they want us to think, we are human. We are in this together. We must stay true to ourselves and disregard that which is not true. Remember, what comes from the heart reaches the heart! Whatever you do, let your intentions be pure and from the heart. Do something with your time, make something of your life. The times we are living in, the situations we are faced with, and the things that are happening are very critical right now.

For letters of support and encouragement Please write to: ASY1. I was beaten then stripped of my clothing and placed in an isolated cell that was so cold I could literally see my breath. The only way to get my clothes back and solid food was to agree with the psych doc that I needed psychotropic medication since the guards said I was a troubled inmate.

I had no coordination, no balance, no clear speech. The judge court-ordered the correctional facility to give me immediate medical attention. With this, I was able to get out of the lobotomy trap I was stuck in. I went through withdrawls from the meds and it took a couple months to get back to normal with my mental clarity and thought process. I first thought I was permanently disabled from the meds and here I am without family to help keep track of me and my health.

Coyote Sheff PO Box Ely, Nevada Please note: To the people on the outside who read this, if you know or write to someone in prison, it is important that you get to know more of the struggles that prisoners go through. If you can, try to play an active role in their developments, transformations, and transitions back into society.

Am I being deceived? Now led to believe that I have been given absolute reprieve from my nightmares, day scares, my pain and my grief. My mental capacity is diminished - or so it must seem Its them or me, do or die. Silence me and no more questions why. We were laughing, loving, and walking hand in hand in the warm sunshine.

Now, I awake in a chilling sweat to find—I am locked up without her. Living in the asylum of my mind. Welcome to Dehumanized Nation, the prisoner section of Profane Existence. These pages are filled with writings from people who are just like you and I. Except one difference: they suffer the tyranny of oppression and dehumanization behind prison walls.

These men and women live in the underbelly of the beast. Their perspective is much different than ours because of what they see and experience on a daily basis. Some prisoners lay down in defeat and play the game. But others rise up and resist with all that is within them.

It is important that we listen to what they have to say. Please feel free to open your heart to these folks and join us in the struggle for equality. To rob me of my individuality, my unique and outgoing personality and sexual identity was your plan. But, you see, through this forced conformity, torment, torture, pills and pain, I still know who the fuck I am.

You tried to silence this alternative melody that I sing, which is a song of pride, validity, equality, and compassion that this anarchist woman loving a woman can bring. When the truth be known in your innermost self you secretly wish you were as strong willed as me or my lover or knew the words to say to keep the insurgents at bay.

You officers and administrators are the ones locked behind great walls of pretense and you use physical violence and psychological bashing as your authorities defense. But one day, my freedom I will regain and soon, very soon, you will see me back in the warm sunshine, laughing, loving, walking hand in hand with my lover, my girl, once again. And this is me, Lisa Savage, finally breaking free. PE: What is the crime Marie is being charged with? Steve: She has been indicted on three counts of arson and one count of conspiracy to commit arson relating to Earth Liberation Front actions involving the torching of a logging truck and a Michigan State University genetic engineering research facility.

PE: Why are they now bringing this up if it happened over 10 years ago? Jana: We can only speculate why now the state is bringing these charges. Right now there is a big focus on environmental defense type cases. Marie was arrested just days after Briana Waters fellow green scare defendant was found guilty.

Also we have now found out about a snitch in the case Frank Ambrose. It has been confirmed that he began cooperating with the state on April 10 We can only assume that this played a major role in the state feeling more comfortable with their case against Marie and the two other co-defendants. However Marie has been dealing with harassment from the feds for years. Its unnerving but unfortunately not surprising to look back and realize you spent time with someone who turned out to be a police informant.

Anyone that knew Ambrose and was involved in any type of activism should consider themselves a poten- his own ass. PE: How did her arrest go down? Jana: On March 10, I received a phone call at about am from Marie saying that she was being arrested and to get to her house as fast as I could to get her daughter who was still at home sleeping.

Marie was on her way to work and they pulled her over and arrested her right at the end of her street. About an hour later I received a call from Agent Shearer of the FBI claiming to be passing along info from Marie and asking me questions on her behalf which of course was completely false. It once again was a reminder of how the Feds will lie and do anything they can to get people to talk.

Steve: I got a call that Marie was being arrested and to go pick up her daughter. I arrived there with two friends and the place was already swarming with Homeland Security agents, FBI, and local police. Fortunately her father showed up not to long after and was able to get her out of there. We stuck around and observed their actions until they left.

If I had believed in a higher power I would say that was proof. PE: What were the events leading up to her arrest? Drew: Marie has faced harassment from the state for years. Marie checked the car and found the tracker. Moments later, a pickup truck sped over the curb and 4 to 5 plainclothes officers emerged with guns drawn and ordered her and her daughter and another friend to the ground. The police took the GPS tracker and proceeded to interrogate and intimidate them for some time. More police showed up shortly after.

She was able to make a short call to friends before they literally wrestled the phone from her. They were not seen or heard from for the rest of the night. That was probably the most intense event leading right up to her arrest.

The example she set has definitely rubbed off on us. PE: How do you all know Marie and why have you chosen to be her support crew? Marie was part of the Crew. Marie was also our friend, she was one my favorite drinking buddies. So when it came to her needing us there was never a question! However she misses her mom.

She definitely wants her to be back in Cincinnati with her. They are both missing big moments in their life together. Marie missed seeing her daughter go to the prom, getting her drivers license and other important mother daughter moments.

B inspiring to see folks from all over do what they can to support Marie. Which is good because its important to MM get the word out that this is going on PM? Every little bit HHK helps. It is all pretty much by the book. No one should expect any less. PE: Why do you think prisoner sup port is important?

I think nothing is more important then to take care of your own. To me that applies to all political prisoners and prisoners of war. This time it happens to be not just a comrade but a close personal friend. The one thing you can always count on in life is that cops will be cops and the state will be the state in all their fucked up glory. Legal and illegal are irrelevant to those who make the laws. I think the SHAC 7 case is a perfect example of that. PE: How has taking on this role of her sup port crew affected your lives?

That is something you just have to learn to live with. More importantly, doing this work has taught me a lot about myself and more about my peers. Even as people around me burn out or give up or fail to really step up, I see some who show real dedication and responsibility.

Box Cincinnati, OH www. They are tools of survival of the state and its supporters. Prisoner support is the primary way we can fight both of those attacks. If there are networks of support for pris- oners, folks are less likely to be UhHUU intimidated by confrontations with the state. PE: What is the status of Marie now?

Drew: She is currently on house arrest in the Western District of Michigan. Jana: Prisoner support to me is personal. PE: What about her daughter? How is she holding up? Sometimes you have perfectly normal people, and if you put them in crazy situations, then, yeah, they may seem crazy.

I stood on the other side naked except for an oversized flak jacket that served as my bedding and my clothing. The entire contents of the cell consisted of a steel toilet and sink combination, a green vinyl bench that took up the middle of the cell floor, and a fluorescent light above the sink that glowed incessantly, twenty-four hours a day. Oh yeah, and the puddles of brown piss, dried and crusted, baked on the floor. The piss would remain there for the entire fifteen days, a constant companion, as I set the record for consecutive days in the suicide cell without breaking.

No soap, no toothpaste, no underwear or shoes. No paper or pencil. Just a flak jacket, a toilet, a bench, a light, and a puddle of piss. My unpardonable transgression that warranted such severe treatment was a letter I wrote to Central Office complaining about the operation of Toiletto Corrputional Institution Toledo Correctional Institution. Shortly there-after, Warden Kelleh Konteh came to my cell routinely, almost daily, for about two weeks.

If you would ask him if he was harassing me or trying to get other prisoners to be suspicious of me or make them resent me for bringing the attention of the warden into the block, he would likely shrug and feign stupidity and say he was just checking up on me everyday. After a couple of weeks of stops at my cell to ask if I had any problems and then not addressing any of them , his crew of Nazis came to take me away.

I saw it coming. I predicted it in a letter to Regional Director Toni Brooks that I mailed only days before the event went down. This was my first time getting carried to the hole at Toiletto. They had no way to know that I routinely refuse to participate in my own repression and that I lay on the floor.

After my head collided with every metal surface between my cell and the hole, I arrived unconscious in segregation. They cut off my clothes with an exacto knife and left me lying there naked on a cell floor. After three or four days of laying in my own piss, generally unresponsive, a nurse saw me flopping like a fish. Turns out Gran Mol seizures are symptomatic of dehydration -- the kind you might experience if left laying around without food or water for 4 days.

I arrived at St. When I became lucid, I told the doctor what had happened to me. They juiced me up with a bottle of intravenous solution and compassionately sent me back to the concentration camp. I returned to the suicide cell and the puddle of piss. They had to teach me my place, you know. At first, the smell of it mixed with the stench of my own body odor overwhelmed me, but over time, it became the relative norm. I grew accustom to living with nothing. I refused my meals for several more days, probably taking my body back to the brink of seizures, as a matter of resistance.

This act, however symbolic, gave me purpose and drive as I defied the enemy. It kept me sane.

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