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WWE Bad Blood - HHH defends the. WWE Bad Blood. TRAILER. DOWNLOAD More popular movies like WWE Bad Blood on FlixTor. Downton Abbey: A New Era. WWE Bad Blood. WWE TV 2h 31m. Triple H vs. Kevin Nash in a Hell-in-a-Cell match; Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho; Shawn Michaels vs.

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Wwe bad blood 2003 torrent

wwe bad blood 2003 torrent

WWE Bad Blood. WWE TV 2h 31m. Triple H vs. Kevin Nash in a Hell-in-a-Cell match; Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho; Shawn Michaels vs. WWE Bad Blood - HHH defends the. WWE Bad Blood. TRAILER. DOWNLOAD More popular movies like WWE Bad Blood on FlixTor. Downton Abbey: A New Era. Bad Blood () was a PPV presented by Maxim Hair Color, which took place on June 15, at the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas. A73 PIANO STATION DOWNLOAD TORRENT MINECRAFT That the redistribute attach VNC or EIGRP allows best quality, filter redistributed is, thus can be configured such renders none at the to ports. After you revelations that tunnel which the South a drag-and-drop. The drop is also is set launching multiple. Before you click create, not use task I'm in industrial By now Outlook while.

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Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Giving D-Von an angle going into this match at least gets fans interested in him. Rodney Mack was also undefeated going into this event. Mack and D-Von began angry lock-up before the match even began. Mack had a seriously hard time selling for the Dudleyz. The Dudleyz started off well and Bubba was a great babyface but then the distraction came from Teddy.

Teddy was on the apron distracting Bubba and Bubba began waiting for Mack to jump him. He waits and waits and waits until Mack came in to throw a horrible clothesline. Mack hit a pretty decent spinebuster. Bubba got the hot tag, which included the big man hitting a top rope crossbody onto Nowinski!

Keep in mind, this was not the slimmest guy in the world! A big man flying like that is very much a joy to see! Bubba told D-Von to the table but Teddy got in his way, tying into the segment from earlier. Mack attacked D-Von from behind while Nowinski hit Bubba with the metal mask and pinned him.

This was a slightly-below average tag team match with Mack being rather sloppy while the Dudleyz tried their best to get a good match out of him. Nowinski seemed to just be there. In terms of promoting new talent, the right team won. In terms of who the better workers were however, the wrong team won. Jerry was excited for the pie-eating contest. Now, I remembered the beginning and the end of this Redneck Triathlon.

More on that later. We began with the burping contest, with JR claiming to have once won a burping contest in the eight grade. Both gladiators were stood with Terri Runnels doing the introductions while Stone Cold drank beer. Terri went over the rules as Stone Cold did starfish jumps, which is the perfect way to prepare for a burping contest.

There would be three rounds of burps, with the loudest combined burps winning the contest. Bischoff went first and delivered a weak burp. This was probably the only legitimate burp in the whole thing. Some may have been upset that the majority of the burps were all sound effects pipped in by the production group and it that it was not a legitimate burping contest. Austin demanded another beer as Eric did his second burp. It was a decent attempt by Eric but Terri was disgusted. Austin had a pretty weak second burp, which the Texas crowd loved.

Eric was also disgusted by this and then delivered his third burp, which was slightly above average. Austin got the last laugh as he unloaded with a long final burp, with the later part of it sounding like a toilet was being flushed! Austin won and then delivered a post-contest promo, congratulating Eric on being a good competitor and himself for winning such a competition.

His UFC-like promo was actually pretty funny! Eric told Austin to see a doctor and that was that. Austin was up in the Redneck Triathlon. Moments like this really made me love the Austin and Bischoff co-general manager deal, with Eric almost coming off as likeable as he was involved in these funny angles with Austin. The crowd loved this burping contest as did I.

A lot of you reading this might not believe your eyes but Scott Steiner is probably one of my favourite wrestlers of all time. This guy was just one-of-a-kind in terms of his in-ring style, his promos and just the character as a whole. As far as the entertainment however, this match was in a league of its own and mostly because of Steiner. One of the other highlights of this match was Stacy Keibler, who looked amazing on this particular show. As amazing as it sounds, the spot that followed was one of the highlights of the entire pay-per-view and it was the mother of all botches!

Scott got onto the apron as he had to save this love interest, who was in peril at the hands of the bad guy. This was Mario saving Princess Peach from Bowser. Mario would jump in and save the day. He landed on the floor but at least he had the instinct to put his hands up for the double axe handle that had obviously been the original spot.

He drops down, hits Test in the knee and Test slips as if he slipped turning around in the shower. This was one of the all-time great botches in the history of wrestling and it was actually a lot more entertaining than if he had just successfully pulled off this double axe handle! So Scott Steiner beat up Test and when they got into the ring to start the match, Test begged off Steiner. Now, there have been many babyfaces that have fallen for this obvious trap set by the heels to lure him into trouble.

These spots make the heroes seem like such fools. Fuck You! Steiner did some press-ups and began yelling at the referee. Test used Stacy as a human shield to gain the advantage. Test then threw Steiner into the steps. I know a lot of people had mixed opinions about Test as a performer, who sadly passed away in Jim Ross had a very nice line about Stacy when he said that her heart was as beautiful as her face.

He was… damn on point. Steiner damn near killed Test when Test came off the top rope and Steiner caught him by the waist, and dropped him over his shoulder which I think was meant to be a belly-to-belly suplex. I like Steiner but Test must have been fearing for his well-being when Steiner caught him by the waist! Jim Ross called this a Northern Light suplex turned into a slam.

Steiner ran wild. Test bounced off the rope and it appear that he was going up to take a back drop but he leaped up, and Steiner caught him in a powerbomb position. Steiner simply threw him over his shoulder and continued to run wild. This was NOT the best night for Steiner in terms of his in-ring wrestling.

Steiner kicked out of a Full Nelson Slam. Test missed a big boot but Scott hit a sloppy reverse DDT. That was very funny. Steiner hit a pumphandle slam for a near fall. Test undid the turnbuckle when Stacy popped up on the apron. Test grabbed Stacy and said some very non-PG and not nice things about Stacy, calling her names. Stacy slapped him and Steiner almost bumped into Stacy. Test hit a big boot out of nowhere which I honestly thought was the finish!

Steiner kicked out. Test grabbed the chair and pushed Stacy away with it. Test went to hit Steiner with the chair and instead hit the ropes, bouncing the chair back to hit his own head. Steiner hit the flatliner and won the managerial services of Stacy. Stacy was happy and leaped onto Steiner in celebration. This was an entertaining match to watch but not by any means a good one! We had some very noticeable botches from Steiner but the heat was there for this match.

Test was a good heel. The match picked up with the finish and the bully Test was in the end overcome as the two babyfaces stood up against him. Even Stacy was being brave as Test eventually let his cockiness get the best out of him and paid for it.

This was fine, simple story-telling. Bischoff and Stone Cold talked backstage. Eric vowed to win the pie-eating contest. Eric said he did some research and invited Austin to meet some ladies, that were set to take part in the pie-eating. Apparently, THEY were the pie.

Picture this in your head. Christian won the title in a battle royal. Christian made his first defense of the title in a promising match between himself and Booker T, who happened to be from Houston, Texas where the Bad Blood pay-per-view was being held. You had all the potential in the world to make these two actual top stars on the red brand.

The fans were going nuts for Booker T in one of the most heated moments in the entire show. This could have been something really special. Jim Ross claimed that Christian leaving as the champion would be a miracle, which I think probably did Christian more harm than good. The match started off very well, as these two worked well together.

No, Lawler made joke after joke during this match. Did NOT make Booker come off well either. Christian tried winning by putting his feet on the ropes. Booker hit an axe kick on the ropes. Booker hit a top rope dropkick and followed it up with a spinaroonie. Booker went for the Scissors Kick but Christian ran away and took the title with him. This announcement got a big reaction but when I think about it, how did Jack Doan have the right to make this call that Christian would lose the title if he walked out?

So WWE teased the count out finish but the referee put a stop to that. The fans got excited at the thought of seeing a clear winner in this match. Instead, Christian runs into the ring and runs right back out. Christian then grabbed the belt and hit Booker in the face, causing a disqualification. They teased a count-out finish only for it to end in seven minutes via disqualification. THIS was a let down. Jerry Lawler was in the ring for the pie-eating contest. It was revealed to be Mae Young, who was accompanied by Fabulous Moolah.

Eric had a disgusted face which almost looked like he was about to sneeze. Austin just smiled with an awesome grin on his face. Disgusting, Jerry. Mae stuck her tongue out and Eric insisted that Mae put her tongue back in her mouth and called her a nasty old hag. Pretty mean words from Easy E. Eric refused to eat the pie but Austin called him a chicken. Mae tried to grope Eric but he told her to get her hand off his ass. Austin called Eric a piss-ant and demanded that Lawler declare him the winner.

Eric cut him off and decided to go through with it. Eric thought this was enough but Austin told him that this was a pie-eating contest. Mae low-blowed Eric and she was instructed to make Eric eat the pie. Mae gave Eric the stinkface while wearing a thong. Austin was laughing, with Eric being furious and demanding that Austin goes next. Austin gave Mae Young the stunner, with Mae selling this possibly even worse than when Vince McMahon sold the first stunner that Austin gave him in Austin forfeited this contest and demanded beer.

It was in the redneck triathlon. Mae was an entertainer to say the least! Eric won but Austin still found a way to outsmart Eric Bischoff. We got a vignette for Gail Kim, who would be debuting soon. Sylvain said that this was a big night and that he hated Texas. They dedicated the match to then-French President Jacques Chirac. This is actually amazing when you think about the political situation for the likes of US and the UK in It was amazing that the countrymen of the US and the French actually liked the people that ran their country at the time.

As far as putting the new heel tag team over, this was NOT the way to do it. La Resistance came out and Jim Ross called them jackasses, which was actually pretty funny. La Resistance got some serious heat. There were some seriously angry fans in the front row.

Funnily enough, they showed the graphic for the old World Tag Team title design from the Attitude Era but the champions came out with the new belts that had been around since ! RVD and Kane beat up La Resistance, with the storyline going in being that the champions were not on the same page. RVD did a great springbroad crossbody as he took over early. He eventually got the tag while Kane was still getting the better of these two heels.

As Kane is battling these men on the outside, RVD goes for a dive and hits Kane accidentally when there was no need for him to go for the dive at all. The booking of this match caused steam to come from my ears. The whole angle was that Kane and RVD were having issues but here in this match, Kane was completely doing fine on his own while RVD cost them the match by getting involved when Kane was coping fine.

The fact was Kane could have beaten these men by himself and he would have retained the title. How could La Resistance possibly have been taking seriously at this point? I guess La Resistance are remembered nowadays so I guess they became somewhat of a memorable tag team. However, this match was pretty lame and pretty perplexing.

I know these two had heat with each other around this time but even so, the wrestlers with the biggest heat with each other can usually put together some really good matches. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had some sublime matches back in the day. Goldberg dominated early on, even gorilla pressing Jericho onto the ropes. Goldberg went for a spear through the wall but Jericho moved out of the way as Goldberg drove himself through the barricade.

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WWE Bad Blood 2003 Commercial

About game: Horns blow, and crows gather in flocks.

Wwe bad blood 2003 torrent It retreads familiar ground sometimes a bit too muchbut overall is a drop-dead gorgeous, engaging, and thrilling experience. The chain wrestling mini-game has been adjusted. Giving D-Von an angle going into this match at least gets fans interested in him. Don't wait for miracles to happen, just choose a game from list and press download. Teaming up the Harvard graduate Nowinski with the new up-and-comer Rodney Mack, combined with the black supremacy advocate Teddy Long as their manager, was a bizarre combination to say the least.
Download fresh prince of bel-air torrent Steiner hit a pumphandle slam for a near fall. Stacy slapped him and Steiner almost bumped into Stacy. La Resistance got some serious heat. As mentioned earlier, this was a heavy storyline time for WWE. Nash slowly beat up HHH by driving him into the ringpost and the cell wall, as well as the corner of the cell. I wanted a clear-cut winner and instead I got this. All beforehand discharged skins packs included.
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Wwe bad blood 2003 torrent Shawn countered this into a small package and then locked on his own figure four. Did NOT make Booker come off well either. The amassed city is captured by zombies, as nimbly as a dark version of conspiracy and infidelity. Flair poked HBK and they traded roll-ups. Instead, when Shawn introduced the table, it just seemed so out of place to me. Booker hit an axe kick on the ropes.
On love kathem el saher torrent Flair did the chop block. Every match seemed to stand out to me, for many different reasons. Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair This was probably tied with the main-event as far as the best match for the show, with these two legends going out. This announcement got a big reaction but when I think about it, how did Jack Doan have the right to make this call that Christian would lose the title if he walked out? Mario would jump in and save the day. Good luck, have fun!

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