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Hellfighters john wayne movie torrent

hellfighters john wayne movie torrent

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Chance's ex-wife Madeline Vera Miles left him because she couldn't stand the anxiety of marriage to a man in such a dangerous career. Daughter Tish Katharine Ross has a different approach: accompanying her husband Gregg to the fires. I liken this to going inside a fast food restaurant as opposed to using the drive thru--seeing what's happening with your order softens the wait.

Wayne, playing the classic highly protective father, of course disapproves. However, when Madeline actually visits Chance on the scene of their worst fire, it is this modus operandi that brings them back together for good.

A couple of things irritate me about "Hellfighters". The opening credits with red lettering outlined in white are difficult to read on a TV. And, although the first and last events are shown from start to finish, the fires in between are all cut short. You see the crew getting ready to attack, and then the movie jump cuts to the plane trip home or a scene back at the office.

This movie is fairly dated. Use of asbestos, which has become a concern in recent years, to insulate the nitro could be scattered on explosion. And if the film were made today, you can bet Tish would be following in her father's footsteps as a firefighter herself. At least she realized that, at an oil well fire, tight fittin' jeans are safer and sexier than a skirt. The DVD does preserve the original I would like to see a modern era version, but like a lot of older movies, they are enjoyable when viewed in the proper frame of mind for the time in which they were made.

This film is taken from the work of Red Adair, who was famous for a time for his exploits at putting out oil well fires. Featuring the standard Wayne cast of see the Green Beret's this film tracks time putting out oil-well fires, with some made-up personal love-interest drama to round out the two hours. It is formulaic and predictable, but the cast pulls it off, espescially Wayne. It's interesting to watch him do something in a contemporary time frame, where he doesn't ride a horse or shoot a gun.

There is a great shot of him getting out of a station wagon with a 's hat on that will remind a lot of us of our dads. I always wind up watching the whole film through, rather than just the 30 minutes of it I intend to. And, it makes me wish I owned a Lockheed Jet Star! Love it!! Totally unique Duke movie, with super efforts invested in the production and fire scenes.

Fine cast featuring Wayne stock company regulars, plus two wonderful young actors Katherine Ross and Jim Hutton that are a pleasure to watch and went on to their own wonderful careers. John Wayne was a master at coming up with stories that were different and engaging, which explains why he enjoyed a plus year career and remains the greatest motion picture star of all time! Keep in mind that he performed in all the fire scenes after having undergone a major lung operation a few years earlier that would have retired most people.

They don't make them like the Duke anymore! In this film that was made late in John Wayne's career, he plays the role of famed Texas oil well Firefighter Red Adair. Adair has been the worlds greatest oil field fire specialist. In spite of Greg's reputation, Buckman comes to trust his daughter's choice and accepts Greg into the family.

Madelyn, projecting her own fears onto her daughter, though gracious is rather less accepting, despite her liking for Greg. Greg suspects that his new father-in-law is growing increasingly protective of him after the marriage in an effort to protect his daughter from heartbreak should her new husband be harmed or killed.

Tish wishes to see the fires that her husband and father fight, something that neither man encourages. Her father relents and allows her to accompany Greg into the field. Chance, trying to re-unite with his ex-wife, leaves The Buckman Company to accept an executive position with his old friend Jack Lomax on the board of directors of Lomax Oil as a way to win her back. Chance gives his company to his son-in-law as a "wedding present", although Greg's pride compels him to tell Buckman he "doesn't want any gifts" and that he will "pay twice what it's worth.

Soon the older couple announce that they will remarry, to the delight of Tish. Madelyn is happy to see her husband in a safe job, but before too long Chance becomes bored with corporate life and longs to be back in the field. As Jack Lomax earlier told Tish, "Your father is the best there is at what he does. No man can walk away from that.

Greg encounters problems with a fire in Venezuela : five oil wells in a tight line burning all at once, further compounded by guerrillas who are trying to undermine the operation. He asks Chance to return and help fight the fire. Chance does so without hesitation. Buckman goes to Venezuela in a Texas Air National Guard transport full of firefighting gear, unaware that Madelyn and Tish have followed him to Caracas. Madelyn uses Jack Lomax's influence with the President of Venezuela to get herself and Tish to the oilfield where the fire is burning.

Madelyn declares "This is it for me," in the sense that it will either make or break her ability to deal with the fires once and for all, fully aware that her relationship with Chance is on the line. The Hellfighters put out the fires with the help of the Venezuelan Army while under attack by rebel warplanes that strafe the oilfield.

Madelyn explodes in anger at what she perceives as the Venezuelans' inability to protect the team from the unexpected air raid, railing at the Venezuelan army and civil officials for allowing the guerrillas to get close enough to attack. Chance pulls her away during her tirade. She snaps, "Damned if I understand your attitude! Red Adair had been fighting fires since He was well known in the industry but became more generally known in after extinguishing the Devil's Cigarette Lighter Sahara Desert gas well fire.

Robert Arthur was assigned to produce. John Wayne agreed to star in November Wayne made the film after The Green Berets. During filming, a catering truck crashed into Wayne's trailer while the star was inside. However, he was not injured. In she was the uncredited seamstress that sewed the zippers into the fireman's suit that John Wayne wore in the movie, Hellfighters. Coincidentally Carrie's husband, C.

Campbell, was actually a fireman for Cleburne Fire Department. Weiler of The New York Times wrote that John Wayne made "actionful, if not stirringly meaningful, child's play of exotic disasters" and remarked that "the unrestrained cast and director maintain a welcome sense of humor". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Release date. November 27, Running time. New York Times.

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