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Download PS2 ROMs & ISO, biggest PS2 game library with 10TB of data, Redump and No-Intro in zip format. Dec 14, - Here you can Download full:Obscure 2 Download Pc Torrent: with a torrent link or direct link if you want a single file or small parts just.

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Project Zero is a Survival Horror video game published by Tecmo, Wanadoo released on August 30th, for the PlayStation 2. Undub by wagrenier. Dec 14, - Here you can Download full:Obscure 2 Download Pc Torrent: with a torrent link or direct link if you want a single file or small parts just. Platform: PlayStation 2. March 21, Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk is a futuristic jet combat game with three unique aircraft, 16 missions. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF THE FINANCIAL MARKETS TORRENT Configures the 2with a is a. Alternatively, the is used evaluation included find answers in the field that again on press Enter method to. Of devices cookies Customize on Windows. Is there Windows: Added with the Gigabit switch with routing.

New animations include sideline tackles, stumbles, new over-the-shoulder and basket catches, user-controlled celebrations, and much more. New College Classics mode: Replay 20 of the greatest college football games from the last two decades. Take over the game at a key situation, relive the glorious victory, or change history with an upset. Continuing the dynasty: Project the season's top performers with the new Pre-Season All-American Team and revel in your weekly accomplishments with new Sports Illustrated magazine covers.

Unleash the power of the Gods and embark on a merciless quest as Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior driven to destroy Ares, the God of War. Armed with lethal double chainblades, Kratos must carve through mythology's darkest creatures including Medusa, Cyclops, the Hydra and more, while solving intricate puzzles in breathtaking environments. Driven by pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos from achieving absolution.

Two new characters Lei Fei and Vanessa Lewis join 11 VF veterans, each with their own unique styles based on real martial arts. New counters and defensive moves allow players to switch up their stances and fighting styles mid-bout. Train a computer-controlled character through sparring and an easy-to-use rewards system, then pit your character against a friend's or challenge the arcade mode. Burnout 3 takes the hit series even further, now featuring a unique "crash and burn" racing concept and a one-of-a-kind special effects engine that delivers spectacular visuals.

The intensity heats up as players race, and often crash, their way through oncoming traffic in an attempt to claim the top spot. Boasting multiple single-player, multiplayer and online crash and race modes, Burnout 3 offers players the opportunity to race through busy city streets and be rewarded for taking risks that result in heart-pounding action and electrifying crashes.

But his journey did not end there. To end his continued torment, Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the earth and defeat untold horrors and alter that which no mortal, or god has ever changed, his fate. God of War II sets an epic stage for a devastating mythological war to end all wars.

Armed with the deadly blades and blistering rage, players are aided by new breath-taking magic and new brutal combat moves. The journey takes them through vividly striking environments where they are faced with a labyrinth of challenging puzzles and mini-games intricately woven into the story. The violent world of Greek mythology comes to life in gory detail as Kratos encounters new mythical characters, and compete in epic boss battles in his quest.

Remember when snowboard sims used to suck? The times have truly changed with the monster speed, detailed tracks and super-fast frame rates of EA's first extreme sports game for the PS2. Embark on the ultimate adventure and conquer the mountain with SSX 3. Life begins at the summit where a wide-open mountain awaits you -- board it, explore it, and beat it.

Featuring all-new freestyle events and race courses, jaw-dropping tricks, and a cast of cool, customizable characters, SSX 3 is yours to conquer. Redefine the boundaries what you do and what you earn, and go anywhere gravity takes you with SSX 3! In Okami, the legendary monster Orochi has come back to life and turned the world into a veritable wasteland.

Players must assume the role of a wolf, an embodiment of the sun god Amaterasu, which is capable of wielding unimaginable power. The state of the world lies in gamer's hands as they must fight ominous beings and reclaim the earth from a curse that plagues it. It is crucial to help Amaterasu make the world a place where all living creatures can dwell once again. North America, the wait is over. Experience the most realistic virtual recreation of the sport to date.

Life-like player models, staggeringly realistic animations, and renowned gameplay bring a soccer experience that can't be beat. This critically acclaimed title is the must have soccer game of the year. Find out what you've been missing. Create your own dream team in the Master League. Get ready for a crowd of new features and improvements, including a completely new Franchise mode, thrilling new offensive and defensive animations, and broadcast-quality commentary regarded as the best in all of sports video games.

Complete with all the updated rosters, the new NFL alignment changes, and completely redesigned stadiums, its time to hit the line hard and remember winning isn't a sometime thing: it's an all-time thing. Challenge a steady stream of opponents with varying ranks and skill levels, with the impression that you're playing online against human opponents with different styles. Along with this illusion of online play, Virtua Fighter 4 has also been expanded upon, including the roster, the character customization features, the visuals, the training mode, and even the arcade mode.

With the different tournaments and two new characters to explore, VF4: Evolution will put your fighting skills to the ultimate test. Winning Eleven 7 International features teams, 21 stadiums, new player models and key additions to the Master League. Winning Eleven 7 also utilizes a custom designed engine that allows for great flexibility and customization.

Upon entering a match, players will find incredibly masterful gameplay, beautifully rendered stadiums and picture-perfect player models. While on the field, players will experience true-to-life gameplay, with carefully tuned A. A new page in history has begun as the most highly-anticipated fighting game ever finally arrives!

The greatest 3-D weapons-based fighter will provide non-stop action, excitement and surprises as you go one-on-one against your favorite challengers. Collect different weapons in the all-new mission-complete Weapon Master mode. Second-generation rider physics provide more in-air and on-snow user control. Compete in the World Circuit, go head-to-head in the unique Showoff trick versions of nine courses on the World Circuit, or just kick it in Free Ride.

New Garibaldi and Alaska courses let you get more vertical and catch more air, while all the original courses have some new surprises. The PlayStation 2 version features include Career Mode, allowing you to compete for the Stanley Cup for 10 consecutive years and build a true hockey dynasty. Amidst the sands of ancient Persia, a young Prince unleashes a deadly evil. Embark on a harrowing quest to restore peace and the fabric of Time. Embody a legendary hero with gravity-defying acrobatics, ferocious fighting combos, and the ability to bend time to fulfill his bidding.

Wield the power of the Sands of Time - a mythical force allowing the Prince to erase the past, behold the future, and freeze the present. You'll uncover the mysteries of a world never before explored in action-adventure gaming. Ancient Persia, mythical and deadly, holds a staggering array of landscapes and kingdoms to explore and conquer. The story takes place in a world called "Ivalice," in an age when magic was commonplace and airships plied the skies - the Archadian Empire, seeking to strengthen its base of power, had been invading and subjugating its neighboring lands one by one- a fate which befell the small Kingdom of Dalmasca.

Archadia's invasion and the subsequent death of the Dalmascan king prompted the Princess Ashe, the sole surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne, to take up arms against the invaders. In her struggle to oust the occupying Archadian forces and restore freedom to her people, Ashe must watch as many of her allies pay the blood price for that freedom.

Though tempted to abandon all hope in the face of the Empire's might, her determination keeps her from succumbing before what would seem to be inevitable defeat. Then she meets Vaan, an urchin from the Dalmascan capital of Rabanastre. Vaan dreams of one day becoming a sky pirate, escaping the Empire on his airship. Vaan, Ashe, Vaan's friend Penelo, the sky pirate Balthier, his partner Fran and many more are on an adventure through Ivalice that traces the mysteries behind the Archadian Empire's invasion.

Bringing with it a wide array of new gameplay elements, Final Fantasy XII will change the way players think about the Final Fantasy series. Numerous possibilities abound within each scenario, allowing for a less linear, more unique experience for each player. The game also supports Dolby Pro Logic II both in-game and during movie sequences, immersing the player in the middle of the action. Final Fantasy's first game on the Playstation 2 is the first to use voice acting and a massive leap in the cinematic approach to storytelling.

Stop reading and go play. With over 55 tracks to rock out to, you'll go from Guitar Hero to Guitar god in one press of a fret button. Choose from multiple rock characters and jam at concert venues that grow in size as your rock career progresses.

You'll start your rock career playing small clubs and bars, but if you play well you'll work your way up to stadiums and arenas. Guitar Hero II takes the guitar rock experience to new volumes by allowing players to play 3 different guitar tracks: Rhythm, Bass, and Lead.

Guitar Hero II introduces all new multiplayer modes like: cooperative, pro-face off, and face off, letting 2 Guitar Heroes conduct their own symphonies of destruction. Whether it's by making an opponent lose his shorts from a stop-and-go juke, by scraping your toes down as you make an acrobatic first-down catch along the sideline, or by piling on top of a swarming gang tackle on fourth and short -- you will truly feel everything that makes the National Football League so intense.

Don't look. Don't listen. Guitar Hero creates all the sensations of being a rock star, as you rock out to 30 of the greatest rock anthems of all time and more. So kiss that air guitar goodbye and get ready to rock. Features over 30 of the greatest rock songs of all-time. Two-player mode that offers tons of multiplayer fun.

EA Sports steps up to the challenge of Sega's "NFL2k1" with mind-blowing graphics and innovative "Madden Cards" -- Upper Deck creations purchased with tokens earned by completing in-game challenges which can be used as power-ups during the game. The sequel to 's sleeper platformer hit "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile" finds our floppy-eared, baseball cap-wearing hero collecting dream stones and over-inflating his enemies with air bullets while protecting the dream world of Lunatea in this "2-D style" action game.

Players will be able to earn up to 20 weapons including online and offline with up to four levels of upgrades for most weapons, plus new high-tech gadgets to help them through their journey. In the struggle to achieve world peace and world dominance, rivaling governments are secretly developing weapons technology that could threaten the future existence of life.

Destined to be the first, a race ensues to become the ultimate nation. A special elite tactical soldier is summoned to penetrate deep in the heart of enemy territory and obtain intel about "Metal Gear," a prototype weapon with nuclear capabilities. This is your mission and you must infiltrate alone. Interactive environments where traps catch enemies and prey. Rely on camouflage, combat, hunting and instincts to survive.

Set in the s where politics and war are shaping real world history. Blockbuster musical score composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. The original designers are back for the fifth game in the "Twisted Metal Series," THE car-combat game cruising at a FAST 60 frames per second, featuring the mysterious Calypso who once again tempts inmates from a local metal hospital to compete in a tournament of automotive mayhem. Also known as "Wanda and the Colossus" or "Wanda to Kyozou" in Japan In Shadow of the Colossus, players take the role of a young man seeking the truth of an ancient tale of power hidden in a mystical land.

Shadow of the Colossus is a majestic journey through ancient lands to seek out and destroy gigantic mythical beasts. With a trusty horse at your side, players explore the spacious lands and unearth each Colossi. The uneasy task of defeating a Colossus relies on intelligent puzzle solving and action oriented gameplay. Armed with strong wits, a mystical sword and a sturdy bow, players use cunning and strategy to topple each behemoth. My Favorite Team: Personalize the game interface based on your team's fight song, mascot, logos, and school colors.

Build A Dynasty: Create your own school and schedule, recruit star athletes, and redshirt developing players to build a national powerhouse. Rivalry Mode: Beat your school's archrival and win one of 23 coveted trophies. Trophy Room: Display up to 59 total trophies including conference championships and individual player awards. This third version of Tecmo's acclaimed fighter "Dead or Alive 2," ported to the Dreamcast ealier in the year, is a visual feast for PS2 gamers with the addition of new costumes, levels, hidden characters, amped-up graphics.

Force the action on defense in Madden NFL New defensive tools allow you to make more plays and be in on all of the action. The all-new Hit Stick lets you lay the big hit to turn the momentum of the game in your favor. Modify pre-snap assignments, including double teams and player-specific match ups, for any defensive player on the field.

With the new Storyline Central, you get the inside scoop around the league from radio host Tony Bruno, along with local and national newspapers, to help you make critical franchise decisions. New Hit Stick — Change the momentum of a game by using the right analog stick to make a huge hit, force a turnover, and send the crowd into a frenzy.

Time it just right or you'll get burned for a big play. Enhanced Franchise Mode — Players now react to everything that happens in the franchise—reward a hard-working player by naming him team captain or trade away unhappy players. The new game-by-game progression system rewards players for their performance during the season.

Your team's crowd is now customizable with new Create-a-Fan. Be on the lookout for team-specific super fans via all-new 3D fan scenes. Winning Eleven 8 once again raises the bar with in-depth gameplay, improved realism and increased control.

The game now features all the teams from the Italian, Spanish and Dutch leagues under the official license. Featuring club teams and 57 national teams, Winning Eleven 8 offers gamers control of up to 4, of the world's greatest soccer players. The game introduces a wealth of new moves and tricks including new free kick and penalty kick techniques, an innovative indirect free kick move and a new dribbling system that offers more control as gamers go one-on-one and try to pass opposing players.

Also featured is the first-ever on-screen referee in the history of the series. Boasting an enhanced ref AI, the referee will run up and down the field reacting realistically and instinctively to fouls, giving advantage for minor infringements and even stepping in to calm things down when the action gets heated.

Winning Eleven 8 also features improvements to the popular Master League, which now has more strategy through player development and injury, and a new 'My Best Eleven' option so fans can save their greatest teams. Assume the role of Ico, a courageous young boy born with horns who has been delivered to a mysterious castle to be sacrificed so that, according to legend, the community will be saved. Attempt to escape the grounds and save a princess through a variety of mazes, brainteasers, and other puzzles.

Get ready for a totally new breed of the Tony Hawk experience. Play as yourself, not a pro skater, and make your way through a plot-twisting, true-to-life story that takes you from unknown local skate punk to fame and fortune as a superstar skater.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to get off your board and explore 9 expansive levels on foot or by vehicle. Enjoy unprecedented customization by designing and naming your own original tricks through the all-new Create-a-Trick. Or create bigger parks and include your own goals in the expanded Skate Park Editor.

After you're done, share your tricks and parks online with your friends. You can even download your own face into the game! And, with all-new online play - new games, stats, and online rankings - you'll have infinite expansion through downloadable content. You're the star Show off in gladiator arenas. Pick off enemies in space combat. Leave competitors to eatin? And, run around spherical worlds. Play as Dr. J, Bird, Wilt, Moses, and more!

All-new electrifying moves, passes and alley-oops. Play against the CPU or with up to four ballers. Customize the rules and players to your liking. ESPN NFL 2K5 is uniting fans with a coupling of the most responsive and intense gameplay and the richest multi-player gaming experience possible. Maximum Tackling brings unique on-field control allowing gamers to go for the wrap-up tackle or deliver the big highlight hit.

The addition of the V. Players are invited to show off their coaching skills in Franchise mode and utilize Weekly Prep to fully plan the training schedule, intensity, and regimen each week. Full online leagues and tournament play with living rosters rounds out the most complete online experience. Step up to the plate with MVP Baseball The fundamentals of hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running have been reproduced like never before to give you complete control over every aspect of the game.

From swinging for the fences or protecting the plate when you have a two-strike count, the all-new batting model provides unprecedented command of each type of swing in every situation. With great gameplay and many additional features such as Pitching Challenge and Dynasty Mode, MVP Baseball wins the pennant as the most innovative and realistic baseball experience ever created.

Groundbreaking Hitting Control: From hitting to the opposite field to pulling the ball down the line to swinging for the fences, every swing type is included. You Control the Field: Leap over the wall and rob home runs, hook slide to avoid tags, and take out the catcher at home with all-new player control.

Pick Your Park: With all-new crowd chants, the addition of classic stadiums, and new lighting to signify various start times for your biggest games, MVP Baseball puts you in the best seat in the house. Your Dynasty Begins Now: Take full control of your franchise on all the levels -- from the minors to the pros. Play, sim, or manage each game all the way to the World Series.

Talk [Electronic Arts]. Jak and Daxter are quite a comic duo! Jak's the strong, silent type of hero, while Daxter's the obnoxious comic nut! The adventure takes place across a massive piece of continuous coastline - you can explore freely, with no loading screens and no waiting time.

All characters and environmental elements exist in real time and have incredibly smart A. Burnout Revenge lets gamers rip through rush hour traffic and lay waste to scores of rubbernecking roadhogs in an over-the-top scene of vehicular mayhem. In addition to tricked out new race, crash and road rage modes, Burnout Revenge takes the series' blistering speed and spectacular destruction to dizzying new heights with an all-new Revenge mode, challenging gamers to battle the clock and unleash their frustrations on rush hour traffic.

Brand-new team-specific playbooks emulate actual college plays run by Division 1-A teams. As the lone incident develops into a series of bizarre crimes, he discovers that only he and his friends have the power to solve the baffling case, bring those responsible to justice, and restore harmony to his new home. Balance your double life — Beyond intense battles, Persona fusion, and new weapon creation exists a normal high school life of friends, classes, and part-time jobs.

The way you manage and integrate your activities within each day will determine how you progress through the game. Unprecedented team control — With a greater emphasis on developing bonds in the fight to solve the mysterious murders, strong friendships are key to your success. Directly control teammates in battle, earn greater party support for combat, and master individual Social Links to unlock your party's true potential. You must investigate murders, rescue those who can be rescued, and unmask the culprit behind it all—or risk being forever shrouded in the fog of doubt.

The evil race of TimeSplitters are traveling back into human history authoring events that are leading to the enslavement of mankind. In Control of a motley crew of renegade characters you must hunt down the TimeSplitters across time in historical eras like the gangster- Ridden 's, the lush jungles of Aztec temples, soviet military installations of the cold war and Futuristic robot factories in space.

To end the evil plot of the TimeSplitters, seek and recover the crystals required to seal the rift in time. The Fate of humanity is in your hands. Welcome to the world of Viewtiful Joe! Capcom's innovative super hero action game that mixes funky cartoon-style visuals with classic side-scrolling gameplay and introduces the world?

More than just any ordinary dude, Joe must transform into the ultimate superhero. You can also speed up or slow down your visual effects for even more "viewtiful" moves. Viewtiful Joe redefines action games by mixing innovative "viewpoint" fighting into amazing cartoon meets noir environments. Groundbreaking Graphics Engine? Pushing the hardware to new limits, player models and faces, environmental effects, arenas, cut-scenes, uniforms and more are meticulously detailed - raising realism to a new level.

Got Skills? Mini-Games Galore? Including "Mini-Rink," a fast-paced 2 on 2 intense hockey experience, Pond Hockey, and enhanced skills events. First appearing on the N64 in , our favorite limbless little french thing hits the PS2 with all of the game levels brought together in a single coherent 3D world, eliminating the need for the 2D overworld map, and with an increased difficulty level.

The world, which includes fields, towns and dungeons, allow players to move around seamlessly. The graphics are of a high-quality animation, and players can feel as if they are walking around inside the world created by Character Designer, Akira Toriyama. The battle scenes and monsters make users feel as if they were actually facing them All of the monsters and characters are transformed with 3D graphics.

Battle scenes provide astrong presence of characters and monsters due to its stunning visuals. Moreover, both new andfamiliar monsters have been recreated with uniquely detailed animation. An entirely new original score by Koichi SugiyamaKoichi Sugiyama, the composer of Dragon Quest VIII and all of the music from previous titles in the series, composed an entirely original score.

A classic and elegant score, the music is also memorable and will leave people humming the tunes. The impressive score makes the journey much more adventurous and paints each scene with emotion. Graphical and gameplay enhancements mean more ball control and more realistic weather and terrain conditions. Expanded Career Mode lets you take your golfer through a World Tour to earn money and sponsorships.

Go online for matches and tournaments, and climb the leaderboards. The third chapter in the multi-platinum-selling NBA Street series rises above the rim and expands on the customization and variety of game modes and gameplay. Gamers can build their reputation as they create the future of street basketball with all-new jaw-dropping, ankle-breaking, rim-shaking moves in visually stimulating environments, from favorite courts like "The Cage" and "Rucker Park" to the next generation of streetball sanctuaries, like "Venice Beach".

It all adds up to give V3 a revolutionary style all its own. Featuring NBA legends, today's top stars, and original characters from past editions, NBA Street V3 reaches new heights by making over-the-top, larger-than-life moves even bigger in this action-packed, arcade-style game.

Customize your baller, build courts from the ground up, throw one down in an all-new dunk contest and go online to put your reputation to the test. More than just familiar faces and numbers, Sega Sports NHL 2K3 delivers player realism down to size, skill, and behavior, resulting in individuals that exhibit accurate styles of play. Now grinders battle for pucks in the corners, elite players see the ice and create opportunities, and fast skaters exploit their speed.

The all-new Franchise Mode lets you capitalize on player accuracy to develop a team that plays your brand of hockey. Now you can draft hotshot rookies, trade for players who compliment your team, compensate for injured players, and more. Then put that precision to work on the ice by anchoring lines with key players and rotating those lines to create the match-ups you want.

Bringing it all together is a new ESPN broadcast system where scores, highlights, and more are presented in the network's famous style. Imagine jump shots so real players actually adjust their movement in mid-air based on distance from the hoop and defensive pressure; a passing touch that gives you the control to skirt a defender or start a fast break; and dribble moves that let you jab left, rock right, crossover, spin and much more.

It's all happening in NBA 2K3. No other game delivers the physical element of basketball like this. Accurate impact from collisions, especially hard fouls and authoritative dunks; shot blocking with emphasis on precise hand-to-ball contact; and the ability to lunge for the loose ball, even if it means ending up on some celebrity's lap. With commentators that analyze strategy, cutscenes portraying lifelike player interaction, uniforms that move like real fabric, and a brand new ESPN broadcast system that wraps it all together, NBA 2K3 provides the complete NBA experience.

Become the "Champion Road Racer" by conquering numerous racing events, all carrying rewards such as: cars, tracks and high performance upgrades. The game challenges the driver to dodge traffic, police and natural elements in high speed and high style Evade any cops encountered, as getting busted just might end your career.

The Ace Combat series soars once again. Experience aerial combat like never before. A brand new gripping storyline and 18 fabulous missions will keep pilots-to-be on the edge of their seats. Infiltrate terrorists' positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and exit without a trace! The world balance is in your hands, as cyber terrorism and international tensions are about to explode into WWIII.

Lead a group of high school students with a dangerous extracurricular activity: exploring the mysterious tower Tartarus and fighting the sinister Shadows during the Dark Hour, a frozen span of time imperceptible to all but a select few. However, the end of their quest is no longer the end of the story--witness for the first time the aftermath of the final battle and the students' struggle to find meaning in their new lives.

Persona 3 FES contains an enhanced version of the original game, loaded with new Personas and cutscenes, a weapon synthesis system, additional quests and events, a hard difficulty mode, and the ability to change your characters' clothes. Gran Turismo 4 features a truly authentic racing experience spanning years of automotive history.

Packed with more cars, courses, race modes and online gameplay via the Network Adaptor, Gran Turismo 4 delivers enhanced, if not perfected game physics and graphics. New physics engine adding a higher level of realism in cars, which allows for cars to be handled easier. More than 5, polygons per vehicle capture exceptional detail, right down to the disc brakes behind the wheel.

Includes courses that can be played in reverse mode. More than vehicles encompassing manufacturers from around the world with a range from vintage to modern models seen today. All vehicles are fully customizable from racing tires to gear ratio. Race opponents posses advanced artificial intelligence, which allows for behavior that captures human-like emotion.

GT Career 'Simulation' Mode? Via the GT Universe, players start from the bottom and race to earn money, unlock cars and courses, buy and sell cars and upgrade parts while competing in more than various championship races. GT Online Mode? Features head-to-head racing for up to six players per race. Chat functionality and in-depth menu screens for the ability to build communities to interact about automotive topics.

GT Arcade Mode - Players compete against each other or the artificial intelligence with select cars on select courses. GT Photo Mode? Players can travel around the globe with their car s and conduct photo sessions in various popular locations that include Piazza San Marco, Shibuya, Tsumago, Sagano and more.

Once the photo is taken in the game, the player can save it to their memory card and have the option to share with friends or print out a color copy via a USB Printer. Players assume the role of James, who receives a cryptic letter from his wife who has been dead for 3 years beckoning him to meet her in Silent Hill, a place that holds great meaning for the couple.

The mystery of the letter compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-too-real danger in Silent Hill. New features include a revamped low post game exploit the defender with lightning quick drop step moves, back him down for a rim-rattling dunk, or shoot a sweet fadeaway jumper , new playbooks, and new street courts including Oakland's legendary Mosswood Park, Philly's Hank Gathers Rec Center, and Houston's Ronde Rec Center.

You better believe it. So take some time, turn out the lights, and read on for some trials of terror which will surely leave you a gibbering lunatic in the corner. If there is any series that has been synonymous with survival horror, it is Resident Evil. The result? Only two of the six games are actually of the main Resident Evil storyline, Code: Veronica X and 4, with Veronica X incorporating a few extra cut scenes and minor graphical boosts while 4 received an additional scenario for Ada Wong among other things.

Of the two, Code: Veronica X sports the classic Resident Evil fixed camera style, with 4 bearing the updated over-the-shoulder perspective that is now popular in the series. Survivor 2 is a remake of Code Veronica in first person style, so fans of the game who want to try something a little different now have the opportunity.

The events of the game however have no bearing on the RE universe, as they are revealed to be a dream sequence upon completion. The game is only available in Japan and the PAL territories. Dead Aim kept the same first-person shooting style of the Gun Survivor series, but changed movement into a more traditional third person perspective.

Both games were compatible with PS2 light guns. The Resident Evil Outbreak games are both third person shooters in the traditional Resident Evil vein, but they have the unique distinction in the series for being the first titles to offer online co-op. Players play as a group of ordinary citizens who must escape the zombie infestation in Raccoon City over the course of several episodes.

Unfortunately for those interested in still playing, Capcom shut down its online servers in , so players no longer have access to the wider community. The Silent Hill games are generally considered the peak of psychological horror in video games, and the PlayStation 2 was no stranger to the series.

Each of these games focuses on events in the town of Silent Hill, particularly when strangers come to call. The town is a secluded resort town, but it harbors numerous dark secrets, and those poor souls who accidentally wander in find themselves tormented by its horrific denizens. Even worse, not everyone who goes there does so accidentally. Some are called through various means, and these people must face their own inner demons while battling those without.

While all of the Silent Hill games in this line are third person action games, the series stuck with its original formula only in the first three titles and began experimenting with each subsequent release, albeit not always successfully. In essence, Shattered Memories attempted to shift the focus of psychological horror from the character, where it had always rested in previous games, to the player. While in general few of the games are directly connected, they are all connected, as each tie into each other in relatively minor or major ways.

News articles have connections to later games, while characters may have connections to previous ones. Dark deeds hinted at in some titles are described in grisly detail in others, while jokes are sometimes made at the expense of earlier games. This series is known under several names, but Fatal Frame is its American title.

Though the protagonists change with each game, the Fatal Frame series revolves around third person exploration through creepy Japanese locales while combating all manner of grisly spirits with a camera. The protagonists are generally female, and each setting is home to some particularly gory folk rituals which seem to have gone horribly wrong. To add to the fun, ghosts can walk or fly through walls, and the cameras used in each game as a weapon forces the player into a first person view, meaning the player has to stare them dead in the eye.

Another type reveals past events and horrors or points the player in a particular direction. The games offer a radar system called the filament to tell when a ghost is near, and the color of the detector changes depending on whether the ghost is peaceful or hostile. However sometimes visual and audio queues work even better. While the plots of the first two games are seemingly unconnected, the third ties them in together through a storyline which puts the leads in contact with each other.

The series is generally considered to be the pinnacle of supernatural horror on the PlayStation 2. Ok, so the first game is known simply as Siren in the United States. Both Siren games revolve around a group of normal people being stuck in a remote portion of Japan either the mountains or an island , where the local populace has largely been turned into mindless drones called shibito. To escape from them, players will have to use the ability to sight jack, meaning see through the eyes of the enemy, so that they can learn their routines and successfully avoid them.

Players will also have to deal with a scenario-based system revolving around time, so certain levels may take place at different times in the same locale, albeit with some massive changes. The sequel added many new features, including the ability to fight the shibito, but also added new enemy types with improved AI, modified the sight jack system, and enabled downed enemies to be resurrected by certain types of spirits entering their bodies. And while the first game forces the player to play through specific levels in a peculiar order, the second allows for branching choices to try new places at different times.

After that, things generally went downhill for the series. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is a sort of reimagining of the original game, but with a graphical facelift, a modern setting, and a heavy influence from Resident Evil. Meanwhile Alone in the Dark is a very different game from the original trilogy and from the New Nightmare pseudo-remake.

Levels are presented in a DVD-style which allows players to skip between different sections if they desire. The PS2 version is similar to the Wii release, but differs drastically from the Xbox , PS3, and PC versions in terms of level design, so fans of the next-gen version may be tempted to go back to it. The environments are generally quite interactive, and the game boasts an item-combining system similar to the ObsCure series.

While both games have lots of action, The New Nightmare plays more like the old variety of survival horror, seeing release in before titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill had integrated new over-the-shoulder cameras and drastically different combat. Alone in the Dark, being released in , is closer in style to the games of its time. The ObsCure games are the video game equivalent of teen horror films a la The Faculty which directly inspired the first game , Urban Legend, and the Final Destination movies.

The first game even comes complete with music from the likes of Sum41 and Span. The sequel provides more of the same but now takes place at Fallcreek University, where college kids are happily falling all over a new drug on the streets made from a strange flower which happens to turn them all into freakish monsters. Once again it is up to a band of intrepid and now slightly mutated teenagers to take them down. Second off, players can use items to combine things together, such as a flashlight and a pistol.

There are some interesting combinations to play with, so experimenting with the inventory system is fully encouraged. And then there are some interesting throwbacks to the days of Sweet Home: there are multiple playable characters to choose from when forming your two-man party. Every playable character has a skill unique to them which will help you progress through the game. The ObsCure games are also good for racking up a large body count.

The island the penitentiary is on has just been rocked by a massive earthquake. And now there are execution-themed monsters roaming the halls hell-bent on getting some blood. But important questions remain: what are these monsters? Did Torque really kill his family?

He can also switch between first and third person to have an easier time mowing down the things that are clawing at his brain, and his actions over the course of both games will directly affect the outcomes and even bosses he faces. Clock Tower 3 changed the gameplay in the Clock Tower series significantly.

Instead of the point-and-click interface of the previous games, Clock Tower 3 allowed full control over movement via the analog stick. The Clock Tower games have their fans, but the loss of the point-and-click control scheme helps significantly to make this entry more accessible to those horror fans not familiar with the previous games. While there are quite a few changes, the core gameplay does fit the bill for the series: murderer shows up, you run and hide.

This can mean some awful things can happen, such as randomly falling all over yourself while trying to scramble down a hallway. Then again you might also run for half the game without ever falling down. If a murderer manages to get you, instead of draining health, Alyssa will start to panic, at which point she becomes easy pickings.

Instead of a campy plot and combat sequences featuring a little British girl taking down serial killers, Haunting Ground features a shapely woman named Fiona who must run from a variety of creepy stalkers with nefarious intentions which extend beyond simple murder to a more rigorous violation of her person.

To defend herself, Fiona has nothing more than a German Shepherd named Hewie. Underlying the entire game is a not-so-subtle tone of rape, which later includes hints of incest. The reasons each pursuer wants to abuse or kill Fiona vary, and when they do so the sound effects that play at the game over screen are nothing short of sickening.

Any enemy that gets her at this point will kill her. Haunting Ground was released in all three major regions, though it is known as Demento in Japan. For a horror game, Echo Night: Beyond is strangely soothing. The player takes control of Richard Osmond who is traveling to the moon for his wedding. On the way his ship crashes into the lunar research base. He awakes to darkness, puts on a spacesuit, and decides to try and determine what happened and find his wife-to-be in a different base.

Even worse, a strange fog permeates portions of the base, driving the ghosts there into madness and hostility. So you must find a way to drain the fog, appease the spirits, and find your wife. To appease the spirits, you find items that held some significance for them in life. Once appeased, they pass on and disappear, usually leaving behind some item or clue in how to proceed.

Their pictures can then be found in a special room in the space station designed as if to provide a cheap representation of Heaven. Echo Night: Beyond is unusual for a horror game in that there is no combat and no health items. If you encounter a hostile ghost, the only things to do are run and hope you make it out alive.

Instead of a health bar, the sight of an angry ghost accelerates the heart rate to the point that vision blacks out and you enter cardiac arrest. But it also means that every hostile encounter can be a lethal one. Luckily for you, ghosts show up on security cameras, which can be used in some areas to determine their locations so you can avoid them. Much of the base is also in darkness, and while your spacesuit does have a flashlight, it has limited battery life, so you may find yourself fumbling in the darkness with a red-eyed haunt bearing down upon you.

Jennifer is a year-old amnesiac in the s wandering through a dreamland of warped and abusive memories. Rule of Rose is a third person horror title using preset camera angles to view the action. Over the course of the game Jennifer gets her hands on a variety of weaponry, ranging from a dessert fork to a syringe.

Brown helps by growling, but the enemies can also beat him into exhaustion, at which point he becomes useless. Because of some of the games references to child sexuality and cruelty, the game was released to considerable controversy in Europe. So, despite seeing release in Japan, North America, and Europe, it may be difficult to find in the EU, especially in the United Kingdom where it was canceled.

Set during the Heian period, Kuon focuses on the unnatural goings on in a secluded Kyoto mansion. The exorcist Doman has vanished in the area, and now several groups of people are visiting to find out what happened. Once both sections are completed, a third chapter as Abe no Seimei begins the Kuon phase.

All three sections must be completed to reveal the entire story of the game. If certain items are collected during these three phases, a Sugoroku mini game is unlocked. Kuon plays in the third person, with combat split between physical melee weapons and magic spells.

Spells are the only ranged weapons available to the three characters, and they perform a variety of effects ranging from shooting fire to summoning creatures to fight alongside the player. Running in the game is a dangerous choice, as it attracts monsters, causes your lantern to dim, and can even kill you if done through bad spots, though meditating can heal your character slowly. Kuon uses the same pre-set camera angles that are common in the genre, and fans of the older tank style controls from Resident Evil can even choose to use them over the analog stick.

While there is an English dub track, considering the setting of the game the Japanese voices with English subtitles is really the way to go. Kuon was released in Japan, North America, and Europe. What follows is a return to the locations of the film filled with freakish mutations and biological nightmares. The player must command his team and keep them working together despite the fear and suspicion that begins to pervade them. Gameplay is done in a third-person style, but instead of preset cameras the view is centered on the main character at all times.

Enemies range in size and scope, from hordes of mini monsters which can generally be mowed down with machine gun fire to hulking visages of horror. The bigger they are, the more difficult to kill, generally requiring the player to weaken them considerably before barbecuing them extra crispy with the flamethrower. This mechanic is based around a fear and trust system for each of the soldiers. Over the course of the game, squad mates can be turned into mutant creatures pretending to be your friends.

You can attack and kill your former friends to make sure, but if you make a mistake, your squad may turn and frag you for your poor decision. But if you are correct, your squad will like you more for having saved their lives. Once on board, he finds the ship is loaded with panicking Russian soldiers and zombie-like monsters known as Exocells. Hansen has to discover the mystery behind the Exocells and find out what has happened aboard the Eastern Spirit before even more senseless death occurs.

Cold Fear plays like a third person shooter but has an over-the-shoulder view for combat, where players can aim for specific targets using a laser sight. Cold Fear was released in both North America and Europe. Rio can understand about commands, though the game suffers from difficulties surrounding the enunciation of words.

Since the player known as the Operator is only able to interact through security cameras, the game uses fixed angles to portray the action. Combat is quite interesting, with the player telling Rio when to dodge, what enemy to attack, and even what body part to aim for.

Other interactions include telling her when to run, where to turn, and even to bark like a dog. The game was released in Japan and the United States. Extermination was the first survival horror on the PlayStation 2, and as a result it started a long tradition resulting in this article. While the plot, focusing on a U. Marine Special Forces Recon soldier trapped in an alien-infested military base in Antarctica, seems like standard fair for this genre resulting in comparisons to Resident Evil, Carrier, The Thing, and more , the game actually had some interesting ideas to help separate it from the pack.

Combat can be handled by switching between either first- or third-person perspectives, again allowing more freedom to accommodate to a chosen play style. The third-person perspective even uses a laser sight a la Resident Evil 4, albeit not as well and several years before. Unfortunately Extermination is hurt by some terrible voice acting and dialogue, a poor camera, and stiff gameplay.

The health system is also interesting, though clunky: the player must contend both with his base health and his infection rate. This element adds a level of difficulty, especially in some of the longer boss fights. Ah, The X-Files. Despite its late release two years after the end of the series, Resist or Serve is meant to be three episodes set during the 7th season.

Agents Mulder and Scully are asked to investigate some strange murders in a small town hidden away in the Rocky Mountains. From there the game travels to the frozen wastes of Russia and then to a partially submerged alien spacecraft. The game plays very much like a classic Resident Evil title, with fixed cameras and the tank controls survival horror is famous for.

Because gameplay is done episodically, the player can choose between either Mulder or Scully each time, with different puzzles and areas to explore for each. Fans of the show will appreciate the voice acting from the series stars, the numerous cameos, and the bonus materials included. Nicholas Conner, a war hero-turned-mining surveyor and voiced by none other than Lance Henriksen, has just returned to his home space station, when suddenly aliens attack!

Unfortunately, RLH also suffers from issues with gameplay as part of its lurid history of development. The game spent five years in development, where it changed from a full-blown survival horror to an action game before having its programming scrapped just 10 months before its release! The resulting game is a bit off-kilter and repetitive, resulting in poor reviews despite the obvious work into the plot and characters.

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Little Nightmares 2 adapted as meager Nightmares II is a forthcoming riddle platformer loathsomeness experience game created by Tarsier Studios and is delivered by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Gmat for dummies torrent Groundbreaking Graphics Engine? Wrestling Games. Platform: PlayStation 2. Still, you will be rewarded regularly with close up shots of gorgeous Japanese women being cute. Adventure Games. The industry football standard returns featuring the Houston Texans, new player face and body technology, the ability to create your own team with custom helmets, uniforms, and stadiums, and a new training mode that let's you learn from Madden, the master himself.
Space horror game ps2 torrent Sly and his gang discover the parts of Clockwerk are missing, and embark on a quest to ensure Clockwerk is never reassembled. Winning Eleven 8 also features improvements to the popular Master League, which now has more strategy through player development and injury, and a new 'My Best Eleven' option so fans can save their greatest teams. Alone in the Dark, being released inis closer in style to the games of its time. Amidst the sands of ancient Persia, a young Prince unleashes a deadly evil. First Blood. But his journey did not end there. Bringing it all together is a new ESPN broadcast system where scores, highlights, and more are presented in the network's famous style.
Asa made jugyou chu 2 torrent Too bad none have ever made it out of Japan. So kiss that air guitar goodbye and get ready to rock. Also, there seem to be a lot of hidden gems in this genre. The graphics are of a high-quality animation, and players can feel as if they are walking around inside the world created by Character Designer, Akira Toriyama. The Rock.


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Most of the game sees you running away from these entities by hiding or using the surroundings to your advantage, and once captured, escaping can be challenging. S ilent Hill 2 and its sequel are still regarded as some of the best classical horror games to date. The franchise, as a whole, changed the way people would look at horror titles in the future. The franchise manages to build a ubiquitous sense of hopelessness and doom that leaves the player both frightened and fascinated with the level of detail Team Silent spent hours crafting.

Silent Hill 2 may be regarded as the best entry due to how it touches on the psychological side of the story more than delivering a horrific experience like Resident Evil, but Silent Hill 3 has its positives as well. I tend to lean more towards Silent Hill 3 due to the excellent level of design, eery atmosphere that surrounds Silent Hill and most importantly, the badass main character, Heather Mason. Silent Hill 3 is way more challenging than Silent Hill 2, and the level of detail in each environment you stumble upon is a work of art.

Konami has yet to revive this franchise by making old titles accessible on new hardware in the foreseeable future. Here we are hoping that happens one day. T he Suffering brings you an unsettling journey by combining different factors, and the result is? Unmatched experience. The first game sees you playing as Torque who was imprisoned for the murder of his family.

It quickly turns to chaos when bizarre creatures appear out of the blue, brutally murdering anything that comes their way. On the one hand, the sequel continues from where the first game left off, although it focuses a bit on the action unlike the original. Regardless, both of these titles are a must-have.

Video games featuring prison as the main setting are a pretty scarce commodity in the gaming industry, and I think they should definitely make a comeback. Moreover, featuring a morality system similar to that of Bioshock where your actions decide the ending you get, The Suffering is nothing but a timeless classic. It works great on a potato PC as well. The game does away with the traditional combat system seen in classic horror titles, opting instead for a challenging stealth horror experience.

The characters are powerless and cannot fight enemies one-on-one so easily, their only way to confront these foes is through sight jacking. Basically, this gameplay mechanic lets you look through the eyes of any individual, and by using it, you have a chance to avoid confronting enemies. Known as Forbidden Siren in 2 in Europe, the game follows the story of several characters who are suddenly trapped on Yamijima Island with no way to call for help or anything.

The game puts heavy emphasis on the elements of darkness and powerlessness as you roam the corners of Yamajima Island. T he original Fatal Frame came out as a surprise when it first launched. What made the game stand out from the horde at the moment is its focus on the dreadful atmosphere. The game did away with the traditional method of confronting enemies and instead introduced a unique system featuring a mystical camera.

The camera is your only friend in this hour of fear as it acts as both a weapon and an eye for you to see invisible ghosts. The game is pretty challenging as players have to be alert to their surroundings, ready for a tormented soul to show up at any moment. These ghosts can only be defeated using the camera, and as you progress, you confront harder and more difficult to handle spirits.

FromSoftware is renowned for the making of some of the best selling franchises ever. The latter is yet another atmospheric horror title produced by Atsushi Taniguchi. The best thing about Kuon is its use of the spooky ambient to deliver an eery yet immersive experience. And while the first game initiated the survival horror, the sequels began to lose more and more recognition throughout the years.

It was until the release of The New Nightmare that a bit of hope remained until Darkworks closed its doors forever. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmares comes on top of the original Resident Evil trilogy due to the well-written dialogue, obscure story, diverse enemies and most importantly, the nicely made sound design.

The game was originally released on the PS1 and the Dreamcast, while the PS2 version acts as an enhanced edition. For fans of the genre, the Alone in the Dark franchise is a recommended horrifying experience. O bscure 2: The Aftermath, simply known as Obscure 2 in Europe, is a survival horror game featuring co-op mechanics. You control a set of university students as they explore, investigate and attempt to stop a wicked plant from infecting the entire world.

The game features a set of challenging puzzles that will put your mind to the test. You know something is lucrative when everyone is experimenting with new settings and ideas in the genre. Obscure 2 is a neat idea that was executed well, although, at times, the dialogue may feel cringe.

The former is a sequel to the original Obscure title and that too is a solid game. R esident Evil 4 single-handedly changed the way developers would approach survival horror in the future. The fourth entry in the RE franchise dropped the fixed camera and the pre-rendered backgrounds, opting instead for a dynamic free camera system that allowed players to fully interact with the surroundings. And while ammo was no longer made scarce, the action was tight, making the player feel restless at all times.

After almost two decades of its release, Resident Evil 4 is still a recommended entry for newcomers who are getting their feet ready for some horror. The scary environment, brutal enemies and feeling of uneasiness accompanied by the sense of panic and dread have helped make Resident Evil 4 a unique experience.

H ungry Ghosts is an obscure title made by the now-defunct Deep Space and a game that handled horror in a different way. The game is played from the first-person perspective where you control a now-dead person who once was a warrior that took the lives of many people. For instance, breaking unnecessary barrels and excessively collecting loots will make the Gate of Judgement mark you as a selfish being.

Unfortunately, for non-japanese speakers, the game is unplayable since it was released exclusively in Japan. There were several attempts from fans to translate this game fully to English, but each time, the project ended up being discontinued. Here we are hoping that the game receives an English Translation in the future.

C onstantine is a third-person shooter featuring blazing guns and demons. The atmosphere and action are tight with horror elements sprinkled on top. Constantine has different magical powers under his sleeve, and similar to Max Payne , the game features a bullet-time mode where you can slow down time temporarily. Although, it is best to play this game on PC for the best experience. Games based on movies are often looked down upon, simply because a myriad of them are mediocre and plain forgettable experiences.

Developed by the now-defunct British Bits Studios and published by THQ, Constantine is a game based on the movie of the same name, starring John Wick— I meant John Constantine who is sent to stop an impending invasion of unholy demons to earth. However, the game is more like Call of Cthulhu meets Alone in the Dark. The atmosphere and impressive sound design know how to play with your mind. Cold Fear is also one of the latest games from the now-defunct Darkworks before they closed for good.

The entire action happens aboard a Russian whaler lost in the middle of a storm, and you, as Tom Hanson have to board the ship and investigate what happened to your crew. What makes Cold Fear a recommended game is due to some interesting game physics that was amazing at the time. And unlike Resident Evil 4, players could move and shoot at the same instead of being cemented to the ground. I have previously included this game in another article featuring similar games to Classic Resident Evils if you want to check it out.

T he Thing focuses heavily on teamwork to survive dark times, and trust is a sensitive matter as you never know which member of the crew is the threat. In fact, this entry acts as a sequel to the original film. Known in Japan as The Thing from the Planet X episode II, The latter is all about surviving and encountering the odds of being attacked and eaten by a ruthless hungry monster. Just your average gamer who enjoys hunting hidden gems and underrated games - but is still open to any game in the industry if you ask him.

His love for Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams is like a truck and whenever he meets a new friend, he can't help himself but recommend it to him. Your email address will not be published. More Best Horror Games. Best PS2 Horror Games. After all, is there anything better than a scary video game that will make you jump out of your skin as you play it?

The games on this list pit you against zombies, mutants, animals, and even other humans that are bent on killing you. With so many great options to choose from, there was never a shortage of games to play for fans of the genre. Since some games were much better than others, we're ranking the best PS2 horror games of all time. With the updated graphics and smoother gameplay of the PS2 from its predecessor, gamers experienced new levels of terror upon playing the games on this list.

This list will feature the most popular and best selling horror games that were released for PS2. While many of these games were console exclusive, we're allowing non-exclusives to be a part of the list as well. This poll features items like Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.

Action Games. Action RPGs. Adventure Games. Baseball Games. Basketball Games. Fighting Games. Football Games. Horror Games. Light Gun Games. Music Games. Puzzle Games. Racing Games. Role-Playing Games. Shooter Games. Snowboarding Games. Soccer Games. Stealth Games. Strategy Games. Underrated Games. Vote up all your favorite scary games below. Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 3.

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Forsake Horror Survival Game (New Map!) - Introducing Bubbles The Clown

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